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The following walk through of the Instant Income From Home sales process is from screencaps of a video I made.  After going through the steps, I’ll take a look at some of the other elements of Instant Income From Home that you might want to be aware of.

Instant Income From Home Sales Process And Affiliate Promotion

Step 1.

I searched Google for Instant Income From Home:

Instant Income From Home Step 1

Step 2.

I clicked on the listing and was taken to this page:

Instant Income From Home Step 2

Step 3.

The top banner wasn’t clickable. But the fake form banner was, so I clicked on that and was taken to a page that claimed I could be making money within 5 minutes. Unfortunately, it took me longer than 5 minutes to record the full video, so I guess I blew my chance to make that money within 5 minutes. ;-)

Instant Income From Home Step 3

Step 4.

There was a form at the bottom of the above page asking for my email. Instead of putting my email into the form, I just clicked on it and was taken to a page that told me there were only 2 positions left (there’s almost always only 2 positions left on these things). And then I was taken to a page that told me:


Instant Income From Home Step 4


These types of sites love claiming that you’ll get a guaranteed home job (you won’t) and they also love the number 379.


The second page of Instant Income From Home has big red flags – the biggest one is the fact that the site is using testimonials from an old Federal Trade Commission complaint against another company!

First take a look at this testimonial from the FTC complaint “Federal Trade Commission vs. Make You Famous Consulting”:

Got Me Fired From FTC Site

Next, take a look at the image below which shows one of the Instant Income From Home testimonials on the left and the testimonial from the old FTC complaint on the right. I think that will tell you all you need to know about Instant Income From Home


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  1. Freida Cotton says

    I am constantly getting these request. They always say “this Free” and after watching the same ole video with some jerk showing you all the checks he gets and his fancy car. It just goes on and on. So boring. I’ve watched my last video with jerks like that. So Good Luck to everyone out there that’s just trying to make some extra money!!

  2. says


    All I want to say is a huge THANK YOU for the excellent service you are giving us.

    Do you have any suggestions what I could do (I am in South Africa) to earn a fairly decent income on the net?

    What is a ‘decent’ income for me here in S.A.?

    Around $9,000.00 p.m. in my spare time would be great.

    Again, thanks a stack!!

    Love is the way I wlk in gratitude

    • says

      Errol, there’s no simple answer to that question. Any particular way you can make money – affiliate marketing, ecommerce selling your own product, using Amazon’s Fulfilled By Amazon program and many others COULD in some cases head towards that type of money over time, – but those same things could also lead you to going broke if you’re not careful. People starting out with the idea of making $9,000 per month spare time is exactly what scammers are looking for.

      There are all kinds of factors that come into play – your background, current skillsets, how much money you’re willing to risk (my advice is to risk AS LITTLE as possible starting out), and not the least of all, some elements of luck.

      I will be putting up a site that focuses just on the legimate ways to earn income. WorkAtHomeTruth, while it’s really hepful to many people, is also a monster of a site – with thousands and thousands of pages – and it can get confusing pretty fast.

  3. APJR says

    It’s amazing over what the culprit’s sneaky tactics are which continue to lure the unsuspecting. I am very grateful for the amount of research that goes into the work bringing us empirical clarity to these works at home opportunities to steal our money. I realize that if I had the chance to work from home it is going to be made available through my employer! Thank you very much Paul for all of your contributions.

  4. says

    I have had three to four calls within the last two weeks concerning making big money by contacting companies to get them to switch to cheaper terminals, and also for funding.

    Are you familiar with these types of jobs?

  5. Regina says

    I think that this method I use works to identify scams. If I see cable stations, magazines, or newspapers listed as endorsing the product or was seen on these communication items, I think they’re all scams. Please respond, Paul, because I do not want to make a comment that’s incorrect, and may steer people in the wrong direction. Thank you so much for your wonderful website!


  6. Eugene Garcia says

    Just got scammed by a company named Instant income from home. Cost me 99.00. I called and they refused to refund the amount.Blocked my bank account. Don’t think I can resolve the loss. They are very clever to take your money without guilt and refuse to refund it. Their trick is to offer the system for $99.00 and in my case, when I tried to leave the site, a popup offered it at a greatly reduced price. When I tried to leave the site, another popup now says I can get it for free. So stupidly I order it. Later I decided I was not interested and let it go since I didn’t authorize any payment. Statement comes from Bank with a $99.00 charge. I called them. It took long waits for help. In the end they refuse to refund. My total loss: $99.00+ $20.00/account blocked and changed+ aggravation.
    Lesson learned? Don’t waste your money and time.

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