Google Cash Scam

7/25/2009 update: some people have started asking about a product called Blazing Keywords, so I’ve posted information about it from the BBB in the comments section in discussion that goes with this blog post.

5/13/2009 update about Google Cash – it looks like the original Google Cash may be trying to distance itself from the recent onslaught of Google Cash knockoffs. The original Google Cash now redirects to instead of AffiliateJackPot.

Important 3/28/2009 update: A new product is calling itself Google Cash. That is NOT the Google Cash mentioned at WorkAtHomeTruth. The new product calling itself Google Cash:

IMPORTANT: The NEW product calling itself Google Cash  is promoted from a site called and has a $1.99 “Instant Access Fee” and then will charge your credit card $49/month after 72 hours unless you follow the procedures outlined in their Terms and Conditions. I have NO idea what that product is. You can tell that it’s a different product because in the Terms of Service it’s called the Online Wizard Success Kit.

I think some websites may also be calling the NEW product Google Cash Kit. I’m not 100% sure about that yet.

The FOLLOWING is about the ORIGINAL Google Cash product reviewed HERE at WorkAtHomeTruth.

Is Google Cash a scam? Well, no. But something GoogleCash is doing now is quite scammy. They pulled MY testimonial from my review of Google Cash and posted it on their new sales letter. The took my testimonial COMPLETELY out of context. In fact if you read on you’ll see I don’t even recommend that you buy Google Cash anymore.

In fact what I say on the WorkAtHomeTruth site is that I do NOT recommend Chris Carpenter’s Google Cash to someone that is new to internet marketing. Instead of the Google Cash adwords method I suggest people click here to learn how to start with a method called Bootstrapping Your Business.

And if you DO want to learn Google Cash type methods I recommend you use Matt Levenhagen’s Campaign Blasts method instead.

I see that Google Cash is now falling back on the “magic money” claim that you can make money at the system by spending only a few hours a week which while might be somewhat true after you’ve studied and used such a system for a year or so. But about 1 in a MILLION people would be able to do that right off the bat at all. And almost always you DO need a website to be able to do that.

Plus they’re honing in on the dream of making money without a website. That’s certainly possible these days but now the Google Cash system is probably one of the WORST and hardest ways to go about it.

In fact, one of the easiest, newbie friendly ways to make money without a website now is the Kindle Profits Exposed system which leverages the traffic of the multi-billion dollar company

So. Is Google Cash a scam? Well, no. But I do NOT recommend GoogleCash at ALL anymore and they are nowhere to even be found on our Top Ten Home Businesses list.

Note: In order to clear up the confusion about which Google Cash is reviewed at WorkAtHomeTruth, I’ve posted information below:

  • promotes something called Google Cash Kit and sends their visit to the Google Cash product at TheOnlineWizard site – which is NOT the Google Cash reviewed at WorkAtHomeTruth.

Also, the following products have NOTHING to do with the original Google Cash product from 2003/2004:

  • Easy GoogleCash
  • GoogleMoney – a.k.a. GoogleMoneySystem
  • Google FastCash
  • Google CashKit
  • Make GoogleCash
  • GoogleCash Starter Kit
  • GooglePayoutSystem
  • GoogleCash Center

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  1. i wanted to take a look at what it was.the next thing i know
    was a 40.00 charge to my credit which i protested and then a 70.00 charge i think that it is a scam.all i wanted to do was take a looknot not buy it

  2. i think it is a cost me 110.00 to just look at it.
    and i did not buy it.i have tried to cancell several times
    with no sucess.

  3. Steve Christy says:

    I was scammed by Google and their sucess kit. I am out 120.00 now, they keep charging my credit card.

  4. fsuflick says:

    To those of you that have been wrongfully charged for this crap, here are the phone numbers to the 3 different companies that are involved. You can cancel your ‘membership’ through just one, but if you call and demand your money back from each, they’ll give you a ‘courtesy refund’. (nice courtesy, wasting 30 minutes of my day)


    For our Protection

    Prevent my ID theft

    Hope that helps -

    • Gale Lasher says:

      @fsuflick: I ordered a free cd on the Google Cash system. By Christ Carpenter for $1.95 to see what it was all about.
      It was charged to my credit card 12/17/09.
      I didn’t receive the CD till 01/24/10. I looked on my credit card and there was a charged for $97.00 from Google cash software of Mequon. WI on 01/01/10.
      What this charge is for, I have no idea.I filed a complaint on this charge.
      Then on 01/31/10 here is another charge for $ 97.00.
      I have sent two emails to Chris Carpenter at two different addressees and received no replies. dos anyone have a phone number for them?

