Home assembly work from American Diversified Publications,

Question: Hello, can u please tell me if u know anything about this company.  I received this letter in the mail & I just don’t trust anything like this:

American Diversified Publications, Inc., Slidell, LA  985/643-1288
Thank u, Audree


Avoid. They claim they have a list of 200 companies that
will guarantee you work, which just is NOT possible.

The only legit Home Assembly companies I’ve seen are
in http://www.workathomesourcebook.com – but most of them
require you be local and even in that book there are only
a dozen or so listed.

Generally, you would have to find your own arrangement
with someone local to you.

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  1. how can you say this source book is legit, if i cannot even call this company on the phone…at least American Diversified Publications offers a physical address and a contact phone number with live operators?

    • @Ron: I’ve gotten one of those books an got scamed. Your right when you say they give you no numbers or anything like that. I got the letter from ADP and want to try it but am worried of getting scamed again. Can you tell me if your working with this company and if so is it working for you? Thank you Krystle

    • @Ron: This is to all who are inquiring about this company. I checked them on Goggle Earth – you are right, they have an address, however it is just a dirt road, a field along side of I-10. Anyone can show a physical address and all of the mail goes to a PO Box.. as the BBB says, Buyers be ware…

      • actually @Ron google earth doesnt show too many places work from home jobs are always iffy its just up to the person to see if they want to take the risk of putting money into it iif you look at bbb website they will tell you what their grade is for the company bbb isnt just pay me to have a good grade it actually is a whole lot more than that but even google maps shows things that are not there places may be there when you look them up on google earth or google maps but that doesnt mean they arent their just cus you dont see them google maps and earh is just simply a locater and tells you what the area looks like it doesnt always shwo that somethings there and when deciding to do a work form home job if they provide you with a number ask as many questions as you need but when they answer actually listen what people say determines whether you are going to do it or not

        • “If you look at bbb website they will tell you what their grade is for the company bbb isnt just pay me to have a good grade it actually is a whole lot more than that”

          Umm. Of course the BBB is going to tell you that. What would you expect them to say? On the other hand, there are independent investigations that have shown otherwise, such as the abc 20/20 investigation:

    • I just Called American Diversified Publications (Shawn,Extention 105) to ask few questions about the letter that they sent me before i get started..the moment she answered the phone and talked to me,she was asking what kind of payment i want to do…i told her i need to ask few questions first,she said ok,i asked her how many pieces are there in one unit of CD cases,she said maximum of 80pcs.,and after she said that she asked if i am paying trough debit or master card?Why this lady is very eager to get my debit or master card acct.?if they really are not a scam,they should show their concern bout the people who got interested to their publications…and not keeping on asking us our debit or master card… very suspicious!
      If you guys are doubtful,DON’T DO IT!

      • they have had 14 complaints with the BBB in 10
        years. All resolved from what the BBB posted.
        They have A- rating

        • BBB only tracks for the past 36 months. Also, there are 3 different companies going under this name, which may be part of the confusing. One has an F, one has an A-, and one isn’t listed at all.

          I believe the one you’re looking at is “Easy Work Great Pay” which is different than the one discussed here.

    • BBB satates American Diversified Publications Inc.
      has an A- which is still good they may mot be acreddided but so far obviuosly its worth trying they have a number adress oand a real person to talk to. and it is a guide that you are buying to get legit company names and it worth the atempt to try it out.

  2. Ron,

    I think YOU should work with American Diversified Publications.

    Everyone else – run!!!

  3. Does anyone have ANY real evedence that ADP has helped employ anyone with any companies??????? You know….. Copies of consistant pay stubs. I really want 2 find legimate companies. I don’t have time 4 scams. Ineed to make REAL money. I really hope 2 get a postive response from this. Thanks and good luck.

  4. no offense I found the work at home source book to be useless, contacted alot of those companies by mail and never got a response, no phone number to call people in person, cost me money ( over $40 ) just my opinion I could go out of phone book and put a book like that together.

  5. OK. That’s pretty doubtful actually. But you’re entitled to your opinion.

    You’d have to spend a lot of time confirming the company hired telecommuters, get details about the positions, how to apply, spend months talking on the phone or corresponding by email.

    In fact the more I think about it the more I realize how ridiculous your claim is.

  6. People need to learn how to SEARCH for telecommuting jobs. I try like crazy to explain this to people, but everyone wants some “magical overnight solution that doesn’t exist”.

