New Online Incomes Review Of Red Flags

New Online Incomes Warning12/19/2011 New Online Incomes Update:


This is an update to the New Online Incomes warning. I believe that New Online Incomes is about to flood the internet THIS WEEK – the week of 12/20/2011 – 12/27/2011 with their very questionable product.

So you’re prepared for the onslaught of this turkey, make sure you take a look at the following red flags – ESPECIALLY Red Flag #9) which many of you now know is the type of red flag that signals you may be being set up to lose hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

New Online Incomes Red Flags

New Online Incomes Red Flag #1)

New Online Incomes professes it’s possible to bring about “Make money and change your life NOW! Within 5 minutes you could be making up to $87 an hour and work from the comfort of your own home!”. That’s a entirely arbitrary, made up amount because profits develop from sales and they have little if any idea specifically what goods you’ll end up promoting or simply those items’ commission amounts.

New Online Incomes Red Flag #2)

Like many other questionable opportunities before it, one of the statements the site makes is “Work From Home Opportunities Have Been Featured On” – that’s a statement which is meaningless given that that doesn’t necessarily indicate that statement has a single thing with regards to New Online Incomes. You’ll find it applying the below trademarks:

  • Fox News
  • USAToday
  • abc
  • CNN

New Online Incomes Red Flag #3)

New Online Incomes is using a video clip right from NBC that is quite simply about “work from home” in general and not actually associated with

New Online Incomes Red Flag #4)

The upper portion of tells you the creator’s name is Diana Thompson.

Diana from New Online Incomes also happens to double as a stock photo here.

New Online Incomes Red Flag #5)

Declaration that “If You Can Spare 60 Minutes A Day, We Can Offer You A Certified, Proven Work From Home Opportunity To Make Up To $379 Per Day!” Specifically what is that dependant on?

New Online Incomes Red Flag #6)

Usage of alternative testimonial footage. NewOnlineIncomes claims inside their disclaimers at the bottom:

“For purpose of family privacy, testimonial pictures have been adapted and results may vary.”

Although testimonails from others that are at may be reliable, you really should keep in mind that a great many web pages started using this language for the reason that were being outed via Federal Law Enforcement and client protection websites for implementing stock photos within their past customer testimonials.

New Online Incomes Red Flag #7)

Using paid for testimonials.

“All testimonials have been remunerated.” also makes the bizarre disclaimer, “± Images have been remunerated and are not common.”

I can’t even begin to imagine what that’s supposed to mean.

New Online Incomes Red Flag #8)

The following seals that appear on the order page are not clickable:

  • Verisign
  • McAfee Secure
  • Hackersafe
  • GeoTrust

Non-Clickable security seals happen to be worthless.

New Online Incomes Red Flag #9)

New Online Incomes says that you receive You’ll get a free one-on-one phone consultation with a Search Engine Agent Advisor to discuss your individual goals and map out and ensure your quick path to financial success.

More often than not this sort of no cost “Advice” is employed as a tactic to allow them to get you to talk to a sales person that will try to push you into spending money on higher priced options you never actually need or just are of doubtful caliber.

Other Notes:
Shills for the New Online Incomes company – stop posting in the comments section. Your comments are obvious.

Those are things to consider I strongly strongly recommend you give consideration to whenever trying to make a decision regarding this product.

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  1. Landra says

    I signed up for New Online Incomes and mainly did so because it was supposedly featured on TV. I have signed up and never heard from them. Wish I would have read this before doing so.

    • Wendy says

      If you signed up and did not hear from them, did you get your money back? You know, the “personal 30 day Ironclad satisfaction Guarantee”???? I was seriously considering signing up, but now I am glad I saw this.

    • Megan says

      I feel like such a sucker! I was just about to go find my card to buy the program. Im so glad I googled this crap. I knew it was fishy but money is such a mind clouder and they know that! The only reason I even saw ‘Diana Thompsons’ program is because they posed as a friend of mines email address. I opened the email from my ‘friend’ and it said…”i tried it and it worked”, with a link to Total scam. I know better. Guess I just have to make money the good old fashion way and earn it. 2 hours a day to post links did sound pretty nice… sigh.