  5. Allison says:

    Hello, is this the same thing that you all are talking about?

    Even though it says you only pay to ship the kit, the fine print says starting 7 days from now you will be charged $59.90 per month! If it really produces the results they are claiming, I guess that would be a small price to pay…

    Any advice?

  6. Hmm. I don’t know what that one is Allison, but the best training I’ve seen for learning pay per click marketing – which it looks like what that one is, is Matt Levenhagen’s Campaign Blasts System which you can read about here.

  7. You’ll see a lot of fake/shill reviews for Google Cash on sites like Facebook. Don’t get suckered.

    And get all that information for free over at

  8. Ah, to the last poster (let’s just call him “Glenn”). I saw that you have site on your site.

    You clearly have no clue about what your talking about. Just because a site is using a affiliate links does NOT mean the reviews are fake.

    I could make a fortune selling high ticket offers, negative option trial offers, or scammy offers. I KNOW how to do that, but instead I WARN people about those and offer them either free or low-cost information or specific ways to bootstrap their business.

    I could scam people out of “$1.00 trial offers” all day long if I WANTED to. I’ve bought close to $300,000 in PPC advertising over the years and I COULD do that if I WANTED to. Affiliate networks would pay me anywhere from $17.00/trial to $35.00/trial to do that.

    If you actually KNEW what you were talking about you would already KNOW that.

    I do NOT do that. My reviews are “Independent Broker Reviews” which means I am trying to help people spend there money wisely – including sending them to free resources here:

    I’ve answered thousands of people over the years personally. I’ve helped people recover as much as $3000 WITHOUT charging them anything at all.

    Of course, what sites like FakeReviewsSuck do is making it EASIER for the scammers to get away with their scams, because typically the element of proof for a “fake review” is not whether or not a review is using an “affiliate link”. Anyone who’s been online for years knows that’s nonsense.

    You want to do DEEPER analysis such as showing:

    1) That the review site and the OFFERS promoted are owned by the same person such as in the write-ups I did in these places:

    a) YourBillKiller write-up here.

    b) SixFigureYearly write-up here

    A site like is an example of a little bit of knowledge being a dangerous thing.

    Just because you know ONE trick, doesn’t mean you know at all what you’re talking about, which you clearly don’t.

    If you want to see somebody that is actually HELPING people recover money, you can check out this discussion at Google Money Tree Complaints which is around 600 posts long of ME helping people to recover money…did I charge them anything for that? NO! There are NUMEROUS other blog discussions where I’ve been helping people recover money.

    I’d LOVE to see YOU try to handle this kind of stuff all by yourself. Why don’t you go post your FAKE REVIEW information in that Google Money Tree discussion? I promise I’ll approve it. Let’s see if they think you’re a “hero”.

    That write-up and discussion fueld much of the write-up of the National Consumers League write-up here, and of course NCL is a resource recommended by many Federal Government Organizations and law enforcement agencies including:

    But somehow, Glenn, I don’t think you’re interested in following chains of “Trusted Hubs”…I think you’re in love with your “one-trick pony” show.

    If you saw the recent 20/20 show, WorkAtHomeTruth and several other sites that would qualify by this posters definition of “fake” helped out as resources for that show.

    I also have over 2000 pages of FREE information on this site and free tools such as the Telecommuting Tool here.

    When people like YOU lump sites that are actually ANSWERING dozens of emails, thousands of blog posts, and phone calls in with SCAM sites you just end up confusing people even more.

    Although, I have to give you credit. You did manage to post a non-functioning link when you tried to help people out.

    Oh, I see you just threw adsense up on your FakeReviewsSuck site right off the bat. You know, I struggled for over a year on whether or not to put up Adsense up, because of how difficult it is to control the ads that show up and I was worried about scam ads showing up…not you…I guess you just said…”woohooo…free money!”

