Google Cash Detective Bonus

This is mainly for people who already are planning to buy Google Cash Detective and are scouting out Google Cash Detective bonuses.

There were a LOT of problems with Google Cash Detective when it was first launched, but it seems that those bugs have been worked out now.

I just got an email from George Katsoudas who I’m only partially familiar with from some of his other writings. I can’t even really remember what they were, but I remember thinking this guy has a unique and deeper way of thinking about marketing than most people I know.

He just put out a great report called “2 Google Cash Detective Pitfalls” which I HIGHLY recommend you picking up and reading even if you do NOT plan to buy Google Cash Detective. There’s a lot of meat packed into this short and easy-to-read report.

Click here to grab your free copy of George Katsoudas’ report “2 Google Cash Detective Pitfalls”.

Click here to visit his blog discussion on the report.

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