New England Crafters, aka Magical Gift Company Feedback

I’ve never officially posted an opinion about New England Crafters – aka Magical Gift Company. But I’ve decided to post the following information from someone who thought it would be worth sharing.

I’ll be curious to hear other people’s opinion and whether they agree or disagree with this person’s feedback.

Here are the comments we received about New England Crafters – AKA Magical Gift Company

“New England Crafters, aka Magical Gift Co is NOT A SCAM, HOWEVER…

I just received my “kit” and paid extra for a glue gun they recommended and also a CD which is better than the written instructions. (about $75 total)

But the product was very difficult to make.  I know it was my first attempt, but get this…

I am great working with my hands, yet I estimate that with practice I might (at best) produce only 2 or 3 of these per hour, receiving only $1.50 per piece. ($3-4.50/hr)

It is really what I call “slave labor”, and it is not only very tedious work, it is exacting work!  Many pieces submitted will most likely be returned for fixing.

Although they also offer several other projects, I see from their “forum site” that many people are having many problems with most of the projects.

One “success story” is that someone did finally receive their first check for sending in 10 items worth $1.00 apiece – a check for only $10!!

However, it took her from August to December to become “approved” with making the item properly.

I do NOT recommend even this LEGIT COMPANY for those aspiring to make some REAL MONEY!  As I said, to me it is SLAVE LABOR…”

Note from WorkAtHomeTruth:

If you still have interest in New England Crafters/Magical Gift Co you might want to read the Official NEC-magical gift post at

Important Note: What I meant above was that in the WAHM forum that is the “official place to discuss NEC”, but as Beth pointed out in the comments that I should have noted that the link above is NOT an official thread authorized by NEC. She also claims that the “thread over there was started by someone that assembles crafts and there is A LOT of bad information there.”

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  1. Hey all….It is obvious that some here have had negative experiences with NEC.

    I can tell you that my wife is currently approved on 5 projects, and working on 5 more.

    One thing I do know is that they are in fact a legitimate, paying company.

    And to answer an earlier post, YES, when you first start, you may only be able to do 1 or 2 an hour, but you will obviously pick up the pace as you get more practice.

    My wife loves it, and she is receiving a check just about weekly now!
    My sympathies to all of you with negative experiences.

  2. Oh, and one more thing…it took her a minimum of 2 tries (and sometimes more) to get thru the approval process on each of the projects.

    It also does take time for shipping, therefore, if you want to have a somewhat steady income, you need to have multiple projects.

    I have figured out that you get back what you put into it.

  3. love2craft says:

    Thats awesome Roostah. It is great to get paid for something we love to do. My husband will ask me every now and then..”So, whatcha working on now?”.

    • Regina James says:

      this is a big scam, Ihave invested $60.00 and the materials are different, they are impossible to make with the materials sent. scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Yes this is not a legit work from home. I received my materials and began to work exactly how the instruction said. I took my time as I worked to create a copy of the sample they sent me. I mailed it to them and that took forever to get any response back. So my first attempt failed for approval and corrected the areas that needed corrected. I sent it back for the second time. I waited again for ever to get a response back and when I did, it was rejected again. So now I wanted to test this company and their work policy, so I took the sample that they sent me and finished the work ON THEIR SAMPLE, THEN I MAILED IT OFF TO FIND OUT 3 WEEKS LATER THIS PIECE OF WORK WAS REJECTED. FUNNY HOW THAT CAN BE WHEN THEY REJECT THEIR OWN WORK SAMPLE. I’M LETTING EVERYONE KNOW HOW MUCH OF A RIP OFF THIS PROGRAM IS AND NOT TO WASTE THEIR TIME OR MONEY WITH THIS SO CALLED LEGIT WORK FROM HOME PROGRAM.

        • Carla, what happened after you sent “Their” sample back. (way to go girl, that was brilliant). And have any others that have had positive experiences, really get their money back after passing? Thanks!!

          • The sample they send you is from previous stock of the same project before subtle changes have been made (be it: material or paint color), and it is or has always been of different material they send you so they know it is actually in fact your own work and you are not just sending them their own sample back, so of course they would reject one of “their own” …”outdated samples”… The sample they send is only for reference, a guideline of “approximately” how the new one should look! I personally have had no problems with them and it took me at least 2 tries to get approved as well.

          • I wish I’d read this before! I consider myself very crafty and have a degree in art. I bought in to this program. I understood by mail it would be slow. After 5 tries and having spent more on postage than the kit they sent me a letter offering a portion of the original kit price as refund, or a new project. I opted for the money. I sent in the form, signed. It took no less than 4 phonecalls and 4 months to get $19.95 back. The only magical gifts are to them, in the form of our payments for the kits.

        • i really wanted to try this job but im scared if this is a scam…can somebody help me here please???????????????????i already spent a lot of hours reading comments about NEC..

          • I tried NEC a few years ago and sent in a few samples before I got frustrated and then quit. I sent for one of their new jewelry kits a few weeks ago and tried making their samples. Here’s what I DON’T like about the company:

            The kits are ridiculously expensive ($49.95 for about $5 – $10 worth of materials plus shipping. Add to that any tools you need to complete the project and DVD cost if you want a video of how to do it.)
            The work is very tedious (The cupcake project took me forever to bake and paint)
            They use materials that don’t make sense for the jewelry (Why do they have you paint the clay when you can buy colored clay for the exact same price? Takes WAY longer to paint.)
            The cost to mail samples back an forth for approval (You have to send your sample with a 9X12 self addressed stamped envelope with 5 stamps on it EVERY time you have to send a sample to them)
            They don’t give you very good instructions (I would think a company wanting people to make quality crafts would give you better directions. “No experience necessary?”)
            For me personally the hourly wage by the time you can complete the crafts is not worth the work you have to put into it.

            I think for the cost you’d be better to go online and find similar FREE craft patterns that you can make yourself and set up a $20 booth at a craft fair to see if you can make money. Seems like that might be a better option for some people. I only made one sample, but after finding something similar online (and way nicer and easier to make in my opinion) I’m not even going to waste any more time or money on them. I’ll set up a booth locally and take my chances.

        • How did they get an A+ Better Business Bureau rating then ? How do i know that you are not a plant by another company ? If what you say is true, they have found a way to manipulate their rating somehow.

          • Gary, the BBB gives A+ ratings to scam companies all the time. And they give F ratings to great companies. The BBB is a pay-for-play racket. They keep denying it and the news stories keep proving it to be true.

  4. Also this statement in the original information is INCORRECT.
    If you still have interest in New England Crafters/Magical Gift Co you might want to read the Official NEC-magical gift post at
    That is not an official threard authorized by NEC. That thread over there was started by someone that assembles crafts and there is A LOT of bad information there.

    • Thanks Beth,

      You’re right. It does look that way and I can see how that would send the wrong message.

      What I meant above was that in the WAHM forum that is the “official place to discuss NEC on their forum”, but I should made it more that the link above is NOT an official thread authorized by NEC.