  2. Juanita says

    TOTAL FRAUD!!!! They have ignored ALL my requests for a full refund. All I get is programmed messages that my email was received and my request is “under review” by their suppor staff. Lesson learned! And I’m with you Landra….. I know better but did not check out the reviews before I went forward with it.

    • Lucy says

      I am considering an online business, but there are so many different businesses and they do give their names such as Diana Thompson, Michael S. Brown, Michelle Owens, Sarah Johnson, etc. Are they real? Who do you believe? Any advice on any legitimate online businesses.

      • says


        If the names you are presenting are the ones I’m familiar with, I can tell you this:
        – Sarah Johnson is made up
        – Michelle Owens is made up
        – I’ve never heard of Diana Thompson. Where did you see that name?

        Michael S. Brown is a real person.

  3. Teresa says

    I am SO glad I read this! I was just getting ready to put in the credit card info and thought to google them and I found this site! THANK GOD!

      • Brent says

        Me too. Seen an ad purported to feature agirl from the same home town as me working from her home making fabulous amounts. Thought I’d see what it was all about. Saved me a $100.

  4. Terry says

    I actually came across and was very curious about it. I read all the posting and everyone seems to love the program, which got me even more curious. So i post something on their comment section, as soon as I click refresh, my comment was gone. At that point, I knew something’s fishy about their program. Trust your instinct, dig around, research before you sign up for these stuff.

  5. Peter says

    Thanks, Terry. You did what I contemplated doing, before I decided to check independent reviews first. Basically, the offer seemed too good to be true. That’s a lot of money to make doing, well, what, exactly, that has remained as an undiscovered niche (because if it wasn’t undiscovered, it would have become overpopoulated long ago). I figured if I could post a negative review, perhaps they were legit, if not, which you have proved is the case, then nope, nothin’ doin’. Thanks, all of those who posted here, this is where the web is a real helper. I’ve been burned before, and now ALWAYS check independent feedback, including on infomercials (the majority of which are scams, just junk, or both, but some of which are real).

  6. Eddie says

    Thanks for the info. I visited this website the right time as I was planning to sign up for New Online Incomes. Definitely, I’m not going for it.

  7. Darcie says

    I was gonna sign up for new online incomes also, untill my dad told me to google it, now im glad i did….. I want to try the one with Michael Brown, does anybody know about it or if it is hard?

  8. vicki says

    yes I too got an email about this site..and too good to be true can hurt you. They make it seem so good and what can you lose if you sign up, but any money you lose that you put in is not fair. How can these websites be legal? Scamming is so common now, who can you believe? Thanks for this site and to read all these comments makes me feel good to not sign up

  9. Cesar says

    I just tried to leave an honest comment in this website and submitted it, at first my comments shows up in there, but later when I refresh the website my comments are gone.
    It really looks that this kind of business are totally SCAMS.

      • Beverly says

        I was trying to sell a stove on craigslist and the person said they loved it and wanted to buy it. When I got back to her, she said, oh I just had a car accident, good thing I work for New Online Incomes, you should try it. I decided to Google it first, and found this. When ever they want my money first, I say forget that!

  10. Susana Zarruk says

    I am glad I google this company and read all reviews, and all were so helpful. I am glad of not taking this offer. It seemed to be so good. I will appreciate if anyone can recommend a reliable website. God bless you!

    • Jamie says

      Anytime I look into any websites( or really any product/person/business at all), I always google and check reviews. Businesses always get checked out on the BBB website. Even hotels etc. People are really crappy in the world these days. Good luck to all you guys :)
      Dont forget, when u find these bogus websites & businesses, take time to report them. On the BBB website and anywhere else you can. Report bad businesses there too. More people need to be held responsible for their actions and learn to treat people right and do their jobs right and with honor. You dont hafta screw people over to make a living.

      • says

        BBB, is great for checking complaints, but as many people have finally found out a complete fraud when it comes to their rating system. Myself and many others have warned people about BBB rating fraud for years…finally it’s been completely outed:

        There have been several other exposes about the BBB rating system, but this is the first news story that people seem to be taking seriously.

