Home Cash Access Review Of Red Flags

Home Cash Access Warning

Home Cash Access Warning

If perhaps you want to get Home Cash Access you might evaluate the following warning signs I’ve observed down the page:

Home Cash Access Review Of Red Flags

Home Cash Access Red Flag #1)

Home Cash Access claims you’ll be able to yield “$87 An Hour”. That is a thoroughly randomly, made-up number on the grounds that the profits are generated by sales and they’ve not a clue what goods you’ll be selling or just those items’ commission amounts.

Home Cash Access Red Flag #2)

Home Cash Access Utilizes the actual assertion As Seen On which usually is perfectly meaningless since that doesn’t guarantee that declaration has anything at all regarding Home Cash Access. It is taking advantage of the ensuing logos:

  • Fox News
  • abc
  • CNN
  • Fox Business
  • USAToday

Home Cash Access Red Flag #3)

Home Cash Access is making use of a video clip from NBC that is quite simply on the subject of “working from home” generally as opposed to specifically in regards to HomeCashAccess.com.

Home Cash Access Red Flag #4)

The top of HomeCashAccess.com advises the creator’s name is Jennifer Smith.

Home Cash Access Red Flag #5)

Declaration that “If You Can Spare 60 Minutes A Day, We Can Offer You A Certified, Proven And Guaranteed Home Job To Make $379/Day From Home!” Just what exactly is that influenced by?

Home Cash Access Red Flag #6)

Usage of stock photo for testimonials.

For example, you can check here to see the Home Cash Access stock pohoto used for “Kevin Simcox

Home Cash Access Red Flag #7)

The following seals on Home Cash Access aren’t clickable:

  • TrustGuard

Non-Clickable security seals are meaningless – and are a HUGE red flag.

Home Cash Access Red Flag #8)

Home Cash Access advises you get You’ll get a free one-on-one phone consultation with a Search Engine Agent Advisor to discuss your individual goals and map out and ensure your quick path to financial success.All too often this form of 100 % free “Assistance” is utilised as a ploy to get you to speak to a sales person who aims to drive you straight to spending money on higher priced things you should not need or are of questionable caliber.

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  1. Deborah Creppon says

    I am very much interested in information in how to do this from home. I need to be there for my family right now and in the future.

    Deborah Creppon

    • Josie says

      They sent me some information to my email address. After clicking the link I have been getting everyone on my contact list upset with me because this sight has been using MY EMAIL to spam every one on my list. This is illegal and unforgettably I cant complain to the company about it because there is no way of contacting any one about this matter. Now after having my email for years I have to delete it.

  2. Monica Martin says

    I just got scammed by “HomeCashAccess.com”. It was endorsed by consumer financial supposingly. I feel really stupid. I agreed to the first 49.95 and then got redirected to another page where supposingly you could click on a button for an extra 99.95 offer or decline and hit a “no thanks and continue to apply” button. I tried clicking on that button and it would not let me continue on with the registering process. I am now going through my bank to have both transactions disputed as I paid for the product, but did not receive it. Also on their website, there was no way to contact anyone after the fact either by phone or E. mail. I have been had. Don’t let this happen to anyone else. Thanks!

    • Gilbert says

      I just lost my money through homecashacces.com. I paid the money but i don’t receive any email and i cannot click on any other thing than UPGRADE and there’s nothing to verified and how to start the program. I tried to stop the payment through my bank but they say they can’t because they already had access to it. So, if anybodyy is seeing this; don’t fall for homecashaccess.com.
      it’s just a robbery program!

      • Lanie Blackmon says

        Look up Carmela Congdon comment on 9-21-11 and I left a reply there with their number and what my credit card company did for me.

      • Candace says

        So i just gave them my money too… b4 i seen this… i was searching tHE members access page & I cant pull anything up nor can i find it on a bing search or pagerage search! so if your bank told you they couldnt get you the money back did you try to give the “so called” number they gave you for coustmer service… i was told there was a 30 day back money garantee!!! im been on hold on the phone for quit some time now && im wonderin if im listing to elevator music for no reason… is there really some one on the other end that plans to answer my call or is this never ending music all im going to hear!!

        • Tim says

          There web address is http://homecashmembers.com you,ll need a password but i’ve had no problem contacting them. They have two coustomer service numbers you can reach them at 888-840-6154. They tryed to sell me an upgrade to but i declined and told them i was only intrested in posting links they said ok and told me how to do it. I singed up 10/19/11. Hopes this helps also don’t take no for an answer you paid for the service.

