My Push Button Profits review and analysis of sales page

Jack Henderson - a.k.a. iStock Photo 000006752029XSmall

Jack Henderson - a.k.a. iStock Photo 000006752029XSmall

IMPORTANT: One thing this My Push Button Profits review and analysis of its sales page is showing is that is using images of a model from photos from iStockPhoto to use as the creator “Jack Henderson” and putting a DIFFERENT name to the image of that models. You should NOT assume that the model agreed to have their image used in the this way. In fact, he probably DID NOT.

That ALSO means that the name shown for the image of the model in THIS post (Jack Henderson) is NOT the true name of the model in the image. I am simply pointing out what the site has done.

This My Push Button Profits review and analysis of sales page goes over numerous red-flags you should keep in mind when considering this product.

Here they are:

MyPushButtonProfits Red Flag 1)

Use of a stock image as the “creator” of My Push Button Profits.  While use of “Pen names” can be OK, any time you see a stock photo used for an product creator or book author it should be considered a huge red flag – especially in the business opportunity or home business arena.

MyPushButtonProfits Red Flag 2)

Stock images used for testimonial pictures – the site uses a tiny hard-to-see disclaimer at the bottom saying they have provided the images for the testimonials in place of the real testimonials (which more often than not simply means a company made up the testimonials).

If you’re wondering if video testimonials can be faked, YES they can. There are TONS of people willing to do video testimonials about ANYTHING and say ANYTHING for as little as $5!

MyPushButtonProfits Red Flag 3)

Fake scarcity – My Push Button Profits claims there are only 200 copies left, yet the product is getting a significant amount of traffic. Why? Because people want so bad to believe there is a “push button” solution to their money problems, even though they know realistically it’s not true – they want to buy the dream…it’s almost like an addiction for many people – and that’s what people selling products like My Push Button Profits are counting on.

My Push Button Profits Red Flag 4)

Possible use of the “phantom fixation” fraud persuasion technique (which is a technique in which a company or person makes a result seem more possible than it actually is.

In this case, MyPushButtonProfits stats that Daniel H. Morley achieved Top-Elite status. However, that does NOT necessarily mean he achieved that status by using My Push Button Products.

But My Push Button profits wants YOU to “fixate” on the fact that Daniel H. Morley achieved Top-Elite status and wants YOU to believe that by buying MyPushButtonProfits they can do the same – when in fact it’s not clear at all HOW Daniel H. Morely ACHIEVED that status.

In fact, that particular example may very well violate the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines on the use of Testimonials for numerous reasons – one being their recently implemented “No Safe Harbor” rule in which companies can not use “exceptional examples” that are not representative of a typical consumer experience with a product. Red Flag 5)

Claims to be the #1 Work-At-Home Opportunity since 1999. There are two big red flags from this claim:

#1) They don’t say “who” or what company rated it #1.

#2) The website wasn’t created until 2010 as you can see in the image of the domain registration details below:

My Push Button Profits Domain registration/creation details

My Push Button Profits Domain registration/creation details

My Fake Newspaper Story

My Fake Newspaper Story Red Flag 6)

Use of fake newspaper story.

MyPushButtonProfits has used a fake newspaper story creator to create the “story” about “Jack Henderson”. In fact, I created my OWN fake newspaper story in under 15 seconds with the exact same dimensions the same way.

You can see it to the left here. I even made the date Sunday, August 30, 2006! Red Flag 7)

The Site is registered to a person who has other business opportunity products that use completely made up stories as well as fake testimonials.

My Push Button Profits Red Flag 8 )

The site makes the statement “as seen on” Entrepreneur, USAToday, MSNBC, NewsWeek, and ClickBank.

First of all, just about anybody can get a product on ClickBank so that’s completely meaningless.

Second of all, the statement “as seen on” Entrepreneur, USAToday, MSNBC, and NewsWeek is also meaningless, because anybody can buy advertising on those sites and claim that they were “seen on” those sites.

My Push Button Profits Red Flag 9)

Unnecessary upsells that advise you to spend several hundred dollars on products and services.

While there’s nothing wrong with investing in some software and tools to save time in your business, many home business sites will try to convince you that you MUST invest several hundred dollars in software and tools in order to succeed.

