Google Cash Scam

7/25/2009 update: some people have started asking about a product called Blazing Keywords, so I’ve posted information about it from the BBB in the comments section in discussion that goes with this blog post.

5/13/2009 update about Google Cash – it looks like the original Google Cash may be trying to distance itself from the recent onslaught of Google Cash knockoffs. The original Google Cash now redirects to instead of AffiliateJackPot.

Important 3/28/2009 update: A new product is calling itself Google Cash. That is NOT the Google Cash mentioned at WorkAtHomeTruth. The new product calling itself Google Cash:

IMPORTANT: The NEW product calling itself Google Cash  is promoted from a site called and has a $1.99 “Instant Access Fee” and then will charge your credit card $49/month after 72 hours unless you follow the procedures outlined in their Terms and Conditions. I have NO idea what that product is. You can tell that it’s a different product because in the Terms of Service it’s called the Online Wizard Success Kit.

I think some websites may also be calling the NEW product Google Cash Kit. I’m not 100% sure about that yet.

The FOLLOWING is about the ORIGINAL Google Cash product reviewed HERE at WorkAtHomeTruth.

Is Google Cash a scam? Well, no. But something GoogleCash is doing now is quite scammy. They pulled MY testimonial from my review of Google Cash and posted it on their new sales letter. The took my testimonial COMPLETELY out of context. In fact if you read on you’ll see I don’t even recommend that you buy Google Cash anymore.

In fact what I say on the WorkAtHomeTruth site is that I do NOT recommend Chris Carpenter’s Google Cash to someone that is new to internet marketing. Instead of the Google Cash adwords method I suggest people click here to learn how to start with a method called Bootstrapping Your Business.

And if you DO want to learn Google Cash type methods I recommend you use Matt Levenhagen’s Campaign Blasts method instead.

I see that Google Cash is now falling back on the “magic money” claim that you can make money at the system by spending only a few hours a week which while might be somewhat true after you’ve studied and used such a system for a year or so. But about 1 in a MILLION people would be able to do that right off the bat at all. And almost always you DO need a website to be able to do that.

Plus they’re honing in on the dream of making money without a website. That’s certainly possible these days but now the Google Cash system is probably one of the WORST and hardest ways to go about it.

In fact, one of the easiest, newbie friendly ways to make money without a website now is the Kindle Profits Exposed system which leverages the traffic of the multi-billion dollar company

So. Is Google Cash a scam? Well, no. But I do NOT recommend GoogleCash at ALL anymore and they are nowhere to even be found on our Top Ten Home Businesses list.

Note: In order to clear up the confusion about which Google Cash is reviewed at WorkAtHomeTruth, I’ve posted information below:

  • promotes something called Google Cash Kit and sends their visit to the Google Cash product at TheOnlineWizard site – which is NOT the Google Cash reviewed at WorkAtHomeTruth.

Also, the following products have NOTHING to do with the original Google Cash product from 2003/2004:

  • Easy GoogleCash
  • GoogleMoney – a.k.a. GoogleMoneySystem
  • Google FastCash
  • Google CashKit
  • Make GoogleCash
  • GoogleCash Starter Kit
  • GooglePayoutSystem
  • GoogleCash Center

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  1. ipodfjgdkfgkldskjgkidsjfklgjdflj says:

    “youtube comment” isn’t a definition. Because this “”youtube comment”" had already existed in the past, before Youtube was estabalished. And you can’t expect the world to accept your meaning, because they still don’t know what it means(until many videos on that site explains the newly word). “myspace comment”, “cnn comment”, “ebaum comment”, it’s as if you are trying to make the world see through your perspective.

    Internet noobs, and Internet elitist; Both of these sides are pathetic.

  2. ipodfjgdkfgkldskjgkidsjfklgjdflj says:

    ps i wont be baq so all insult are ignore LOLOOLOLL!!!!
    …Well, Enjoy the spam

  3. In fact I thought your comments were pretty interesting.

  4. Thank you Paul…this site is a Godsend. Im happy I decided to investigate first, even though I kept thinking “GOOGLE” thats a name to trust.

    Additionally, I made note of your websites and recommendations. I have lots of research to do now.

    Thanks again!