          • says

            You do realize you don’t make money just “posting links”, right? Most of the scams that the FTC shut down in Operation Shortchange in July of 2009 were about “making money posting links”.

      • Cheryl says

        Call this number 1-855-619-1684 and tell them you want the “no questions asked” refund. They are bogus and I have been bugging them until I got an answer. Also, they are very rude, so be firm and adamant. I was told today it would take 7-10 business days. Good luck and don’t give up.

    • says

      if it sound to good to be true then it usually is. thank you for your post. went looking for reviews and read your. hope everyone who thinks about this looks for the page also

    • Carmela Congdon says

      Monica and others,

      I, too, tried to order just the $49.95 offer, and when the No Thanks button did not work, I right clicked and it brought me to a thank you for your order page with the additional $95 charge. At the bottom of the page I noticed a contact us button and called 1-888-840-6704 to get the charge reversed. I tried logging in with my password to get access to the system, but that didn’t work. The rep I spoke with on the phone said they’re having techincal difficulties with ordering page and site, and to try to log in tomorrow. I feel comfortable knowing they do have a 3rd party company handling customer service questions and issues, and if the program does not meet my satisfaction and expectations, I will take them up on the 2-month guarantee to have my $49.95 refunded.

      • says

        Hopefully, the site will still be there by then and they’re actually still paying that third party. Many of the previous types like this have “mysteriously” disappeared. I guess desperate people will believe whatever they want to believe though. Good luck to you.

    • Lanie Blackmon says

      Here is Home cash access phone number 855-619-1684. I got scammed the same way and called my cc company & they called them and stayed on the line with me and I asked for refund and they asked why and I told them on scambook.com there are 38 complaints filed to them and so they gave me a void # and I get my money back in 7-10 days. Capital one did a great service for me and i appreciate it.

    • Jennifer says

      I was really interested in this. I have two children who are school age and being at home would have made my life easier. *This is a scam*
      They ask you to pay a fee of $49.95 and everyone knows you have to pay money to make money. This didn’t rouse my suspicions. Then it directed me to a site where there was a crappy Powerpoint Bulletin presentation with a man talking in the background explaining how you make money. They “offer” to upgrade you for another $95 and there is a link for you to “Decline the one time offer” but it never lights up so you can click it and decline.

      • says

        This is a scam to end all scams. It is basically a “bait and switch”. I reported them to the Federal Trade Commission. They put without my permission almost 300 on my credit card. I have been trying for weeks to get a credit. They are an outrage. Would it be possible ccollectively to get an attorney and file a class action suit against them?

        Patricia Hill

      • says


        If you paid by credit card, you should file a dispute with your credit card company. The dispute procedures are usually on the back of the credit card statement.

        If you paid by a debit card, you’ll need to talk to your bank.

        Let me know if you have any problems getting your money back that way.

    • greg says

      the same happen to me this site is scum,s***t!!! no trust any more ALL is fake!!!! good many maket only this thievs!!!! PLEASE NOBODY can be stupid anymore!!!!

    • Kaila says

      for anyone who wants a chance to get their money back argue it with the company that took the money the webite is bankcardprofits.com the nuber is 888-840-6704 my mom almost got scammed but after several hours of looking i found the people who deducted the money from her account and got them to give her a refund of her money after another hour of arguing with them please pass on to anyone else you know who has been scamed.

    • paola says

      This is the number u have to call before the 30 days or after US Toll Free: 1-888-840-6704 (Monday to Friday: 9am to 7pm EST. US) Ask for Trent . I called and the guy I spoke to asked me for my password and when i gave it to him he said oh i can help free of charge make a google account then a click back and blogger account then call me at this # ask for me he said. I just called and asked for him to give me all of my $ back because my husband did not approve . Use that line if anything.

  3. says

    I was just about to purchas the program until i can on this site and read the reviews, im glad I came here first, on there site your comment has to be approved so many people have good things to say on there but im pretty sure it false.