  7. tell me anyone that has gotten a job out of that source book, and yes that is my opinion and according to the ftc etc… if you cannot find a name, number, live person to talk to and anyone that asks for money you can consider they are not legit….
    no employer will charge you money to work for them, you show me any legitimate company online or anywhere else that will not ask you for start up fees and willing to hire at home workers??
    and I know that it is not a magical overnight solution and I have been looking for YEARS….and spent alot of money trusting these companies, so why dont you tell us people where to find these magical jobs.

    • I did a few years ago. It is a real company. The projects are very hard to do correctly. I did the hat kitchen magnets. Sounds so easy, they were so involved everyone I sent in they sent back to me.

  8. LOL.

    Are you kidding me?

    You have fallen for the old mistake of “never pay for a job” is the same as “never pay for a legitimate job resource”.

    Have you ever visited The Telework Coalition which is probably one of THE most important organizations about telecommuting?

    They have PAID telecommuting databases AND various telecommuting books recommended on their site.

    What the FTC means is that you shouldn’t have to PAY for the job itself.

    I’ve had some people who have found MULTIPLE telecommuting jobs through these resources, although admittedly that was during a better economy. Obviously I can’t release full names, but one women’s name was Patricia. Debra who did some of the reviews here now writes full time for DemandStudios, Jelena now is in huge demand as a translator.

    Look, the economy is terrible right now. I have friends losing REGULAR jobs in good fields everyday.

    I have a list of OTHER sites that provide job leads and companies that work from home here:

    Other sites with telecommuting resources and job leads.

    I have Companies that hire phone workers here

    I have I.T. homeshoring information here

    I have a TON of Disability information here

    I put up a whole page of writing resources here.

    Places to tutor are here

    99% of these resources are free resources.

    Sounds like you’re all set anyhow, since you know more than anyone else.

    Good luck in your pursuits.

  9. No I am not kidding, that is not what they meant, it is the fee for memberships and fee to get you started, then you pay it and you are on your own to solicit your own work…
    They do not place you like they say, there is someone online right now rebate processors, for a fee they will teach you to be a rebate processor and they use names like home depot, lowes etc… anyone that does rebates contacted companies and know nothing about it, I could name quite a few that do this, I also tried to get them to put me to work and once I started and making a check I would be more than happy to give you the fee, guess what never heard from them again, has nothing to do with the economy, THEIR SCAMS

  10. Checked out your lists, no one gets it, some of us do not want to start our own business or be a contractor ourselfs.
    We are looking to work for companies that want to hire someone to do secretarial, general office, mailers for businesses etc… like a job duh
    All of these things will train you and then you contract yourself out, or you start your own business.
    where are the sites that just want to hire an employee, like my husband said if there was legit jobs out there online everyone would be doing it.

  11. I honestly am impressed at how quickly you went through all the resources on those lists, though. There’s over 3,000 companies between all of those resources and you checked them out so fast.

    Apparently you also checked with ALL the companies that DO hire traditional employees from home on this list:

    Companies that hire telecommuters”.

    Apparently you also conducted your OWN telecommuting job searches using the information she provides here.

    You should write to the owner of that site and tell her what a scammer she is!

    You also verified that NO companies through the job leads were hiring traditional employee.

    There are daily job leads from places like RatRaceRebellion.com and other places that while you’re right that most is contract work, some do hire employees (by the way apparently our Military is letting that company scam them since they provide resources for military wifes to work from home…you better report them!)

    Also, you networked through the forums mentioned on some of those pages. How the heck did you do all that so fast? It would take most people MONTHS to accomplish all that.

    It sounds like you must be some sort of genius or something. I would think you could instantly get a job with that kind of aptitude.

    And you’re right that MOST telecommuting jobs ARE contract work. Telecommuting that is NOT contract work is usually obtained through working through your existing employee using a Telecommuting proposal such as described with WorkOptions.com OR are positions you find through NETWORKING with people and companies online which is why the forums are mentioned.

    As for Rebate Processors, that’s one of the big scams I turned 20/20 onto. They hired a private investigator on that one to absolutely disprove the legitimacy of the “spokespeople” which I found a bit odd as it seemed clear that people like Angela Penbrook and Angel Stevens are completely made up…but I guess they have to completely cross their “T”s and dot their “i”s.

    Now I’m confused about your comments about the WorkAtHomeSourceBook, though. Lynie Arnie has that book broken up into multiple sections and NONE Of the companies that are traditional work should be charging for you to apply. That’s one of the things she screens out. What companies from her book charged you to apply?

    In VERY rare cases a legitimate company will charge you for the background check, but that’s VERY rare and it’s AFTER you’ve been accepted.

