Pay Me to List complaints

I just stumbled across a strange sales page for some product called Pay Me to List that claims to teach people how to make money with CraigsList. I did a quick search and found a few Pay Me to List complaints.

I thought it was curious that the page started out with a bunch of logos without explaining at all why some of the logos were there. They put the logos of MSNBC, AS Seen on TV, Business Woman Top 100, and Entrepreneur Magazine. I mean if there going to put up logos with NO EXPLANATION why stop there? Why not slap up the logos of Noggin and PBSKids? It would make about as much sense.

Anyhow, let’s see what Pay Me to List is all about…

Oops. It says I’m almost out of time. Apparently I had 10:00 minutes to decide if I want “Pay Me To List”‘s free kit. Good thing I have that handy REFRESH button on my browser to refresh the page…voila! Now I have 10:00 minutes to make my decision again! If I wasn’t so suspicious of this site I’d almost feel like I was cheating. ;-)

OK. Here we go:

Page 1: I just have to fill out my First Name, Last Name, Email, & Phone. Seems easy enough.

OK. Right above the form in BIG BOLD LETTERS it says “Order now and be just one of the first to pay just $2.95 S&H.” It also claims that it’s “Forbes #1 Home Business Opportunity”. LOL. Man, good thing I wasn’t drinking milk when I read that!

I do see there’s some really small print under where it says “Forbes #1 Home Business Opportunity”. I used the “Zoom” feature in FireFox and zoomed in 5 times and I THINK one part of the fine print just says “.com”. The other part is still completely unreadable – maybe it says something like “just kidding…Gotcha!”

I couldn’t find PAY ME TO LIST mentioned ANYWHERE on

Strangely when I searched for “PAY ME TO LIST” on I couldn’t find the product mentioned anywhere. I even searched different variations of their name like PAYMETOLIST, PAYMETOLIST.COM, WWW.PAYMETOLIST.COM, etc…NOTHING found.

Live in the “NOW” and save $2.95…TOO LATE!

I have to admit these people seem to be pretty clever marketers…maybe too clever for their own good. For example I became extremely confused when they told me my “CD Kit” was “NOW FREE!” but then immediately tell me beneath the gigantic “NOW FREE!” text that I can “FOR A LIMITED TIME PAY JUST $2.95 S&H”. I mean less than one second passed between me reading the “NOW FREE” text and the “LIMITED TIME” text…I can’t believe it took me only ONE second to miss out on the “NOW FREE” deal…oh how I wish it was “NOW” again. ;-)

Anyhow, enough goofing around…I put my Name, Email, & Phone number into their form on page 1 and now I’m on page 2.

Page 2: OK. On this page I’m supposed to enter my Address, City, State, Zip Code, and Credit Card Number.

I’m starting to think that this is some sort of bizarre logic test, because on THIS page it says ALL of the following:

  • “NOW FREE!”
  • “PAY JUST $2.95 for S&H”
  • “Instant Access ($1.95)”

Huh??? Which one is it?

By the way, I really have to admire the web designer who put the radio button next to the “Instant Access ($1.95)” line which has NO other choice. LOL. Radio buttons are supposed to be used when you can choose from MORE than one item…think of it this way…imagine a multiple choice quiz where every question only gave you ONE answer choice….”let’s see, is it answer ‘A’ or answer ‘A’?” :P

Here’s something I see that looks suspicious about page two of this PayMeToList website…

I just noticed that the “SHIP MY KIT” button sits DIRECTLY ABOVE THE FOLD. “Above the fold” means “The section of a Web page that is visible without scrolling.” Now that will be different for different people, but the main point is that I bet MOST people will hit that “SHIP MY KIT” button without scrolling down.

So I Scrolled Down to See if There Might Be Any Additional Charges…

Wow! There’s a whole ‘nother world living at the bottom of Step 2 of Pay Me To List!