  4. Ashley says

    HELP!! i found this link http://homejobmanual.co/ and continued by clicking on the link at the bottom that says
    “Step 1
    Go to Amanda Stevens’s ‘TOPS Home Profit System’, and fill out the form to get instant activation.” i clicked it and entered the requested information.. it then brought me to a description and order form, which i figured i’d take a chance on.. the page then shifted through various other bonus packages and deals.. which i declined.. it brought me to a member sign in page and gave me my information and an email; [email protected] to write to in case i had any trouble.. it then brought me to another page that had a weekly agenda of what needed to be covered or steps that needed to be covered.. the first step was to call and speak with a ‘Startup Specialist’ with the number 1 888 200 1048 which i called, twice and got a message similar to this; our hours are from 9am to 8pm monday through friday and 9am to 2pm on saturday, we are not open sunday.. which made me really nervous about it being a scam.. i decided to wait and just go through the ‘Steps’ by myself.. after i got to the 3rd one, i was really confused and decided that i needed help.. this time, when i called, a girl picked up and asked what i needed, i told her that i needed to speak to a ‘Startup Specialist’ and she said that there would be a 15 minute wait and i would get a call back.. much to my surprise, promptly 15 minutes later a lady claiming to be named Madeline Taylor the Business Consultant called me back and asked about what i do for a living and what my husband does for a living and if we’re interested in making a lot or just a little ect.. i told her that i’d like to make a living from this, if possible.. and she said that she’s not with Home Cash Access, she’s with a business that works with them to build success stories.. she wanted to call back later and talk with my husband and i about it together.. which she did.. and explained further that they look specifically into Mothers and those who are Retired.. and explained that after these ‘inteviews’ with her, she would refer me to a ‘Senior Director’ who, after another ‘interview’ would possibly offer me a position with the company.. and it would then be my move to accept or decline.. if i were to decline.. Mrs. Taylor stated that the money i paid for the initial package would be reimbursed to me and they would actually give me a different package with better programs.. as well as having top members of their business coach me on what to and not to do.. and given that we have success with this, she wanted us to grant her permission to use our success story.. and then she asked about our credit and wanted to know if we have any established.. and we told her that we have no credit cards.. she advised me to apply for one and stated that “you have to put money into a business in order to make anything from it”.. but she didn’t ask me to pay anything else.. and i’m soooooo unsure about what to do.. she gave me her number.. which i know works because i called her on it last night.. i’m supposed to call her tonight after having applied for a credit card to let her know what’s going on.. please help! i’m 21, newly married with a one year old.. i don’t want to end up paying tons for this in the long run.. and it just seems like my situation is a little different from the rest that i’ve seen.. i just really need advice! :] please and thanks.

    • says


      Do NOT, do NOT, do NOT do this. This is a by-the-book script to separate you from your money:
      1) Offer to speak with a Start Up Specialist.
      2) Figure out if you have enough money for them to bother with (I’ve seen people take out second mortages on their homes and seriously regret it later).
      3) Claim that they hope to be able to use you as a success story.
      4) Squeeze as much money out of you as possible.

      This isn’t specific to your situation – it’s a proven formula that many telemarketing companies use to squeeze as much money as possible out of people by selling them the “American Dream”.

      Here are some other terms that are often used for step 1:

      “Free Consultation” with a “wealth expert”
      “Free one-on-one consultation with a wealth development advisor
      “Free one-on-one consultation with a personal advisor”
      “Free one-on-one consultation with a success advisor”
      “Free one-on-one phone consultation with a Search Engine Agent Advisor”
      “Free Consultation With A Search Engine Agent Success Advisor”
      “FREE one-on-one consultation with a Startup Specialist”
      “Free 1 on 1 Training Consultation”
      “Free One-on-One Strategy Consultation”

      • Ashley says

        wow.. i feel retarded. :/
        do you know anything about Home Job Stop or Project Payday? while looking further into Home Cash Access i found these on 2 separate websites claiming that they really work


        • says


          Home Job Stop is a legitimate database for telecommuting job prospects. It’s listed on the U.S. Department Of State website. It’s important to understand what it is, though. What Home Job Stop does is weed out the scams from the prospective telecommuting work. What you’re paying for is their expertise in weeding out scams and providing you with fresh listings of potential jobs. I have a review of it here:
          Home Job Stop review.

          Project Payday has always been a close call for me. It can work for the right type of person. You have to be super-organized and it is a great deal of work. Plus, you have to be VERY careful if you ever sign up for a trial offer using your credit card in order to get a rebate. ONLY sign up for companies that are mainstream – such as NetFlix, BlockBuster, etc.

          You might also want to check out this page for other ideas:
          Real Money Making ideas.

