Is Niche Blitzkrieg A Scam?

Hi Paul,I was been scammed into something that seems very similar to what is promised by the Niche Blitzkreig program. Too much of what Michael Brown promises sounds pretty iffy to me. Set up a website in a couple of hours and drive traffic to it for free? In what universe? Without advertising or SEO programs or pay per click? Sounds a bit too good to be true. And why on earth would people want to visit a website slapped together with no meaningful content, or stale one-off content, in the first place? Just providing fresh content for a website that people in the real world visit is a full time job. Can you address my concerns?Thanks,David

Hi, did you watch the video here? Michael covers the fact that it takes time and work. He does say you can get your site up and running quickly. He doesn't say you'll make money quickly. I'm curious about where you saw that. Can you show me where he said you'll start getting traffic and money quickly? I've never heard anybody say that before.

Also, what was the other product?

You might want to look at this Work At Home Jobs page which has a list of sites that provide telecommuting leads.

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