Internet Payday Review Of Red Flags

I’m working on annoting a video I made of red flags in the Internet Payday sales process and will have that up sometime tomorrow. My guess is you will soon start seeing customer support people posting in the comments area of this blog. Some will tell you they aren’t here to “defend” the sales process. Others may try to do so.

Another prediction of mine is that within a couple months they will shut down the InternetPayday site and start a new one under a different name. Feel free to watch as everything about unfolds here right before your eyes.

In the meantime, you should know the following about Internet Payday:

1. Monthly charges for Internet Payday if you continue past the trial are $65.99/month.


Internet Payday Monthly Charges

Internet Payday Monthly Charges

Note: I enlarged them for this post. In the original post they are in a very small font and beneath a big red arrow pointing to the order form. Also, at the top of the page, Internet Payday states:

“Internet Payday Product Cost (Sign Up Today and Product Fees will be waived)”

In other words, Internet Payday doesn’t even mention that you are taking part in a trial offer in the most obvious place where they could mention that fact!

Charges show up as:

  • EBIZ PCKG 8669559132

2. The security seals uses on it’s order page aren’t clickable.

Internet Payday uses the following security seals on it’s order page

  • McAfee Secure
  • Verified Secured

However, those security seals aren’t clickable to the appropriate 3rd party verification site which makes them worthless.

3. InternetPayday Uses The Statement “Ads Seen On” and references the following companies:

  • CNN
  • USAToday
  • Twitter
  • FaceBook
  • Yahoo
  • eBay
  • YouTube
  • Bing

The problem is ANYBODY can place ads on those sites, so the whole statement is completely meaningless. In fact way down at the bottom of the Internet Payday page in really hard to read tiny print that you can see here:


Internet Payday Hard To Read Disclaimer

Internet Payday Hard To Read Disclaimer

I’ve reduced the size a bit, but the main problem isn’t the size – the main problem is the fact that Internet Payday is using black text on a brown background which makes the disclaimer extremely hard to read. Here’s an important part of what it actually says:

“This is an advertisement for a negative option program. You may be liable for payment of future goods and services under the terms of this offer if you fail to notify the supplier not to send the goods or services you have requested. Please review the terms of this offer carefully before ordering.”

If you don’t know what a negative option offer is…it’s an offer where you start getting automatically billed after the trial period.

If you have any experience with or questions about Internet Payday, please post in the comments section below.

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  1. Kris says

    How do you contact them???… I live in Australia and the phone number they say to call is invalid. I read their terms and conditions and it tells you to call… how can you call when the number is not real?

  2. says

    Thank you for this review, I wish I would of read this 2 hours ago. I signed up approx 1 1/2 hours ago. I did get ahold of them after being on hold for 15 min. Of course they wouldnt refund the $9.97 charge which I let her know was BS since it had only been an hour…but thankfully I cancelled and hopefully have no more charges..Thank you!

  3. says

    I find it funny all you people asking for refunds but NONE of you have actually stayed with the program and actually tried to make it work. More lazy people who think they can make money on the internet by simply pressing a button. I have news for you, you live in a dream world. Every industry requires work to see a profit, unfortunately Internet marketing requires more work than almost any job out there bacause you have to teach yourself and depend on trial and error. If you are too lazy to work maybe you should start praying. I am a professional IM (internet marketer) and I have used this program and others which were similar. The monthly fee of $65.99 is an investment which if you are not willing to make because nobody can promise you success then good luck finding whatever it is you seek. I have been marketing for 9 years and anybody who thinks this way will not be in the business for more than a year or so and will waist tons of time and money only to figure out they are way to lazy and unwilling to take any risk, even when that risk is a measly $65/month. These people don’t see what an investment is nor are they ever willing to invest in themselves. For those of you who are resembling these characteristics just quit while your ahead. Also, don’t say I work for this company Internet Payday because I can prove to you I don’t, just go to one of my many sites to see I’m just a regular guy who makes a living on the internet following programs just like this one. This particular one will not make you tons in the beginning no, but like I said it’s an investment and you will not regret it if you follow and persistently move forward. That goes for everything you do in this business so get used to it if you plan on sticking around..
    Good Luck! :-)
    Joe Connor

    • says

      You guys can listen to Joseph or you can listen to the guy (me) who worked with the FTC on the In Deep Services case to shut down one of the top 100 spammers in the country.