          What’s your background? What type of work have you done in the past and what types of skills do you have? I may be able to suggest other ideas to you once I know that.

          • Yaowei says

            Thank you! I always want to find a real home job. I couldn’t find any list on the U.S. Department Of State website.

          • says

            To Paul Schlegel,

            I was trained as a Legal Administrative Assistant in 1993. Loved the Transcription best & would love to do something like that. The jobs I got after finishing school did not fit into the plans I had made in my mind. Not only that, I hated working in a cubicle all day. I have since married and am now home with my disabled husband. Would be very difficult to go to work each and every morning and be gone all day.

            If you have any suggestions, please contact me — I would be most appreciative.

    • Lanie Blackmon says

      Look up Carmela Congdon comment on 9-21-11 and I left a reply there with their number and what my credit card company did for me.. I left phone number to that company

    • tom says

      ashley alady called me and said the same thing when i told her i was divorced and bankrupt she told me good lucck with the 29.00 program and hung up i threatened them with the state attorney general and my pesonal attorney and they said i will have a refund within 7 bus days i feel your pain good luck

  5. Ashley says

    i think that there may be 2 different companies that are called Home Cash Access and the reason i feel this is this; the one that i’ve looked up and seen reports of scamming on has a logo that looks like this- http://www.scambook.com/file/group_asset/Home-Cash-Access-Work-at-Home-scambook-group-4e6d505c8d93c.png notice that the actual icon.. the little house with the dollar sign in it is different from the one on this site; http://topshomeprofitsystem.com/start/tops_home_profit_system?affid=32&s-pid=CD550606&s-psid=&s-src=cfrcowhich is where i entered my information.. i don’t know, i guess.. thoughts?

    • says


      Their all the same – they use the same template, they use the same headline, they use the same sales page. They change names frequently because once enough complaints are generated they have to start operating the site under a new name so that people can’t find them easily in the search engines.

    • says

      I went through the TopsHomeProfitsSystem thoroughly – it’s the same template as numerous other sites I’ve put out warnings for her. Of particular interest is their “refund” policy.

      There stated clear and conspicous refund is:

      “P.S. Remember, with a 2-month ‘make money or its free’ guarantee, there is nothing you can lose by trying this out… rather… you have financial freedom from home to gain!”

      But the refund statement buried in their tiny refund policy link is what’s known as a “conditional guarantee” (which you should ALWAYS avoid) and states this:

      “It is important to us that you are 100% satisfied with the program. If you are not 100% satisfied with our online money making system then you should be entitled to a full refund of the money you spend on any of our products and services. However, it is important that you make an attempt to utilize all of the tools we have available. If you do not make a true attempt within 4 weeks of purchasing The TOPS Home Profit System, then our company takes no responsibility and we will not be held responsible for your lack of actions and a refund will not be granted. It is important that you read the information carefully and make sure that this type of business is something you can do before you decide to move forward and purchase our system.”

      Here’s a test for you: Do you know what they consider a “true attempt” that would qualify you for a refund? And if you don’t, how do know whether or not you’ll ever qualify for a refund if you don’t know the answer to that question?

    • says

      One thing to look for, in the url/website address, notice the string of characters after the “.com/blah/blahblah/junk?”. These are typically affiliate IDs, “affid=” is a sure sign, but others may have other names or whatever like “group, personal ID names, personal website names, etc…. What you can do when you see this, highlight everything after the “.com/” or “.net/” , “.biz/” whatever it is, and delete it, then hit enter and that should take you directly to the parent site. Another trick that you can use in your work at home search is when you find one that is interesting and you go to it, at the point of purchasing the program, attempt to close the window. Another message window might popup offering a 50% discount. Do it again! Another discount offer might popup claiming to be almost free or 90% off. HomeCashAccess actually does this,; its called an upsell. The price went from $100discount off of $149.95 > $49.95 > $29.95 >$9.95. Not all sites that do this are illegitimate site, but it is a sign to look for to kind of help filter out the ones that are. I actually spend a lot of time searching and testing different site for a number of different things that I am interested in as well as what others ask me about, and if the site makes it past my first scam alert filters, I try it out, and if all is good after that, I post it on my website [link removed]. Take a look on the “WHATS NEW” page, I have posted links to sites that I have personlly tested. They do cost, but do the trick I told about to get the discount. Be sure that you are serious about it, though, because each warrants for nice abit of time and patience initially because of the footwork that comes with it…you have to WORK! 2-3 hours daily at first until you get the hang of it is what I did. I leave my website audience post and screenshots of my progress results so they and people like you can see real starting out results. Its pretty cool, check it out if you like. Either way be very careful when getting into any work online job sites…you could end up spend a small fortune before you know it! Trust me, I already been down that road, falling for everything, but not anymore! Take Care & Be Careful!