      I’ve put your message at the top of this post as well.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi I’m from canada and I’m interested in assembly work from home with you guys has Canada been accepted yet by Nec

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi Paul

        I’m from Canada and was excited to find NEC website about crafting from home until I got to the bottom of the page only to find out it doesn’t include Canada, do you know if things have changed at all since web site update to include CAnada my email add [removed email]

        Thanks Liz

  5. there website a big scam, trust me i know, with the economic being this bad, they take your money and rob you of your happiness. charging you almost 100 buck. then you make your first project or example, and send it to them, they being cheap and all they gonna tell you to send 5 stamp and a envelope 9×12 with it. then they gonna check your work and if it not good enough for them they send it back for you to correct it, using your stamp and eveplope with a check list of what you need to improve. but when i check my work it was better than the real craft they sent me. i could see the glue more than mine. so what they want for you to do is quit so you dont get your money back. or keep sending a new piece and waste your stamp and envelope until you buy some more example when your 3 piece runs out and you have to pay 20 buck for some more example you have to make. post on 08/28/2010.. and for those people posting that it all good and legit f you. cause if it was running good why would you post it on here. cause if you where making money you wouldnt have post it here, you would kept it to yourself. unless you work for that stupid place.

    • We post because of you people. And if you really “knew” you would not have posted what you did. Only those that tried and tried again can say they know. I am currently working on several projects. And I recently (a week ago) got approved on another project. I did have to switch a couple projects because I just could not do it to their standards. That just means I couldn’t do it great enough to be sold to consumers. They do have high standards. If I owned the company, you can bet I would have high standards too. Can’t sell sloppy work.
      Like “love2craft” says….if it wasn’t a perfect match for you, then say that. You obviously didn’t posses the skills necessary or the patience. The company is more than willing to help you with your struggles if you call them and give them the opportunity.

      • You are much nicer than I am. I tried NEC a few years ago. I had no crafting experience and no artistic talent. Yet I managed to get approved for two projects, each after two or three tries. I was paid for all of my work. I found this site because I am planning on getting back to it, and was wondering about the new jewelry items. The poster to whom you replied couldn’t even manage a complete sentence, so I doubt her attention to detail gave rise to perfect crafts. Add to that the clear lack of maturity, and the personal attacks on those with whom she disagrees, and I doubt she ever produces much of anything besides ignorant vitriol. As I said, you are nicer than I am.

  6. love2craft says:

    That is to bad about your experience. “Trust me”, i know NEC to be legit. We post on here because when you believe in something you will stick up for it. yeah, i make money with NEC and i would keep it to myself if I didn’t see hurtful posts like yours.
    I feel NEC to be legit. It is a perfect match for me as I stay home anyway and i make money in my free time. I know there will be those who have negative experiences with this company, i just encourage them to call them for help and not to give up.

  7. Crafting is not for everybody just like medical transcription or anything else is not for everyone. But my personal experiences with NEC have all been positive. I like making their crafts and their representatives have always been kind and helpful to me. I think most people like to share their good experiences with others just to be helpful and it’s fun to talk about things you like. In the final analysis everybody has to make their own choice about what works for them and everyone is different in what they’re looking for but for me NEC works great. I’m not trying to sell anything to anybody just telling that NEC is a good thing for me. Good luck to everyone in all your endeavours

  8. Hi all!

    I was real glad to find New England Crafters. I did a lot of research and read both positive and negative comments. I had to try it out for myself and I am glad I did. I am now approved on several projects and been getting paid. It has not been an instant happening but I went through the process and stuck with it. Give it a wont be disappointed :)

  9. I have been doing crafts for this company also. I started with 1 kit and have worked my up to being approved on several. I really enjoy having something to keep me busy. I have had times that I wanted to chuck it all in the trash from being frustrated not being able to get approved. I found that walking away for a while helps. I also keep all my samples & critiques. By saving them I can see what I did before that was good & what was wrong so I don’t do that again. I have been organizing my craft stuff and was looking at my old samples. Boy some of them are really bad, but I was sure they were just perfect at the time I sent them in. I have gotten better, little by little. It is a learning process.

    To those struggling and thinking of giving up – keep trying, you will get better. Don’t over think the process, relax and most of all – have fun. Take some time and read the posts on the wahm forum (link is posted above). The people on there are really nice and willing to help you out. Remember you can call or email NEC with questions too. They do answer.

    • michele says:

      Does anyone ever get approved to make 400 pieces or even 200 ? I got up to 50 pieces for one of my projects and then got knocked down to 10. I was approved on 5 projects and all 5 were discontinued, but they continue to sell the kits for $49.95. I was put on the jewelry projects and ,finally got approved on 2 as a partial assembler, this took many months and only pays .20 each. I used to love this company, but am now very disheartened with them.

  10. Hey, I passed my gingerbread bot on the second try!!!!!! Yeah me. I traded the reindeer in for this one. Yes…gave up on the reindeer,,,just couldn’t get the hang of it. So glad I did. Thanks to my good friends I met on WAHM for the tips to help me pass so quickly!!! :)

  11. I am thinking of trying out NEC. I work and go to school now and am looking for something with a better schedule to fit with school. I understand it takes time and practice to get approved and really get going… But to those of you currently working for NEC is it possible to finish 2-3 projects a month and make max income on it? My plan would be to work on them about 5hours 5x a week and occasionally on weekends to fill in my time…can it be a full part time job if you put in the time and effort?

  12. Amanda I don’t know about doing the max on the units. I stay at 50 pcs by choice. But I have gotten as many as 4-5 units of 50 done in a month (different kits though), if I don’t have anything come up that inteupts me. I usually stay steady at 3-4 units though. I only do these part time so I don’t know how many a person could get done working full time on them.

    • I want to start this soon and was wondering…after being approved and when you purchase the kits, about how many will each kit make? Enough to make the max?

      • The kit you order comes with supplies to make 3 samples. You send in 1 at a time. wait for the critique to come back so you can see what to do differently. After you get approved you get supples to make 10. If they are good then you go up to 50. With the 50 you are given a deadline. If you send them in by the dealine & they all pass you then go up by 50 more. I usually take longer than the deadline so I stay at 50. I hope that answered your question.

        • Hi Debbie; I was thinking of trying this out since i currently a student and have free time afterwards..i stay out of trouble and was looking into making some money. This sounds appealing since i really enjoy detailed work and arts and crafts. I was wondering though, when we r talking decent money, how many kits would i have to make to atleast make a decent 300 a week? or is that stretching it? Your response on the money aspect would be very much appreciated and thank you and everyone else for being so very helpful. Pleasant Day!

        • Crhistena says:

          Thank you for that detailed posting. I was thinking about doing it also and that really helped me understand how this is going to work step by step.

  13. So in all honesty, how much does one profit from this assembler job? Atleast once you get the hang of it? Is it worth the time? Can u really make extra money(decent). I’ve always been curious to try this but always chicken out…because of the whole scam thing. This honestly sounds like something I can get into..especially if it involves art, creativity, and challenging activities. Please let me know. Basically, I want to find out of I can make okay money.

    • You can make money at this once you learn their technique. It does however take time and patience to get approved. The are looking for pieces that they can resell in gift shops and at professional craft fairs across the U.S. I encourage you to look over their web site and even give them a call and talk to them. They will answer all your questions for you.

      • so a couple years ago i tried a work at home thing and got ripped off. but the NEC sounds to actually be a legit company. i’m a stay at home mom and really need money for halloween costumes, my daughters 2nd b-day, and christmas is also comein up… does any one know, if i were to start workin with the NEC if theres any way i could actually start makein decent money b4 nov?

