1. Richard Goh says:

    I actually bought the Rich 16 Year Old and I think that it was worth the money. That’s my 2 cents.

    • I bought the Rich 16 Year Old and I thought it was worth the money. I also thought that it might not have been a 16 year old girl who did this by herself, but I thought it was a great marketing campaign. Alexa and the site ranked at 10,000, and to me that is doing very well. The site also gives you a lot of good information and ideas.

  2. Thanks, I’ll be avoiding that one :)

  3. Yeah, I’m glad I was skeptical enough to look closer into this one and found your report. Thanks! I too didn’t understand why “Carol” would blur our her own name from her “proof shots” if she’s already told us her name? That was the first red flag I saw as well. That’s actually why I found your report because I’ve been scammed before and saw too many mistakes made on “her” site…thanks again!

  4. I just wanted to say “thanks” for all the time you take to keep all of us safe. I know this has to be daunting to research all the scams out there on the net, And you know they are so very good at making it sound real and safe. I guess they call them “con men” for a reason.LOL. However, in this case I guess we would have to say “con lady?” At any rate “thanks.”



  5. Thanks, Peggy

    LOL. Yeh, “con lady” this time – although I’m pretty sure there are some men involved.

  6. Paul,
    thank you very much,also from me
    Because You do a great job for us

    Have a nice day

    worm regards

  7. Making a small niche website and promoting it with blogs and ezine
    articles seems to be the latest “secret” to getting rich on the internet.
    I must have seen 5 different gurus promoting this last week.
    Does this mean that this method is worn out or just about worn out
    and will have to much competition to be useful?

  8. Phil,

    I don’t think that’s much of a secret, but niche marketing is still HIGHLY viable, because there are SO many different niches, products and services within those niches and so many different keyword variations that people can be coming into each niche on.

    There is a lot of good training for that type of marketing. The training most of the people from WorkAtHomeTruth go to is the one covered in the video here:

    The reason I recommend that one is because of the outstanding support – there is a lot of good training, but what I’ve noticed is that just because the training is good doesn’t mean the support will be.

  9. Do you recommend Micheal Brown’s program over Chris Rempel’s ? All my research which started from your site indicates that Chris’s strategies could definitely turn a small amount of money into a proitable income.

  10. I am looking for a way to work at home from my computer. Although I don’t expect to “Get Rich Quick” I would like to be able to make a decent living at it. All I find is these companies that want you to pay an upfront fee. Now in my opinion that’s not an legit opportunity, rather a scam. Can you recommend a company that isn’t a rip-off?

    • Robert, you’re lumping every type of “work at home” opportunity into one statement. There are many different areas where charging a fee isn’t a scam at all.

      But first – the one area that IS a scam is if a JOB (a traditional type of JOB) charges a fee.

      The areas of working at home that involve fees that aren’t necessarily scams are:

      1) Training – i.e., there are systems where people or companies have spent a lot of time and resources to put together training and are spending REAL MONEY supporting that training and those resources. If you expect that to be free, I can’t really help you.

      However, one problem is MANY places charge WAY too much.

      2) Freelancing membership fees in places like Translator Cafe, Elance, and hundreds of others that charge a fee. They have developed complex systems to bring freelancers and those seeking freelancers together and to make transacting business safer and easier.

      3) Legitimate fee-based telecommuting jobs databases like HomeJobStop and here

      Homejob stop is listed as a telecommuting resource at the U.S. Department of State here

      Those places have expertise in weeding out scams and you are paying them to comb through thousands of leads to pinpoint the ones that are legit.

      I do show how to do that in Rules section here along with this free telecommuting tool here

  11. While this is unrelated to “scam” sites, I think those who are looking for jobs will find it interesting. After placing roughly 100 resumes online, I recently learned that employers are using software that scans resumes looking for “keywords”. If your resume doesn’t have these keywords, it doesn’t get read! Does anybody know what these keywords are? I find it to be a disturbing trend that employers are using affiliate marketing techniques to weed out applicants!