      • says

        Thanks for the tips for people. Good tips.

        I’m sure you’re aware that most blogs don’t allow links within comments. However, if anyone wants to visit Jermaine’s site, you can click on his name.

        • Jeff says

          I paid the ‘trickled’ down fee of $9.95, was sent a confirm email w/links, then was called by a rep, given her direct #. Then she gave me Start-up kit/cust service#. Called it, put on hold for 10 or so mins, then told someone would call back within 30 mins. A rep did call back in 10 mins, then asked how long i was thinking of doing this and why, how motivated i am, long tem goals. Then asked about credit and debt, etc. He then said they had about 3000 requests, but would only take about 30-40 highly motivated/serious people. He then set a time that he would call back and talk to my wife & I together to see if we ‘fit their criteria’. I’m out of work with bills mounting, so I’d say I’m highly motivated. If they don’t accept me, then they didn’t give me a chance to make a ‘true attempt’ and I’ll ask for a refund. But is HomeCashAccess a legitimate online business?

      • endru says

        Hi, I wanna ask, I just called their customer service and told them I wish to STOP. They agreed but they did not even ask anything. Does it mean they will stop or not. I do not need my money back, they got me only $ 1, but how can I know that there won’t be any charge to my account in the future? Need suggestion…. I really appreciate your respond, thank you very much.

  6. Bunny says

    I almost paid for “homecashaccess”, with all this review. I think is better for me not to even apply for it anymore. Thanks everybody for the reviews. Yall’ did an awesome job in warning others about it. I appreciate that very much. But what are the home businesses that peoples are desperately to start on for all of us, whom have trouble finding jobs out there?… The company BBB, said the legit business out there, never charges the customers to pay for nothing, if they are asking for it, it means it’s a scam. So for ppls. out there, if you are looking for home businesses, look for the ones that aren’t charging for nothing. Hope this helps. Good luck to all of you. Sorry to hear all of you got scammed. I’ve had been in that same positions many many, too many times. Looking for a legit home jobs that don’t ask for credit card number when they said it’s free, but ask the person’s credit card at the end of registration, it means it’s a scam.
    Anybody knows of a good legit home business w/out paying for fees?… Thanks. :D

    • says


      It’s actually never pay for a JOB. There’s a huge amount of confusion around this statement. I have it all clarified in some rules that have been referenced in numerous publications:
      Rules For Searching For Home Jobs.

      Definitely your best bet is to find telecommuting work (home jobs) through networking, learning to do your own searches, and, then knowing how to weed out the scams – which are pervasive.

      You’ll find several free resources on this page:
      Real Money Making Ideas

      Scroll down to the Freelance And Telecommuting (Home Job) Oriented section.

  7. Dee says

    I kept running this thought in my mind, thinking that it is too good to be true. It upsets me dearly to know that there are people out there taking others’ money. Many of us are stay at home mom’s, going to school, or would like just to make money to make a living from home. This is just not fair, that people would take advantage like this… Does anyone know of a ligit website that does help one succeed from home??

    • says

      Tera, if you paid with a credit card, file a dispute with your credit card company. You can usually find the dispute procedures on the back of your credit card billing statement. If you paid with a debit card, you’ll need to discuss the specific dispute procedure with your bank.

  8. says

    I am soooo glad I checked this site first. It does sound too good to be true…and it is. Thanks for all of your input. It is 3 am here in Oak Park, Illinois and as I was going through the Home Cash Access pages, it went through a fake count down to one position left available. I NEVER believe urgency statements even in retail. God knows it can’t be true of an offer on the internet…at 3 am. Hahaha Now I have to check my AOL account for spam intrusions and notify all of my friends.

  9. Carrie says

    http://usa-sentinel.com/finance/jobs.html is where I found the article that made me want to be with this program. I googled the name Kelly Richards and it was scam central guys. I didn’t sign up after reading all of these things. Not just here but it’s all over the web about the stay at home mom that makes tons of money (Kelly Richards). Good luck!

