WealthInfoGuy Charges and Feedback

I’ve set up this page about WealthInfoGuy to see if there’s enough interest to warrant further review of the WealthInfoGuy product. This is not a recommendation OR non-recommendation of the WealthInfoGuy product at this point as it’s not clear how much interest there is in this product.

4/2/2009 Update: Bizarrely people seem to think that WorkAtHomeTruth is recommending the WealthInfoGuy product. Ummm. Where exactly are they seeing that? I’ll tell you where…NOWHERE!

It’s NOT on our top 10 recommended home businesses list and it’s NOT an ANY of our recommended products lists. At this point we still have NO OPINION about it one way or the other and were merely discussing the sales page.

Unfortunately, I started by finding a product called Google Fast Cash recommended on a site called StacysFastCash.com, which seems to be one of hundreds of similar cookie-cutter sites discussed in the post BradsMoney – Where’s That Government Check here.

However, I should point out that the WealthInfoGuy may not be aware of those types of promotions at this point, although over time it would become obvious via checking the referrer statistics on the WealthInfoGuy.com website.

I’ll be waiting for feedback and inquiries about the WealthInfoGuy offer, but usually when those cookie-cutter websites start ramping up their traffic I start getting a lot of questions about the offers they’re promoting – and the number one question is typically about how the trial offers work, so I went ahead and looked at the WealthInfoGuy trial offer by going through the order process

Start: I started at the affiliate site StacysFastCash. When I clicked on the link for a product called Google Fast Cash I was taken to the website FastCashFactory.com where I immediately noticed the the testimonial headline: “washingtonpost.com interviews Jared C.” which was previously discussed in the write-up of EasyFortune500Profits here.

It is in fact the same testimonial word-for-word except one final sentence on the one for WealthInfoGuy found on the FastCashFactory page which states: “The Wealth Info Guy system is for real!”

Of course it’s possible that both products are the same, but using different names – which wouldn’t be too unusual. Although if that’s true I would have some concern based on the comments people posted after the write-up of EasyFortune500Profits.

However, it may be a totally different product since the EasyFortune500Profits Arbitration clause states “all AAA arbitration hearings shall be conducted in Utah where Company is headquartered and located” and the WealthInfoGuy’s Abitration clause states “all AAA arbitration hearings shall be conducted in Missouri where Company is headquartered and located”.

Of course IF they are different products then I think it would be reasonanable to would wonder why the same testimonial from Jared C., which includes the fairly distinctive phrase – “In my first week, I got two orders, and made $2,650″ – is used on the sales process for both EasyFortune500Profits and WealthInfoGuy.

Page 1 of the order process for WealthInfoGuy:

The fields to fill in are:

First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip code, Email, Phone Number and a drop down box for a field called “Best Time to Call” which gives me three choices: Morning, Afternoon, or Evening.

There is also a pre-checked box next to the words “Privacy Policy” which is hyperlinked to a privacy policy on the site ResponsiveData.com which I recommend you read as it contains information about how your information can be used, including the statement:

“By using our services or submitting information that we use in providing our services, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy and expressly agreeing to accept offers and telephone solicitations from us, our customers, and/or any third party to whom we sell, license, transfer and/or share your email address or other personal information.”

I suggest you read the entire Privacy Policy here. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with those terms – but I know from previous discussions many people don’t click on links to pre-checked text boxes and it IS in fact important to READ privacy policies.

After pressing the Get Started button I’m taken to:

Page 2 of this WealthInfoGuy sales process:

The top right of page 2 of this WealthInfoGuy sales process declares ‘”Instant system access!” for only $1′ and claims to be a “Limited Time Offer”. Below the words “for only $1″ is a form designed to collect the following information:

  • Card Type – which is a drop-down menu with Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express as the choices.
  • Name on Card
  • Credit Card Number
  • Expiration – two drop down menus – one for month and one for year
  • Security Code

At the bottom of the form on page 2 of the WealthInfoGuy offer there is an unchecked box next to the phrase “I am ordering the WealthInfoGuy.com online system and trial membership for $1. I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Charges will appear on credit/debit statements as “WIN, LLC”.

The Terms and Conditions tell me that there will be the following (however, please READ the Terms and Conditions yourself as they may have changed since this write-up):

  • The $1.00 charge includes 7 days worth of access to “a custom website, online educational materials, resources, supplier information, and live training”.
  • After 7 days people who sign up for WealthInfoGuy are charged “a ninety seven dollar one time activation fee for the Wealth Info Guy membership and custom website” – i.e. at this point there is a $97.00 one-time activation fee.
  • Subscription to Wealth Info Guy is offered on a month-to-month thity nine dollars and ninety seven cents per month basis. i.e. the cost of the subscription to Wealth Info Guy is $39.97/Month.
  • The $1.00 fee for the free trial is non-refundable.
  • “No refunds of any kind for the activation fee or monthly membership fee will be issued after 3 days of any transaction date.”
  • “Any charge backs or disputes that do not comply with this refund policy will be aggressively pursued.”