        • Andrea says

          My Red Flag was that THIS offer was just TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Don’t do it! Run from it. I almost got sucked in.

        • says

          I think they have changed the name to Freedom Agency Online.I came across this offer to work from home yesterday and was super excited at the chance to be able to work again. The first red flag for me was having to pay anything for a job!! Still trying to be hopeful, I continued to look into the process , even going to the BBB site (where there were no negative comments). As a last effort to not be scammed for my last few dollars I simply searched the name given and BOOM-I found this site. From a mother of four who has no money to waste…THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this site.

    • Teresa says

      Good Catch! You cant have the same check number! What an idiot whoever did the advertising. I was sent this email by a friend and I guess hes not a real friend but I was very interested at first but then as I do with everything, I googled it and found nothing but bad reports on it! The site I was brought to is :

      It definitely sounded too good to be true! Being laid off since July of 2011 though it has been tough and that is who they prey upon…people who are desperate and dont know any better…wow, they get $97.00 so if they get that amount from 90 people, that alone is $8,730 bucks and thats only 90 people so imagine they suck thousands into this scam? OMG!

  11. says

    So glad I googled this company. My sister-in-law’s heart was in the right place when she sent me the link to New Online Incomes, but after looking it over I figured it was too good to be true. They should be ashamed of themselves, preying on people who legitimately want to work :(, and basically stealing their money.

  12. Gloria says

    Unfortunately I found this info too late. Luckily I only paid $29 but I will try for a refund. Changed all my account info because I don’t trust them at all

  13. Tgab26 says

    Just as I was about to enter my credit card info, I happened to see “Disclaimers”on the bottom of the page. (every fiber of my being was saying, no, no, don’t do it, so I was really looking for a reason not to!) I clicked on the disclaimers link, and it basically states right out loud that it’s a scam; “not typical results” “it’s all in what you put into it”, etc, etc. So then I googled it and landed here. Oh, and every time I tried to navigate away from their page they’d offer me a lower rate! Scam-Scam-BOGUS! I agree with the person above, they should be ashamed of themselves! In this time of crisis for so many people! Carrion….

  14. Mark Swaim says

    Is there any way to find out where these people reside and criminally punish them for scamming people? I sure would like to know how to trace them through their computer links. Anyone know how?

    Glad I read this article first. The advertisement I read was about Kelly Richards-mother-looking for a job-in Winston Salem NC. I looked at the white pages phone book and there was a Kelly Richards-actually about 7-and 4 in other states listed. But only one 1 in W-S. Is she the same one? Who knows? I’m not going to call her and harass her!-Not after reading all these negative reviews!

    • Violet says

      They use your location and tailor the webpage to you. When I came across the site, Kelly Richards just happened to live in Martinsburg, WV, which is the closest ‘city’ to me. Imagine that. So no, don’t bother trying to contact the one who lives in your area. It’s just a name they use because it’s common and they know it’s likely that when someone searches for it, like you did, there’s a good chance of someone with that name living in the area and that helps legitimize it for many people.

  15. Andrea says

    Is there any work from home – internet based – jobs out there that are NOT SCAMS? I really wish I could find something that would actually be REAL… Really tired of all the SCAMMING!

    If anyone knows of a work from home job let me know.


  16. Frankiewrench says

    WOW!!! After going over the presentation, I also was about to get the credit card fired up and then I thought twice and used google and find this web site. To Google and the sight owner, BRAVO. I never tried these work at home jobs ’cause it sounded too good to be true. Now this web site should prove to all that (If it sounds to be too good to be true; It probably isn’t.)

  17. says

    I’ve gone over this site twice ( I always search for companies on (Better Business Bureau) just to check them out. Even if a company is not an affilliate of the BBB, usually their information still comes up. I find it funny that their URL could not even be found. If a company is truly legitimate, why should we have to guess the address? Why would they not have a published phone number. It is truly sad that you can’t find any legitimate “work from home” business that are not scams. In hard times like this, where it’s hard to find a job, gas prices are rising and other issues exist, things like this are just sinister. It really is a shame. It truly makes you wonder where greed will take people.

