fake news site (AVOID)

If you’ve stumbled or bumbled or staggered onto the fake advertorial news site known as then hopefully you’ve quickly hit your back button or otherwise left the Nine page immediately.

Why, because it’s currently promoting a product I’ve warned people to avoid at all costs called Automated Profit Package which if you click here you’ll see has a huge number of problems and complaints.

The advertorial presents a story about a woman named Katie Jenkins who states, “I earn on average about $25 for every link I post on Google and I make around $8,700 a month right now”.   If you’re wondering about the claim from Katie Jenkins that you can make money posting a link on Google then you might want to read this immediately. I’ve been WARNING people about these “make money posting a link on Google” sites for a LONG, LONG time.

Does violate the FTC’s No Safe Harbor Guidelines?

Also, just because a site is claiming to be an advertorial doesn’t mean that it can make income claims that potentially violate the FTC’s “No Safe Harbor” guidelines. You see, the FTC recently implemented the “No Safe Harbor” rule for testimonials which David C. Vladeck – Director, FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection describes as follows:

“…the use of a disclaimer such as “results not typical” is no longer a safe harbor for the claims made in testimonials. Third, while you may use atypical or best-case testimonials, if you do, you should clearly and conspicuously disclose the generally expected
results consumers can expect in the depicted circumstances. Of course, the best practice, and the less risky practice, is to use testimonials that actually reflect what your product or services is likely to deliver. In other words, rather than run ads that give with one hand but take away with the other, it would be better for your ads to give a clear picture of the results a consumer will
actually get.”

So think about that as you’re reading claims about making “8,700 per month”

Why is closing comments on fake comments?

This is nothing new for anybody who has seen any of these fake News sites (I’ve literally seen THOUSANDS of them). But if sites like are new to you, you may want to ask yourself why is closing down a fake comment section with a bunch of fake comments.

Don’t think they’re fake? Take a look at the following images:

Fakely Closed Fake Comments On The Fake

Fakely Closed Fake Comments On The Fake

Why would the exact same comments be showing up on:


There are other fake advertorial news sites with that same comment as well, including (but not limited to):


I’m sure there are plenty more, but a quick search on Google pulled up those.

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The Fake News Phenomenon Continues…

Over the years I’ve tracked literally thousands of fake news sites and fake blogs. At one point it seemed like they were going to go away…but now it doesn’t seem like they ever will.

In fact most marketers using fake blogs seem to believe that placing the word “Advertorial” at the top of a page means that they can then do whatever the heck they want…including:

  • Including lots of fake comments in a comments section.
  • Claiming that their fake story was seen on ABC, CNBC, CNN and other major media outlets
  • Putting advertising sections WITHIN the advertorial (huh?)
  • Putting real news video footage within their fake news stories

Of course many of them just don’t use an advertorial disclaimer at all. Just like products such as Bloggers Payday one thing’s about 99% certain (OK maybe 100%)…you should more than likely AVOID any “business opportunity” that these fake news sites promote.

The following video shows how widespread and bizarre the fake news phenomenon continues to be:

The following graph from shows the relative traffic levels of the fake news sites, as compared to the Federal Trade Commission website, (Even though the fake news sites appear to be buying a lot of traffic – and probably some really cheap traffic).  Attorney Michael Webster who specializes in Misleading Advertising Law has suggested that, “suggested that anytime a scheme is more popular than the regulator who oversees it and hundreds if not thousands things like it: RUN AWAY. Don’t stop to think, just RUN AWAY.”  That might not always be true of course, but my guess is that MOST of the time it will be.,, & at Compete,, & at Compete

The following is a list of the sites covered in the video – these are just a handful of the total number of fake news sites being promoted right now:

  • www. 100khomejobs .com
  • www. 100konlinejobs .com
  • www. 24hourwallstreetnews .com
  • www. 3newsinsider .com
  • www. 37actionnews .com
  • www. 6newsonline .info
  • www. 7newsdaily7 .com
  • www. 9newstonight .com
  • www. a1reviews .net
  • www. aboutmoneymaker .com
  • www. americanjobsweekly .com
  • www. americanmorningfix .com
  • www. athomemoms .com
  • www. businessgazette .net
  • www. california-chronicle .com
  • www. canadafinancenews .com
  • www. career-digest-weekly .info
  • www. careernewsinsider .com
  • www. careertrendnews .com
  • www. cashmagnet .com
  • www. certifiedjobs .net
  • www. cflnewstribune .com
  • www. channel4reports .com
  • www. channel9investigates .com
  • www. chroniclenews .info
  • www. chicago-sentinel .com
  • www. citypressnews .com
  • www. cnbc20 .com
  • www. cnbc20 .org
  • www. consumer-reports-weekly .com
  • www. consumer-weekly .com
  • www. consumer-weekly .net
  • www. consumerhealthnewsonline .com
  • www. consumernews24 .com
  • www. consumers-daily .com
  • www. consumerstips-weekly .com
  • www. consumertipsonline .net
  • www. consumertribune .com
  • www. consumerworldnews .com
  • www. daily-gazette .com
  • www. daily-news-herald .com
  • www. daily-news-now .com
  • www. daily6news .com
  • www. dailynews17 .com
  • www. dailynews2 .com
  • www. dailynewsjournal .us
  • www. dailywebnews .net
  • www. dailyjobreports .com
  • www. dearborndailynews .com
  • www. detroit-sentinel .com
  • www. detroittribunenews .com
  • www. discountes .com
  • www. dropsomepuonds .com
  • www. entrepreneurobserver .com
  • www. eveningnewsjob .com
  • www. financedailyny .com
  • www. floristweekly .com
  • www. gazette-daily .com
  • www. gazettenews .net
  • www. globaljobnews .com
  • www. globalmarketingoffers .org
  • www. googlejobsearch .com
  • www. gulfcoastnews9 .com
  • www. helpofhealth .com
  • www. hobbynewsnow .com
  • www. home-job-report .com
  • www. home-job-report .net
  • www. home-job-report .org
  • www. homejob-review .com
  • www. homejoboptions .com
  • www. homejobsnews .com
  • www. honestjobsonline .com
  • www. houstonfinancenews .com
  • www. imvunewsreports .com
  • www. insidemoney .net
  • www. insiderbusinessnews .com
  • www. insidernewsteam .com
  • www. internetjobnews .net
  • www. interenetnews6 .com
  • www. ionline6news .com
  • www. jcg3news .com
  • www. jobsathomeplus .com
  • www. joblistingnews .com
  • www. jobnews6 .com
  • www. jobopeningsnews .com
  • www. jobpositionsearch .com
  • www. jobsalertweekly .com
  • www. jobsnewshome .com
  • www. jobtribunes .com
  • www. ktvu7news .com
  • www. la-businessnews .com
  • www. la-sentinel .com
  • www. lasentinelnews .com
  • www. legitcareeronline .com
  • www. legitimatehomejobs .org
  • www. localgazettenews .com
  • www. localjobnews .net
  • www. localnews22 .com
  • www. localnews45 .info
  • www. localnewstodayonline .com
  • www. madisonchronicle .com
  • www. manage-finances .com
  • www. manhattanbusinessreport .com
  • www. melbournemetronews .com
  • www. miamicitypost .com
  • www. money2news .com
  • www. mountainnewstoday .com
  • www. myworkathomestart .com
  • www. new-yorkcitynews .com
  • www. new7tv .info
  • www. news-11-today .com
  • www. news-11today .com
  • www. news-6-insider .com
  • www. news-channel9 .com
  • www. news-7daily .com
  • www. news10-today .com
  • www. news12report .com
  • www. news12reports .com
  • www. news13jobreports .com
  • www. news13jobstoday .com
  • www. news13report .com
  • www. news3health .com
  • www. news6alerts .com
  • www. news6online .info
  • www. news6reports .net
  • www. news7income .com
  • www. news7localreport .com
  • www. news7newyork .com
  • www. news7tribune .com
  • www. news8report .com
  • www. news9courier .com
  • www. news9network .com
  • www. news9now .net
  • www. news9online .org
  • www. news9tonight .com
  • www. newsdaily7 .com
  • www. newsdaily7 .net
  • www. newsforce7 .com
  • www. newsnetaustralia .com
  • www. newsreportdaily .com
