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Email Processing Scams

Making money processing simple emails sounds like a dream come true for many who want to earn extra income from home. The problem is, every single "email processing" opportunity I've looked into is a scam.

Although there are others, the following is the most common version of the "Email Processors Wanted" scam.

Typical "Email Processors Wanted" Ad:

"Make Big Money Processing Emails At Home.
Simple Pleasurable Work Anyone Can Do."

What How The Scam Works

When you answer the ad you're asked to pay a one time registration fee of $10 to $50. And after you pay the fee, you're sent instructions telling you that to make your money you should place an ad for "Email Processors Wanted" just like the one you answered and charge the same $10 to $50 processing fee.

Biggest Danger Of The Email Processing Scam

The biggest danger of the email processing scam happens if a company convinces you to buy a list of email addresses from them and send emails for "Email Processors Wanted" to those email addresses. Generally the lists are either worthless or even worse have been collected by unethical means. And if you send emails to the list you could possible get fined in the tens of thousands of dollars or more and even face criminal prosecution and jail time.

A Better Way To Earn Income From Home

In fact, there are some very legitimate ways you can make money from home. And I have found a few good eggs who lay out in a step-by-step fashion exactly how to make these moneymaking systems work...

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