  18. says

    I have been trying for years and the information that the site gives to follow is correct, and as long as you actually do the work you will make something, I made a little with each program out there, and this one is complete, but more importantly if i could do it over, i would qualify for their success team and not spend the thousands learning on my own. this site promotes its own work at home program by discrediting others, now that is a scam.

    • says

      I’m leaving Joe’s comment so people can see how what’s called the “shilling game” is played (basically, it’s damage-control). My friend Lynn Edgington that I talk to daily and who works with numerous Assigned Federal Agents covers it brilliantly in his book “Robbing You With A Keyboard Instead Of A Gun” (I contributed the section on work at home scams to the book). His analysis in the book relates to ponzi schemes, but it’s similar in the home business/business opportunity arena as well.

      I’ve been down this road many times before and it’s often ended up with an organization that starts with an F, has 3 letters, and ends with a C.

      The shill has two options:
      1. Engage in debate about the warnings.
      2. Use redirection to try to take readers eyes off the issues/warnings.

      Obviously, debating the facts isn’t a good choice for the shill, because they know their on the losing end. Thus, the only real choice for them is to try to use redirection/deflection.

      The most direct/easy method of redirection is to call the person doing the warning a “nay-sayer” and someone who doesn’t have a “positive attitude” or “doesn’t understand the full picture” (very similar to cult tactics).

      Another big redirection/deflection plays run by a shill is to claim that a person is running a scam by discrediting that person – rather than addressing the issues that are brought up in the warning or finding out the past history of that person’s warnings (for example, I provided extensive documentation to the FTC and worked with them directly to take down one of the top 100 spammers in the world in this case – and I provided extensive documentation on a massive cross-border business opportunity scam to the Secret Service at their request).

      Of course, joe. If you want to debate the facts of the warning, you might want to take a look at some of the results of other “debates” I’ve engaged in in the past:

      Here’s a VERY short list of the outcomes of just a few of the other “debates” I’ve engaged in:

  19. says

    Yes, Michael S. Brown is a real person and is connected to Niche Blitzkrieg. I joined this program and it is not a scam. It teaches you Internet Marketing in a very simple way and is not a get rich (too good to believe) scheme. They will tell you right up front that it takes hard work to be successful at this, but it can be done. And the support you get from the forums is great. One of the few legit offers.

    • Charles Gamble says

      Hi Sheila:

      I am thinking about doing the Niche Blizkrieg program. Is it really that difficult? Are you making good money?

  20. NO SUCKER HERE says


  21. Tammie says

    I live in Sonora Ca. If you look at the check to Kelly the address that is blocked out does not look right. The first line under her name would be her addres the second should just be Sonora CA with the zip, But it looks like there are several more words blocked. Glad I checked further on this first.

    • stephanie says

      I saw new online incomes and looked it up and down just last night….Unfornationatly i spent $99.00 to join…but today I talk with a friend and she brung me here,MY LANDS HOW DO I GO ABOUT GETTING MY MONEY BACK,THE SAD THING IS I BORROWED IT AND HALF TO PAY IT BACK…PRAY FOR ME…..

  22. Tim says

    I took the plunge and paid $49. I obviously wasn’t sure if it was a scam or not, decided to give it a shot. After seeing this site decided to try and get a refund. Today, I called to get my refund. After being on hold for a few minutes, the lady on the line agreed to give me a refund without any problems. That was a surprise, based on the other comments here. I hope it goes through! I’ll give an update on the refund if and when it goes through…

  23. Monique says

    I had just made up my mind to sign on to New Online Income.They send so many messages to you, you begin to say, “Oh, I’ll just give it a try”. DON’T!! Diane and her”crew” are a SCAM!! Honest online jobs are out there, but you’ve got to be deligent in doing research and background checks FIRST. Stop thinking fast money is easy money.The only money that’s moving fast is off your credit card. Good luck everyone.