    Me, I finally decided after over a year to go ahead and run them and make sure the FIRST thing I do if someone signs up for the Newsletter is to immediately send them to this Rules page which warns people about Adsense type advertising even on the most legitimate sites.

    Good job, Glenn!

    p.s., Glenn. Did you even READ any content at

    You might want to read this page in which the article recommends to create review pages and:

    “2) Don’t rate them all 5 stars. Put your best converting offers at the top and make them 5 stars, but the bottom of the review list should only be 3 stars at most. This will make the user feel like these are all more honest reviews and also make them more likely to pick the highest rated offer (which you can put as your best offer with highest payout, etc).”

    Guess how I do MY ratings Glenn? I do them by taking a hard and long look at what products are likely to be best suited for the visitors to my website, not by some arbitrary factor like “what’s converting better”.

    I check to see if there are any terms that aren’t clearly defined or if a product claims to be for “newbies” but actually assumes prior knowledge. That takes A LOT of work and A LOT of knowledge on online marketing.

    Glenn, you really need to learn to crawl before you try to stand up and fumble all over yourself.

    Oh, and if anyone’s wondering why I’m calling that poster Glenn…don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough.

  9. To all those that have been paying for this scam please call your credit card companies up and tell them you are being scmmed by that company and the credit companies will start an inquiry into it for themselves. You may have to freeze your current credit card numbers and have a new card issued. I would also like to here from each of you that have been scammed. It maybe to hard to file for an individual law case but perhaps there are enough people that a class action could be field. Let me know if I can help you to help each other.

    • @Alan:

      Hi, I recently ordered the Chris Carpenter Google Cash Kit – i was charged $75 after 7 days for the Biz kit by a PWW*InternetBizKit, another $75 from a TQG online Biz kit & then another $90 for the Google Cash home training video (of which I have never used) because I don’t have websites to place the ad’s on – I tried creating one of those already made ones & clearly I am not computer literate enough – I am a single mom desperelty trying to make enough extra money to keep my son alive – the medications are so expensive so I would appreciate you and/or anyone’s help. PLEASE!

    • @Alan:
      Thank you for the advice to call my credit card company and freeze my account and get a new card.
      After an initial phone call from Googlecash, I felt scammed that they would automatically make me pay for something I know nothing about.
      I know you get 7 days to opt out, but being unemployed, taking chances with my money not knowing what I am doing could cost me dearly later on without any promise of a paycheck.
      And I didn’t appreciate that other blogger saying that the accusations are not true and then providing links on your website to promote his business. Just more lies from someone that isn’t being taken by the scammers and shame on you for being so vague about the truth Paul.

      Please google Googlecash scam and see for yourself on uTube

  10. Since Glenn was kind enough to list WorkAtHomeTruth on his site, I thought it only favor that I return the favor by putting up this page as a tribute to him and his site:

    FakeReviewssuck Gets OWNED by WorkAtHomeTruth – LOL! in which I demonstrate how by Glenn’s logic on of the top Search Engine Optimization experts on the Planet would qualify as a scam artist in Glenn’s book.

    I’m talking about a Search Engine Optimization Expert has been quoted and/or interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, The London Times, Wired, USA Today, BusinessWeek, Business2.0, Time Magazine, The Register, MSNBC, and The Guardian.

    And YES I even post a DIRECT link to this Search Engine Optimization’s interview with the Wall Street Journal.

    You know what sucks even more, though than REAL fake review sites? Guys who go around spamming forums and blogs to try to get traffic so they can make Adsense Income.

    LOL. Owned!

  11. Grant Harrower says:

    Hi Alan, my wife sent for the Google product thinking she would be charged $1.00 for a weeks trial, she never received anything from them, and we have since been charged for google, fraud protection and theft protection, have had no success trying to cancel these as the phone numbers given do not answer, any suggestions, thanks Grant

  12. Grant, that is NOT the Google Cash discussed here. There have been a number of products that have tried to leverage the original Google Cash name and that sounds like one of them.

    Do you know what the charge shows up as on the bill? There are several discussions going on here at WorkAtHomeTruth about the other products and how to cancel and if you tell me what the charge shows up as I should be able to point you to the right discussion.

