Are home business startup kits worthwhile?

As a successful entrepenuer, marketer and business expert I get several questions involving how to make money with an online business.  It seems in recent times more of these type of questions are popping up.  One question I want to answer in particular in this post is about home business start up kits or the cookie cutter business in a box techniques.  To be a little more clear I am talking about turnkey businesses that 200 billion other people have access to.  Read below and I am going to share why a home business in a box is NOT a good thing to get involved in.

The problem  isn’t that you can’t find a good niche this way, some could be very good, but the fact it lacks the most important element:  YOU.

I want you to think about a few names real quick Starbucks, Mcdonalds, Craftsman.  I could literally build a GIANT list here but let’s just look at the 3 we have here.  Why do they lead their industries?  First, let’s look at Starbucks is their coffee the best?  Arguably I’d say no, some people might disagree with me.  But, what has set them apart from virtually every other coffee chain?

Their individuality, which involves the following: their logo (think branding), the design of their coffee shops, market share (they are everywhere).  Now keep in mind that you can go to any fast food chain and get a regular coffee for a $1 at Starbucks it’s at least $2 for the same coffee which might be similar quality as the fast food cup.  Of course, at Starbucks you can get 50 other kinds of coffee and flavors but I wanted to point out the price point of their regular cup.  It’s their branding (individuality) that sets them apart.

Let’s look at Mcdonalds.  Mcdonalds is a giant marketing genius.  They have it all, branding (the golden arches, Ronald Mcdonald and other characters, the Big Mac, super size, Chicken Mcnuggets) and market share (they too are everywhere).  Mcdonalds may not have the best food (still argubly very tasty) but yet they are dominating their market.

Now the next company I want share with you is going to help me complete my point fully.  You see Mcdonalds and Starbucks share one thing that the next company doesn’t have, Market share.  However, this next company still has something that both the other companies have…… Branding and individuality.

Craftsman tools.  Everybody has heard of them (at least in the U.S.A.).  You can only buy them at Sears stores which means they have a limited market share.  However, they sell millions of tools each year because they are branded as “the strongest or toughest” and “the best”.  Craftsman has that individual feel and they help you bridge the connection between high quality and long lasting with their lifetime guarantee.

All three companies we looked at are well branded and that’s the biggest connecting factor.

Now, let’s take a look at why the home business startup kits in large part do not work.  Let’s just look at the specs of one (which will remain nameless) and let’s assume you own this cookie cutter business package.  The product promises your buyer the following…. (this product also has the typical cookie cutter name)

*Make money online (make $10,000 a month!)

*work from home

*Work 1-2 hours a week.

Keep in mind the inside is much like every other product out there….. very basic and not really step by step.  Probably not even enough to really help someone make money online and especially not $10k a month.

What would set this offer apart from the 50,000 other ones?  This will cause much less people to buy as they’ve seen and heard it all before.   The other problem would be the buyers would likely refund as they won’t learn much, will be disappointed in the training and down right bored.

So how would you set something that teaches what 50,000 products others products do apart from the pack?  I will use one of my courses to help demonstrate.

#1.  Brand it - think of something with some individuality.  When I came up with the name Niche Blitzkrieg for one of my courses it’s something that get’s recognized, the name makes it stand out.  Love or hate the name it grabs your attention.  Blitzkrieg means “lightning war” and is used in various other areas like chess and of course was a term used in WWII.  But, what sounds better, Niche Blitzkrieg or Niche Lightning War?  Even if other similar products with similar names spring up they’ll have to compare it to Niche Blitzkrieg.

#2.  Uniqueness &  Quality - Make your product better, be unique and different.  You can pass the same information to someone and make it different enough that it connects.  Notice just like Mcdonalds and Starbucks your product doesn’t have to be the best just make it unique.  However, I always stress quality….. always.  The higher quality you can make it the better for not just you but your buyers.  With Niche Blitzkrieg I teach people how to make money with their own small online businesses, nothing new there.  However, what sets it apart is it’s unique design, feel, teaching style, high quality and presentation.

#3.  Be honest. You never hear Starbucks, Mcdonalds and Craftsman make outrageuous boasts.  However, many of the businesses in a box style setups come with “off the wall” boasts or claims that people can hardly match. The thought process by the designers of the business in a box start up kit products is that outrageous boasts will be the way you’ll be able to convert sales!  Instead, shoot people straight tell them the truth and they’ll love you.  People who have a good experience and are not lied to in the beginning will buy from you over and over again.  Honesty is what has helped take my business from scraps to a very nice living.  When quality, uniqueness and honesty collide what happens is something very special.  Model your business this way and you’ll experience a steady growth of happy and engaging customers.

Bottom line: I personally would pass on a turnkey home business startup kit or similar styled products.  Instead you should consider just learning the techniques to make your own products or sites.  In the long run you’ll reap the benefits of your own unique branding, customer service and style.  You may never fully recover the original cost you put into buying a turnkey system since it’s going to be the exact same system 50,000 other people are promoting as the next big thing.

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  1. Hi,
    You will be very careful when buying home business kits. This post helps those who are planning to start home business. Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

  2. Li Huang says:

    They are scammer!


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