  24. says

    This company is deceitful and dishonest. Unfortuntely I’ve lost $99 because I read the article about this company in USA Today’s Newspaper and make the mistake of giving them $99 before checking them out further. I thought the large article in USA Today’s Newspaper would be a credible situation. I went to their website to find out more about them after giving them $99. When I cancelled out of their website they told me not to cancel they would sign me up for $79! When I then cancelled out of their website they told me not to cancel and they would sign my up for $59. So within 10 minnutes I lost $40 ! Then I went to the Internet and saw all of the negative comments about this company. So I contacted them and asked them to credit my $99 back to my account as I was not interested. They refused to do this. Their Customer Service said I have to be in their program for 20 days before they would consider refunding my $99! Their method of doing business should be illegal.

    • Kathy Bright says

      You need to contact your State Attorney General’s Office and you have the RIGHT to cancel anything within 3 days of contracts, not 20 days! I would call your Attorney General’s Office and dispute this company and tell them they are refusing the refund of your money, do not let this company intimidate you, you stand up for your rights! Stop giving them power and take it back. What you should have done, is called your bank and stopped payment to them!

  25. Linda says

    I was really considering joining up. My first “red flag” was the limited time to sign up. If they indeed work with multi-billion companies everyday, then the offer should be there everyday, or as long as there are positions to fill. What was BIZARRE is, after I read this page I hit the Back button to go back to New Online Incomes and it had disappeared. I wonder if someone there tracked me here to the thruth of the matter….LOL. I have been unemployed for a very long time…. how do these scammers sleep at night?

  26. Sirinart says

    Thank you for all of you. I almost sign up to Diana Thompson’s program, Luckily I google them first. I just want to make more money in my pocket and this program look very good, Yest that is too good to be true. Thank you all

  27. Michele says

    The devil is in the details! Scams can hide under other guises, such as in Craigs List.

    I responded to a Craigs List posting for a “comfy green sofa” that was taken but then the person offered the link saying she’s making money, her sister is signing up, and that there are limited spaces so she would appreciate I do not forward the link to anyone. Never did she/he offer a phone number. Doing research I found this and other websites revealing scam.

  28. Henry says

    I have read a lot of your comments and I really appreciate this info. What prompted me to do a little legwork was the 3rd offer that was made to me.
    I did purchase the program as well for $99 dollars and was very excited. I got a call from their one-on-one consultation, who mentioned to me that they could do this & that for maybe $5k-$10k up front and would see my return very soon; I told them if I had $5k or $10k that I wouldn’t be talking to them!!!! (make sense right??) But I had purchased the program and wanted to put my end of the work in to be fair to myself…. b/c nothing is free and there is some work b4 any $$ can be seen.
    So in my program was offered the signing up for free professionally built website if I signed up for the hosting company (brain host) which I did, I choose the cheapest plan of 6 months for I think $68 dollars… (very excited now, b/c this is all new to me, never did this before)
    and I recieved a free complimentary website builder ( membership; low and behold I received the info to build the site via email, all the follow ups, just came up with name and market of the site i was interested in, theme and they DID PUT ME TOGETHER A PROFESSIONALLY BUILT WEBSITE) that’s all mine!!!……. That proved true!!!
    I can go into my website at anytime & make changes but I don’t b/c I don’t know what I’m doing. But I have been learning how to slowing make changes like: adding ads to my website by going to the free tutorials provided from both website builders I received from the one ($99 NewOnlineIncones purchase & signinging up for the brain host hosting company) So I had to sign up for google Adsense (which is free) so I can post ads on my website!!! I very excited !!!! But here’s the thing, I only spent maybe $200-250 total on the whole thing & everything I did receive….. do the work that u paid for and it does work… But don’t be no fool, I’ve only spent $$$ I can afford to write off as a loss or r guaranteed to be refunded, which I was!!
    Anyone of u can write me personally if you like [email protected]
    I haven’t made $$ with my website yet b/c I just UNDERSTOOD it was an Infomation Website that was created for me w/ ads to be placed on it thru google Adsense; and now that I have applied to them, and waiting for their approval so I can start putting approved ads on my site, then I’ll see if some $$ comes from all of this!!!! But I HAVE NOT BEEN DISATIFIED AS OF YET, BUT I WASN’T ABOUT TO GIVE NOONE $5-10k dollars,…… LEARN TO BUILD IT YOURSELF, all they are doing is selling you Info you can learn to read for yourself to get into the business of Internet Marketing….. I really like it, but it does does take you learning how this business operate yourself, Not being a fool & give someone $$$thousands of dollars u don’t know, do research on everybody…… There is $$$ in the industry of Internet Marketing, but I believe u r going to make riches overnight from anything…
    My website is, u can check it out if u like…..