        • In all honesty…..probably not. Although I am passed on several projects….I gave up on a couple that I could not pass. And the processing time is also a factor. You may not get the kit you ordered for a couple weeks…then you make a sample and send it in…then you wait a couple more weeks…..then you get your sample back explaining if you passed or not. If not..they check off what you did not do exactly right and you submit another sample….and this goes on until you pass (or not). Then if you pass…you are asked to make 10 pieces at first (this ensures you can make then all alike), then the next quantity they ask you to make is 50…..and so on. and there is usually a 6 week turn aound for more supplies once you send in a big shipment. But you always get your check a week after your shipment. They are excellent on paying and on time!!!! Hope this helped you!! :) Have a great day!

    • Sherrie From Ohio says:

      I have to say I have tried a lot of money making schemes on the internet and all goes to a dead end of disappointment. I have gotten on the NEC website many times wandering ok maybe, ok maybe. I finally said why not!!! So I am sending in my first example and I will stick with it. I really enjoyed doing the sample and wanted to do more. So you have to do something you enjoy and if you don’t than it’s not for you. My son is autistic and my daughter is only going to stay young for so long, so I will get back with my input how well this works for me.

      • Veronica Scott says:

        Hi Sherrie,

        I just got my first sample kit and from what I can tell it seems to be easy. I can see you started in May. From reading some of the older post it takes awhile to get approved. Have you been approved yet and having you started being paid yet.

  14. Hi everyone. I just got my first check from NEC yesterday. I had gotten approved on the kitty magnet after 3 tries, and they sent me supplies to make 10 of them. I made them and sent them back, and they all came back saying they needed one thing fixed. At first I was frustrated, and thought that maybe I wouldn’t really get paid for anything after all, and put it away in the closet. I kept thinking about it and reading different message boards, and got them out again after several months. I looked at them against my sample that got approved, and sure enough, the thing they said needed fixed really wasn’t as good as the sample that got approved. So I fixed them all and sent them back again. The check I received was $10.00 plus what I spent on shipping.

    I suppose I could have just gotten upset and screamed “scam”, but I realized that they just needed to be a little bit better, and sure enough, I have now gotten paid. I am now very anxious and excited to get more supplies so I can keep making them and getting paid!

    • Thats the spirit Laura. That is so great that you did not give up. It is really important to keep the same great quality for all of your pieces. You will improve with practice. It will be exciting when you get more supplies.

  15. Hi again all

    Amanda, you asked if you can make this a full time income…That is what my wife is working towards. She has been approved since early March and while she is currently getting almost weekly pay, it is not quite enough yet to be considered full time, but I CAN see the potential.

    Bottom line is, there is potential here, but it will take time, not only to get thru the approval process, but the shipping back and forth.

    If you do want to eventually get to full time, you will have to do multiple projects, so there is less down time

  16. Hi has anyone done the scottie magnet?
    I received my sample and it was a square however the changed the design and want me to place it on a circle it doesn’t seem to be enough room for the polka dots and the writing any hints?


    • Hi Cheryl….oh yeah….just do the polka dots where the are peaking out from behind the scottie. I too did it on the circle as well. You will find there is room. You have to be perfect on those dots by the way. They will not take anything less than perfect on them. On the WAHM forum there are several tips on how to do these dots!!! Took me several tries! Good luck!! :)

  17. Hi, I just received my starter kit from New England Crafters. I am trying the Glitter Nest. If you have made the Glitter Nest and have any tips about making it and are willing to share, my email is [email protected] Once approved I am thinking of trying the Tropical Birdhouse. Has anyone here made that one?
    I am looking forward to being approved and crafting for many years to come. Thanks for your help.

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Hi everyone! I just started with NEC. I’m making the kitty magnets. Does anyone have any tips on painting the circles? I think I did excellent on the rest, but not so good at paintnig perfect circles! I’m very excited about this, I love to craft & am pretty good at it. I make & sell my own crafts as well. Thanks in advance for any tips!!

  19. I just received notice that this poster posted four comments today.

    When I come to the blog I am seeing one of the comments and the date is out of order.

    Regina James says:
    November 12, 2010 at 1:27 am
    this is a big scam, Ihave invested $60.00 and the materials are different, they are impossible to make with the materials sent. scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Thank you Paul

    I was wondering why it was not posting in the order of the date?

    It could be there were four posts pretty much alike becasue the poster did not realize it takes a while for the post to show up. Could have posted again and again trying to get the post to show.

  21. Hello everyone!

    I am curious, once you get going at this, can you actually make good money? I have seen several comments about only being able to do 1 or 2 per hour at first, but that you can get better over time.

    Is it possible to be able to do 10 pieces an hour, and actually make decent money doing this. Or, is this just a minimum wage type opportunity?

    Thanks ahead of time for any feedback. Stay blessed everyone!


  22. FIRST TIMER says:

    Hello All,

    I am going to try out NEC, but I am very hesitant. Someone please advise if my investment will be a good one. I am just trying to make extra income for my family.

  23. What happened to all the comments from Nov 17th thru today?

  24. I have been denied 3 times for my toe ring kit. i am starting on my 4 attempt but im not sure what is wrong or if im doing it wrong. they send everything back saying thr ribbin on top is bad sequins on seam is bad and visable glue. i have the vidio and im trying my best. i dont know excactly whats wrong! anybody doing the same thing have any suggestions for me?

  25. Jones

    Looks to me someone wanted their posts off of this blog. I figure one of two reasons.

    Bet we will never know why.

    I am not going to post on this blog anymore.

    Seems it is just going to be like posting on Discussion about crafting and forget the debate. Oh well.

    • Hmm. No. I didn’t remove any of them.

      I’ll look into it. I have had that happen once before when the comment section because to large.

      I’ll let you know what I find out from the hosting company.

    • OK. I think I know what may have happened. The site was recently moved from one hosting company to another. Sorry about that.

      You’re welcome to re-enact your battle…oops…I mean “debate” if you’d like. :-)

      Also, I’m wondering if eveyone might prefer to have me start an NEC section in the actual forum here. That way you’d also have the ability to start your own topics.

      Let me know and I’ll get that done for everyone.