    I think you should report my site to the Federal Trade Commission!

    I have the instructions for doing that in this discussion where I helped a ton of people file with the FTC and recover money from a scam here:

    Google Money Tree Complaints.

    Look, I spend thousands of hours of my OWN time putting up FREE information on this site AND helping people recover money at NO charge (I’ve helped people recover as much as $3,000 without charging them a PENNY).

    I can’t even understand why your still on this site since you hate it so much and think I’m a big fat liar.

  12. Here are some additional organizations you can report to the Federal Trade Commission based on your feedback:

    • Inc. Magazine which has run many article about employment from home, which as we all know now is a huge myth
    • The United States Military since they’ve allowed that awful organization that runs the RatRaceRebellion site to work with them.
    • The entire Good Morning America organization since they run a weekly column which includes information about telcommuting

    That’s just a short list. There are many, many more horrible and deceptive organization like those!

  13. Tina,

    In all seriousness, though…you do bring up a lot of really good points.

    I just like a good heated argument and I really do wish you luck.

    I’ll think about some of the things you’ve brought up and see if there’s a way to make any of the information clearer.

    And you really DO seem to be quite sharp, so I know you’re going to find huge success somewhere.

    It’s often the NEGATIVE feedback like yours that helps make this site better.

  14. Thank you for the compliment paul and did not say that you are a liar, or anything bad about your site, but the truth is you have to pay fees to join etc… then you have to go out and solicit yourself and like I said alot of us just want to work for an employer doing regular secretarial, mailers etc… and not have to pay to work with them or register with them.
    Their should be an online employment agency just for at home workers where a construction company can hire someone to do their bookkeeping etc… and there isnt one, all there is is contracting yourself out or starting your own business and have spent alot of money on alot of this stuff.
    Finally one time said ok going to put down the cash and went through medical billers network, and sounded so impressive (which alot of these sites do) and downloaded all the study material (have books of it) passed their test and said they would find me work it was a total run around and needless to say, guess what, they got turned in to the ftc and a case is going against them.
    Yes went through your sites fast I dont buy in to all the stuff that they are trying to get you to buy into, I go right to how much it costs, will they find me work, or do I have to go and find it myself, etc….
    The work at home source book, alot of them, in my area and some not, wrote letters to apply and ask about the jobs, you cannot contact these people, called information and not listed
    so you wonder why I am leary, also spent money on that book, no offense to her, I could probably could write one of those books by going through the phone book, can you name me anyone that has landed a job out of the book, and will check out right now the site you left me.

  15. Ps see Paul just went on the ratracerebellion and says cannot find site and of course lists about 6 sites to go to for work at home, feels like it is just a run around, now will go on those sites and of COURSE will ask for membership fees or start up and we will find you a job, but will go look…
    Why are people frustrated????

  16. Hey Tina,

    Thanks for commenting again.

    I can’t understand why your not finding the FREE job leads where you don’t have to pay. There are tons of them on those lists I sent.

    For example if you go to
    http://www.ratracerebellion.com/job_postings.html and SCROLL PAST the advertising…there are FIFTY job free job LEADS and NONE of those companies charge a fee at all.

    And that’s just ONE link from those lists I posted earlier.

    Now, I do agree that it’s hard to find real employment, but I’m assuming you DID take a look at the list where the site provides MAJOR companies that do hire telecommuters?

    You’re right also that it would be nice to have a CENTRAL location…it would be a massive undertaking…way too much for a site like this one.

    I’ve noticed that even though some companies that hire telecommuters do hire them as employees, they CHANGE that from time to time and it’s impossible to keep up with it…someone would need a full-time staff just to manage that…which obviously I don’t have the resources for, although that would be a great idea.

  17. You know, I just realized that usually when I tell people about that WorkAtHomeSource book I tell them to get it out of their library or through interlibrary loan.

    The ONE thing I tell people at this site is they need to LEARN HOW TO SEARCH for JOBs on their own…which is why I provide links to various forums where they can network.

  18. Will check what you sent me and I know I wish I had the funds and like you said the staff, and you just go there or phone the people and they set you up with a secretarial job etc…
    Now if anyone does come up with my idea it was mine and want credit or the money (hee,hee,hee)
    Thanks Paul, you will miss me (hee,hee)

  19. Tina, on a lot of these sites I think you are looking at the ADVERTISING instead of the actual JOB LEADS.

    You have to IGNORE the ADVERTISING. You can tell what’s advertising because the advertising will say things like

    • Ads by Google
    • Sponsored links
    • Advertising

    You have to IGNORE any elements on the websites that have those listed.