    What made me do some extra research on NewOnlineIncomes is I had another call from them w/ another offer but the rep didn’t want to send me any info on the proposal he mentioned to me which would be totally refundable in 12-18 months on a business line of credit after I used my own credit ( 10 days later it would be put on a business line of credit) so b4 I move forward, I wanted something in writing so I’ll know that who I was speaking to was real ……. when he didn’t want to do that, that’s when I look up more & got to this review site…… I will still do more research on this rep & the business if it turns out ok, I’ll proceed forward, but I say this, I have received nothing bad
    Now I continue to get emails from other program offers which I sift thru and see if they are legit …… pls do the research b/c if u don’t u will get burned, but b/c all of the offers come thru affiliates, YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY BACK, I have personally been refunded $192 dollars from one program I was disatified with.

    • says

      On the positive side, they did build your site with the Genesis Framework which is a very secure Theme.

      However, there is potentially a BIG problem with your site. I’m able to find the same content from your site on NUMEROUS other sites. Google HATES sites that don’t have original content. I haven’t checked your whole site yet, but if ALL of your content is the same as on other sites, then you’re site is likely to get banned by Adsense.

      If you want to avoid that, start writing your own original content, or paying others to write it. Make sure you understand principles of On-Page Search Engine Optimization when writing your articles, and also understand how to rank your site using principles of Off-Page Search Engine Optimization.

      You can test your current pages and future pages for free with Plagium

      • Henry says

        From Henry,
        You’ve got me thinking …. Even nothing bad has happen in my experience w/ New Onlines Income, I’m glad you r writing about them & especially mentioning to me that my site may have the same content as other sites. Now, is it better to just drop the site altogether or learn how to put my own content on it & redo the pages???
        B/c I really don’t want to get a bad name starting out by dealing w/a dishonest business such as New Onlines Income…… so I’m very much open to suggestions to get on the right track & do things the right way……… thanks so much for your feedback, glad there r still good & honest people out here !!!!!
        Keep doing what u do….. Thanks again

        • says

          Since you already have the site going I would start getting your own content on there to start out with – it won’t be a bad way to learn one piece of the puzzle. Then eventually you’ll want to start a site of your own from the ground up. That’s assuming they are teaching you how to optimize your pages for the search engines, do link building, along with other ways to drive traffic to your site.

  29. almost scammed says

    Wow! I also responded to an ad on Craigslist for a front desk receptionist and was told the position was taken,however, she has been working for New online Income and was making about $500 a week. Her sister was signing up that evening and that there were 3 positions available. She went as far to say for me not to tell her boss if I was ever called in for an interview. Glad I followed my gut and googled the site.

  30. Doug says

    Dang! I have been looking for an out from cube-land and was hoping this might be it. Guess not. has anyone found a legite on-line offering ???

  31. AN says

    Thanks to everyone who commented on this topic. I was just about to enter my payment information but my gut told me to check it out a bit more first. Does anyone know if they can use your name/number/email for spam etc. I hope not, but I did enter my name/email/number. It sounded too good to be true though I don’t doubt that there are legitimate online work from business I think it should be easier to look them up. I couldn’t find anything about Diane Thompson then I came across this reviews board and breathed a sigh of relief. Again THANK YOU all for sharing your experiences it’s comforting to know that I am not alone.

  32. says

    I did sign up and I received the same e-mail through craigslist about only having 3 positions left and making $500. I thought cool i’ll try it. I signed up and tried to use the site, but couldn’t figure it out. So I signed up with Brain Host to make a website for me, which cosed more $$$. I began to figure it was a scam and asked for my money back from Brain Host and they did so faithfully. However, New online Incomes will not give me my money back until I have used the site and kept an account for 20 days. So their 30 day money back guarantee is really a 10 day period, which was written in fine print in the terms and agreement. Needless to say I am awaiting my 20 days out to get my money back, which I really hope is going to happen. DO NOT USE NEW ONLINE INCOME IT IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. says

    THIS IS A RIP OFF…stupid me…did not check out complete until I was robbed of the money. They state a 30 day return which is nothing but a lie. I followed all the instructions listed…talked to ROBBIE on the phone and told me no record although I sent the email…talked to a live person within the time limit. WELL ROBBIE AND THE REST ARE SCAM ARTISTS AND THIEVES.