There’s a few of nonclickable security logos, including a nonclickable HackerSafe logo, and then some really, really tiny print…I LOVE to read really, really tiny print. Let’s see what the really, really tiny print says (I made it bigger for you…aren’t I nice?):

“By submitting this form I am ordering the Craigslist Resource Information and trial membership. After the seven day trial I will be charged fifty eight dollars and sixty one cents a month thereafter if I do not cancel. I have read and agree to the PRIVACY POLICY and Terms & Conditions. Cancel any time by
calling 1-866-526-5334″.

OUCH. I don’t want to be charged $58.61/month for this product! That would be $703.32 per YEAR! 8O

I mean I’m not against products that teach you to make money with classified ad sites – we have one that we recommend in our write up called “Beginners Affiliate Marketing System”…but the course is a ONE-TIME fee of $29.95 – NOT $703.32/Year! AND it also shows you how to use classified ad systems that Google LOVES and don’t have the risks often associated with CraigsList (CraigsList has been known to disable people’s accounts for abusing their system if you are too aggressive in posting ads).

Here’s where to find Pay Me to List’s full Terms of their offer:

If for some reason (like, maybe you have an extra $703.32 laying around you’re not sure what to do with?)…you still want to try the Pay Me to List program, I would encourage you to read the FULL terms here. You can also read PayMeToList’s Privacy Policy here.

How do I cancel PayMeToList?

Now Even though there’s ZERO chance I would ever order PayMeToList I’m going to end this by looking for how I would cancel Pay Me To List if I did order it.

Generally there are few things I’d want to know about theĀ  “How do I Cancel” question:

  1. How do I cancel Pay Me to List?
  2. How LONG is the trial period?
  3. Is there any evidence of people having problems with canceling PayMeToList?
  4. If I have problems canceling PayMeToList what other recourse do I have?

Since I’m not actually going to try the Pay Me To List product I won’t go any farther other than to say that the answers to 1 & 2 are in the Terms of Service for Pay Me To List.

Other observations about PayMeToList:

PayMeToList has a “Business Woman” Top 100 Logo on their site. The only site I know that has a logo that is very close to that logo is “Business Woman Magazine’s” website. They actually have two:

I couldn’t find PayMeToList mentioned anywhere on those sites, so maybe they’re talking about some other “Business Woman Top 100 list” or maybe something else is going on there.

The verification seal on step 2 of PayMeToList’s order process is NOT clickable.

Why is that important? Because the seal is provided by so that the consumer can CLICK on it and verify that the merchant is an authorized merchant.

Click here to see’s own description about how their verification seal program is supposed to work.

Note about the above: The ordering process is handle by a site called “”.

The Thawte Verification Seal on page 2 of PayMeToList’s order process is NOT Clickable

Why is this important? Because according to Thawte, here’s how the seal is SUPPOSED to work:

“The Thawte Trusted Site Seal is a visible, real-time assurance for visitors to your website, that guarantees that the information they submit to your website is private. The Thawte Seal informs your Customers that your website is certified by the most trusted digital certificate provider on the Internet. Thawte is recognized world over as a premium certification authority. By clicking on the Thawte Trusted Site Seal, your website visitors will get real-time confirmation of the validity of the certificate on the web server that they are connected to.”

Click here for details from Thawte themselves about how their Trusted Site Seal is supposed to work.

Note about the above: The ordering process is handle by a site called “”.

The HackerSafe logo in step 2 of Pay Me To List’s order process is NOT clickable PLUS the HackerSafe logo itself is OBSOLETE (see why):

First of all, McAfee BOUGHT ScanAlert (the creators of HackerSafe) and automatically CHANGED all of the HackerSafe logos to “McAfee Secure” logos.

Second, these types of logos are also supposed to be clickable to confirm that the company is actually part of the program AND to confirm when the last security scan was done.

Note about the above: The ordering process is handle by a site called “”.


Let me know about your experience with “Pay Me to List”. You can post your comments below.

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  1. So I don’t get it… are you saying not to buy this then?

