AmeriPubs Lowdown…

Recently someone asked about a company called AmeriPubs – American Publications. This question was posted in the WorkAtHomeTruth discussion forum.

If you want to skip to the detailed (and somewhat surprising) answer about AmeriPubs you can click here to view the answer to the question.

When I visited the AmeriPubs site the first thing I noticed was a pop-up box that stated:

“This is the official website of American Publications Inc., based in Maryland Heights, Missouri.”

Then the pop-up box at AmeriPubs went on to allege there was another company with a similar name based on Connecticut making unrealistic claims and drawing in numerous complaints.

Finally this pop-up box stated: “if you are looking for the “real” American Publications – the one that has been in business since 1992, the one in Missouri, the one that doesn’t hide behind a PO Box – then you are in the right place!”

So I thought, “well, that does happen sometimes”. A scammer will use another companies name to try to establish credibility. But was that the case here?

The answer to that question is more interesting than I expected.

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