  10. Natalie says

    This is a scam. They charge your account with no follow up and hack into your email address book. If you have participated with this….Call you bank to investigate and notify your email contacts. Thanks,

  11. says

    Someone seriously needs to report this scam to the better business bureau!!!!!! Scaming people out of their money for “make money from home ” when it should be take make from your home each time a new page pops up pay this “one time offer” for another page to pop and the vicious cycle continues what BS

  12. katie says

    I called the 1-888-840-6704 number today and talked to Gabby to get my refund. First she wanted to tell me how i could make money online, by posting ads in blogs and getting paid by clicking on crap. I interupted her when she was talking and she said let me finish telling you about this, whatever, i wasnt falling for it, then telling me she make 240 per day, and she wont quit her job because thats extra cash, and i should consider it, I just want me refund, probably said it 10 times in the whole conversation. She wanted to know why i didnt want to make money online and i said i read alot of bad reviews and she said these reviews we write are the competitor companies paying people to write this truth about them, or she said this is lies, whatever. Then refund time, couldnt do it through her computer, said she would have to go through coporate, it will take 3 to 10 business days, and if i dont receive it i can fax my printed out confirmation order page to 1-866-850-8489, coporate office.
    I got my call from a financial advisor, she wanted to know my debt, what credit cards i had available to use, telling me i couldnt make money without investing money, screw this, we will see if i get my money back

  13. Katia says

    I am so glad i found this website. I purchased the program and after getting the same clickbank.com and blogger.com and brainhost pitch..decided it was time to call in for my refund. I was told it should happen in 7-10 business days…Keeping my fingers crossed that i dont have to get into a fight with these people for my 49.95. They are trully a SCAM!! I was actually still battling witth my decision..thanks to this website I am moving on. Thank you all for sharing your experiences

  14. Kari says

    I wish I would have seen this before and NOT falling vicitim to this SCAM. Still waiting for my refund a week later. DARN it.

  15. CT says

    So like an idiot I signed up for their ‘great’ deal. The first thing that happened was an attempted upsell for a consultant, website and other services – altogether more than 4 times what I signed up for and that was for starters. They phoned me several times from different numbers and left a message once, I returned the call and was told I need to talk to their advisor before I do anything else – that is when I started to research deeper. The advisor’s job was to get me to pay for his expertise, tell him all my financial and personal status and lead me down that golden garden path! I was also given a 10 week training ‘program’ to be completed before I could actually start the possibility of any earnings. That is not what they said in their promotions.
    Since the sign up I have been inundated with e-mail ‘offers’, web spam and coupons and even phone calls. Fortunately I used a unique e-mail address and an otherwise unused phone number so I know they can only be attributed to these people and I just ignore them. Looks very much like the makings of a major scam to me!!

    • says

      CT – the real purpose of the consultant is to try to determine your credit card and debit card limits and squeeze as much money as possible out of you. It’s all built into the script. That’s why I include that as a red-flag.

  16. Heather says

    I am furious. I went on legite work from home sites and home cash access was one of them. I purchased mine today of 29.95 and they said I would recieve my account information in 2 hours. I haven’t heard one thing from them and don’t have a clue how to get my money back. ARE THERE ANY ONLINE JOBS WORKING FROM HOME THAT AREN’T SCAMS………….

    • says

      As to getting your money back – file a dispute with your credit card company. Dispute procedures are usually on the back of the billing statement. If you paid with a debit card, talk to your bank about the proper dispute procedures.

      As to your other question,Heather, you might want to take a look at this page:
      Real Money Making Ideas. There’s a section on that page called Freelance And Telecommuting (Home Job) Oriented which is the section you’d want to look through.

      • Heather says

        Thank you Paul! It’s truly a shame though that there are scams out there. People are so desperate for work and get taken advantage of. Really sad!!!

  17. Heather says

    Okay….I ordered the home cash access for 29.95 and never recieved an e-mail. But I had a phone call 10 minutes ago from a Becky in Utah. She asked me questions and told me I would recieve my things soon. She also gave me a number 888-840-6154 if I had problems. Any one else have this happen?

    • says

      I can tell you exactly what’s typically happens after a phone call like that. Someone will probablyl call you trying to upsell you into expensive “coaching” or other expensive products. They’ll start by telling you that you have to invest in a business and they will use various techniques to try to figure out what your credit card limits are and how much money you have in the bank so that they can figure out how much they can get away with charging you. It’s boiler-room 101.