  2. I wouldn’t recommend it, but mostly I just want to make sure people understand that they will be paying over $700/year for the product and there are a lot of “problems” with the sales pages and incorrect use of security logos that as a consumer would cause me a lot of concern.

    But if those kind of things don’t bug you I’m not here to rain on your parade, although I can’t imagine WHY anyone would want to buy the product after all the problems I’ve pointed out.

  3. LOL at the message you get when the timer expires
    “Your time has expired, Try again” and then it refreshes your page and timer for you XD

  4. You’re right, Anita. I only just noticed that the other day. I hadn’t noticed it when I did the original write-up here.

    I think my favorite is the radio button with ONE choice, though. LOL

  5. is there any real paid survey programs? i mean the ones that arent scams? or are all the programs that promise to pay you,

  6. The site tends to have accurate information about paid survey programs.

    Still, it’s tough to make money doing paid surveys.

  7. Thanks Paul, i was just interested about this paid surveys thing, the first site i saw seemed suspicious. It seems too good to be true:)

  8. You’re welcome, Mike.

  9. anon in seattle says:

    if any of you really think that you can make money off of giving opinions about stuff, you are wrong

    you need a POPULAR blog that gets a ton of traffic
    then companies like amazon will want to put ad related blog banners on your site and you get paid that way

    there ARE tons of ways online to make money
    but be safe and just figure they are all scams

    use your brains people
    nothing in this world is free without a price

  10. Well, I’m one of the naive ones that requested the ‘$2.95′ FREE CD. This order took place on 4/16/09 (7-10 days to receive CD). Now on 4/23/09 I was checking my bank account & found that $58.61 was dran on my account the night of 4/22. I have to say, I didn’t notice the upcomming charge when I ordered the CD, but I called the 866 # to inquire. They advised the charge occurs 7 days after you place your order for the CD (I haven’t even received the CD yet!). I complained about no recv’g CD yet & was told the stipulation is a 7 day trial b4 the charge appears & no refund of the $58.61 is allowed. I requested they cancel this anyway, they said they did and I have until May 22nd to use the site. So much for that!! I think I’ve just paid a $58.61 lesson, because I most certainly won’t be entering their D_ _ _ website. I’d probably get billed for something else unknowingly!! LMAO

  11. I just had the sam thing happen to me…. I didnt know i was on a 7 day trial and i just checked my account and found i was taken for $68.28. I did the instant access for 1.95 and i thought that was all i would be billed for.. Boy was i wrong, I just got off the phone with them and was told no refund, I dont even remember where i found the site to look at it again,,lol. That was an costly mistake. Just wanted you know you are not alone.

  12. Peter Young says:

    Let me make it quite clear to anyone who is considering doing business with this company.

    If only there was a way to have your day in court with scams like this… I would not hesitate for one second.

  13. Excellent work I picked up on this scam from a spam on my inbox.

    I will tell people about your great work in digging this out and direct them to your article.

  14. Thanks, Frank

    I like your blog. Because of the nature of the subjects your covering, you may want to keep up to date with – especially this page:

    Immunity Online Publishers…

    Also, I noticed you referenced Your Bill Killer – I did an extensive write-up of it and related sites here:

    Internet Scam Review – No Thanks.

    Finally, there’s a Fraud Q & A session tonight with Lynndel Edgington of Eagle Research Associates:

    Special Fraud Q & A Session.

  15. I have cancellation number! #380261 after getting charged for $2.95 shipping and handling. This charge is okay. I even have a receipt for this charge. But, this is because, I have charge for $1.95 shipping and handling and to my surprise, I have this unrecognized charge for $81.32 which led me to
    And, why shipping and handling when I am not received anything in the mail but what I’m told that I paid for was an access to a website. Both websites provide information that I can get for free from a number of sources!

    There was no mention of a trial period in their ad. There was no mention of such trial period after I signed up and submitted my credit card. Yes, this is a major scam!