    Seriously, you should at least put your idea down on your “dream list”. It’s a great idea and worth talking to some place like the The Small Business Administration sometime in the future.

    But it WOULD be very, very hard to pull off.

  20. Yep, Tina…I’m going to miss you. I’m really glad you were willing to verbally duke it out here…I think you’ve offered some great suggestions…I can’t put them all in place, but I CAN be clearer about the fact that MOST telecommuting work is CONTRACT work.

  21. Thank you for all your help, thought I would check in this am I did save your site on my favorites and will come back once I have gone through all that site you gave (the ratracerebellion) there is alot to go through.
    and will check out the small business site, and would be nice to do something like that if I had the funds etc… like you said would be hard.
    take care

  22. I paid $ 38 for this book from american diversified and I’ve spoken to companies that in the book I think its legit.

  23. I need the flexibility to work from home. Where do I go to find something reputable??? Thank-you, Karen-Ann

  24. karenann mauck says:

    I need the flexibility to work from home. Where do I go to find something reputable????

  25. I have recently started to work for American Diversified Publications.. well not as of yet its still pending on if they actually send me anything in the mail ill keep everyone informed on how it goes if its a scam or not ( I paid 31 dollars for materials and if im not satisfyed im gauranteed a refund well see what happens though… i have a receit for my money order so at least i have some proof again ill let you know how it goes.

  26. Thanks Andrew

    Please do keep us posted. I’m sure a lot of people will be interested in hearing about your experience.

  27. ok so american diversified publications is a get rich quick scheme i sent them 31 dollars for my home assembly kit I even spoke with an operator to confirm what i was getting and she confirmed it would be my materials ( cd cases well its more of a cd book if you know what i mean a lil stitching ..anyway ) though for my 31 dollars i recieved a “home workers directory” which is just a book listing 40 or so companys that offer home assembly work that want you to send them 50 dollars for a sample kit of what they offer then if you decide to do it they want you to pay a fee and a deposit and a registration fee on all materials. listen if your thinkin of doing this DO NOT its a scam. Its not the kind of scam that you send money too and never hear from again its the kind that keeps asking you too send more money over and over again its not a job. Also im assuming if i did send money to one of the listings in the directory they would send me another book ( because there probably all just made up and your probably just dealing with ADP) youll end up spending over a hundred dollars to make less than half that by what i can see essentially do it if your not broke and you want to make some arts and crafts with your grandchildren (youll make nothing essentially your paying them to make their crap) for people out there just trying to make an extra buck in hard times like me dont do it pay a utility bill or go to the grocery store with your 31 dollars ( actually 40 with shipping ) cause its a waste of money alot of us dont have the luxury to waste in times like these!

    P.S. im gonna try and scan the stupid book they sent me and ill either post it on here or online somewhere i’ll include all info that way you can see for yourself without wasting 40 bucks ill include all companies and the ways to contact them ..at least i can screw adp over a little by posting there stupid directory they charge 40 bucks for on the world wide web lol


  28. Andrew

    I am so glad I read your comment regarding American Diversified Publictions before I sent off the mail order form with my $31.00!! I just printed it out and decided I needed to find out some more information on it before I mailed it.

    There are so many scams on the internet these days, and it is so sad because the people that get scammed are just normal people like me that don’t have any money and really need a job. I think the government needs to step in and try to put a stop to all these scammers. I have had a lot of companies contacting me. One sent me a $3,000 check and told me to cash it and send them $1,000!! If I had done that, I would be out that money because it was a bogus check. I turned them in to the feds. If they tell you that you need to send the company money, you know they are scamming you!!! I have never worked for someone that I had to give them money!! We all need to start some sort of group to help identify scammers and somehow stop them from preying on innocent people. We are all victims.


  29. I talked to adp, its got to be a scam! i read everyones post. i agree dont do it, i have never had to buy my materials for a job!!!

  30. hello also received the envelope, to send the $ 31 but I’ve been reading about this company and apparently afraud

  31. Paul,
    Come on. You are a middleman, just stepping in to take money from people who have gone on a tangent from finding an actual job. You don’t have a job to offer anyone. Your job is peddling info that is already free. Anyone can go to the library and check out a book on working from home. There is a book in the library that is updated frequently, and it lists a lot of these companies that offer work from home “opportunities”. According to the BBB, you can get the info on the internet for free as well.