  34. says

    I am glad that I am reading all these reviews before I was going to make a choice to invest with them. In case that anyone can hepl me out in going and trying to locate this perosn who was the one that offer me this website from a sale ad that i had posted on craigslist. His name is Ying Berry and his email is [email protected]. If anyone can let me know if this was the same person who may have introduced this web page to you. If you know of any true sites that you go and work from please advise and let me know. Thanks for your help

  35. Mike says

    I think I actually talked to the woman in Austin who started all this. I live in Austin and here the website is really popular for selling and buying items, as well as finding odd jobs or workers for odd jobs etc. Well there is a section for people giving items away free, and someone posted about a computer desk which I needed, so I emailed about it. She told me I was the second person to email her by a matter of minutes and she felt bad, so she said “You know, if it’s any consolation, Ive been making very good money with this work at home program” and gave me the link.

    I dont know for sure if it was her or not, but apparently no body ACTUALLY makes money off this, they just take your money and never get back to you, so I am thinking that is how she makes that 8 grand a week, posting free stuff online then saying its been taken but for second place prize you get this secret, which is I take your money! lol

  36. Kathy Bright says

    Another idea when checking out a company. When you have their address, google it, and do a map search, then street view. You might be surprised what you might see. I have done this on many so called companies to find that they do not exist! One was a park, one was an apartment building, that supposedly had 100’s of employees, and 1 was an empty lot. So do your research people, you have the internet at your fingertips. Google is wonderfully useful in finding out information, or Bing is another that will help with being an online detective. Most will end up showing who the Scams are. And be nice enough to post if you find out a scammer, this way you are passing forward information to others so they aren’t put in the same positions you were and lose money too. I did find a legitamate online homebased job but I quit because of them cutting hours so badly. And they only hire from certain states. But they are legit. So they are out there, just keep looking and protect yourself. Happy Hunting!

  37. says

    Quality Financials,LLC is a scam. I signed up to do advertising for my website. I paid a lot of money and they will not help me as they promised. I have tried to get my money back but I cannot get to speak to anyone that is honest enought and polite enough to give me my money back. There was a 60 day money back quarantee and I have been trying for months to get my money./address of this company is Quality Financial Solutions, LLC 15685 N. Cave Creek Road STE 102, Phoenix, AZ 85032.

  38. Edward says

    Hi Paul.

    Thanks for the info. You can bet I am going to post this on Facebook for all my friends and family. Keep up the good work. For now on you will be known to me as the Watcher on the Net.

    Have a good day.

  39. mohanad ragheb says

    i think such dirty people must be chased and severely punched, just to save the money of innocent people who are struggling to work legally… alhumdullah i didn’t fall for it.

  40. Wei says

    I was curious just like everyone else so I went on their site. Everyone should try this and you’ll find out its a scam. Go to their site and then attempt to exit, then a offer will pop up for 50% off. Click stay, then a new window will pop up with the new price. Keep doing this and it’ll keep offering you a cheaper price for the package. LMFAO! It’s soooooo funny. Have fun! Happy holidays!

  41. says

    I bought the $99.00 deal – got a call from a completely different entity. The guy tried to get all my personal info under the guise of ‘trying to see if you will be one of our success stories’… I protested loudly – and he told me his…’financial history’ trying to get me to share my info with him. I told him he was nuts if he thought I bought his info – that he could well be a prisoner somewhere trying to get my info to sell, or to steal my identity.


  42. says

    Hi! Thanks for all the info and the posts. My question is, can’t scammers like this be tracked and caught??
    I guess it can be done. With all the technology around. There must be a place to denounce this type of theft.

  43. says

    Ok, so, right after posting my question I see this video on top about how to file complaints. Sorry about posting without taking a look at the whole site first. Great site!