  16. Linda, I have cancellation # 382712!!!! YAY!! these guys are a TOTAL rip. I got my credit card co. to get my money back. they were wonderful! apparently when they take money back from pay me to list or any of the many other names they use,(they switch names each month on your statement so as not to arouse suspicion, I guess.)So when the credit card co. takes money back, there is a penalty that the scammers have to pay and they must prove that all the info that is in the fine print is readily available to us, the consumer. This, apparently, is where they(the scammers) lose their grip on yours and mines money. But there is alot of people who don’t care about this small(HELLO!!!) of a charge and they just let it go, this is where the scammers make their money. People like you and me, who do care, and watch our statements,are the ones who put it to them,(so to speak.)I feel stupid for trusting too much!!, BE CAREFUL PEOPLE!!! they ARE out there. A short List of some of the affiliated names at Pay me to, Business E trade,Grants on Line,Profit Generation, anything with the word “grant” in it,and many others the scammers wouldn’t tell me. Anyway, ENOUGH!!!! Thanks for lettin me vent in a constructive manner!! Stay vigilant people, let’s get the scammers!!! Later, Joe

  17. Agreed Joe,

    Anything with the word “Grant” or “Google” in this requires that you proceed with extreme caution.

    Now, not all products with “Google” in their name are questionable, but these days it seems that the vast majority of them are.

    And watch out for anything that allows you to get a “kit” or “trial” for some small charge.

  18. You are absolutely right. This site is nothing but a money-making scam. I just learned a hard lesson and will NEVER fall for another scam like this. My experience was exactly the same as yours. I was absolutely shocked when a charge of $81.32 showed up on my credit card. The information they sent via the internet is virtually useless. If there is a way to report them to some internet watchdog group, you better bet I will. This site should be shut down before more innocent citizens are ripped off.

  19. lourdes says:

    is google for real or a scam too?

  20. I also got charged $81.32 that I had no idea they were going to charge me. I called and tried to get this money back but got nowhere. I told them to cancel my membership immediately and was given a confirmation number for the cancelation. I asked if I would get confirmation by email and was told that I would get it within 24 hours–I’m still waiting and after 3 days have not received this written confirmation. I am wondering if they will keep charging my credit card. I am going to talk to my credit card provider about how to stop these dishonest and unethical people. I hope their site is brought down.

  21. THe only people making money from these internet scams are the people who own the scams. talk about a Ponzi scheme

  22. Scam Scam Scam and a bunch of ASSHOLES too! These are the type of people that should be used for target practice in Iraq…for real.

  23. I checked pay to list on Reading the first complant made up my mind real fast

  24. This is scam. is a great site I check every thing now

  25. Bev: I can totally relate. I stumbled stupidly into their website and went for the $1.95 internet access fee and then later found out that my credit card was also billed for $68.28 and I don’t ever remember being told it was a 7 day trial and after that you would be billed that much every month. I think I am going to report them to the BBB. Hope you get your money back. I just told them to cancel my “subscription”. Steve.

    • @Steve:
      That same thing happened to me.. $ 68.28 they need reported, the company is owned by a Tim Riggins.
      they will not give you a refund. stay away from “paymetolist”

  26. Iwish I knew how to shut them DOWN!!!!!! THAT would be something to be thankful for,May the fleas of a thousand camels nest in Tim Riggins pubic hair…..If he has any, Just how does one go about getting the law after an Asshole like him?????? Joe

  27. If you wish to shut down a scam site just go to their hosting Co if they are not hosting the site themselves that is, they could be using one of many free web hosting sites and that violates the TOS (Terms Of Service) of the free web site hosting Co’s Scam sites violate the TOS for most paid web hosting also but it is cheaper to use the free or small paid web hosting sites than to host it themselves I know I worked for yahoo and had a few of these scam sites reported to me and my co-workers and we shut them down asap and the only way they came back is when they made a new account and email address and paid for another hosting package then they were up and going till we got the reports they were scamming people on the new site.

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