      • I have some of the lost post. I saved it to read it later.:

        Nov 22

        Author: Pearl
        What r u? The date police?? Don’t even try to convince me NEC isn’t a scam company, everything about the way it operates screams scam. I must admit it’s one of the best scams I’ve come across in a long long time. I tell you, I would LOVE to see their books, how much goes out and how much comes in. They have to be breaking some kind of law, I’m sure the courts would think so.
        So listen, you seem to have all kinds of faith in this company – why don’t you send three kits to a lawyer and let’s see what he’d have to say about the way their operation is set up. Let him sit down next to his wife and watch her as she struggles for several hours (for a dollar) trying to work from their poorly written kit instructions. I know, he’d soon discovered, especially after seeing how a few of these kits are designed, and how they are all designed the same way, and that it is that they are ALL designed to FAIL being approved. So what does NEC gain by NOT approving its crafters? The answer to that is T[ME. Just like they put pharmacies in CVS stores so you shop and spend money while waiting for your prescription, that’s what NEC does, it wants you to have plenty of time for the idea to BUY MORE KITS to pop into your head, especially when they read stuff like how easy the kitty magnate is to make, or whatever other shill post they put out there. Selling kits is what they are about, period, NOT selling what the kits make.
        Oh sure somebody passes every now then, mostly “then,” because they HAVE to ALLOW somebody “IN” the door (and I’m not even that sure that somebody is a real crafter or just a shill), keeps the others motivated when they see people being approved because it convinces them all is well and so they kick it up a notch and decide to buy MORE kits.
        Hey, I don’t have a problem with people selling stuff, but I do have a problem with people who misrepresent WHAT they are about and WHAT their product is! And their product is the CRAFTERS!!! THAT’S THEIR REAL PRODUCT!!. NEC should be ashamed of itself because the people who come to them (most of them) need to make an extra buck, but all this company does is suck WAY more money out them than they’ll EVER get back, and these poor people won’t even realize it till they’ve dropped a bundle buying more of their stupid kits. So don’t even try to go there with me because I’m not even HALF through with that company. don’t take kindly as they say to being jerked around, because I believed them too and they suckered me in like probably thousands of others before me and sadly probably after me. They disgust me, taking advantage of people like that. How do they sleep at night? No doubt on satin sheets now, right? I want my money back!!!

        Author: Pearl
        10 dollars a week … congratulations!

        Author: Pearl
        Some people need to learn on their own … go to it sweetheart!!!!

        Author: jonessam
        at first it is slow, however once you get going and figure out exactly what you have to do, you can make quite a few an hour. How many exactly would be hard to say, as most people find it quicker to so an assembly line process. This by no means is ‘get rich quick’ thing, and for most this is not something you can make a full-time living at. At most it is something to do from home in your spare time, or while your watching tv to make a little extra money. If you are looking at this to replace a full-time job, then this isn’t for you. If however you are looking at this just to make a little extra money, then NEC is a legit company, but you have to have patience with them when you first start.

        The one good thing with this company is, after you make 250 pieces of one item, they will refund you back your starting kit money. And unlike any other work at home company, there is no deadline that you MUST meet to remain working for them. I have already had to take a break from them for about 6months for family issues, and then just came right back to them without having to put out another penny. Any other company would make you re-buy the kit and completely start over again.

        Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

        Big Pearl

        Author: jonessam
        Hmmm, Pearl and Cindy, you both seem to have the same comments with the same words, like Shrill (you both are the only 2 I’ve heard use that word negatively, and it’s not a very common word, while both seeming like you just met each other). You both somehow managed to one not succeed with NEC, but somehow both managed to lose out of $150 the exact same amount…hmmm. And you both just seemed to start posting here within a day or two of each other. I find that all very interesting.

        Author: jonessam
        Well if the judge would read the instructions, I’m guessing he would also see that they encourage you to call if you need any additional help or if you don’t understand something.

        Author: jonessam
        I would have to disagree. I would love for you to show the judge the instructions, and have him come back to you and tell you to go back to school and learn to read. It says everywhere you look, that if you don’t understand something to call them or email them. I mean that is what I would do if I didn’t understand something. But I guess you just have to have some common sense to think of that first.

        Author: jonessam
        Wow, I was told you were a person with big B***s over here. I was given a copy of your post here on another forum, and without knowing who you were or reading any of your other posts over here I thought you were the same person that gave me a copy of this post. I think I have to remain with that thought, as there aren’t many people claiming they are out $150. You just didn’t go into all the details of how the $150 was broken up like you do everywhere else.

        You want to get into the details, fine. You paid $40 for a kit, that was all you were required to do. You didn’t have to purchase anything else from them. So who here is really the fool to spend another $110 on stuff you were not required to buy from them.

        • Author: jonessam
          They also offer assistance if you don’t understand something you can call or email them. I’ve gotten a critique back and didn’t understand, so I called them, and when I re-sent that sample, I sent a note stating that if this still wasn’t approved to please explain further. Which they did, they drew pictures if they had to. Between all of that, and all the help any of us have to offer you should be able to figure out what they are looking for. And if that doesn’t help, they do offer the CD as a last resort because the only other thing would be for them to just show up at your house.

          Author: Paula
          I agree with you…..SLAVE LABOR!!!!!!
          I tried took me 5 hrs to complete 1 item only to have it sent back because it wasn’t up to their standards……..
          PLEASE BELIEVE US!!!!

          Author: jonessam
          Wow, one thing we could agree on. There is no way to start making any money with this within 1 month. It will take approx 2 weeks to get your kit, and about another 2 weeks to hear about your first sample. So, if your lucky to get approved on your 2nd or 3rd try, your still looking at aleast 3 months before you could possible be up to 50 pieces. It will take time to work your way up to a decent check amount, this is not something you can jump into hoping to make money in a few weeks.

          Author: jonessam
          why is it that everyone that disagrees with you is a ‘paid’ shrill. Why can’t you just accept the fact that you “Failed” where others succeeded. Let me guess, your the type of person that never accepts fault for anything, never accepts anyone elses opinions without calling them names and always blames someone else for your failures.

          Author: jonessam
          and did you take thier critique and re-send in the item? Because if you didn’t then you really didn’t try now did you. Even those that craft with them for awhile usually don’t succeed in passing on the first try.

          Everyone that posts that works for them will tell you straight out, it is slow at first, but then it gets faster

          Author: cindy
          The eprson accusing me of being pearl seems to not read before they open their mouth.

          I have been posting on this blog for sometime now.

          I read Pearl’s post saying she bought several kits.

          Try reading before jumping to conclusions.

          I assure you many people have thought shill, scam and other words to describe this company.

          Do your research before sounding off.

          Paul if you can check IP address’s please verify Pearl and myself are not the same person.

          I am being accused of being Pearl by some on other forums also not just this one.

          Author: Roostah
          Here we go again…..LOL

          If you post here that NEC is obviously a scam, then you are obviously a person with great “common sense”. And its clear that ANYONE who posts about having some success is OBVIOUSLY either a company shill, or one person posting under multiple ID’s….oh brother.

          Come on folks, feel free to post your OPINIONS (thats all they are). But you must allow for the other side to post theirs as well.

          And actually, the more people who stay away from this OBVIOUS scam, the better it is for me. Less competition that way!

          • Author: jonessam
            As I stated in my post on the other forum. I’ve realized I wasted a complete day doing nothing but debating an issue that as you stated, would be a debate to last thru the years. So as I did on the other forum, I have said my peace. I will leave here now without any further comment. (Unless Paul proves you and Pearl are indeed 2 different people, to which I will post an appology as I said I would). We will have to agree to disagree. And everyone will have to form thier own opinions.

            Author: jonessam
            Ahh, I do see that you have been posting for some time. But Pearl hasn’t. I didn’t realize there were older posts to this blog. As Blogs are not something that I’ve ever posted to before. If Paul can prove you two are not one and the same, then I will be the first to appologize for that accusation. Until then, I am entitled to my opinion just as you are yours.

            And if you can keep posting that this company is a scam, then I can keep defending it. If you just want to post your expierence then that is fine. You won’t be insulted for doing that. If anything you would be offered help from anyone that has had any success with it. But when you attack it, then you have to expect to be attacked back by those of us that believe in NEC.