  18. endru says

    Hi, I just got scammed by them, however it is only $1 so far. I want to STOP the 10 days period. Before they start to rob my money in the bank. How to do that? Should I contact the bank or what should I do? Please help me, I will really appreciate your help. Thank you very much…

    • Lorna says

      I don’t have any credit cards which makes it easy to say no. Bottom line, if you are supposed to make money, why pay money? They should just take you so-called fees from the ‘earnings’ you supposedly will make. Never, ever, ever give money, even $1, because now they have your credit card info. And definitely do not use your debit card. For any site.

  19. Nick says

    Home cash access got me using a site called “home profit resource”, long story short, they said I will get my refund, we will see. Total scam!!! Stay away!! Smug lil’ sh*ts on the customer service line. They know they are screwing you and they sit there and laugh at you.

  20. Debbie says

    Wow, this blows me away. I have been cautious for years, the only reason I fell for this was because of a story on our local news about posting links, etc… I ordered mine (49.95 on Oct 21, 2011. Getting ready to request my refund. I was able to put my info in, but there were 4 more steps and someting happen and I couldn’t process the other 3 steps, so I checked and the money had been deducted from my account (debit card). I went through my bank and got a number for them because I couldn’t find away to contact them and assumed I never got the email because it didn’t go thru the remaining steps. I spoke to a lady, they couldn’t find my payment at first, then found it said I would get the email soon, gave me the number for the one on one consultation and gave me the wesite to login and her “Managers” login and password to get started. I looked at it, advised me I could make more by paying more, so been thinking about it and it’s been bothering me coz still don’t have my own login and couldn’t figure out why any manager would give out their own login to a new person. Tried to go to that memeber login tonight and it won’t come up now, did a search and that is when I found this. I am getting ready to start a legitimate at home job with Alpine Access, was just looking for something with more money per hour. I have worked with computers all of my career, do typing, accouting etc… Just want to make more at home. Any help would be welcome, Alpine hire routinely but it is legit and you don’t pay to get hired, Check it out.

    • Debbie says

      Mine was Home Cash System, but ironically, a few of the phone numbers listed in statements here from other people match the numbers I have to contact Home Csh System

  21. Wendy says

    I ordered the program with the understanding that if the program was not for me I would receive a refund of the cost of the Program. I paid the $49.95 in good faith, and did indeed discover that the program was not what I was looking for. I called in and requested a refund on 10/10/11. I was given a transaction ID and was told I should see the refund in 7 – 10 business days.

    On 10/24/11, I still had not received the refund. I called in once again and spoke with a representative named Hunter. Hunter told me that there had been some type of system error on their side which caused the refund not to go through. He told me he would send a note to “corporate” requesting a manual refund. Once again, he said I should receive the refund in 7 – 10 business days.

    On 11/10/11, I still had not received the refund. I called in once again and spoke with a representative named Gabbi. Gabbi confirmed that there had indeed been a system error and that she could see that Hunter had sent the request for the manual refund, but that there were no further notes on my account. She said she would send the request again and mark it urgent, and that once again, I should receive the refund in 7 – 10 business days.

    On 11/17/11, Still no refund! This time I was advised by customer service that it had not yet been 7-10 business days since my last call so there was nothing more they could do. When I asked if there was a way for m to contact the corporate office myself they advised me to send an email to [email protected]. I tried that but the email was rejected by the server.

    On 11/29/11 I called once again and asked to speak to a supervisor. Trent advised me to fax a copy of my bank statement to (678)960-7663. I faxed a copy of my stmt along with a letter explaining the situation.

    On 12/13/11 Still no refund and no contact from the company. I found a customer service contact form on their website and sent a long explanation and again requested my refund.

    Today is now 12/27/11. It has now been almost 3 months since I first requested a refund and I still have not received it. It is getting really hard to believe that this is not a scam. I guess it is time to contact the BBB.

  22. Beth says

    I have been waiting 3 months so far for a refund, and haven’t recieved it yet. Every time i call, i hear the same crap about the corporate office. I have called them many times and always get the same excuses. Can someone help me with what step to take next? Has anyone gotten a refund yet? If so please tell me how!! Thank you!

  23. says

    do not purchase this program. these people are scammers. I was issued a credit to the purchase price on 10/6/11 and as of 2/3/12, still have not rec’d. this credit. made numerous calls about it with no satisfaction, just lots of b.s. finally went to the credit card company and they issued me the credit for
    the merchant.


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