  5. Thanks, Jasmin and you’re welcome. The Affiliate Masters Course that I mention earlier can be a good one for people to start with for free to get an overview of what’s involved in running a real online business. I think they’re software is too expensive for what most people need starting out, but the free information is quite useful.

  6. I was suckered into the scam I should of read the fine print I guess but when I paid the $1.95 nothing came in the mail. No information at all and then they deduct $68 from account I called them and they were so rude they did not want to help me out at all I told them I was going to report them and they said go ahead and try then I called them again and they hung up on me. Only one week passed by should they re emburse me or what? I called the bank and placed a fradulent transaction.

  7. New Scam Discovered!!!!

    This is for TEETH WHITENING! But it has all the earmarks of the google cash scam except it is for teeth whitening.

    Low initial shipping and when you read the terms and conditions – there are several monthly subscription fees that you’ll end up getting dinged with.

  8. Thanks, Guy

    I’d seen the fake blogs for teeth whitening, colon cleansers, weight loss, etc. some time ago, but now it looks like they’re picking up on the fake news sites like the ones I wrote about a while back here:

    Are fake news sites the next gold rush?

  9. You’re welcome, Paul. There’s something I noticed on possibly all these scam sites: the registered trademark use of some large corporations. So as a test, I’m sending emails to the legal department of ABC, CBS, CNN, etc., to see what there response is. These scam sites are profiting from the use of these trademarks. You’d think ABC, etc., would want their cut, too, huh? Or maybe they’d simply have the sites cut. We can only hope.

  10. I’ll be interested in hearing their response if they give you one. So if you have time, I’d love for you to come back here and give everyone an update.

  11. I’ve been looking for work at home jobs, but it seems as though ALL of them are scams…is there any that you know of that you have personally tried that do work???

  12. rippedoffguy says:

    It’s funny how the typical person who signs up for this is in need of money and all they do is end up getting scammed. Thus, there finances actual decline when the intended concept was for the persons finances to incline. What a rip.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Don’t you all get tired of debating this? Look, people….if you don’t want to get scammed, read the fine print before clicking the jolly, candy-like button to purchase. If you just read what is written, you’re less likely to be taken for a ride. As far as all of this back and forth mess, everyone has something do gain, don’t they??? Cut out the middle man if you feel you’ve been scammed and contact your bank or credit card provider immediately upon realizing something’s not right. THEY will handle these matters promptly in order to protect you and your money.

  14. “Jolly, Candy-Like Button”. That’s a pretty good description, actually.

    But these companies really do go a long way to hide the terms much of the time and many of these people are new to doing anything online.

  15. A-hoodie says:

    I was interested in purchasing the google cash kit but then thought to read more into it…and thank god for that cos im a student and single mother of one and as i cant work i was desperate to work for home on the days i have of from uni… but thanks alot paul.
    Im not gonna trust these get money quick scams YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD TO EARN SOMETHING WORTH GETTING

  16. You’re welcome A-hoodie

    That’s the thing about “easy money”. You still have to do A LOT of up front work in order to be able to leverage your assets to take advantage of opportunities at which point making money will be MUCH easier for you than for the person who hasn’t done all that up front work.

    One of my favorite sayings is:

    “Preparation + Opportunity = Luck”

  17. thank you gays i was about to but the free google cash kit and i was saying it just 1.95 i can spend more money an candy so it is so cheap to earn much money for just 1.95 and i entered my name and my other information to see if i am qualified as they saying and i was happy that i was qualified and they asked for my credit card info then i had a little scare so i deceided to make search about it and i was chocked when i found it is a scammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….. but i wonder can they use my id to get money from me with out my credit card number i didnot compelete the form but i am worry .
    any one can answer me
    thank you

  18. Okay I decided due to being desparate and without a job sign up for the Google Cash Kit and Twitter Prosper. I gave them the info and like a dummie my debit card number. They called me several times. I was informed that I would be receiving it soon(the cash kit) After 2 weeks I would be charged monthly for it. Okay so I thought I would give it a try and see what it was all about. A few days latter I received my two twitter prosper cds. It was complete crap. I could have figured that out for myself. The next day I planed to cancel and went on my debit card site and noticed I was charged $70.20. I was shocked and pissed. The company I had not heard of at all. Mywebsiterev. Who are they. Well I did some research and found their address and phone number. When I called could not get anybody. So I am out of this money and learned my lesson. Now with the Google Cash Kit it is a scam but you can make a lot of money. This is how it works. You set up a fake web page with the same info page we filled out. Everytime a person signs up you get a portion of the $70.00 or whatever is charged you. I do not understand people who love to take advantage of honest hard working people like us. IT JUST PISSES ME OFF!!!!!!