            Author: Paul (Founder, WorkAtHomeTruth)
            It’s HIGHLY unlikely that Cindy and Pearl are the same person. They have different IP addresses. While it’s possible that someone could use a proxy to fake that, there’s also the issue of style of writing. It would be incredibly difficult for a single person to keep the consistency of two different styles of writing that both Pearl and Cindy display.

            My opinion: HIGHLY unlikely they are the same person.

            Author: love2craft
            I love your quote “And if you can keep posting that this company is a scam, then I can keep defending it”..

            I have been saying that for years. When you find something that is right you defend it from the negative people. I am so happy I found NEC. Just as Cindy, Tulip and Pearl are passionate about trashing NEC there will be those of us who know NEC to be legit and will defend them anywhere there is malace and hatred.

            Nov 23

            Author: love2craft
            I am so glad that I did not listen to naysayers when I started with NEC 5 years ago. It has worked out so great for me. I stay at home anyway with my children and I make extra spending money in my spare time. I have been paid for every single unit I have sent in. I have never had any problems with the instructions. I am approvd on several projects and always have something to work on.

            Author: love2craft

        • Pearl, If they are a scam as you say, they are one of the first ever to get an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

      • Author: love2craft
        Great reply Jonessam, couldn’t have said it better myself.

        Author: love2craft
        I started to read, then I was like huh?? what??? snore???

        Author: cindy

        Thank you for checking out the IP address and saying you see how Pearl and I most likely are not one in the same

        Author: jonessam
        Thank you Paul for your reply,

        My appologies…..

        Author: Paul (Founder, WorkAtHomeTruth)
        You’re welcome.

        Author: Paul (Founder, WorkAtHomeTruth)
        No problem, Cindy.

  26. I’ll paste the rest later. I don’t have all of it, I already dead some of it after reading it.

  27. You’re welcome. I’ll wait because the last time I tried to paste some more message, the comment was deleted. They probably have a limit of post to prevent spamming.

  28. Author: Cindy
    All of you saying I have shared my opinion about NEC and all work at home craft companies because of hatred and malice are again misleading others by saying this.

    I have tried to be of help to those that are researching and trying to find information so that they have an informed opinion before spending money to make money.

    Anger and outrage was what I felt after receiving a kit from NEC, seeing how this company operated, being mislead and intimidated by some of the NEC workers on forum and being attacked when trying to share an opinion that in their eyes seemed to belittle this company. Oh gosh just so many things lead to my opinion of this company being a scam.

    I became friends with many trying to get approved and also many that said they were being paid by NEC.

    Because of the friendships and interaction talking back and forth in PM’s and email I learned so much and this let me form my opinion about work at home craft companies.

    Many of these people posting supporting NEC are making excuses for this company. Excuse after excuse for the con that is going on from this work at home company.

    I have a distaste for those that take advantage of others. Money is a big reason for doing this in our society, Greed. That is what is motivating NEC owners and some of the crafters posting here supporting this company and making excuses for this company. Greed. The NEC crafters are totally disregarding all that loose their money and time and are just making excuses to make this scheme seem something that is acceptable.

    I look at this and look at the entire picture when making a decision and forming an opinion about work at home craft companies and this company in particular. Why this company? It is taking more money from people than any other work at home crafting company. Also has more people posting on forums and some are misleading and selling this company without giving accurate and complete information.

    I do realize when you are making some money, are with a group of other crafters and have backing for your thoughts and opinions you can than become in denial of the true facts and greed takes over and influences your opinion.

    I shared with an NEC crafter from the very beginning of my getting approved and paid for the bookmark how I really felt these companies were a scam and I just did not think I should be posting on forums and supporting the scam. Then I got paid by the bookmark company. I thought maybe I am wrong about the way I am looking at this. I kept posting my experience both good and bad with the bookmark. I bought a kit from NEC to go with the bookmark. Crazy of me, YES. I got sucked in by posting on that crafting forum at for so long. When I received that kit from NEC and experienced all that happens during the approval process I saw the scam even more so in that company as well as the bookmark company. I have shared an opinion of work at home craft companies and have been specific as to why I formed the opinion they are scamming people.

    My opinion about work at home crafting companies was not formed because I did not get approved by NEC. It was formed from my experience with the way these two companies operated, talking with others that both failed and succeeded, talking with professionals like the Chamber of Commerce in Torrington Connecticut, the FBI and doing a lot of reading and asking questions.

    I want to say because of the recent posts here on this blog and I am rethinking all of this. I had formed my opinion and was sure I was correct but it is for sure from recent posts and what has been said here, on and also I see this all as possibly more of a scam then I am thinking. You can go from a scam, scheme not being illegal to being illegal.

    Pearl I want to think you for sharing your opinion. Yes many people are being taken advantage of by New England Crafters.

    Your opinion and you sharing your opinion has opened my mind to other possibilities I had discounted and may have overlooked. When I first read your posts I thought some of the things you said were true but some were not. Now, today, I am totally looking at all of this in a new light. Still a scam but possibly more sinister then I am thinking.

    Very curious things going on right now. Very curious. Gives a person more to think about when looking at how these companies and this company operates.

  29. Author: shelli
    Is this place legit? I mean, after I get approved do they really give you back the money you first put into it? Also, after I send in 250 pieces, how many will they reject?

    Nov 26

    Author: jonessam
    Wow…I think you need to take a sedative or something. You might just pop an anurism or something.

    You want to know the answer to the 250 piece payment thing, open the kit you apprently got, look at all the papers you got, and read them. For each kit, you have to make 250 piece of that item, and then you get your money back. You do not have to complete 250 pieces for all the kits first, that is just an assinine statement. Each kit operates seperately from itself. I only do this part-time, and have collect my money back on 1 kit, and almost ready to collect again on a 2nd kit.

    You know you keep saying your an excellent craftsman, so then why did you even bother trying NEC in the first place. I mean seriously, you state that you seem to know so much, yet with all your expertise, you still purchased a kit. And not just one at that.

    Now, I am not a “excellent craftsman”, however, whenever I’ve tried to use elmers glue for something, it didn’t hold very well. The glue gun holds better, and it drys faster. But I’m sure you know that since you work with them all the time.

    The end result, you have your opinions and your expierences and that is fine. We however have ours, and it works for us.

    Apparently whatever type of craft work you do, doesn’t help you with NEC. Purhaps, you just don’t have the same expertise in such small craft work.

    • You sure sound like one arrogant twat.

    • Why are you calling it a scam?Is it because you have no patience in wanting to do it!That does not make it scam..It is people like you that give a legit business a bad name!Anynomous,wonder why?

  30. Author: Cindy
    mrsbud says:
    November 26, 2010 at 5:38 am

    cindy sounds too good to be true i agree with you.

    Yes when you research these assembly and crafting companies
    you find out their advertisements are misleading.

    Until you experience one of these companies and talk to people who have succeeded and failed, and do a lot more research you are not going to be able to form an informed opinion.

    I can say from my experience and research forming an opinion about NEC has been difficult. It is difficult because of the women who truly seem to enjoy making these crafts and having the opportunity to sell them back to this company. Yes, these women admit they make pocket change doing this work.

