Cleaning Up Your Facebook: How to Delete Unwanted Content

Whether you are applying for a job, school or just trying to clean up your look, Facebook is a great place to start your clean-up efforts. Facebook has a huge impact on your image. It’s open completely to the world so they know all of your actions. This can help or hurt your efforts in getting ahead in life. There are a few easy steps you can take in order to make progress.

You Don’t Need 1,000 Friends

After a couple years, you may have accumulated too many friends on your account. Take an hour or so to cut down on the number of friends you have. You do not need exes or former classmates you probably never talked to in your life. Those classmates are better for your LinkedIn account anyway.

Reason: It comes down to the world being small. Everyone knows everyone, and employers may reach out to your mutual friends if they happen to know one of them too. If it’s an ex, and you both ended on a bad note, that can hurt you. They probably will not have anything positive to say.

Make Your Profile Private

If you do not have a private profile, it is time to make it private. Having a public profile allows everyone to have full access to your information. It isn’t their business, and it’s safer to have high privacy settings. Keep in mind, criminals use Facebook and can target you at any point. Having security increased in your account just protects you.

Instructions from Facebook’s website states: First find the account menu and click on it. It’s located at the top on the side of your Facebook page.  Once you click it, select Privacy Settings. This is where you will pick who can see what information that is listed on your account.

Take Down Your Keg Stand Photos

So, you have let everyone know how you can drink straight out of a Jack Daniels bottle. It may seem cool now, but your future employers may not find it that cool knowing their job candidate is a borderline alcoholic. Go through all of your photos and take down ones that may look like you party too hard. Also, take down illegal photos and risque ones.

If you find there are photographs up on Facebook that are on a friend’s page, ask them politely to take them down. You can also report photos to Facebook and they can take it down for you if you are too scared to ask. Either way, Facebook photos are much easier to remove than from a random website, so take advantage of this feature.

Megan Willis works utilizes the internet for both work and leisure. She is careful to protect herself from viruses and spam by researching new security innovations. One of her most recent finds was NQ Mobile on Twitter.

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