Home Cash Income Jobs Review Of Red Flags (AVOID)

Home Cash Income Jobs WarningNote: All details of the DC Fawcett Home Cash Income Jobs sales page, terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc. as outlined in this post have preserved in multiple ways, including video recording.

This Home Cash Income Jobs review of red flags deals with several parts of the sales process that you should know about.

Home Cash Income Jobs One-On-One Consultation Ploy

My advice is that whenever you see this sort of claim on a website you need to run away from that site as fast as you possible can.


As I’ve stated many times before, these free phone consultations are VERY FREQUENTLY used to get you to talk to a high pressure sales person trained to try to get you to spend thousands of dollars on products and services that are either worthless or that you don’t need.

Maybe Home Cash Income Jobs is different, but I seriously doubt it.

Summary Of Other Home Cash Income Jobs Red Flags

Home Cash Income Jobs Red Flag #1) “As Advertised On” claim

Home Cash Income Jobs uses the claim “As Seen On” on the first page and then lists these logos:

  • Fox News
  • CNN
  • USAToday

The phrase “Ads Seen On” Home Cash Income Jobs is meaningless. Anybody can advertise on those sites.

Red Flag #2) Headline #1 Used By Questionable Sites

The headline of the first page of Home Cash Income Jobs makes the claim:

“In The Next 60 Seconds – Gain Access To A Work-At-Home Job Paying As Much As $379/Day”

That EXACT headline has been used on hundreds of questionable websites sites that use the same kind of template that Home Cash Income Jobs does.

Red Flag #3) Headline #2 Used By Questionable Sites

The headline of the second page of Home Cash Income Jobs makes the claim:

“Need $379/Day From Home? This Proven, Guaranteed System is Finally Accepting New Applications.”

Again, that EXACT claim has been used by hundreds of questionable sites that all look very much like Home Cash Income Jobs.

Red Flag #4) Use Of abc News Clip

Home Income Cash Jobs is using a video clip coming from NBC News that’s simply aboutwork from homein general but does NOT specifically have anything atl all to do with HomeCashIncomeJobs which resides on MySecurePage.com.

Red Flag #5) Bogus “Link Posting” Income Projectinos

HomeCashIncomeJobs.com wants you to believe that you will be making money merely by posting links and includes the following bogus income projection:

“The following is the math: 12 links for $20 each equals $240. Imagine earning $240 for 60 minutes worth of work. If you did this five days per week, you could make $1,200 per week. That’s $62,400 per year.”

There are actually many things that have to happen before you potentially get paid. The only way you get paid in a program like this is if someone finds your link, clicks on your link, then takes an action such as buying product, filling out a form (such as filling out a detailed insurance quote form that will allow an insurance company to follow up with them).

In other words, what Home Cash Income Jobs leaves out is the fact that just because you PLACE an ad containing a link, does NOT mean you’ll get paid from doing so. In fact, most of the time you WON’T.


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  1. Micik says

    Some excellent points here about Home Income Cash Machine, I totally agree with you and wish more people would pay attention to things like this. Could save a lot of people a great deal of time and money.

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