    My opinion is all of the work at home crafting companies are taking advantage of the majority who pay for kits and other materials, Even if some are getting paid. After reading all of the information about the work at home crafting companies Angel Pins. The fact they were making eight hundred and fifty thousand a year, I am even more certain my opinion is correct.

    I still pay attention though. Read what people have to say on, I have always been in hopes one of these crafting companies would change the way they do things and offer an opportunity that was not a scheme.

    You would have to sell a kit at a reasonable price, have a craft the majority of people could succeed with, not be misleading on your website, the owner making the most profit from the sale of the craft rather than the failure of the people trying to make money by paying for kits and other materials. Stop the sale of kits when they had enough product to meet the demand of their craft sales.

    Because I see all of these companies knowing from the start they will be making the most money from the sales of kits and other materials, I then know they manipulate all of the rest that takes place after buying a kit and the other materials.
    My opinion is this is the plan from the get go.

    Nobody has given me any reason to change my opinion.

  31. Nov 27

    Author: Pearl

    Listen, Jonesy,
    I AM an excellent craftsman, and you would be surprised to what degree. I have no intention of dedicating a year of my life to earning a lousy (possible) 200 hundred dollars, which btw is why I opted to try NEC …dud … to make money! I figured with my craftsman capabilities and I have worked in every possible medium there is, I could actually make some money at this. But then after I got the first kit, I thought, no biggee, that one was a pain in ass to do, let’s see what some of the others are like. Guess what? All are EXTREMELY time consuming to do, which made me take a good long hard look at the entire working methodology of this company. In no way is it designed to make money off the things that are made. Do you honestly believe that they are making MORE moeny are those ornamenst than they are on YOU the craftsman? DO YOU REALLY?

    And btw, the kits are 49.95 plus postage another 9 dollars 8.95 whatever), so if anyone bought 3 kits that’s 149.85 and another 27.00 for postage, so that’s around 176.00. So what you are saying is that before the craftsman can get back his or hers initail cost for EACH kit (and I wasn’t the one who said PER PIECE, someone else on this board did, not me)they would have to make 750 pcs, right? LOL … and I am being dense??? How many YEARS would THAT take? So don’t tell me what NEC is about. They advertise IN nice dark letters how you could possible earn 450 dollars … and they are right, only they leave out how many years it would take you. So Jonsey, why don’t you keep it in your pants!!!
    Big Pearl

    Author: mrsbud
    if they are honest about their productions they shouldn’t charge their employee for the supplies…but in reality they are in business of making money off of the workers and not really selling the products.

  32. Nov 29

    Author: Cindy

    I realize you were talking to Pearl but your argument was weak.

    Their website is very misleading. If you read you can find out some truths but the forum on draws you in. All kinds of excuses being made by everyone for what people can see as faults with this company. Faults that equal a scheme.

    The website tells you excellent money, 450 pieces can be sent in as many times as you like. You have no idea of the time it takes to mail back and forth and added time to receive supplies. You know nothing about incomplete instructions, samples that are not made correctly,dvd’s that do no good. The time it will take to make a craft and a time limit on sending in your craft.
    Probably more I can find that is misleading but I will stick with just this for now.

    The kits are over priced because this is how work at home craft companies make their money. They are not gonna get rich and probably not stay in business selling five dollar novelty crafts people only buy on a whim.

    The kits contain a dollars worth of supplies. They buy materials wholesale. They pay around a dollar for each craft and sell them for five dollars. The materials for each craft are very inexpensive. I could have made over four hundred sheep for twenty dollars worth of wool. Everything thing else involved in that sheep would have cost very little. They sell the kit because they could not make a business like this work by just selling these crafts. They make it a scheme so that they will get rich.

    They make the craft very difficult for most to make, advertise no experience needed and can manipulate the approval process to go any way they want. They send out inconsistent critiques and can run you around because of the instructions and sample being inaccurate. They purposely hire the number of crafters they want to.

    They say they will never give up on you. they let you trade kits, they give your money back at 250 pieces but all of these things are useless unless you get approved. They frustrate the majority out of making money and pay the ones who succeed much less then what they promised.

    Yes there are other work at home crafting companies that give money back after you make crafts and also work with you just like NEC. Ret’s does and I believe others. Problem is more fail then succeed. the same set up for all of these companies but NEC is bigger and bringing in much more money. A much better put together scheme than all of the others.

    The entire setup of the work at home craft company is to charge for kits, have few succeed, keep your payroll low and the owner becomes wealthy while taking many for their hard earned money.

    All of the above is my opinion. I am convinced folks.
    I realize some of the NEC workers stick up for this company because they are happy to be making crafts and getting paid but the majority are failing and getting took for much money because of the work at home crafting scheme.

    Author: jonessam
    Also forgot to add, when you have worked with them for some time they sometimes send you a kit or items to work on for free. When they started thier party line, they needed pieces to fill the party packages they sell, so they sent the kit to do this to some of the assemblers that have already been paid for free. When they came out with the penguin/cake clay wedding favor, they sent out a request for any crafter already approved on one of thier clay projects to get a free kit to start working on the favor. All of this was sent for free, so if they were simply in it for selling the kits, why didn’t they just add these items to thier list and have all the crafters purchase them.

    Author: jonessam
    Wow, why is it when I say something it’s weak, but when you say something it isn’t weak even though its only your opinion.

    Everything I’ve stated is fact, and can be read right off of thier website, or by talking with them. Everything you’ve said is just your opinion. Their website says you can earn UP TO $450 per shipment, not that you will. Especially when all the projects don’t list that amount when you look at the project list. They also ENCourage you to call where you can ask anything you want that you don’t understand or if you want to find out any other information. They can’t completely list step by step how it all works, but if you call them, they will tell you. Anyone that has had success with them, has stated exactly what the process is, this is not our opinion, it is a fact on how it works. Are you really going to tell me that you didn’t know exactly how the step by step process worked before you bought a kit?

    Your are totally allowed to have your opinion, but it is just that… YOUR OPINION. We succeeded, we got paid, we told our story which is facts for us, and not an assumption or an opinion, therfor to us this is not a scam. You have tried one kit, went through the approval process 2 or 3 times and quit. Many of us had said it will mostly take 2-5 times to get approved. And for Pearl, I don’t know her expierence because she has yet to state exactly what it was. For all we know she only tried the approval process 1 time. Not exactly a true trial if you ask me.

    You say you see how the company and all work at home companies work, yet you don’t know for a fact how it all works, again that is just your OPINION. You base alot of this off of the Angel Pins Co., but that shouldn’t have any weight on this company. Sounds like Angel Pins was truely a scam. I’ve never heard of anyone succeed with them. But you can’t base NEC off of the story of Angel Pins or any info you found from them. Sure they were a work at home company as is NEC, but they were two different companies that each work independantly of each other. If your theory is valid, then every company in the world should be considered a fraud because every type of business has had at least 1 similiar company commit some kind of scam or fraud.

    You yourself say you know people that succeeded with NEC. You claim they manipulate the approval process, but you have no hard facts or proof of that. You say they mis-lead you with the info on thier websites or in thier instructions, yet others read it just fine, so again that is your opinion that you don’t interept it or understand it the same way.

    In fact, other than you saying you didn’t pass the approval process, everything you’ve ever said is not factual, it is all just theories and opinions. But in order to find someone or some company guilty you need to have facts that you can show, not opinions and theories. You have your right to your opinion. You can state your expierences, but in reality, you can’t really slander a company without any facts, and you don’t have any.

