Sneaky Google Sneaky creator Nick Marks and the Google Sneaky review flood!

So you’ve probably seen a lot of hype for Nick Marks’ product Google Sneaky and you’ve probably come across a Google Sneaky reivew or two already. But do you know how sneaky the Google Sneaky product creator himself actually is?

The Google Sneaky product creator is PRETTY DANG SNEAKY!

You may remember how I busted the apparently fake “Senior reviewer” at a site that pilfered the name and made it¬† If you read that information about the Google Sneaky creator’s other activities here you’ll see exactly what I mean. So as you come across a Google Sneaky review you might want to dig a bit of digging to see who the reviewer actually is.

I’m not saying that you necessarily have to be cautious about ever Google Sneaky review, but obviously it’s important for you to perform due diligence considering what I’ve revealed in the previously mentioned post.

In that post, you’ll see just tip of the iceberg of what Google Sneaky creator Nick Mark’s has been up to using domains found on IP address as shown below:

  • www. 2009-top-work-at-home-jobs .com
  • www. Affiliatehijack .com
  • www.
  • www. Aniksingal-truth .com
  • www. Automatedmillions .com
  • www. Autopilotprofits-truth .com
  • www. Autopilotprofitsinc .com
  • www. Babyboomersonlineincome .com
  • www. Boomersincome .com
  • www. Clickbank-truth .com
  • www. Copynprofit-truth .com
  • www. Craigslist-truth .com
  • www. Derekgehl-truth .com
  • www. Donlapre-truth .com
  • www. Dotcomsecrets-truth .com
  • www. Everlastinglife .com
  • www.
  • www. Imanswers .com
  • www. Internetmarketingwave .com
  • www. Jeffpaul-truth .com
  • www. Joevitale-truth .com
  • www. Johnreese-truth .com
  • www. Launchtree-truth .com
  • www. Makemoney-athome .com
  • www. Makemoneyonlinemoney .com
  • www. Marketingmasterminds .com
  • www. Maverickmoneymakers-truth .com
  • www. Mikefilsaime-truth .com
  • www. Milliondollarloophole .com
  • www. Mustangfastbackforsale .com
  • www. Needcustomerservice .com
  • www. Newbiescashvault .com
  • www. Nickmarksfanclub .com
  • www. Nosalessysteminc .com
  • www. Paydotcom-truth .com
  • www. Perfectmoneyformula .com
  • www. Rapidbusinessgrowth .com
  • www. Rapidbusinessgrowthdvd .com
  • www. Robertallen-truth .com
  • www. Rosalindgardner-truth .com
  • www. Russellbrunson-truth .com
  • www. Superaffiliatelab .com
  • www. Superaffiliatewebsites .com
  • www. Surveyscompany .com
  • www. Swreg-truth .com
  • www. Theaffiliateslap .com
  • www. Theinternetmarketeroftheyear .com
  • www. Top-10-scam-free .com
  • www. Topsecretcashreport .com
  • www. Treasurehuntmarketing .com
  • www. Truth-clickbank .com
  • www. Truth-makemoneyonline .com
  • www. Whoisnickmarks .com
  • www. Workathome-truth .com
  • www. Workfromhomegirl .com
  • www. Yoaffiliate .com
  • www. Your-bill-killer .com
  • www. Gsneaky .com
Google Sneaky creator Nick Marks'

Google Sneaky creator Nick Marks'

Let’s start with Google Sneaky product creator Nick Mark’s AutomatedMillions site first. This is a site that warns you to “Strap yourself in because you’re about to make Henry Ford look like a kindergartner while you automate your way to riches”.

Well, one thing is for sure. At least one of the people giving a testimonial on the site definitely knows a LOT about automation – but not in the way you might think.

I’m talking about, of course, Sebastian Foss who states in his testimonial for Google Sneaky product creator’s Automated Millions course states “I highly recommend your Automated Millions System to all of my customers”.

You see Sebastian Foss is considered one of the top 100 spammers in the world and is listed in the Spamhaus Project’s “100 Known Spam Operations responsible for 80% of your spam” right here¬†where you’ll also noticed that the website is listed as one of Sebastian Foss’ websites and by taking a look at the archived version of here you’ll notice that the same person – John Denton – has a testimonial on both the and product.

Google Sneaky product creator’s – the early days

Unanswered complaints at the BBB: BBB Complaints BBB Complaints

Now the fact that Nick Marks’ product generated 69 complaints really isn’t that alarming because you have to look at the complaints in light of the volume of business does along with other factors.But what is a bit alarming is the fact that the BBB report shows that there are still 31 unanswered complaints.

In fact, in doing a bit of research I came across Hewlett Packard’s BBB complaint history which shows 6,983 complaints (which isn’t that many considering the size and age of HP) – and shows that HP has NO unanswered complaints.

Obviously this information is important if you are planning to buy Google Sneaky based on any Google Sneaky review that highlights Google Sneaky’s “100% Risk Free” offer which claims that “if you don’t make money you’ll get a 100% refund.”

Google Sneaky creator Nick Marks’ strange “news story”…

ForexEnterprise site Nick Marks claims that his “story was featured in the local Newspaper Business Magazine” and asks the reader to “check out this cutting promoting the article” and then posts what is supposed to be an image of that article.

There’s only one problem. And you can see what the problem is in the following image which compares the Nick Marks’ “newspaper clipping” with one I made with the fake newspaper clipping generator at

Nick Marks' "news story" compared to a fake news clipping made at

Nick Marks' "news story" compared to a fake news clipping made at

The important thing to notice is “hamming distance = 0.000000″ since “The Hamming distance measures the area of symmetric difference between the two polygons, in other words, the area of the regions lying within one of the two polygons but not both of them. If the two polygons are identical, and properly aligned, the Hamming distance will be zero.”

Should you believe testimonials for Google Sneaky?

At this point the Google Sneaky sales page includes a few testimonials which might get you too excited…but before you get too excited consider what types of testimonials are found on other products by Nick Marks.

His AutomatedMillions product contains a testimonial from Sebastian Foss (already referenced above as one of the top 100 spammers in the world) and also includes a testimonial from Costas Dedes.

If you aren’t familiar with Costas Dedes you may want to read the following write-ups about a couple of his products:

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  1. Thanks this was very helpful. The ad copy had me ready to get my cc out after reading about gsneaky.

  2. Thank a lot. It really saves so many newbies like me from being scammed. Hats off to your hardwork/time and effort for putting up this review sites. I have already seen many of Nick Marks products but never knew whether he was a genuine. After refunding so many product off him I was again about to pull out my CC until I saw this eye opener review.

    Thanks once again.

  3. Paul, you sonofagun! Who are you? Where did you come from? Where have been all this while?
    Great thanks to you, i definitely won’t have to waste my money on his product called i was looking for a review of it, when i came across your site on google. And to think i wanted to promote this site to my list… .Well, thanks again! It’s because of guys like you that some of these so called GURUS are kept in check and prevented from scamming people like me. Great thanks again man! With more people like you policing the web and protecting people like me, the web would be a very sane place.

    Keep it coming!



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