  • www. newstodayat5 .com
  • www. newstoday28 .com
  • www. newstv6 .com
  • www. newyork-tribune .com
  • www. newyorktribunedaily .com
  • www. newyorkweeklynews .com
  • www. northwest-news .com
  • www. ny-sentinel .com
  • www. ny-weekly .com
  • www. nygazettejournal .com
  • www. nyguardian .com
  • www. nynewsdigest .com
  • www. omgnews .info
  • www. onlinecashbooster .com
  • www. onlinecashreviews .com
  • www. onlinejobnewsletter .com
  • www. onlinejobreport .com
  • www. onlinejobreports .com
  • www. onlinejobsnews .com
  • www. onlinemoneystash .com
  • www. onlinenews10 .com
  • www. onlinenews12 .com
  • www. onlinenews4 .com
  • www. onlinenews6 .com
  • www. onlinenews6 .net
  • www. onlinenews7 .com
  • www. onlinenewsat6 .com
  • www. onlinenewstribune .com
  • www. orlando-tribune .com
  • www. pacouriernews .com
  • www. princetonbusinessreview .net
  • www. readlatestnewsonline .com
  • www. readthetimesnews .com
  • www. reia9news .com
  • www. reviewstimes .com
  • www. riversidedailytribune .com
  • www. san-diego-today .com
  • www. sanjose-herald .com
  • www. sandiegobusinessobserver .com
  • www. sbscnews .com
  • www. search-engine-job .com
  • www. skilltrends .com
  • www. skilltrends .org
  • www. startworkfromhomejob .com
  • www. texasfinancenews .com
  • www. the-losangeles-gazette .com
  • www. theconsumerherald .com
  • www. theconsumerherald11 .net
  • www. theconsumertips .com
  • www. thedailyfinancialtimes .com
  • www. thedailywork .com
  • www. theentrepreneurweekly .com
  • www. tribune-gazzette .com
  • www. thehomebizcentral .info
  • www. thelosangelesjournal .com
  • www. thenewyorkdailynews .info
  • www. theposttribunenews .tv
  • www. thewebnewsdaily .com
  • www. todayseconomist .com
  • www. tonyscashkit .com
  • www. top3homebizreview .com
  • www. tylerneill .com
  • www. usa-sentinel .com
  • www. us-news-magazine .net
  • www. usadailyjobnews .com
  • www. usconsumerdigest .com
  • www. usdreamjobs .com
  • www. usfinancejournal .com
  • www. usafinancialreporting .com
  • www. usnews8 .com
  • www. wallstreetgazettenews .com
  • www. wallstreetnews9 .com
  • www. wallstreetnews9 .tv
  • www. washington-tribune-news .com
  • www. washingtonnewsdaily .com
  • www. washingtonpostdaily .com
  • www. web-newsdaily .com
  • www. webnewsdaily .org
  • www. weekly-news .org
  • www. weeklyconsumernewsletter .com
  • www. weeklynewsonline .com
  • www. workathomecareernews .com
  • www. workathomecareertrends .com
  • www. workathomejobnews .org
  • www. workathomejobnews6 .com
  • www. workathomeobserver .com
  • www. workathomereviewnews .com
  • www. workathomethemagazine .com
  • www. workfromhomenews6 .com
  • www. workfromhomenews9 .com
  • www. world13news .com
  • www. world3news .com
  • www. worldwidenewspost .biz
  • www. ws7news .com
  • www. ws8today .com

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InternetJobNews – funniest disclaimer yet?

A lot of the fake news sites like InternetJobNews and fake blogs pull disclaimers from the sales pages of the products they are promoting. Apparently, InternetJobNews switched products they promote but never bothered to change their disclaimer. But that’s not what’s funny.

What’s funny is the disclaimer itself which states:

“We are not affiliated in any way with CNN, WebTV, News Channel 7, ABC, NBC, CBS, U.S. News or FOX.”

WebTV? Besides of course all of those “as seen on” claims you see on all of the Google Kit products being fake, how could the claim to have been seen on WebTV even be relevant?

Besides, WebTV was purchased and renamed by Microsoft anyhow: “MSN TV2, the latest version of MSN TV is an Internet & Media Player that requires no software to buy or install. It includes: an internet media player, a wireless remote, a wireless keyboard, a telephone line T-splitter, a phone cord, an audio/video cable and a power supply. The price of the device is Free.”

This reminds me of the hilarious “As Seen On” claim discussed here.

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