  12. I have two inquiries. One is Matt Benwell, Rapid Automated Income, the other is one i’ve seen on your page, The Rich Janitor, Mike Doughtery. Would like to start something to make money as soon as possible! Thanks for any information.

    • Gerald, do you mean you saw someone using Google to advertise the Rich Janitor on one of my pages? I don’t have much control over that as it’s done automatically through Google. I do have it on my list to look at though.

      Matt Benwell’s product is on the list to take a look at – but it will be a while – although the one thing that is bizarre on his sales page is he says “No Learning Involved”. I can’t even fathom what that could possibly mean – even if he has somehow designed the ultimate software where all you do is push magic buttons. You still have to “learn” how to PUSH the buttons.

      That being said, if you bought the basic product – there’s a downsell to $27 if you leave the page and it’s sold through ClickBank which means that getting a refund is easy if the product doesn’t live up to your expectations. Looks like there are a couple upsells, etc.

      I have instructions on how to get refunds on ClickBank products here:
      ClickBank refund instructions

      Sorry, I couldn’t be of much help on these two, Gerald.

  13. Paul,
    I don’t know how you fund your ‘investigative’ activities or what the payoff is for you , but your work is priceless for all of us easy catches.In less than six months I’ve learned a lot from you how to ‘cut thro the crap’ and see that there is also a lot of good on the ‘net.
    God bless you and yours.

  14. Paul, have you ever heard about a guy called Joshua shafron?
    He’s got a thing going on called ‘suck it liars’ that seems to be genuine, but he also has that thing you talk about where he ask’s you to donate some money.No pressure, perhaps to make you believe it’s a non profit making organisation, altho he freely admits to wanting to profit. I’d like to know your insights.
    yours, Mike

  15. Oh wow.

    I haven’t heard Joshua Shafron’s name in a LONG time. I don’t do much in MLM, but I remember reading an article by him years ago that I thought was incredibly smart.

    I haven’t really kept up with him, but I would imagine he’s probably gotten even smarter.

  16. Mike, I set up products through the WorkAtHomeTruth Store and have added advertising back. That helps a bit.

    Mostly I just am fascinated (and a bit obsessed) with investigating all this stuff – I can’t really explain why – and of course getting “thank yous” from people who don’t buy into a lot of the junk is extremely nice, too.

    It did take away from other projects initially, but now it seems to be manageable along with the projects in other markets.

  17. The first time I saw this website at Clickbank login page, I already knew this is another scam. The sales letter and video is poorly designed, and somewhat lazy in my opinion. This is similar to many scam products that I found before.

    I mean, take a look at legit product like Google Sniper and Google Cash Generator. These products are also created by young marketers, but with much better design.

  18. you are one in amillion, may God bless you abundantly for helping thousands of people from being scummed ,,,,for just the honest work and time you dedicated to help others lots of blessings ,,,,,be blessed ,,,

  19. I am sure someone never heard of internet marketing before will benefit from such ebooks/reports/courses or whatsoever. However, if you know that you need quality content and targeted traffic to make money online then you know the %50 of “making money online”. The other %50 -how to create content and drive traffic- is a collection of freely available information on all around the internet.

  20. the depth of detail you go into to siphon out these “cheats” is priceless. I am glad I found your site. bookmarked for future.

    thnks again


  21. Good research Paul!

    I always wonder if I could earn $400.000 in 45 days: would I still be writing a book about it? … But that’s just me, call me lazy :-)

    Another red flag is : I “made” $400.000, in stead of : I earned $400.000 net. Spend $1.000.000 on Adwords and you should be getting $400.000 back ‘easily’…

    Anyway, thanks for all the other red flags you found.


  22. Thanks, Stef

    • P35 “Carol” Says:
      One final tip [… to find a good book to promote …] is to do a quick Google search on the product name or the vendor name himself to see what other affiliates as well as customers are saying. If you find that it‘s a cruddy product, stay away.