None of that seems particularly unusual, although personally I don’t like it when companies hyperlink to information about the monthly charges. I like it when companies put that information directly on the page near the form where I enter my credit card – or ideally right above that form. But that’s just my personal preference.

The cancellation procedures for WealthInfoGuy are clearly spelled out in the Terms and Conditions as well and I highly recommend that if you plan to take this offer you READ them.

This is where I need YOUR help in the comments and section as I did not proceed with this offer at this time:

  • If anyone has experience with the product, you are welcome to post your comments about that here – how you liked it, how the membership is, how the live training is, and information like that. Obviously you should NOT post anything that is proprietary to the WealthInfoGuy product itself. But you can post information about things such as how well organized the material is, if you find it systematic enough, the format of the live training, how easy it is to get your questions answered, etc.
  • I’m also curious as to whether or not the terms of the offer are repeated to you in any form after you sign up.

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  1. I received an email to attend a FREE teleconference featuring Mark Victor Hansen and Anthony Morrison…
    which I will listen to tonight
    I also went through the sites and found the same being I would be billed for the $96 on the 8th day giving 7 days for them to demostrate that it is what they say it is and a $9.95 per month to subscribe to a montly tips club.

  2. I too went on call and did sign up for the $1 trial just yesterday. They then have you sign up for a free consultation and guidance call for quick strart. I did this and received a call a couple hours later starting in asking all my personal financial questions and I got hard nosed asking why the questions, and was told it was to qualify for which program. I went along to a pont and then finally “passed the original exam” to find out I must talk to the supervisor for the next step (keep in mind that I had already signed for the trial). I then set an apt for a call which they were 8 minutes late and I called them and they proceeded to tell me that I must be ready to give an absolute yes or no at end of phone call on their program but refused to tell me $$ involved, exactly which company it would be (since I had already been introduced to 3 names and I see yet another one here on this blog) nor what the program was about. So I ended up telling them I would NOT be able to give a yes or no till I did research and that lead into a 20 minute conversation. So I am now here and other sites trying to find out if in fact any money can be made or is it just a scam as they claim they are not selling product just coaching….

    Thank you for your blog post I will let you know if I find out any more.

    • @Craig Simpson: Craig, these are familiar tactics of less reputable companies. Often companies will also try to determine how much money you have left on your credit card through a series of questions in which you may or may not understand what they are doing and give you a “coaching fee” based on how much is left.

      Now I’m not saying that this is necessarily what this company is doing, but it all sounds extremely familiar – including the give a “yes”/”no” immediately. If someone tells you that walk way – UNLESS you already have extensive experience with the person offering the product or coaching.

      Here are things I look at before putting up any sort of “trial” product in the WorkAtHomeTruth store:

      1) Is it EASY for the customer to cancel? I prefer products where you can literally just click a button to cancel and it’s done and there is no need to contact support.

      That’s how Michael Brown set up his Niche Blitzkrieg Trial Offer we list here

      2) What happens after the trial period? Is there:

      • ONE additional charge
      • Multiple additional charges (how many?)
      • Monthly charges?

      You’ll see on the Niche Blitzkrieg Trial there is just one charge after the trial period. The trial period is $4.95 for 7 days and then if you don’t cancel there is one more charge of $42.05.

      3) How easy is it to get support. Again using NicheBlitzkrieg as an example you get full unlimited support in their forum from Michael and John and an active community of users who are working on the same sort of process as you are.

      Keep that in mind when someone comes to you wanting to charge you thousands of dollars for coaching. The ONLY time you should pay high prices for coaching is when you ALREADY know enough about what you’re doing that you know for certain WHAT type of coach and probably WHICH coach you want to work with.

      To pay for high-priced coaching in any other situation is essentially insane.

  3. Donna Cardy says:

    Please cancel my order and return my money i can nolonger afford to be a member of your program

  4. I signed up for the “$1.00″ trial only to find I was charged the full $97.00 right up front. The site was a mess. very disorganized along with broken links and a host of “features” that did not work. I made 3 attempts to cancel before it was granted. I still have not seen my $96.00 which was the 100% satisfaction guarantee listed on the site.

  5. Update:

    This is the response I received when I requested a refund which was on day 3 of nothing but problems trying to use their site.


    When you sign up through PayPal it states that you will be billed a flat fee of $97.00. Your account has been cancelled and you will not be billed any further. However, there are no refunds within the first year, as stated in the terms and conditions. You can locate the terms and conditions that you agree to by clicking on the following link http://www.wealthinfoguy.info/offer/3offers/terms.asp. If you have any additional questions or concerns please let us know.

