Google Pro Kit Complaints

I’ve been helping people who were sold into getting the Google Pro Kit by OTHER sites. Imporant: WorkAtHomeTruth has NEVER recommended the Google Pro Kit by Michelle Valdez and NEVER will.

If you already bought Michelle Valdez’ Google Pro Kit, click here for our write-up of the Google Pro Kit and why we do NOT recommend it.

We’ve also seen a new twist to the fake websites we posted in the comments of the discussion called BradsMoney – Where’s that Government Check. Now it seems some of these fake websites with fake photos and fake stories are making quite dubious claims that the Google Pro Kit is recommended by Oprah and has appeared on CBS News.

After you read it you’ll begin to realize how many checks you see promoting “Google Kit” type offers are fake and how many photos of those happy-go-lucky people are STOLEN. It’s pretty stunning.

The other type of program that has been promoted aggressively through these sites are programs claiming that they can help you to get government grants.

Of particular interest is what’s called the “Prenotification Negative Option Rule”:

“The Federal Trade Commission enforces the Prenotification Negative Option Rule. The Rule requires companies to give you information about their plans, clearly and conspicuously, in any promotional materials that consumers can use to enroll. If the sales presentation for a plan is made orally, say on the phone, the terms and conditions still must be disclosed clearly and conspicuously during the presentation. For example, companies must tell you:

  • whether there’s a minimum purchase obligation;
  • how and when you can cancel your membership;
  • how many announcements and rejection forms you’ll receive each year, and how often you’ll receive them;
  • how to reject merchandise;
  • the deadline for returning the rejection form to avoid shipment of the merchandise; and
  • whether billing charges include postage and handling.”

Click here for more information from the Federal Trade Commission about Prenotification Negative Option Plans.

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Google-Work-Home? No Thanks!

Hmm. Apparently the site Google-Work-Home didn’t get the memo about all the Google Money Tree complaints. Of course Google Money Tree was one of the companies that was targeted in a recent Federal Trade Commission Crackdown. And that’s the kind of site that Google-Work-Home seems to be promoting.

The Google-Work-Home site claims that “this job is perfect for Homemakers, actors, students, retired workers, or anyone else that wants to earn cash working from home.”

Did someone forget to tell you that making money by advertising on Google is NOT a job? It’s a business, silly!

Now, I have no problem with people learning how to make money using Google to make money. Obviously, that’s a smart thing to do and there ARE many LEGITIMATE products, including many on our Top 10 Recommended Home Businesses list that can teach you how to do that.

But you have to ask yourself how good some of those “trial offer” companies’ training can be if they have to resort to such desperate measures to sell you their products.

I also find it very strange that the Google-Work-Home site says “You will not need special training” but then you immediately offer me “step-by-step instructions”.

Ummm. If I don’t need special training then why do I need your “step-by-step instructions”? Shouldn’t I just be able to fall out of a tree and make money…say an “Internet Money Tree”? ;-)

In case you don’t know what the reference to “Internet Money Tree” is all about, it has to do with one of the names that the Google Money Tree site was going under – the one that the FTC recently filed an injunction against.

Unfortunately, there seems to be new Google Work from Home scams coming up daily even after the FTC crackdown on the “work from home with Google” scam sites.

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