Autopilot Home Profits Review of Red Flags

In another post I pointed out the red flags associated with a home business program that generated a large number of complaints from customers. That program was called and appears to still be going on. However, recently that website started redirecting to the following websites:

  • Automated Home Jobs
  • Auto Pilot Home Profits

And the latest incarnation of the site seems to be Home Wealth Solution.

9/3/2011 Update – The NEWEST version can be found here: Online Income Solution review.

The Following Is An AutoPilotHomeProfits Review Of Red Flags Video

I’ve also included written explanations of the red flags beneath the video.

Autopilot Home Profits red flag #1) Usage of brand logos with no explanation

Autopilot Home Profits uses the following logos on its site:

  • AOL News
  • Yahoo News
  • Entrepreneur
  • Fox News

However, there’s no explanation as to why those logos are there.

Autopilot Home Profits flag #2) References a payment processor it doesn’t use

The sales page talks about ClickBank – which is a payment process and market place for products. However, Autopilot Home Profits doesn’t use ClickBank for this product.

Auto Pilot Home Profits red flag #3) “2 Positions Left In FAKE Made Up Imaginary City” pretend to be searching for positions left in a city based on the phone number entered. I entered a made up, fake phone number – 9999999999.

Amazingly, there were positions left in the fake made up imaginary city associated with this phone number! 😉

Autopilot Home Profits #4) The use of the dollar figure $379/day

Yep. It’s true. MANY questionable bizops use the dollar figure “$379/day”. In fact 99.99% of the time if you see the dollar figure $379/day you should RUN!

Auto Pilot Home Profits red flag #5) “As Seen On” claim

This is another tactic that many questionable sites use. They’ll claim that they were seen on:

  • Yahoo
  • abc
  • CNBC
  • CNN

But what does “As Seen On” mean here? Does it mean they “advertised” there?  Anyone can do that.

Also, why are they telling us that they have been “seen on” Twitter and AOL Chat? Those two don’t even make sense.

Autopilot Home Profits red flag #6) “Voted #1 by Entrepreneur Magazine” claims that it was Voted No 1. by Entrepreneur Magazine. However, the fact is that Entrepreneur Magazine does NOT vote on this sort of thing.

Autopilot Home Profits red flag #7) “Free 1 on 1 Training Consultation”

This type of “Free 1 on 1 Training Consultation” is often used to pressure you into spending money on higher priced things you dont need.

Autopilot Home Profits red flag #8) Related to other questionable programs is related to Both are related to which generated a large number of complaints.

Based on these red flags and MANY other too numerous to mention here I recommend you AVOID Automated Home Jobs

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  1. James Chin says:

    I seriously can’t believe scam companies like this run freely within our society, isn’t there a government agency take down obvious scam companies on a daily basis? this is really sad!

  2. Surprise surprise, my money was deposited back into my bank account on May 17. I was really worried about this, but the guy was true to his word. Thanks Paul for bringing these kind of rogues to the public’s attention!!!

  3. I was sent the link to this scam last night. i stupidly paid the £23.96p without thinking about it as i am desperate to work from home. it wasn’t until this morning that i got home from work and searched on the net for it and your website came up. thankfully i didn’t pay any more than the 23.96 as i was a bit sceptical about it! but £23.96 is still £23.96!!! where and how do i start to get my money back? i paid on a visa debit card if that helps?

    thankyou for bringing this SCAM to my attention!

    kind regards

  4. @Simon, May 20

    Simon, I did the same as you two weeks ago, I e-mailed them immediately and phoned my bank, the bank confirmed that an amount was shown on the transactions but they could do nothing until it was claimed. They said I should phone them as soon as my statement showed the amount and then they would send me a “Statement of Dispute”. I did this a few days later and e-mailed Auto Pilots and requested an immediate refund, they e-mailed me back confirming that I would be refunded but said that some banks could take up to 5 days to reverse transactions. It took 4 days but I got my money back. I don’t know how the banks work in the UK but it must be similar as here in South Africa. You must act NOW, don’t let them get away with it!!!

  5. William Skinner says:

    I to was sucked in to this scam. Within an hour I requested my money back as per their agreement. I have recieved three emails requesting the same information in order for them to process my refund. I have responded all three times with the information requested and still no refund. They took payment on 5-4-2011 and after I requested a refund they emailed me on 6-10, 6-16 and 6-20-2011. The same email each time. It is disgusting that they still are ripping people off.

    • William,

      Yeh. They just keep popping up under new names and new websites.

      If you paid by credit card, I’d go ahead and file a dispute with your credit card company. The instructions are
      are usually on the back of your statement. If you paid by debit card, you’ll want to talk to your bank.

      If you have time, I also have instructions on how to file complaints with the appropriate law enforcement agencies
      How To File Consumer Complaints

  6. ——BEWARE THIS IS SCAM—– It’s not even clear what they are selling they will let you know that the only money you need to pay is $2.97 for a starter kit and if you will read carefully there is a charged for $99.11 on the seventh day, but this scammer will charged you either on the 3rd day or the 5th day and when you call them for a refund they will make a whole bunch of reasons but bottomline is there is no refund… What you can do is complain this company to Better Business Bureau so that this kind of doing will stop. here’s the link to BBB

  7. look people we are all desperate to make money from home. i have spent thousands in the past five years trying to make money online and not one system has worked. if it were easy then everyone would do it. there is no way to make money online except if you join the scams yourself and sucker people into sending you money. 99 percent are scams and the one percent are the ones running the scams. if there is a legit way the ones who know it are never going to tell us. there are just to many people anyway. so either join the scams and take desperate peoples money, people on social security, and elderly or go get a real job.

  8. i literally was going to purchase this product but was skeptical so i decided to read all reviews before purchasing it. i’m glad to have come to this website. So basically, there’s not REAL program that you can work from home to generate additional income?? It’s so sad there are millions of scams going on on the internet :(

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