  13. Paul, I just ordered the GoogleCashKit and after reading this I am very nervous. The charge for $1.95 shows up on my credit card statement as 8669718368TRANSONLINE. Since I just order this I really don’t know if the kit will show up or not.

  14. TashaE I searched for that transaction id under various variations in Google and it’s not coming up.

    There are so many of these products using similar sounding names it’s hard to know which one you’re talking about unless you have the page where you bought it from.

  15. TashaE. I see the new product calling itself Google Cash. It is NOT the same Google Cash reviewed here which is a ONE-TIME $67.00 charge.

    I’m pretty sure the one you’re talking about is one mentioned at a site called If so, then according to their terms and conditions says this:

    “After seventy two hours , an forty nine dollar- one time activation fee for the OnlineWizard membership and custom website will be billed to the credit card used by you to complete the signup process and business set up. If you do not wish to activate your business and be charged you must cancel your membership or change your billing method prior to the seventy two hours”

    Click here to read the full terms on that site.

  16. JerryF. says:

    hi there guys, i just fell into the scam i guess u can call it, as i bought the google cash kit on a facebook ad for a $1.95.
    After reading all this u guys got me very upset and nervous, can any one help me or give me some advice on what i should do!!

  17. Jerry,

    It’s so hard to tell, because there are so many different products going by that name now. What was the site you bought it from?

  18. JerryF. says:

    im not sure but i got it from

    After reading this stuff i just wanna cancel but don’t know where to go or who to call.

  19. Jerry,

    Unfortunately without that specific information it’s hard to tell. Can you look up your credit card statement online and see what the charge is listed as?

    I have a list of nearly 900 different sites that were promoting programs like this on FaceBook and those sites each promoted different programs, so it’s really hard to tell which one it would be. You can see the list below (I took out the “.”s on the websites so that people don’t accidently click them and go to them):

    • www 1EasyStep com | Todd Arnet
    • www 2BrokeChicks com | Jon Gardner
      Married to Kim
    • www 6KMonthly com | David Green
    • www 12KIn30Days com | Kevin Hoeffer
      Married to Audrey
    • www 60KEmployment com | David Greene
    • www 60KHomeJobs com | Neil Anderson
    • www 120KJobs com | David Greene
    • www AdamGetsGreen com | Adam Moore
      Married to Audrey
    • www AdamGotGreen com | Redirects to BradsMoney com
    • www AdamHasMoney com | Adam Peters
    • www AdamsMoney com | Adam Davis
    • www AdamsMoneyBlog com | Adam
    • www AdenLowell com | Aden Lowell
    • www AJsCashStory info | AJ Baer
      Married to Audrey
    • www AkaBeezy com | Jerome a k a “Beezy”
    • www AlbertGetsGreen com | Kevin Hoeffer
      Married to Audrey
      Includes Audio
    • www AlbertGetsPaid com | Albert Hoeffer
      Married to Audrey
    • www AlexGetsGreen com | Alex Johnson
    • www AlexMakesCash com | Alex
      Married to Holly
    • www AlicesDiet com | Luke Miller
    • www AllenMakesMoney com | Allen Severson
    • www AllensMoneyBlog com | Allen Severson
    • www AllenStrauss com | Allen Strauss
    • www AllGovGrants com | Dave Collins
    • www AmiesBlog com | Amie Dawson
    • www AmysIncome com | Amy
      Kids Josh, April, Sarah
    • www AndreasMoneyBlog com | Andrea Hoffman
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    • www Andrew-Schaffer com | Andy Schaffer
      Married, with kids
    • www AndrewLowell com | Andrew Lowell
    • www AndrewMillionaire com | Andrew Peters
    • www AndrewsBlog GrantMoneyForYou com | Andrew Hudson
    • www AndrewSchaffer com | Andrew Schaffer
    • www AndrewsJob com | Andrew Simmons
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    • www AndrewsMoneyBlog com | Andrew Lambert
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    • www AndyGetsGreen com | Andy Peters
    • www AndysFastCash com | Andy Hiller
    • www AndysMoneyBlog com | Andy a k a “Tuna”
    • www AngelasWealthStory com | Angela Sosebee
    • www AngieWeightLoss com | Kevin Hoeffer
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    • www AnniesDebtFreeLife com | Annie
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    • www AnnieStory com | Annie Jackson
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    • www AtlantaMoneyMaker wordpress com | Jonathan (Jon) Lewis
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    • www AudreysBusiness com | Audrey Shaw
    • www AWorkFromHomeBlog info | Marla
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    • www AWorkFromHomeSite com/wahc | Brian Robinson
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  20. Armywife2248 says:

    Come on folks, please don’t tell me there are people who actually fall for that “make $5000.00 a month” from Google (or anyone else for that matter). Always remember that NOTHING is free, and if it’s worth having….easy. Also, if you aren’t sure about something, don’t give them your credit card number just to “take a look”. Let go of the victim mentality.

  21. Hey Paul I got scammed by one of the websites on that list gary gets green or something like that. How can I cancel the charge??? I didnt even want the stupid thing but it charged me anyway when I thought I had clicked out of the website. Any idea how you could help?? Thanks!


  22. Kyle,

    There are over 500 websites like GaryGetsGreen all promoting various offers – so it’s hard to tell – and doesn’t seem to be active anymore.

    Can you see that the identifier by the charge is?

  23. well the website has a – in between each word of the url and it seems to be active when I went back to it. It was for some google cash thing and they charged me for the kit or whatever and I didnt want to get it at all. somehow they would not let me get out of there. I found a number when I checked my credit card online transactions but thats all. Is there anything I can do to avoid the charge? I will call them tomorrow since it said office hours are closed but I do not want whatever they are promoting at gary-gets-green . com

  24. OK. I see it now.

    Looks like it sends you to the EZNetIncome site which has a 7 day trial. If you’re within the 7 days you SHOULD be able to call them to cancel. Make sure you get a confirmation number as I’ve seen some complaints that people who canceled the monthly fees found out they were still being charged.

    If you can’t work it out directly with them, you’ll need to talk to your credit card company or bank depending on how you paid for it.

    There is a very good post that a user going by skatardrummer made here:
    EzNetIncome complaints at ComplaintsBoard.

    You may want to read some of the information at to see what else you need to consider in this scenario.

  25. Thank you so much! It just happened today so if I call tomorrow morning I hope everything works out great because I do not want them charging my card for something I didn’t want. I will see how everything goes, thanks again

  26. If you remember and have time, it would be great for you to let us all know how it goes. If not, I understand.

  27. I will let you know for sure, I just got worried when I realized it ended up charging me AFTER I tried to get out of the website thing and figured out what its all about. Ill call the numbers tomorrow and hope they are cooperative, but I might cancel the card anyway…

  28. Thanks, Kyle.

  29. I called 3 numbers to cancel the charge and all three told me they had successfully canceled the membership or whatever was being billed to me. I don’t know if should call more of these numbers, I have a list, but the lady on the first call told me the other two should be called and I did. Hopefully everything is done like they told me it was

  30. Well I just stupidly had them ship me the Google Biz Kit linked off of JoshMadeCash

    Anyone know who I call to stop the charges before they start? I got a welcome confirmation from so I guess I will start with them. Would like response from anyone that started this with JoshMadeCash. Thanks… if it looks too good to be true then maybe it is not true….duh.

  31. Just another scam out there – I piss them off by calling them about 10 times a day and not saying anything. Funny to listen to them

  32. Kyle, I work in banking. Simply call your credit or debit card issuer and indicate this is a fraudulent transaction. Trying to go through the company that charged you will more likely than not be futile (since they are scamming you). You will probably have to fill out an affidavit of fraud to submit (which your card issuer will send you). Good luck!

  33. Thanks! I will do that. I started to think about that today that even though they say its all “canceled” I might be safe to call the bank and tell them to terminate that card or something like you said.

  34. Maria Watson says:

    Hi everyone,
    I was on the internet and a pop up came up with the Google Cash promotion. I tried to do some research since it is prompting the product to be reviewed by USA Today, CNBC, ABC, etc. I thought this might of been legit. Finally came across your site have read various comments about this same product and glad I decided to look further into it. Yes easy money sound just what I am looking for but always skeptical. Thanks for all your feedback.