  19. As long as you do not give them your bank card number you are safe. If you did cancel it and let you back know it is fraud.

  20. To Robert says:

    I feel sorry about what happened to you , why you don’t call your bank and have them stop it and refund it to you !! it is a scam and you can get your refund .. please try

  21. Frank Dobandi says:

    Its amazing to learn how many people still aspire to PT Barnum’s original quote. “There’s a sucker born every minute”.
    It should be a precursor to everyone who has not gone to school and continues to believe there is an easy way out.
    Suck it up and/or get off your backside!!!!!!!!
    Feel sorry for those that did not grow up with the magnificent people I did. Curious about the ones still stuck in the fallacy of that thing we call television. Its a mind screw at the very least. Go out and enjoy the wonders of what God has created!

  22. Thanks for the reply here is my update. My debit card is for unemploment in NC. I had to cancel the card and request a new one. I called the website and she said that I only had 7 days to use it and they would refund me $35.00. The problem was that I never received the information to log into the site to know if I wanted to use it or not. Also they continue to call me and ask if I want to set up my own home business and I tell them it is a scam. Now if you use twitter what I did was go on youtube and upload a video about the scam and warn others not to do it.

  23. Cimmeron says:

    Paul,I agree with your idea of getting a real job. Ther are some people out ther that have a prolem with that though. I do know that ther are some people that are just to lazy to work a real job. Ther are however people that have a lagit reason for not getting a real job. Like myself I have epilepsy. I would love to have a real job, but the people out ther that will heir me are few and far between. It took me 2 years to find my last job. Now im looking again. What you are doing for free is a credit to the human race. Without people like you I am screewed. I hope that the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping people like me will help you decide if you shuold make them pay for your help or not. THANK YOU!!!!

  24. Thanks, Cimmeron

    Not sure if it will be of help to you or not, but there is a section on disability resources here.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Kelly Steadman “Work at Home” is being advertised on facebook. I knew to google that program. Thank God! Always google everything. If your looking for a Job in the paper or online. Google the address,Phone no…whatever info you have. God Bless You.

  26. agentattitude says:

    Kelly Steadman “Work at Home” is being advertised on facebook. I knew to google that program. Thank God! Always google everything. If your looking for a Job in the paper or online. Google the address,Phone no…whatever info you have. God Bless You.

  27. justwonderin0708 says:

    i just bought the google kit which im starting to believe is a scam i am trying to start up and build my credit and it seems like everyone’s testimonial shows that its charging them for things that are not true at all…… I was wondering if i was in any type of trouble it is listed in my credit card as a charge to the name of
    PROS 5 800-9845904 UT and i really believed that this could actually work so can i recieve my money back or file some type of lawsuit?

  28. Back in june I was let go from my job. After a week of not being able to find a job I was online looking for work when I came across an ad for GOOGLECASH kit just sent $1.95. I thought since it was backed by Google that there was no need to investigate it. WRONG!! I got scammed big time.4 days later they took $81.73 out of my account. then 3 days ago another $37.73 was taken out by another company and today $36.79 was just taken out by another. i have been on the phone back and forth dealing with them all morning. I recieved phone numbers from them to call and cancel my so called accounts with them. I was told that they would not refund my money that all sales are final. That was complete BS. I then asked to speak to his supervisor and I was told that they were engaged in another phone call and could not help me. The idiot on the phone then gave me a number to call that could help me. When I called it I ended up talking to a lady at a resort in Georgia for reservations. That pissed me off even more. There has got to be something we can do to shut these A-holes down!

  29. @ Paul

    Call your credit card company and dispute the charges. Have them cancel and replace your card and tell them that you were scammed out of the money that was taken from you fraudulently. See if that works to get your money back. There is no guarantee that talking to these scam artists will stop them from billing you.