      Let me start by saying, that I’ve reviewed the site that Joseph links to and it almost looks like he’s running a ponzi scheme and possibly violates both PayPal and Craigslist Terms Of Service. I don’t want to jump to conclusions without doing further research, so I’ll give everyone an update after I talk to Lyndell at Eagle Research & Associates (you can read more about his organization later in this comment) and do further research on my own.

      You can listen to Joseph or you can listen to the guy (me) who provided extensive documentation at Federal Law Enforcement’s request on A Huge Cross Border scam (that’s only partial documentation) that eventually was shut down.

      You can believe Joseph, or you can believe the guy how provides documentation for Federal Law Enforcement on a regular basis to Eagle Research Associates, an organization that works with numerous assigned Federal Law Enforcent Agents and was instrumental in shutting down numerous large dollar frauds, including the nearly 1 Billion dollar Pedro Dispenza/Peter Roo/Helen Potman Roor scam.

      It’s clear that Joseph has no idea what he’s talking about or he wouldn’t have given you advice that WILL lead you into losing not only time, but money…and possibly a HUGE amount of money.

      In case you’re not convinced and still want to buy into Joseph’s nonsense, here are the results of a few other debates I’ve engaged in:

      Here’s a VERY short list of the outcomes of other “debates” I’ve engaged in:

      Of course, the most bizarre part of Joseph’s comment is that I went to his site and he’s using a testimonial that violates the FTC No Safe Harbor Guidelines which state:

      “the use of a disclaimer such as “results not typical” is no longer a safe harbor for the claims made in testimonials. Third, while you may use atypical or best-case testimonials, if you do, you should clearly and conspicuously disclose the generally expected results consumers can expect in the depicted circumstances. Of course, the best practice, and the less risky practice, is to use testimonials that actually reflect what your product or services is likely to deliver. In other words, rather than run ads that give with one hand but take away with the other, it would be better for your ads to give a clear picture of the results a consumer will actually get.”

      Not only, must you disclose the generally expected results…but you have to have the proof to back up your claim of generally expected results. Looks like following Joseph’s advice could be a financially dangerous move on many levels.

      Still laughing, Joseph?

    • Keiden Troy says

      These people who are having problems are NOT lazy Joseph, and SHAME ON YOU for thinking that way! These are just people who are trying to get just that little bit more income in their homes for their families and and are on very tight budgets as it is what with the recession still continuing to affect the whole world and you are saying that they are dumb and lazy! That’s okay for you to say as you are a “Professional” and have had more experience than most of us here, if you think that you are so “on-to-it” in regards to internet marketing such as this Internet Payday, and are so adament about how it TRUELY works, then please….enlighten us so that you can share you great knowledge on this matter.

      p.s: you spelt waste wrong…:P

    • says

      Its ppl like you who are discouraging! I don’t think anyone who signed up with this company is lazy, they are trying out something to help themselves! It IS a bunch of crap involved here! they said 9.97, then add 75.75, then add 49.95, even more if you take advantage of all the other stuff they throw at ya, you can’t even go to the next page unless you pull out your credit card! Good for you that you been doing whatever for however many years you’ve been doing it, the rest of us are trying to get there too, we are not there because we are lazy! they send you through so many steps that some of us need help, bottom line we are not lazy, we did’t expect it was going to be push button easy, we did’t think it would be this hard and costly since some of us are broke and don’t know all the jargons of computering!!! have a little compassion for folks, we don’t need this!!!

    • says

      In response to Joseph Connor, maybe the rest of us lazy folk are not as computer saavy like the great Mr. Connor!!!! Has nothing to do with laziness!!

