BBB Tip About ISpeedWay

The BBB has issued the following tip about ISpeedWay in their 8/17/2009 Tips You Can Trust:

“www iSpeedWay com aka The Internet Speedway, Inc.
Work-at-Home Program Too Ramped Up?
1201 S. Alma School Road #15500
Mesa, AZ 85210

This company’s offer? Work from home and collect payments from customers for everything from perfume to car stereos starting off with a CD for $9.95. You first sign up to receive a “free CD” but have to pay $9.95 for shipping.

You are enrolled in the program that sets up your Web page and membership to warehouses across the nation. You are told to keep an eye on your pages, and when a sale comes through, the products would be shipped directly from the warehouses owned by iSpeedway.

The original $9.95 turns into thousands when persuaded to upgrade services to include things such as “coaching sessions” on how to manage the site and a “traffic accelerator” that supposedly increases page views.

Complaints allege that after paying the initial fee of $9.95 for the software, the product is never received or is received several weeks later. Additionally, complaints allege that although the service is cancelled within the 30 day free trial period, the company either bills the consumers for 5 payments of $69.95 or the company drafts funds from the consumers bank account without authorization. The company’s website states “You do not need to know anything about HTML, computers, shopping carts or even e-commerce to design your very own professional-looking Web site using Internet Speedway’s SiteBuilder. Our user-friendly Express Set Up Wizard will take you through a very simple five step process to get your Web site up and running”; however, consumers experience technical difficulties and allege the website set up is confusing. 

This company has the BBB’s lowest rating of F. Be aware that this company’s money back guarantee and refund policy on its web site states ‘You can cancel your Internet Speedway hosting subscription at anytime. If you signed up under any type of payment plan and you have exceeded the 30-day trial period you will still be obligated to fulfill your entire agreement.’”

Click here to view the complete list of tips at the BBB.

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  1. I am a satisfied customer with iSpeedway. I have a professional site that does very well. I have great search engine ranking due to “traffic accelerator”. The problem most people have is that they are not serious about their business when they get started. It is a business and should be treated as one. Also, it’s only the negative that people want to hear about. I am willing to bet that no one will see my comment.

  2. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH iSpeedway – they are very hard to cancel and it is more than the $1.88 they advertise.

  3. D. Textor says:

    I received an email and a call today saying I was late with my first payment of ninety some dollars after the trial period of 30 days. The woman calling to collect the payment reminded me of the terms of the agreement but and that I owed this payment to them. The thirty days is not even up yet. I immediately sent an email cancelling my account to there customer service department on the form provided on their website. I also left a message on the phone number provided on their email which, incidentally, stated that she didn’t have time to respond to emails. Her attitude on the phone me made me very suspicious so I just cancelled my credit card before they were able access it for what I consider would have been a fraudulent charge.

  4. A.williams says:

    in regards to the 2 posters before me…you didnt pay attention when you signed up…it was a 15 day trial offered for $1.88, and all you have to do if you dont want to continue is call the number in the emails they send you, i guess it pays to pay attention, good luck to everybody who tries Ispeedway, just remember, you have to work with it to get results!

  5. Arthur Soski says:

    Please Obama- make companies like ispeedway illegal- They should be wiped from the planet!

  6. One again….if it sounds too good to be true then it IS!!!. These people prey upon the helpless and desperate who have lost their jobs or have mounting debt. If you need money, go and find any job you can and make the best of it.

  7. Been there. They apparently purchased a visa gift card number that I had used from an unsecured company along with my corresponding contact information. They charged the gift card 2 or 3 dollars and then began calling me, telling me that my account was overdue because that had been all that was left on that particular gift card. I attempted to cancel from the first phone call 2 days after the charges showed up on the gift card. Makes me glad I use Visa gift cards for unsecured sites when I can’t find the old books I want anywhere else. They dropped it, however, when I told them I had never signed up, they could not trace the ip used back to my computer and that I would report them for taking my information if they continued. Needless to say, it stopped.

  8. I have been reading all of these complaints and I must say I wish I had read all of them and others before I got involved with ISpeedway. My story is somewhat the same. I purchased this several years ago when they (I think) first came out. I work a full time job, my husband is disabled and after working from 9 to 5 I get home about 6:00. I would work on this site from 7 p.m. until about 3 or 4 in the morning and then get up at 6:30 a.m. for work. This went on for months as I diligently put my website together. I have had this website since Nov. ’08 and have never had a sale. I think my store went live somewhere around Feb. ’09 then I found out I had breast cancer and with surgery and a year of chemo that I finished this last Sept. I had prayed so hard for this site to take off but it just did not happen. Once they had me for over $5,000.00 they seem to not answer my emails, shoot my teacher didn’t even finish my last class – he had another sucker I mean student to help out of his money. I am sorry I really do not mean to be negative but I feel for anyone out there that really wants to make this work and with ISpeedway I just do not see this happening but good luck to everyone out there in whatever you try.

  9. I too have been scamed by ISpeedway but I wish I had checked into it more before I spent so much money with them. I did the whole taking the classes and everything and it cost me over $5,000.00. I had told them from the very beginning that I really did not have the money and that my husband is on disability but they assured me this would work. I worked at my regular job from 9-5 and then get home about 6, worked on this website from 7pm until 3 or 4 am every night for about four months until I had my website up and running in about Feb. ’09. I picked every product, changed (lowered) all the prices etc. and still to this day two years later have not had one sale. I even told them before I ever bought anything that I wanted to sell designer look alike bags, sunglasses, etc. and they thought it was such a good idea and then after I spent all this money they told me they were not allowed to let me sell those types of items. After my website was up and running I know I felt run down and it turned out I had breast cancer so I underwent a double masectomy and a year (a very) long year of chemo which I just finished up in September of 2010. Yeah! I have my health back but sure could have used that $5,000.00 for my chemo treatment. Thanks ISpeedway.

  10. how can we get these so called people….they need to be stopped stealing from anyone else!!!!

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