  30. Bought the GoogleCashKit this morning for $3.38. The charge came through as BERRY-8669825130. The site I bought it from is I cancelled it through their website. Do I need to worry about additional charges? Here is the customer suport number.

    Customer Support Phone: 866-737-8571

  31. Im not sure if this google blog profits is the same as what you are talking about but plz let me know if it is.

  32. I ordered the Google Fast Cash Software Kit hastily. Never did receive the software. Rec’d call and GLAD he did from customer service rep about the service and stated a fee of $72.21 will be billed MONTHLY on my account. Whoa…wait a minute…cancel this I told him. The rep said my credit card wasn’t charged yet so asked him to cancel IMMEDIATELY…he gave me a phone number to call and I did and got a confirmation #…but my account was charged the next day!! I’ve been working with my Visa Charge card co and disputing this amt but paperwork after paperwork to fill out..

    Does anyone know about Blazing Words…this was the name on my credit card statement for the charge…

  33. well aperantly its not as big of a scam as everyone thinks it is….but it IS tecknically a scam to… if u pay attention to EVERY siungle nick and nack from sighning up i learned that when u sigh up for $1.98 and get “instant accsess” all it really is is instant accsess to that “learn how to use ebay to earn money” and no one here wants to spend countles hours working their butts off just to earn a little money from ebay… and you WILL get charged $60 bucks after 12 or 14 days i just called them and “cancelled”….but i really dont trust them and i’m gona also contact my credit card company and make sure i cant recieve any more charges from them. when u sighned up for your google starter kit u basically spent $2 for the “instant acsess” to there website and then u have to pay monthly bills of $60 to keep using there services(a detail they seem to forget to tell you when u sighned up) and if they cant tell you this when u started up you can obviously assume that they arnt gona get much better… i’m gona blog to all my friends and my xfire clan so tht hopfully no one else gets pulled into this stupid scam…and even thogh they do help u learn to use ebay they need to tell people the truth and that they dont actually send you a google starter kit.


  34. Does anyone have the web adress to request a refund? I called & wasted 20 minutes on & off hold & they spoke so fast I could not get the address for refund. I am $200 + over drawn because of them!
    Please help if anyone can!!!

  35. JoJo,

    The BBB has a section on their report on Blazing Keywords which states the following:

    Additional Information about Blazing Keywords

    Both addresses (Springville and Orem)are for a private mail collection firm, not a physical address for the company. Consumers may want to find out where the company is really located before they do business with the company.

    The BBB has received other complaints on “companies” using the same mail collection firm in Orem, the same box #621. Those companies have separate reports, which can be accessed through, Benefit Member Pro,, Fresh Keyword Ideas, Grant Spring, and The BBB does not know how these companies are related, other than the use of the same mail drop.

    Above where customer’s fill in their information the company states: “Sign Up

    To sign up for a membership with Blazing Keywords, please fill out the following information. You will be given a complementary 7 day trial membership, after which time you will be billed $72.96 per month, for each month your membership is active. Should you wish to change the terms of, or cancel your membership, please contact our customer service department at. 1-888-248-9285 Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.”

    Therefore, consumers should be aware that they will be billed $72.96 per month after 7 (seven) days, until cancelled.

    Click here to view the BBB report on Blazing Keywords.

  36. I just got scammed this morning, July 27. I thought I was reading a ligimate Google financial report with links to this “highly successful” Google Profts page. Signed up for $2 and as soon as I clicked “ok” the total changed to $62. I smashed a few things then finally got a hold of the company to cancel and called VISA as well to stop anything further. I literally want to choke the life out of these scammers with my bare hands.

  37. If you notice on the real sign up page after you have paid your $2, there are links to three other companies that will bill you per month. Thankfully I didn’t click on any other links knowing I just screwed myself when I clicked “ok” to the $2. After numerous phone calls and more dicking around, I found out that these three are actually located in the Phillipines and there is absolutely no way to contact them. I was finally able to contact someone who was able to cancel it and got a confirmation from [email protected]

    Luckily I only lost $2, but I feel for those of you who got taken for worse. I hate this crap with a passion.