    • Joe says

      Internet Payday IS A SCAM!!!! I signed up and found that four days later Internet Payday deducted £65.99 from my account…!!! And I’m not the only one who’s had this happen to. Since being ripped off by James Franklin and Internet Payday I’ve done some research online and have had many, many talks with other people who have also had £65.99 deducted from their accounts only a few days after signing up!!!

    • farmerbrown says

      It’s out of principal that I cancelleed because they say have this for free and have have that fro free.

      At the end of the day you can spend hundreds of ££££££££££££ before you have started. To top it off you then get pushed onto other companies trying to sell you stuff suppossed to dealing with one company. Nothing is free after all

  4. mark says

    I was interested when I came across adds for payday sure I was. But the first thing I did was google for reviews about them before I signed up to it, as I do for anything I buy from the web and I recommend everyone do the same. Joseph makes some good points though, nothing comes that easy and hard work is the name of any game. Heck if it really was that easy we would all be doing it!
    Keep your hands in your pockets and stay safe folks.

  5. Teresa says

    Ive just signed up to this and as soon as i did alarm bells started ringing! hence my reason for googling and reading the reviews about Internet Payday.

    They have taken the money off my account but i have recieved no “instant access” which i guess would have been an email?

    Whats the best way for me to stop any more money coming off my account from these people please? I dont mind paying for a service or product that i actually recieve but like i said ive recieved nothing.


  6. says

    I strongly object to Joe Conners reply and the tone of it, I have worked all my life and been self employed for 25 years so I know what hard work and effort are, I am now disabled and retiredand looking to make a little cash toease the way, I am new to computers also, only learned after becoming disabled, I googled this so called venture and recieved a red flag, so I looked further , and found this excellent site warning me off the alleged money making idea, I am not a marketing expert like Joe Connor who has no doubt scammed loads of people to obtain his status, any one who can defend this kind of scam must be a scammer themselves, $65 might be buttons to him, but to me and those in my position, it is a large chunk of my pension, and I get very annoyed when scum try to rip me off by concealing the true state of affairs, keep up the good work buddy, expose them all, excellent webpage.

    Best regards

    Bob Grimes

  7. Courtney says

    I’m looking into making a few extra bucks to just ease the tension. The job I work at currently does not allow me to get a second part time job(due to the hours I work). Is there anything on the internet that I could do to make a few extra bucks. If so I would love to find out about them. So any information you could give me or steer me in the right direction would be fantastic.

    Thank you

    • Jennifer says

      Hi Courtney,

      I’m not sure if you’re still paying attention to this page months later, but I’ve done online surveys. I’m not sure what you consider “a few extra bucks”, but that’s quite honestly what you can make each month. If you’re married with kids you’ll usually get sent more surveys to do.

      If you can catch Pinecone Research when their enrollment is open they’ll send you short household question surveys every so often to see if you can qualify for future studies. When a study comes up you can get $3 for it either by check or paypal. I had to email them to request it be switched to paypal. You also have a higher chance to product test with them, and you do a follow-up survey which will be worth another $3.

      MySurvey is another good one. They give you points for taking their surveys and you can cash out when you hit certain levels. It takes more points for a check than it does for paypal ($10, $15, or $20).

      Toluna is alright, though I have been sent a few surveys that I haven’t even qualified for and their point cap to cash out for money ($20) is a bit higher so it’ll take longer.

      Synovate is another. These guys will give you at least some points even if you don’t qualify for a survey just because you went through the effort. Cashwise they only pay by checks in increments of $5.

      Opinion Outpost is ok. I’ve had problems with being sent surveys I don’t qualify for with them too though. On average, taking 10 surveys that you qualify for will get you up to their minimum $10 amount to cash out through paypal though.

      Anyways…hope this helps and you can get a little extra coming in. I know how hard it is. Hang in there,

  8. Monica Cook says

    I put this website address in the “Other” dialogue box on the “Report This Ad” option on Facebook. Glad I came here.

