Find Mystery Shopping Jobs At MSPA

This is a quick video I made showing how to find mystery shopping jobs at the Mystery Shopping Providers Association. I didn’t have time to put commentary to it right now, but wanted to get it out to you: is the direct link to the site. I recommend you watch the video first.

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  1. Fern Marx says

    Thank you for sending this info. along.
    I was unable to read most of the text, (too small even after enlarging) and couldn’t find the website. Could you please send that to me? Thanks in advance. Fern

  2. louis pascal says

    Dear Paul
    I responded to work at home .com advertised on Hannity et al and discovered its only a promotion for Herbalife . Tell your subscribers not to bother, unless they want to sell vitamines and weight loss products. Just a heads up.

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