      The advice in the book is quite OK :twisted:

      Anyway, as with every investment: do your homework and only then make a well informed decision.

  23. I bought it and I think it was worh it, I don’t see what the problem is if it’s the same person who makes all this sites, as long as it works and it’s not a scam, plus they will refund you if it doesn’t work for you…

  24. Samantha says:

    Hey Paul: This is for David who wrote in awhile back:

    David wrote in and asked about keywords on resumes. I didn’t see where anyone had answered his question. So…

    Yes it is true that a lot of employers now (especially Fortune 500 companies from what I hear) are using scanner type programs to look for keywords to eliminate many and pick a few for their first cut of resumes received in the candidate application process.

    You need to find the keywords actually in the job posting, usually in the description of duties, and use those because it will more likely trip the keywords scanned for, and put you at the top of the list.
    Most of these “keywords” they are looking for are action verbs like “created” “assembled” “delegated” “analyzed” etc. If you google this you can find job board sites that actualy have articles on the topic, and some even have lists.

    It’s easy to essentially rewrite your resume a little every time you apply for a new position to match the “keywords” in the post. However, when you POST your resume online you don’t know who is looking at it and what position it may be for. Suggestion: decide what you really want for your career and gear your keywords as close to that job as possible, and maybe you’ll find your dream job.

    Also, another new trend, remember that today’s resume is about “results” – recruiters want to know what “results you achieved” at your prior jobs, not just a list of what you did.

    Hope that was helpful.

    And, thanks Paul for all you do!


  25. In reference to what David said about employers using keywords when they scan your resume; that is true. They do this to save time and to narrow down the candidate field. Make sure that your resume is scannable, and has some of the keywords that they used in their ad. For example, if they were looking for a salesperson, words they might be looking for are self starter, motivated, persuasive, etc. Many of the businesses that write resumes for you say that they will provide you with a scannable resume containing those very keywords that employers are looking for. I am pretty sure that it is called the ASCII format. Hope that helps.

  26. Thanks,

    It’s too fake :)

    My moneymaking way is to invest..
    But you can lose the money with investing too ;-)

  27. Paul, you’ve proved that the story is a fake and the advertising dishonest, but that tells nothing about the content on offer – it could be worth the price? Or am I naive?

  28. Paul, you’ll be pleased to know _this page_ outranks the 16 year old’s site for the keyword “rich 16″, beating out 319 Million other pages! Way to go!

  29. I’m a business owner and yes the scanner story for key words for resume’s is true. Very robotic.

    I appreciate your website. You seem to be one of the first real people online. I’ve never seen such corruption other than in big business; in regards to internet websites promising the world without any effort.

    Thanks again. You now have another loyal follower and I’m passing on your site to others. I’m also going to try the company you suggest for newbies. I’m excited after getting screwed a couple of times. Thanks again; many appreciate you, James

  30. P.S.; Paul I don’t understand why someone like Mario cannot sue the website owner for false advertisement.

    Many athletes and movie stars have sued for a lot of money for using them in false advertisements. Why do people online get away with lying and stealing peoples photos and using them to promote a bogus product?

    If a website took Angelina Jolie’s photo and had her promoting them, she’d sue them in 10 seconds and win. I’m still not understanding it. Sorry if this is a dumb question. James

  31. Rapid Marketing Reviews says:

    Just a quick thanks to exposing this. This is an excellent piece of work at uncovering these crooks. I was considering promoting this, but, think I will give it a miss. I have always wondered why they ned to blank out those clickbank cheques. I would have thought these days that 99% of us have opted for the direct payment. Nice work. Would love to see more of this stuff, a career move for you?


  32. Hey Paul,

    Nice post really informative.

    Here’s something else to add to your list of things.

    This testimonial is new the dude claims to be making 200K in 45 days.

    Then check out this

    We were having a discussion on the warrior forum and someone found this info.