    You’ve seemed to have tried anything and everything that would give you the facts you believe are there from doing all the research you can, from call the CT BBB or FBI or whatever you stated to make sure the store was indeed there, and with all of that everything came back clean.

    You say that a company only paying you a $1 or $1.50 for a project and selling it for $5 is wrong. How so? What should they pay you $4 and sell it for $5, don’t forget, they pay you and cover the cost of shipping both ways. They do have to profit from the sale. And if you actually read thier website, and story, they tell you that they do sell these wholesale as well, which means they sell more than 1 at a time. They sell to other stores to sell. Again this is another fact right on thier website.

    It seems the only thing missing that you keep going back to is let us see thier books. Why would any company show you thier books. I would love to see the books of these oil companies that are raping us on the costs of oil and gasoline, but that won’t ever happen either.

    So, you can say my comments are weak, you can say I’m wrong, or a shrill. But I can at least say my comments are facts, and not my own theories or opinions.

    • I agree with you on the whole book thing. We have resources here but we keep buying from where? hmmm. I am thinking on trying the cupcake n ice cream bracelet. What people fail to see is what these people are having to do to get their projects out. use of vehcile, their time,money to carry this stuff place to place. and costs to keep the building going…are they renting it or do they own it? We have to take everything in for concideration. And is this really the first time we have ever tryied and failed or suceeded at? Surely not. What about as seen on t.v or etc? work at home…. time consumming. Come on lets think people.

  33. Author: Pearl
    All just words on line … who knows if these other products are actually being worked by a crafter, all heresay. This is the kind of company that is destroying this country. I realize nobody gets a free ride, but people are willing to work for what they get and here these poor people are just trying to make an extra buck so that they can pay off the rest of greedy America and this company is taking advantage of their desperate situations by working within (typical of big scammers)the limits of the law.
    I said from the first, THIS COMPANY’S MAIN PRODUCT IS THEIR KITS AND “YOU” THE CRAFTER: they don’t give two squats about those silly ornaments.
    btw, is your first name Cheska?
    Big Pearl

    Author: Cindy

    I see you using the word slander.

    Intimidation once again. This was sued many times on the forum when I was active there.

    I am not going over everything I have already said again and again.

    I will repeat though the state of Maryland does not allow these work at home cr4afting companies to operate in their state. Why? Because the Attorney General of that state says they are a scam. They ask for money to make money. This opens up a world of possibilities to manipulate and cheat.
    I agree with this and have shared my opinion.

    All we have is our opinion and experience. You, myself and others.

    The owners know the facts. A court of law would make the decision whether any company is doing illegal activity.

    I have always stated I had no idea if what any of these companies are doing is illegal but I do feel they mislead, manipulate and cheat.

    Author: jonessam
    Actually no, my name is Sam or Samantha whichever you prefer, but I guess you couldn’t figure that out from my user name. I’m sure anyone else would of guessed Sam first, but then I guess you do read things differently than the rest of us don’t you. I don’t have to hide behind a made up name. I should ask what is yours, but then you probably won’t share that. The same way your not sharing what exactly your expierence has been with NEC. Why is that?

    So your saying everyone that said they were working on the cupcake is all just hearsay? Ask anyone that is working on it, if they had to pay for the kit, you can choose anyone you like and they will all tell you NO.

  34. DD's wife says:

    Author: rawwr
    So after reading through most of the comments i’ve decided that this is probably not the project/job for me. I’m an art major but between the time it takes to assemble pieces and the snail mail it has to go through it seems like way too much work for the effort i’ll have to put into it. I’m all for crafts and what not but based on the time spent doing these projects and the amount i would be paid it just doesn’t seem worth it. It’s basically 450 for 2 weeks (because of the snail mail) so in short 225 a week max. Which doesn’t seem likely. Guess it’s back to looking for hourly wage jobs for me. Thanks for all the help everyone. Glad i did some research before I jumped the gun. For all those that do make money off of this all the more power to you.

    Author: Cindy
    In my above post I wrote intimidation was used many times on the website.

    I made a type’o and the word used is saying sued. This may be misleading so I wanted to make this correction.

    Used not sued. Typed the two letters u and s in the wrong order.

    Intimidation was used on the crafting forum of the forum to keep people from saying anything that appeared negative about NEC. Also you would be told you could be sued if you used the word scam.

    The intimidation was being done by some that said they were being paid by NEC.

    Much worse intimidation at times then what is being done here by using the word slander.

  35. I wanted to let everyone know that I put up a full page of resources including fraud fighting resources, telecommuting resources, and home business resources here:

    Also, my friend Lynn Edgington who works with an assigned federal agent from the Secret Service, 3 US Postal Inspectors, and a few other agencies he’s not allowed to name yet, recently published a book called “Robbing You With A Keybword Instead Of A Gun.”

    You can read about it here:
    Robbing You With A Keyboard Instead Of A Gun.

    I contributed the chapter on work at home scams.

    The other post I mentioned is here:
    Real money making ideas.

    I’ve put up a huge resource list.

  36. OK, Everyone. Just wanted to let you know that it looks like I may have actual saved the email messages of your posts which means I may be able to recreate them.

    It will take a few days.

    Just in case there’s any misconception I PAY for this entire site and have put out over 3,000 pages of personally written content – I’m not just the moderator here.

    The previous hosting was $311.95/month and I spend a lot of time doing volunteer work in the fraud field, so I hope that my previous remark didn’t come off as not caring about your comments that you’ve left.

    I do.

    But I’ve also learned that things WILL go wrong and all I can really do sometimes is chalk up the losses and keep moving.

  37. derrick mayfield says:

    is anybody doing the cd cases? and if so have any of ya passed yet and is the dvd a big help?

  38. derrick mayfield says:

    i am doing the cd cases and im tryin to make like 300 or a 400 a week…i was going to do two different projects. is that even possible to make 400 a week? and if it accepted on both samples how long does it take to even get going doing the 200 cases or projects?

  39. I have been trying since August 2010 (today is March 21, 2011) to get approved on two projects. I finally got approved on one last month~ after 6 tries, and my batch of 10 were returned once, and then I got my $10 check plus shipping. I am waiting for my next shipment.
    My second project is the CD case I just sent in my 7th sample. I did have the dvd for the CD and it did not help. I keep being rejected for the same things but I am determined to stick with it for now.
    I will say they are very nice and helpful on the phone, and I have sometimes delayed 3 weeks between sending samples back, as I was frustrated over the whole deal. It has become a joke in my family that I am still working on these crafts…

  40. i have changed my mind about geting a kit.I will not allow myself to loose the little money i have.thats the way someone gets i say if it is a scam a promise those who are in on it will surely gets whats coming to them ………….

  41. It is people that want something for nothing,that talks negative about a Company..Even if what thay are saying is not the truth..these are the one’s that do not know the truth,unless you have been there,done that,and are still doing that!Amen.

  42. deborah miller says:

    NEC expects PERFECT product. Period. I could not produce perfect product and after spending well over $100 since Oct 2010 for a kit and postage, I took my loss and gave up. My problem with them was not getting specific enough critiques with the returned samples I sent in. Further, when I called to get specifics i.e. how much spackle? what do you mean by “not consistent”? etc., I was told the call center people have never worked on the projects.