  9. Sarah says

    I’m glad I checked here. I decided to click on the add because it opened up with, “a Castro Valley mom makes $$$$ from home…..”. Well I’m in Castro Valley, so laughing to myself I thought well maybe I can track her Down and get the facts! Then I got to the page, they’re selling it for 4.97 now and the timer a was counting down……so I closed it up and googled Internet payday. GLAD I DID. Soon as I saw the Timer threatening me my spot was going going gone…….I was suspicious. THANX

  10. says

    I am very glad I googled this before I paid for it. Sounded too good to be true, I guess I was right.
    You’re a true hero for exposing these sites and making the facts available to near-victims around the world.
    Many thanks,

  11. Ralph says

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for the painstaking effort to keep us informed about this business. We need more selfless people like you who care enough to help make people make infomed decisions. God Bless

  12. Staci says

    I just paid the $4.97 fee, thinking that at that price I could give this a try, and while I was reading my new instructions online about 2 minutes later, I received a call saying there might have been credit card fraud consisting of the $4.97 fee and another fee from the same place of $48.50. The credit card company gave me the phone number to call and cancel (which is different from the one on the Internet Payday website), and I have been on hold for about 20 minutes and am guessing I’ll never get through. This is very aggravating! I never charged anything else. I did read that in 7 days I would owe a monthly fee of $65, and I was okay with that if the program works, but now I think it’s a scam! Wish me luck on cancelling.

  13. Ashlee says

    Thanks for this! I’m a college student and finding part-time work now is super hard. I work with computers, so you’d think I’d be immune to Internet scamps at this point… but when you need money you don’t usually think very clearly. Guess they’re banking on that.

    The only thing that tipped me off was the way they included Google in this promotional ad they sent me in an email. It was weird, like they were saying that they worked for Google. Although I would’ve done my research anyway, that weird sense I got from that ad made me resolute about not signing up until I got some hard evidence that this wasn’t a lie. And surprise, surprise… totally was a lie.

  14. renegade47 says

    Thanks to Paul Schlegel for opening our eyes to the scams that are out there on the internet today. Man luckily I did some research first because I was going to sign up!! I think we should try to fully understand what this man is teaching and showing us about what we need to know before all of us start jumping into a pot of hot boiling water. I know we all need money to live but we need to do some research first before signing up for anything. I recommend that you all watch the Video that Paul provided us as a how-to tutorial based on Internet marketing by Michael.S Brown that is very understanding for people who don’t know, but are willing to find out the truth. I believe what surprised us all was people making big money in such a sort time; especially that lady from Wellington (the Capital of NZ) making $6000 to $8000 per month (roughly), wouldn’t it be nice for her to show us in detail how she made all that money? Well, she definitely will not tell or speak about these details, so you have to find out for your self; so you fill out the form, pay the low fee and without warning you also end up paying the mouthy fee before you receive your kit (that’s if you even get it!) to start your marketing business and already problems start occur. So you try and contact them, and wait for a reply, but then you get no reply and you start panicking because you gave them your credit card details and you get stung for more than you bargained for a second time without your knowledge.

    Not only does the above apply, but as Paul has so kindly pointed out that this “Internet Payday” also falsely advertises itself/hides crucial information in plain sight so that all you are interest in is the sign up form.
    In reality people like this woman in NZ are paid large sums just to appear in the advertisements of these big internet moguls! So don’t be fooled, if it sounds too good to be true…then it IS too good to be true!!!

  15. Emerita Shaw says

    Thank you so much Paul Schlegel, you are a God sent person to me! I received the offer early this morning and didn’t realize that it was a trial offer until I found this site with the information you provided. Thanks to you, I was able to cancel it before being charged the $65 something. There went my $10 because ofcourse that was non-refundable but that was definitely better than the higher charge that was on it’s way without my knowledge. Thank you again so much, God bless you!!!

