BBB Mentions Raven Media & Grant Instructor in Warning

The Better Business Bureau has mentioned Raven Media, Governtment Grant Solutions, Grant Instructor, and Grant University in a 3/3/2009 Better Business Bureau alert with the headline:

BBB Warns Grant Companies Exploit Confusion over Stimulus Bill to Rip Off Consumers

Note: in the BBB warning they state: ‘Since this press release was first issued, some websites have been taken down or edited.  Contact BBB for more details on the original content.’

Back on December 13, 2008 WorkAtHomeTruth posted a warning about fake “blog” sites promoting government grants here similar to the ones mentioned in the recent 3/3/2009 BBB warning which states: “In February, ads on Facebook directed the public to Web sites such as* and which were set up to look like blogs written by people who are sharing the secret of how they received $12,000 in grants from the government to pay off their debt.”

The BBB gives specific complaint and rating details about the following companies in their warning:

  • Raven Media – BBB has logged 495 complaints as of 3/3/2009. F rating at the BBB.
  • Grant Instructor – BBB has logged 295 complaints as of 3/3/2009. F rating at the BBB.
  • Grant University – BBB has logged 300 complaints as of 3/3/2009. F rating from the BBB

Specific websites mentioned in the BBB warning are:


The BBB warning says:

“According to the BBB Serving Utah and the BBB Serving Las Vegas, complainants state that they ordered a “free” CD and were promptly charged as much as $69.95 on their credit or debit card. Some complainants also stated that their credit card was charged by other companies as well.

When complainants contacted the businesses about why they were being charged for a “free” item, they were told that they had actually signed up for a “free trial”—as explained in the terms and conditions on the Web site—and they needed to cancel within seven days of requesting the CD or they would be charged monthly.

Complainants also stated that they never received the “free” CD, received the CD after the free-trial had expired or were unable to log into the Web site to access grant information as promised. These companies fail to provide refunds and some complainants tried to contact the company to cancel the service but ultimately had to cancel their credit card to stop being billed as much as $69.95 every month.”

Additional notes from WorkAtHomeTruth:

The following sites are Grant offers or redirect to Grant offers from Raven Media Inc:

  • Free Grant Connection

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  1. I have contacted BBB for more details,they did not reply.

  2. I was ripped off by these con men for $39.95 after they told me I would get a “trial membership” for $2.95. Stay the hell away from ANY site that promises you federal grant money. THEY’RE ALL RIPOFFS!

  3. This is so sad. Hopefully, people will get smarter and don’t fall for these scams in future.

  4. Someone called me 2 weeks ago and offered me help, at first I was so afraid because I found this site and I dont want to be the next victim. Then, I come to think it, its only 2.95 anyway. So I give in 1% of my trust to Vicky (whom i spoke with) and right from there she told me that she will give it back 99% of it and its true its not a scam if you try to look at it, appreciate it, use and maximize it you will know they are calling us because we need help. Be an open-minded people they wont call us if we are not in need. I enjoyed the benefits and I already passed my grant proposal. Actually I want to thank Vicky because she is really a big help, I was broke, no job, i want to go to school but i have no support that is why I am applying for grants. I learned a lot from the website as well as from the kit they sent me. I follow the instruction and the only thing they charge me is just 2.95 and i got all the information I needed. PEOPLE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION and be open-minded and they will help you. They did not tell you they are the one who will approved the grants they will help us in making grant proposal and help us to be knowledgeable about it.

  5. If You want this crooks get caught ill help you then! that’s the company sending u spams about these scams so better get there information thru there site to get all the correct information. happy filing

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