  44. Karen says

    I don’t understand. All of you are complaining this is a scam. OK, I can see that it is, however those of you that signed up for it and weren’t able to get your money back or had to “stay in the program” for a specific time….. Did you try the program? Has anyone spent the money and actually TRIED this? I have seen ZERO comments explaining if anyone has actually received and used the kit. Anyone?…. ANYONE?

      • Karen says

        Oh wow. No. I’m not by any means a sales person. Quite frankly, I wish I was. Then I would have a job. I got laid off from a high paying job in November. I’m a single Mom looking for ANY work I can. My next step will be serving tables like I used to when I was 20. I’ve simply been doing the research as others are. I’d like to work from home, but at this point, I don’t think I will find what I’m looking for. It’s too bad…. I have a college degree, 8 years of experience in HR, and certifications I could wallpaper my living room with…. and yet, here I am. I didn’t mean to offend your site or any other individual. If anyone knows where there may be legitimate work online, please share.

  45. says

    Just read an article about New Income founder by Diana. All the comments are so good if i haven’t found this site im sure already sign up. Offer me at first $99, next 2 days $38 then today become $18+ …


  46. says

    one more thing I comment for everyone that, they need to google it first before they sign up…. but my comment never show up in the comment lists.. Totally SCAM…

  47. SERJ says

    I really happy that i googled this and found this site, was so close to pay, but something was fishy anyway about this, to good to be true. F***ing SCAMMERS!!!!

  48. says

    Thanks guys for your help, to good to be true, huh. I had recommended this Diana Thompson to a friend and was planning to suggest that my wife check it out as well. Praise God for friends like you!!!

  49. says

    This is the copyright notice at the bottom of the Freedom Agency Online’s web site.
    “Copyright © 2011 Freedom Agency Online™. All Rights Reserved”.
    It, along with almost every other “link” brings you back to the same page:
    It has a bunch of variations after the” .com/”, but they all lead tho the same page.
    This should be a huge red flag for anyone considering this, which I believe is a new name for” New online Incomes ” site.
    Even the links to their own fake “NEWS” website are fake, just more sales pitches! Of course the other links, like to real news sites are still dead.
    If you go there, good luck getting off the site!

  50. says

    Seems they are operating under the name of Home Cash System as well. I received an email from a trusted friend also containing the link. She didn’t send me the email, she had been hacked. This is the website I was taken to:

    It is a shame people spend so much effort into illegitimate business then legitimate ones. What kind of world will be left for our children? I shutter to think…

  51. Madam U. says

    This is just a total outrage! First of all, thankyou for taking the time to create this site and for being vigilant in catching these predators. THEY MAKE ME SICK! My fiancé sent me this link saying “you should do this” but I am always skeptical of buying a “system” to make money. So glad I Googled this person who is supposedly making all this dough.

    In these tough times, these crooks prey on people (like us) who are seeking another stream of income to make ends meets.


  52. says

    I should have know better. Name was Diana Thompson @ I am embarrased to say I was taken for $97.95. So I could make up to $15 for posting a link that only takes 5 minutes of my time. A thirty day ironclad money back guarantee. 22 pages of what sounded like the truth. And to top it off they sent it to me through a friends email. After not hearing from them for 3 days so I could get started on my “JOB” my husband typed in the name and that is how I got here. The rest is history. I hope I can get my money back from my credit card company.

  53. says

    What gets my goat is that New Online Income offers a 30 money back guarantee at any time. I called within 14 days and was told that I had to at least have the product for 20 days. Fine, I called back between 20 – 30 days, just so they can tell me I have to wait another month. For the last 3 days I have not received a call or a return email. So this is what I am going to do…take a copy of my emails to the bank and dispute the charges before 60 days lapse. I only wish that they can be reported to the FBI or anyone who investigates SCAMS!!!!

  54. BillBull says

    They all should be hung from the highest tree !!! These scumbags rob people of their hopes and dreams ! They get rich selling you B.S. information that may or may not work. They sell you crap that may had worked way back when the Internet was new. These people are living large and in beach front homes collect tons of money from around the world ripping people off. Hang them all !!!

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