    Unless you can produce perfect and exact samples for them, don’t waste your money. Legit they may be and most probably are but it takes a near miracle to pass their inspections.

    And if you expect specific answers to your specific questions that will help your samples pass inspectiong, you’ll be disappointed. They can’t help you.

    Do expect to spend money on the instruction CDs. Do expect that it will take MONTHS to get one sample to pass. Do expect to spend a lot on postage. Do expect that you’ll probably never pass inspection.

  43. Well all these people saying that you will never pass inspection…I hope that’s not true because I just ordered a kit. I love doing crafts and I am Very good at it, have been ever since I was little. I’m hoping everyone that didnt pass is just not that good and just tried to rush through it, or hopefully you just picked something that was to difficult for you. So for everyone that has passed inspection, about how long did it take you to get approved? If you dont mind which project(s) did you pick?

  44. Anonymous says:

    Was just thinking about ordering a kit any body do the joker?

  45. ValueTime says:

    Apparently, nobody here values their time!!! Give me a freaking break… Excited that you completed 10 widgets that took you a week to complete and almost a month to get approved…. And now you got over a $10 check…. WOW!!!! So now what they send you 50 that takes you 2 weeks to complete and you be lucky if they get back to you in 6 weeks!!! And you wasted well over 3 months for $60 Bucks!!! You could have gotten a freaking part-time job and got TWO checks by now!!!

    Each its own…. I think the program is great for someone that doesn’t value their time and loves a sweat shop environment ….. and if you lucky and hang in there to reach that 250 piece mark you get your 49 BUCKS back for the starter…. You might get that in year’s time!!! I guess that’s a BONUS….


  46. Yo hablo español. No vale la pena, si queres intentarlo, es tu opcion. Pero, aun en el mejor de los casos, que te acepten rapido, te van a mandar de a 10 cada un par de meses, a 1 dolar cada uno o similar. Luego, con los meses, creo que te suben a 50 por vez. Hay 2 personas que terminaron mandando la muestra de ellos y las rechazaron en los 2 casos. El negocio para ellos esta en vender kits. Aceptan a algunos de vez en cuando para parecer una empresa legal. Hay gente aqui que los defiende pero muchos piensan como yo.


    I have crafted mainly most of my adult life, I am 44 yrs old. (As a hobbyist and a professional) One of the main problems or challenges with crafting is that it requires a lot of time and usually patience. A lot of people don’t pursue their crafts as a profession because usually their unable to financially support themselves with this type of business endeavor. However it can be done and is done by professional crafters. The hours are long and the pay is usually not that great if great at all.

    Over the years I’ve looked into many work from home businesses and some are very obvious at least to me that there is either out right deceptive, or misleading or misinformation or not enough information on these websites. and yes I’ve been duped. These type of companies use to be in the newspapers under classifieds for job opportunities. And typically I’ve found their downright scams or the potential yield to make money versus your time doesn’t really add up. Honestly if I made $10.00 after making 10 pieces (all the training time and practice time and producing item time and possibly ordering more kits and the mailing time) I do believe I would make more money babysitting. I really believe if you enjoy crafting that much you can go buy a how to crafters book or watch you tube, or buy some on line tutorials thru online shops and enjoy making crafts that way, and gift or sell your work to friends and family and make way more money then it seems most of these people who’ve supposedly say(i’d like to see a check from the company) have made money from this company. And lord only knows how much Uncle Sam takes of that little bit of money filing taxes with a 1099. I would also like to see from start to finish on a you tube video how long it really takes to make one item. (from an experienced staff crafter of NEC)
    The website claims after training you should be able to make 8-10 items per hour say at a pay of $1.00 per item. (depending on the item of course) I find this hard to believe. After looking at the pictures of the projects on the website, usually the smaller a craft item and the amount of detail, can usually take a fair amount of time. This can happen with bigger items also. But in crafting typically the smaller more detailed items really do require attention to details and this is time consuming. (Even with “expert” crafters)

    I think its misleading of NEC to say no experience required. Hmmm, this is kind of weird, Clay and jewelry making AND SEWING can be quite difficult to learn for a lot of people there is tons of tutorials on you tube with thousands of hits to HOW TO’s (and CLASSES offered) for these type of mediums. I think it would be really difficult for the non experience person to start crafting with out more instruction or help.

    There is a saying i think it goes like this CAVEAT EMPTOR means let the BUYER BEWARE and thats been around for years way before my time even. I appreciate all the comments on this page thats one of the things America is about freedom of speech AND EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO IT. Whether we agree or not.

    In my experience these kind of home based opportunities have not worked for me, neither has pyramid schemes either. If this home based opportunity didn’t work for you, well….. hopefully it wasn’t hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours. i agree with value your time. As I am now older and getting old. TIME ADDS UP TO YEARS AND THE YEARS ARE YOUR LIFE. VALUE YOUR TIME, SO YOU CAN VALUE YOUR LIFE.

  48. hello to every one WOW! I Can Speak from experince. I have always always been told ways to tell if a place is real or not. do they have a real address?,do they have a real phone number? I say yes to both of these. Plus a few pictures of the store. Costing us money sure it does, but what doesnt. and the angel pin let me guess a p.o box, i did that one too a royal pain in the ass, try the tye dyed gift wrap paper lmao it comes out cool my mom n I did them and the lids too. Never got money. we even tried stapling booklets suppose to be delivered by ups huh i guess that truck was stolen or wrecked cuz we never got a damn thing. think about this why ship out out 250 pcs worth of matearil n u so all of of sudden cant make that item? then they are out of all them supplies, how many ppl work for them? they have to keep the store going BILLS, then if they take the stuff to fairs…lets see gas is soooo cheap, and its ware n tare on that vehicle vs ours they are selling the stuff not us. Everything has its pros n cons. I dont wanna lose no money either but if i can make money being at home with my family and maybe take that lil money n get them stuff n put smile on their face then its worth it to me. I have had to stay home many days from jobs to care for my former hubby to be he past in my arms. jobs are hard these days. if your good at doing crafts then why not at least try. Also people fail to see that not every project is the same, is the one u picked out right for u? im very good with beads n jewelry im thinking on doing the cupcake n ice cream bracelet looks easy enough. I agree some places need to be just as professional about making copies of instructions. they need to be clear and leagable. im not good with paper instructions, so yep im gonna do the dvd both its gonna cost me 105.00 but if it dont turn out oh well. its not like i aint spent 200 on a toy for my kid just to let it sit. and im sure ill have some ENJOYMENT out of my kit just as my kid did with his toy. If it works great if not then time to either find something differnt or try something new. Time consuming everything takes its own time and its speeddepends on u as well. so it is 5050. snail mail is a pain but once it gets going its going.

  49. Crystal says:

    I am thinking about joining this company. Which craft is easy to make. I don’t want to waste my money buying the kit and get rejected.

  50. It is possible that they make all of their profits selling the training kits and other things needed. They could refuse everyones work until the crafters give up and quit. If that were the case, they would probably have some profit built in even if someone asked for a refund. (which they hope won’t occur if they are scam artists). They could possibly have an A+ BBB rating because nobody has been able to prove that they are not a scam.

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