AmeriPubs Lowdown…

Recently someone asked about a company called AmeriPubs – American Publications. This question was posted in the WorkAtHomeTruth discussion forum.

If you want to skip to the detailed (and somewhat surprising) answer about AmeriPubs you can click here to view the answer to the question.

When I visited the AmeriPubs site the first thing I noticed was a pop-up box that stated:

“This is the official website of American Publications Inc., based in Maryland Heights, Missouri.”

Then the pop-up box at AmeriPubs went on to allege there was another company with a similar name based on Connecticut making unrealistic claims and drawing in numerous complaints.

Finally this pop-up box stated: “if you are looking for the “real” American Publications – the one that has been in business since 1992, the one in Missouri, the one that doesn’t hide behind a PO Box – then you are in the right place!”

So I thought, “well, that does happen sometimes”. A scammer will use another companies name to try to establish credibility. But was that the case here?

The answer to that question is more interesting than I expected.

Click here to find out the lowdown on

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  1. jamie michaelson says:

    hello i wanted to know if you could possibly tell me are there any companies that are legitimate that say you can work from home?? are they all just basically scams?? if not which ones are real?? is there anyway to know? please get back to me as soon as you can. i would really appreciate it and look forward to hearing from you!! thank you and have a great day!!

  2. Colleen Sanders says:

    I would also like to know about real LEGIT home based jobs it seems impossible to find them and I know they are out there but don’t feel anyone should be paying to work!!!!

  3. there work at home are all scam you send money and they send you a book wth names that give you more names of places and web site that just keep going in circle.

  4. Beverly Barnes says:

    They took my money and they never gave me my refund! do not sign up for this company. all they gona do is send some stupid blue booklet and some odd flyers. I sent it back to them and havent heard a word from them since.

    • @Beverly Barnes: Hi was the company American Publications. I’ve been with them since 2001 or 2002 and I’ve never had a problem with them. Some of these companies are scams, but this isn’t and I still work for them from time to time and you work when you want to work. Yes I paid to start and I got my money in working and some.It’s very simple work there’s nothing to it. Sorry to hear about your story.

      • ASmith says:

        What’s the site/number/address? I want to make sure the URL I have is the correct one. How’d you get started or hear about them?

      • Rgonzalez says:

        @Yolonda: how exactly did u fill out the information please

      • @Yolonda:
        Yolanda, it would be great if you could provide the correct Ameripub to us, who are trying to find legit work-at-home. Apparently, you have been successful-could you please Pass-It-Fwd!? I have called the (888-302-1521),left msg and name & address, and no return calls or mail. Did this on 5/19, and today is 6/23. I believe this was enough time for them to contact me. It would be a great blessing, if you could provide the right co. information. Thanks in advance. Natalie

  5. I just want to say that I’ve been American Publications since 2001 or 2002, and I’ve never had a problem with them.I got my checks on time and cashed them without a problem. It’s a real company it’s not a scam and I’m not just saying this. It’s true you work when you want to work. Once you get in you are in forever. Trust me it is real. I like it and I’ve other people about it. I took a chance with them and got lucky. So _AMERICAN PUBLICATIONS IS NOT A RIP OFF.

  6. Hey, I am a stay at home mom who needs to make money fast. Is this company for real??? I don’t wont to send in my money and not get anything back. Can someone please let me know if this is a good idea?

  7. SCAM–check with Better Business Bureau report online. I think I would trust them more than I would trust “Yolanda”

  8. Im trying to find out if tthe ameripub? Is it leget.please respond before i send my money

  9. before i send my money please let me know if this company is real?

  10. is this real because i want to work at home please send me a message.

  11. I sent my money in to get started on may 10 and they said it will take up to ten days and i have not got my things in yet whats going on?

  12. Chris Burns says:

    I currently signed up!

  13. Rgonzalez says:

    Hey i just recive the info from amierican publication and believe me i have no idea how to start lol can anyone help me and try to figure this thing out i need money for my son and school please that includes the flyers and all that stuff thank u

  14. Rgonzalez says:

    I just returned the information from the cuz it really didnt make any sense i ve read through a whole lot of stuff and people saying its a scam and that its not so promising so i just return it thanks anyways

  15. mark roberts says:

    i sent out a money order to advantage publications onjun 30 2010&i was wondering how long it takes to get my supplies to get started,working at home?

  16. mark roberts says:

    is ameripubs and advantage publications the same?

  17. i google mapped this biz. it is a UPS store. they just have a box there where they recieve all their mail. also, bbb lists 41 complaints about them in the last year and a half. watch out.

  18. Is this the same company?

  19. I read an ad about in a magazine, phone number 888-302-1521, I was looking information about that and the page not exist, THEN I looked in google and the web page that works is not the same. the page is AMERIPUBS.COM contact number 314-459-1555 ext 2

  20. Check this out… This is a scam! Do not send this “company” any of your hard earned dollars. Remember the rule of thumb, “if it sounds too good to be true… it probably is!”.

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