  33. alexander says:

    Hi Dear,

    Thanks, I was considering to purchase the product but I believe that it is my lucky $77.00 that were saved by your website. You know I am too a technical person but never thought to look at domain lookup… It is well great and enough proof to debunk them. You saved many $77.00 ‘s . I am really thankful to you for you research of this scam.
    I wish I could write more but Time and space don’t allow me. Hats off to you.
    Yours always,

  34. Hello :) Just wanted to congratulate you for a great job! With so many scams online, it’s a true relief to know someone’s out there watching out for us :)
    Personally, if i were to discover a method to make that much money, I wouldn’t share it with anyone :)) Call me selfish, but i really wouldn’t. Not to mention, I wouldn’t need the 75$ from each person…unless that’s the actual way that i make those amounts, by scamming people.
    Maybe I’m just too much of a skeptic ;)
    Keep up the good work!

  35. Hi Paul, thanks for the heads-up! :P
    I almost lose my hard-earned money on this rich16yearold con-marketers…

    again, thanks and keep up the good work!


  36. Great work Paul!
    I stumbled across the 16 year old millionaire program and thought that it may be a viable way to make money after seeing their “proof,” and watching their video testimonials.( I am a newbie) Thank goodness that your videos were right there to debunk their claims. Thanks to your efforts many will be saved from wasting their hard-earned money.

  37. I was thinking of investing in this product but something didn’t ring true.
    So I looked into it further and came across your post, as well as some others in forums that back-up your comments.
    Just glad I came across your site.


  38. I’ve downloaded this 16 year old millionaire for free in some website and it really directs you to promote their website. I don’t know how to use it anyway.

  39. Dear Paul,

    Thank you so much, much appreciated!


  40. You raise a very valid point. I hadn’t considered that before. Terrific point.

  41. hi,
    thanks Paul for the info..i don’t have a domain yet..still looking for the one that i can afford to pay the monthly fees..reading through and listening to carol,i almost got convinced to take out my credit card to purchase it..somehow i stumble into your site and what a revelation..i’ve been scammed once..and at the moment not really trusting what i see and read especially with sites guaranteeing tens of thousand if not hundreds of thousand of online profit in two hours..thanks again for the info..


  42. I cant believe I have just searched my website keyword sports picks analysis, then clicked through a sponsored link which lead to a betting site you have mentioned. The site had a link in the bottom of the sales page to site you are on about.

    So I then googled here name and came here, what a crazy 5 minutes. Great read though, its a shame that there are shady affiliates around stealing peoples commissions with code.

    Some people have no morals!

    Greta read

  43. You can really make money online, focus on 1 niche with a lot of potentials. There are hundreds of untouched niches online. Stop subscribing from so called GURUS and EXPERTS. There are lot of FREE ONLINE RESOURCES on how to make money on the internet!

    So CLEAR your inbox and FOCUS in ONE THING until you make it work!
    A lot of people are just wasting their money in buying scammers products that promised to MAKE YOU RICH in 1 month!

    There is NO magic in Making money at home using your computer, it TAKES TIME!

  44. Thanks for taking your time to provide us with such detail infos/
    I was suspecious of them, but you made it clear to me.

  45. Jamal Nasir says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thank a lot for your valuable information. Please recommended to us, the real best profitable affiliate program in the real market now.

    Best Regards,

  46. Now, THAT is funny.

    Heck, free traffic is free traffic though, eh? I bet you’ll be getting even more in the next couple of months.

    This thing seems unstoppable!

  47. Mario,

    Have you blogged on your site about this? You definitely should blog about – I bet that would get a lot more traffic, too.

    Also, I sent you an email from my gmail account. Did you get it? If so, could you send me a quick reply?

  48. Oh, there was just an old cached page of your site I found somehow where you were promoting it. But I think the video, blogging, would get you traffic – I’d definitely send you some. :-)

    I sent the email to the address you used when you posted your comment. I’ll try again.

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