  38. it will be cool if someone called them up and said “OOH YALL WANNA SCAM PEOPLE HUH?….YEA OK YALL AREN’T FOOLING ME!” i wanna know what will be there response lol

  39. Google money tree, treasure chest, rainbow etc etc etc are SCAMS-they charge yoy from 1.95 to 3.95 for a disc that may or may not arrive and it it doesnt arrive you can get charged 72.00 and change a month till you figure out how to stop the charges-I called the toll free number provided by my bank and spoke to someone in Europe who said they would refund then changed their story-they gave me another number to an office which doesnt exist in Dakota-I called the police in the city where this “office” was supposed to be and before I even had to explain the police told me to call my state attorney general, the department of consumer affairs and the FBI-because the sacm is interstate the FBI is involved and because the money is processed overseas so are other U S agencies-these companies have NOTHING to do with Google they just use the name-numerous emails to Google and letters to Google and Yahoo who still carry advertisements for these scammers have gone unanswered-I was able to get the chrges reversed and refunded and changed my debit card-the disc with the information never arrived but people who do recieve them say they are filled with useless info and may have hidden spyware right on the disc-another site says Goodle is stopping the running of the ads on their sites but that doesnt stop the ads from running on other sites and many people like me will figure what the heck for a couple bucks amybe I can bring in some extra cash-we all know it isnt going to be huge money but some bucks could be a nice addition—-there are so many scams Running that using you credit or debit card on the internet is asking for trouble-better to go with paypal who is harder on theiR vendors and has a aset arbitration procedure f0or refunds

  40. My question is: Why isn’t Google all over these frauds. They are the ones who have the capability to put a stop to it. They can sue the asses off these people. Or are they complicit in the fraud? They are also the one who suffer their good name when people get scammed by the frauds. The only reason the SOBs got to me was the Google in the name. (Actually I’ll just get a new card today and be out nothing) I’m just pissed I was suckered into it at all.

  41. Billy Bob says:

    Thanks for all your hard work.
    FYI, why not just use a “prepaid” card you get from Walmart, or where ever, for a small amount for ANY online purchases. That way if the company tries to scam you they can only get what is on the card!
    Just a thought.

  42. Thanks, BillyBob

    That’s not a bad way to go. Technically the “contract” is between you and the “company” (I use those terms loosely for many of these), so the company COULD try to collect from you, although I would doubt that they’d try.

    Of course whether the contract is valid in many of these cases ultimately ends up being decided by the FTC or other law enforcement agencies after a fair amount of time has passed.

    In short, it’s a messy situation that most of the time is NOT weighted in favor of consumers from what I’ve seen.

  43. try cancell the card because i catch it up before and got my money back

  44. Christine says:

    I know this isn’t exactly on topic, but I wonder if I could get advice all the same.
    My mom tried on of those $1.95 things on facebook, but she cancelled in the next day. Now, about three months later she suddenly is billed by, which isn’t even selling the google thing anymore, but instead youtube. She has tried to get them to return her money (80-some dollars), but they refuse. Her bank listened to her story and decided to file a claim of fraud against them, but is there anything else she should do?

  45. Christine,

    As for recovering her money, she’s done the right thing. Some people in situations like this have gone as far as to cancel their credit cards/debit cards, bank accounts, however, that is something she’d want to discuss with her bank.

    There is also a lot of information at

    If she feels she was defrauded, it would be helpful for consumers in general if she would file complaints with the following agencies:

  46. Christine says:

    Thank you!

  47. You’re welcome, Christine.

    Hope it turns out well for her.

  48. i help run the google kit scam i just want to say thank for the money losers btw i have made over 100,000 scaming idoits like u people

  49. Can you answer me Paul? Where is Google on this scam. These assholes have the audacity to post on your BB.
    Looks like someone can do something

    Author: james
    i help run the google kit scam i just want to say thank for the money losers btw i have made over 100,000 scaming idoits like u people

    See all comments on this post here:

  50. Thanks for your reply James and your honesty. I recently stated how people make money with google cash kit. You screw people out of their money and get a portion of it. The problem with you James is that one day you will be accountable for your actions. So keep on keppin on dude your time will come.


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