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Q: Just attended a seminar presented by At-home Professions for a medical transcriptionist course.  What can you tell me about them? Total coat for the course is about $3000. Thanks for your input.

A: In general it doesn’t have as good of a reputation in the medical transcription community as some of the other programs.

You can read more here:

This one of the better medical transcription forums and in general they don’t recommend it. You read a discussion here: and Andrews are usually considered better.

You can read a discussion here:

MTec has an open forum here:

Andrews site is here:

It’s also not an the AHDI approved school list.

AHDI is the main standards-setting organization (it used to be – but they’ve changed over to the new site.

AHDI provides guidance on choosing an MT school here:

You’ll see “At-Home Professions” listed on the “Educational
Members” list here:

BUT as they mention there that doesn’t really mean anything
regarding the quality of the program. It just means that they
paid “membership dues” to be a member of AHDI.

I would definitely recommend you join a few forums first and get a sense
of what other people are saying there.


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  1. Paul, your information is spot on. I am a 15-year veteran medical transcriptionist, so I know a thing or two about medical transcription. The top three schools are Career Step, Andrews, and MTec. AHDI approval is important. I also recommend The VLC School of Medical Transcription which is also AHDI approved.

    I heard about At-Home Professions when I first became interested in becoming a medical transcriptionist. I attended a local seminar. I opted instead to research other avenues of education as I felt the cost was exorbitant. I took classes at a local junior college and received the education I needed for a fraction of the cost.

    I realize people may want to accelerate their learning and not take the route I did. That’s fine. However, retaining the information is important. Learning medical transcription is not something that can be done that quickly. Hours and hours of transcribing is necessary to train the brain. By that I mean coordinating movements of the feet and hands all the while taking in the information aurally and putting it in proper sentence structure while typing.

    I can personally tell you that medical transcription is a great field. I work from home. I call my own shots. But that is based on the fact that I have a great reputation in the community and people seek me out for work. That takes time to build up as well, through networking, teaching, volunteering, helping others (offering solutions to problems)without expecting anything in return.

    Regards to you, Paul, for your great work. Thank you for your accurate reporting on medical transcription.

    Mary Ruff-King

    P.S.: As you can see, I am passionate about medical transcription. I love the field. I also have a blog for anyone who wishes to learn more about medical transcription. All information is f.r.e.e.:

    • Erika Ferrell says:

      I just attended the seminar for at home professions. I would like to complete the program, but I just want to make sure it is a real school. I don’t want to spend the money and the time if it is a hoax. You said you also attended the seminar. Is it something that you would recommend? If I did finish the program from there is it accredited enough to where I can find a job?I am a pastry chef and would like to do this as a second job. From the information that I was given this seems like it could be something I could do and be successful at while having another job. Thank you for your time.
      Erika Ferrell

  2. Mary, thanks for taking the time to post this and thanks for the compliments.

    And what a great blog!

    I highly recommend anyone reading this post go check out Mary’s blog at MtMasterCenter

  3. Thanks for a great site. Just wanted to mention to anyone who’s interested, you can try as a source of work. It’s a free site that displays lots of transcription jobs, and for some of them you don’t need to be qualified. You can also add your resume for free.

  4. Hey I’m in my 4th course & want to do this
    part time at first anyway

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