  35. if i only typed in my address and everything but my credit card number am i safe?

  36. i just recently bought the google cash kit, i got suckered into it and am very concerned. one thing not mentioned about the cash kits by any other people is that they called me today and gave me like a job interview and are gonna call me back in an hour. i have been charged $1.97 so far and am very concerned i got the wrong cash kit site. is there a reason they have called me and gave me the interview or is this a part of the scam? and im not sure what site i used but i would like a list of the wrong sites to have tried, and the real site so i can see for myself which one i chose and if i got scammed.

  37. hey i bought a google cash kit recently. finding this site im kinda uneasy about that purches the billing on my card was from ISL. is this a scam or the real deal?

  38. oh ya and they have phoned 2 time i thingk its a number from florida on my pay as you go cell so i did not answer it as i was almost out of minutes that number was 727-535-3708.

  39. I stupidly signed up through through a facebook link. Which phone numbers should I call to cancel? Nothing was listed on the authorization page. Thanks!!

  40. Broke and Desparate says:

    What do you think about the partner with paul website? I’ve been getting e-mails about that one, too.

  41. PartnerWithPaul is a lead-generation site for the Herbalife MLM company.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I cancelled as a subscriber to and received an e-mail stating I have been cancelled as a subscriber. I don’t have a problem being charged $49 for April 2009 as the cancellation and the charge were very close to the 3 day notification. But……….I have sent (2) follow-up e-mails to:[email protected] asking for confirmation of the cancellation with no response. I really don’t want to cance my credit card but will be forced to if I receive a $49 charge for May 2009.

    Any help?

  43. I don’t quite understand your question. You said that you received confirmation of the cancellation, but you are seeking further confirmation?

    If you already received cancellation confirmation and for some reason you got charged again, you should be able to file a dispute with your credit card company or bank explaining that you already received the cancellation confirmation while you follow up with the company.

    You may want to read some of the information at as well.

  44. I got into that same crap. I thought I would be getting something in the mail for $1.95 and never got anything in the mail. The next thing I know, they charged my card $59.90 and when I called the number, they assured me that was NOT in small print and forget about getting your money back, guess the scam does’nt work if they refund the money they steal right!!

  45. Paul, can you tell me if this website is a scam??

  46. Actually, Paul its the link under “google cash kit” from that website i gave you in my previous post. Can you tell me if that is a scam because I applied for it and it isnt too late for me to cancel it.

  47. “Scam” or “Fraud” is something that has to be decided by legal definitions and the legal system, so I don’t get into that.

    What I can tell you is that is a fake blog site and the the first product it is promoting “Easy Google Profit” may be from the same company that owns “Google Treasure Chest Kit” since at the bottom of the offer page it states:

    “Google Treasure Chest Kit is not affiliated with, endorsed by or in any way associated with Google. Results vary. Individuals have been remunerated.
    All Content Copyright © 2005-2009, Easy Google Cash, LLC. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.”

    And if that’s the same as “Google Treasure Chest” there’s a decent chance that it’s related to Google Money Tree which has generated a huge number of complaints as you can see here:

    Google Money Tree Complaints.

  48. Thanks Paul, I also have another question, did you happen to see those comments from people that had great financial success using that Google Profit Kit? If you did, are those lies?…….

  49. One day after I made my payment for the kit, I recieved a call from them giving me a offer. They wanted to see if I can qualify for some sort of “building my own buisness” They made an account for me at Its mainly a “guide” to achieving success in making my own buisness or what have you. There is a charge to it too, but I cancelled it today and they told me I will not be charged anything at all because within this offer I have a trial.

  50. In addition, Paul, I appreciate very much for what you are doing here. This truly shows me that there are still people out in this world that gives the unfortunates a guiding hand. If you have time, can you check and see what exactly do I have to do in order to obtain those checks that site is referring to. From my understanding, all I have to do is post links on google? Is that really ALL that I have to do? This offer is quite tempting already, but on the bottom of a 17 year old seems to be having much success, making this all the more tempting. Thanks for your time paul, I appreciate this from the bottom of my heart to the top.


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