  16. Agnes says

    Hi Paul, u r certainly a ‘God send’ as u saved me big time with your review. God bless u. By the way, just wondering if u can help find out if this particular website and company is legit in selling replica designer handbags?
    would love your advice. Thankyou.

    • Jan says

      Hi I just signed up SORRY ME and they took out 4.97 3 TIMES !!! I was mad so I called the company and he said call back in 24 hours. It is an overseas company and NOW they have my Card number. I am so mad i AM SPITTING NAILS !!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Doreen says

    Thank you very much for this informative post. When I saw the link and the wall street article that included Fantasia, I almost fell for the hype. This post saved me from passing it on to friends I know who are unemployed and causing them to get scammed out of what little money they have. May God bless you for your informative posts, and please: keep up the good work!!

  18. says

    WOW! Thanks for posting this info!… I am on several lists and get information all the time about IM and money making products and I use the free stuff to figure it out on my own. Had this one sent to me under the name of www getpaid123 and it talked about ZNZ and how you can get paid for referrals. The video is snazzy and it seems like he is telling you exactly how this works and I researched it on warriorforum too but they only had positive reviews and that was a RED FLAG. I know no matter how great a product is, there is always someone who has something to say about it that makes you think for a moment and I didn’t see any there. I got suspicious when they asked for a credit card – they should only ask where to send my payments if it was legit – not my credit card so that’s when I backed out. Thank you so much for posting. I’m going to keep your blog on my favorite list from now on.

  19. Wendy says

    Thank you so much for the info on this scam.. Although the charge for the Internet Payday System that I was looking at said this
    “To access your website, a nominal charge of $1.95 USD is needed for us to know that you are a real person. Upon payment, you’ll receive instant access to your very own website for a 5-day trial-enrollment. After your trial-enrollment expires, in order to keep your website active and available on the internet, you agree that your card will be charged $29.95 per month for hosting and maintenance. There are no hidden fees and no long-term contracts. You may cancel anytime simply by calling our office toll-free at (888) 230-7531.”

    I am so glad that I looked into this before signing up.. just goes to show the old saying “If it seems too god to be true then it probably is”

    Thanks you so much Paul for the info!!

  20. says

    I am a very recently single mother who has only a part time job to support my child,my mom sent me this link for making money at home because of day care cost and thought it would be a good thing for me to make money and stay home,my husband walked out on us two weeks ago and im looking for something that i can do to make money and stay at home. if anyone knows of anything that is not a scam please let me know,the second i clicked on the link for this not even 5minutes later i got a phone call asking why i didn’t complete the application that sent alarm bells off.
    Thank you so much for giving me the information on this site i honestly Dont have the money to lose right now on a scam nor the time to try and deal with my credit card fraud.

  21. Tracey in UK says

    I eagerly signed up for £4.97. A week later they took £65.99…. for what i dont know!!??

    It didnt even occur to me there was no contact number and I wish i’d not been so desperate and had taken the time to check what others are saying

    Keep up the truthtelling people.

  22. Tanea Drake says

    I would just like to know if you know of any ‘work at home’ sites which are not a scam. I am attempting to find a way in which to create extra income to pay for my studies and I would appreciate any information and advice you can give me. Thank you.

  23. james cox says

    thank you so much for the enlightment on this scam they worked real heard at making it look so legitimate,such a let down.I was so ready to sign up,but was still skeptical,.I was putting in key word when I l was fortunately came across this sight.thanks so many other said in comments ,lots of us are needing extra cash.Im not computer savvy,but working at it.I have owned my own businesses ,I have many trade skills which ran me into the ground I am now looking on line for my next opportunity,to make some legitimate money on my computer.I have a physical disability Im not feels like Im starting all over ,learning something new in life.all this high tec new world my kids live in is easy for’s taught in school.Im three times there age and Im getting schooled,or scammed,Im trying to learn but man can it cost you if you push the wrong I know where to go to check things out if I have any red flag’s…thanks again.jim cox

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