Scammer-Alert’s Strange Product Recommendations… calls itself “The #1 source of information about online scams”.

That’s interesting, because the home business product Frank calls “probably the best work at home program I have seen” has generated a HUGE and ANGRY discussion on the WorkAtHomeTruth site after people discovered that what Scammer-Alert calls a free product was more like a “free invitation to massive anger and headaches”.

The product that Scammer-Alert is recommending as “the best work at home program” is called GoogleMoneyTree and it is a product that WorkAtHomeTruth recommends you completely avoid.

Click here to read the amazingly angry discussion about the GoogleMoneyTree product.

While GoogleMoneyTree is probably the strangest recommendation from Scammer-Alert, other recommendations that we happen to have on our Not Recommended lists are:

  • FreelanceHomeWriters
  • National Data Entry
  • Online Data Institute

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Can the average guy make money online?

Q: Hi Paul, thanks again.

I’m 60 and would like to move to making money online, for many reason, of which I’m sure you understand.

I am a hard worker, meaning I’m not looking for the get rich over night thing. I totally believe I can do it (if it can be done by the average Joe).

That’s the kicker, can the average guy make money online?

If so, then I know I can do it. The problem has been I have spent many hours reading so much and it all sounds so freakin’ convincing yet I’m old enough to know it can’t be all true and have read many articles that 90 – 95% of it is Bull.

I have been online since 93 and I believe I’m a damn good researcher. I am somewhat tempted to give No Monkey Business a shot as a-lot of sites give the program high remarks and the author even gives his number out.

I am convinced that I should move to the net to make money and I believe I can do it, I just want to do it ethically first and in the shortest amount of time to the best of my ability.

By the way, have you heard of Google Money Tree and or Newbie Campus and if so, what do you think?

A: I have to admit that I’ve been worried about whether  traditional marketing on the internet is right for you
as you’ve mentioned you’ve found many products confusing – AND you seem like a very bright person.

Interesting about eBay. I wouldn’t have expected that.

About NoMonkeyBusiness – just make sure you heed the warnings I put there – especially about NOT taking
the special bonsuses.

Interesting you should mention Google Money Tree as I just posted a warning about it here:

Now take the following with a grain of salt as it’s NOT conclusive at all and I don’t have time to dig in more – but I don’t know NewbieCampus, however I do see some things that make me a bit suspicious such as the fact that it’s on I.P. with only 23 other sites.

When there’s that few sites there’s a good chance that they are owned by the same person OR partners & one of the sites on that IP – is promoting some products I certaintly wouldn’t recommend to anyone including some  “data entry” programs that have a somewhat poor reputation (to put it politely). Also Newbie Campus claims that you can become a “Certified Internet Affiliate” which appears to be a designation they just pulled out of their rear as I’ve been a full-time affiliate for almost 5 years, have worked with some of the largest affiliate networks and have never, ever heard of such a designation. The only thing even close would be Yahoo’s “Certified Affiliate” designation which you have to get through training that Yahoo themself provides.

Also, the site talks about an “Affiliate Representatives Job” which would make sense if they were talking about becoming an “Affiliate Manager” for either an affiliate program or an affiliate network – but the sales letter appears to be more geared towards selling training on how to be an actual affiliate – which is NOT a job, but a business. 

I don’t have the time to dig into it more to say conclusively that Scammer-Alert and NewbieCampus are owned by either partners or the same person…so take that with a grain of salt. And even if that IS true it doesn’t necessarily mean Newbie Campus is a bad product…BUT I really think if you’re going to learn online marketing you should have a forum.

I see that they offer one-on-one coaching with a “success advisor” which worries me a bit as OTHER sites that have had that type of deal have put “success advisors” in place to try to sell people into high-priced coaching programs of questionable value.

Which brings up another product that is quite intense in it’s education BUT does include a forum – and that’s The Black Ink Project:

The creator of that product – Jeremy Palmer is a good guy, an excellent earner and is a Horizon Awards winner – an award which honors the individuals and companies that drive innovation across the CJ Marketplace and the dynamic affiliate marketing space (CJ = Commission Junction which is one of the largest affiliate networks online).

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