    WIG Support”

  6. The link provided here is not the same terms and conditions listed when signing up at the site. Seems as though they have several as they push you through the process. I am unable to return to the signup pages. I keep getting directed to the login page.

  7. Joe Cisco says:

    Under the terms and conditions I agreed to Iam informing you now “this not for me” the site was not working and it was not what you presented I have been trying for two days to supposably just conntact you with the simple “NOT FOR ME” I hope this gets to someone

  8. Craig Simpson says:

    @ Joe, the best I can tell you from my 4 month experience of trying to get my money back, is to call you cc company now and stop any future charges. I went so far with this company (because they kept charging and finally mycc company would not take off payments any longer) was to call my company and told them i needed new cards with new numbers do to internet abuse. They will do that and if there is any credits to your old number they will still go through but no new charges can be added, it is a GREAT protection tool. I finally did get all my money back but it was like 12 – 15 emails and numerous phone calls. Good luck and don’t stop!

  9. Rebecca Salman says:

    Hey has anyone tried to use the business recovery services? I hear they charge 200 dollars just to get you your money back from despicable companies such as SMC (specialty merchandising corporation). I am starting to believe that all of these sites are scams, even the so called free ones give only paying members the bulk of the features, which free members get very very little. Is it really worth the time and investment?! I ask you is there really any hope to make money online? Also the credit card company can only do so much. The business recovery services people were telling me that they go to the Attorney General, the us postal service, and of course the FTC. You wouldn’t believe what the FTC says about work at home scams. I mean did anyone here know that you actually have to see a disclosure document before making any investment into your own website?! The disclosure document gives you the names and phone numbers of at least 10 people who worked with the company, so that you know what the heck it is you are getting yourself into. To me that makes good business sense.

    • @Rebecca Salman: Rebecca, you’re information about disclosure requirements isn’t 100% accurate. Typically the cost of the opportunity has to be between $500 to $50,000 before the disclosure requirements kick in.

      And it’s a good thing to, otherwise almost NOBODY would be able to afford legitimate training – because the only way the required disclosure statements could be kept would be if the opportunities charged exhorbitant amounts of money – probably at least $10,000 or more. You’d NEVER see legitimate $47 training like Niche Blitzkrieg around anymore and then everyone would be complaining that all the business opportunities are SO expensive and scratch their heads and wonder why.

      My friend attorney Michael Webster who specializes in business opportunity and franchise law has written a good explanation of the business opportunity rules (and how they interface with new FTC rules on testimonials) here:

  10. Wealth info Guy and Affiliate Membership os a rip off. I started by ordering one program and the company just kept promissing more and more training for more and more money. Then when I changed my mind and wanted to cancel within the 3 day window their policy allows, They refuse to refund my money…. DO NOT BUY INTO ANY PROGRAM CALLED Anthony Morrison Wealth Info Guy, Affiliate Membership. Is have been more a month now since I requested my refund and I just got an email stating they would not refund my money per their cancelation policies, which I followed!!!!!!

  11. i was stupid I sign a contractto be couched over aperiod of time ,Of which I thought to b at least an hour per seation I was tole by a Mr Shune, I alsofailed to read it in my contract and I sign it. When I started my COACHING it was for only 4 (1/2)hrs which equal to 2 hour. And after I got to the 2nd hours I requested some email to refrush my memury between seasions I was told to for get it,That was during my 3rd 1/2 hr he stop at the 20 minuetes.I dont know what to do.that was 6 weeks ago. ,Larry

  12. Alfreda Harrington says:

    thank you for all the information

  13. simeon teague says:

    it’s been a couple days with wealth info im trying to get out now with no luck i’ve emailed called and everything else no respond

  14. Violet Newell says:

    I continue to find this WIN LLC from Gladstone Mo charging my PayPal card. They have done this before and I contacted them and explained I knew nothing about this. They told me it had to do with some books regarding buying tax liens or something like that. I barely remembered it. Checking back I realized it was ordered back in August. As of date I have not received anything and their only response is that it was delivered. I live in Los Angeles. Nothing was signed for or delivered to my husband or me.

    They told me they would have a manager contact me. My second call is in to them waiting for a manager to call me back. I got scammed in the “YTB Your Travel Business” that the Attorney General went after. Well it looks like I stand a better chance of contacting our Governor of CA Jerry Brown and letting him hand it to HIS Attorney General now. He is not one that takes fraud lightly. Ask the Coach of YTB :) Jerry Brown sat in an audience where we were all being taken advantage of in St. Louis, MO. You can read about it here. http://www.jerrybrown.org/node/495 IF you have complaints about this please join me in taking them to my Governor. If anyone will help shut these people down, he will. Please be warned these are not nice people.

    It is interesting they are closed today, but still charged my credit card WITHOUT MY PERMISSION AGAIN! I am contacting PayPal also since they are here in CA as well.

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