    I have personal experience with this. My exhusband ripped off people in this manner and his job was not to help anyone find a job. His job was to convince desperate people to send him money. Most of his time was spent counting the money and sending out refunds to the people who had enough presence of mind to send back the junk he sent them. If he was caught not sending refunds, he could get nailed for postal fraud. Doing this, he made a good living. As far as I know, he helped no one make any money. He did make a trip to the library every year or two to freshen up his list by copying some more companies out of this book from the library. Then he sells the names and addresses of everyone who enquires or buys from him to a company that brokers mail lists to other scam artists. Sort of a “sucker” list for everyone else to try as well.

    I would recommend that people considering sending money to these “middlemen” just go to the library and check out a book about working from home that lists the companies actually offering the work–for what it is. Keep yourselves off the sucker mailing lists and don’t finance con artists.

    Paul, I don’t need to hear your spin, though this is probably your blog. “workathometruth.com”? Right.

    • Janine,

      First of all, I have nothing to do with that company, but your comments couldn’t be further off if you actually knew how many hundreds (maybe even thousands) of hours I’ve spent at NO charge helping Federal Law Enforcement, other law enforcement, and other warning sites get warnings out about companies.

      Also, if you actually would have taken the time to READ my comments and see the sites I was pointing people to you would have noticed that I am sending them to FREE sites. I find your comments a bit suspect, actually (you’ll see why towards the end of this comment – I HIGHLY recommend you read that part if in fact what you are saying about your ex-husband is accurate as you may want to seek legal counsel to make sure you can’t be charged under the specific law I reference there).

      I spend several hundreds of hours of my time for FREE helping law enforcement and citiznes. I provided an extensive amount of documentation to the FTC and spend nearly a month on the phone helping them take down one of the top 100 spammers in the world in this case:

      You can call the senior litigator on that case to confirm.

      I also helped THOUSANDS of people (at NO charge) file complaints against several companies on this list:

      The National Consumers League used my warning to put out THEIR warning of one of the top scams of 2009. Here’s the warning they put out which references my site:

      The Better Business Bureau has used MY research for their research to put out THEIR warnings. You can see that here:

      Business.gov did a spotlight on me and my fraud fighting efforts here:

      I was asked to contribute the chapter on Work At Home Scams to this book:
      Robbing You With A Keyboard In Stead Of A Gun

      The author of that book runs http://www.eagleresearchassociates.org which has:
      1) An Assigned Federal Agent from the Secret Servcie
      2) 3 Assigned U.S. Postal Inspectors
      3) 3 Other law enforcement agencies he isn’t allowed to disclose.

      You can read about some of his success stories here:
      Eagle Research Success Stories

      He also recently helped take down a nearly billion dollar scam that authorities had been trying to shut down for over 15 years.

      And MY RULES for avoiding Job Scams have been published in numerous periodicals:
      RULES for avoiding Job Scams and I made a completely FREE telecommuting research tool for people here:
      Telecommuting Tool.

      Plus, I just put up extensive information for people on how to file complaints and get their money back:
      How To File Consumer Complaints

      By the way how, much of your ex-husbands money that you ended up with have you given back to the people he ripped off?

      You might want to study this law to make sure you don’t need to secure legal representation:
      Misprision of a Felony

      I’m not a lawyer, but if I was in your situation, I’d definitely make sure that there won’t be any legal consequences for you. The Feds have started to take that law much more seriously. The way you’ve worded your comment you make it seem like you knew quite a bit about what he was doing, although maybe that’s not correct.

      You may want to study this case, too:

      It’s not exactly the same, but it does appear to be related conceptually.

      One last thing, what do you make of the BBB accrediting and giving an A- to this well-known company that charges people for access to a telecommuting database (a database of home jobs):

      And that’s a company that actually HAS been featured in major media as you can see Flex Jobs Press Reviews.

  32. MONYETTA says:

    Go to About.com and put in free work from home positions and a list will show up…That will surely help anyone on the hunt

  33. Thanks for saving me $31… I need to work at home and getting scammed by a group of criminals isn’t in my budget nor is it on my bucket list for life either.

  34. Kasilofdan says:


    I just came from the BBB website and I searched for American Diversified Publications Inc. The BBB rating I saw listed was F on a scale A to F. I am glad I did not send any money. Thanks for a great site Paul and all the links you have provided.

  35. My friend actually works for adp and she is doing on it. She has no problems. If u think its a spam then dont send anything. Which no one should give out their information. I always use money orders. Ivdo know it takes 4 weeks to get everything.

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