My Push Button Profits Red Flag 10)

The person using the name “James Crader” giving a video testimonial for My Push Button Profits is the same person who runs the affiliate program at The Rich Janitor as you can see in the video below:

That’s especially significant for two reasons:

#1) Because the Rich Janitor is registered to the same company as My Push Button Profits as you can see below:

My Push Button Profits vs Rich Janitor registration details

My Push Button Profits vs Rich Janitor registration details

#2) Because the testimonials on The Rich Janitor site were extremely questionable as you can see in the video below:

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  1. Julie Diaz says:

    I am so glad you sent this as I was just about to purcase it! Thank you for saving me some money!


  2. Paul,
    Thanks for the update. The more I read from newletters like yours,
    The easier it become to weed out the garbage.


  3. Tina Bell says:

    It’s because of this website that i’m on my way (the right way!)to making a living on line. All the good advice and the point in the right direction is all someone needs that is serious needs. Very Seriously yours, Tina bell

  4. You rock! Thanks….

    I was tempted to forward your email directly to those guys over there on Brand in Glendale to show them they are B U S T E D ! ! (actually I could drive over there and throw some eggs, I live very close to Glendale)

    Keep up the good work.

    P.S. How about the latest on what does work? Before I end up living in the car…. I’ve been looking for work for over a year now and haven’t found a job yet. Very discouraging.

  5. Hi Paul,

    Once again you have come through for us who genuinely seek credible work form home opportunities. Thank you so much for busting these suckers.

    I was wondering, have you come across or heard of Carbon copy Pro. I did a search on your site to see if you had anything on them and nothing came up. I’ve been looking at their programme and it looks credible. But I thought I’d run it by you before I get my feet wet. Any feedback will be most appreciated.



  6. Thanks for investigating this new product. It’s very sad that so many people will obviously get sucked in, especially if they’re new and haven’t been bombarded with these kind of sales pages. It’s very difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff and your website helps us to do that. Keep up the good work!

  7. How about this site? Is it a scam?
    Discover The Secrets of Elite Automated Niche Sites!

    Thanks for any help..

    • Jim,

      It doesn’t look like a scam to me. But you definitely have to be careful with autoblogging, because if Google doesn’t feel the quality is very good or just thinks that it’s an autoblog sometimes they’ll delist your site.

      However, that being said, the sites from the company you reference look much better than most autoblogs I’ve seen.

  8. Thank you very much. I was close to purchase mypush, But you saved me loosing my money for nothing.

    I will forward your good advice to every one.

    Again I appreciate you.

  9. Pauline A says:

    Jeez thanks Paul this is the first time I’ve looked at your website and I’ll definitely be checking it out a lot more.
    I’m with Samantha on this where are all the genuine on line business’s. I’m sick of getting emails about the next biggest product launch only to find out it’s not what the sales page says (or doesn’t say) I just don’t know who to trust anymore.
    I just purchased Whitehat Copycat and can’t even get into the site to create an account let alone see what it’s all about.
    I guess I’ve wasted my mney again!!!!
    I look forward to your emails but wish they were a lot more regular like when the products are first launched.

    Thanks again

    • Pauline,

      Hmm. Maybe I should set up a separate list just for the launched products. The only reason I don’t do that is because the products are launched at an insane rate and people would LITERALLY be getting multiple emails every day – I kid you not!

      OK. It will take a bit of time to figure out the best way to handle that.

      • Pauline A says:

        That would be great if you could figure something out even if it’s just for the main launches. It would certainly save people a heap of money as we have no where to go that I know of that tells us if it’s worth buying or not.
        By the way your response is so quick – I still don’t have a reply from Whitehat copycat…….
        No doubt they could learn something from you on how to keep your customers. Thanks again.

    • By the way, Pauline, apparently you’re not alone with your problems with WhiteHat CopyCat. Other people can get into the site OK, but they are apparently having significant difficulties getting the scripts working and getting support.

  10. How can I get a refund for this crap? I can’t get to the Members page. Contacted the vendor but there was no reply.

  11. After looking at all of the responses above, I’m assuming nobody wants to go out on a limb and say where I can find quality work at home websites that don’t cost a lot of money. I wonder why that is? Could it be that there aren’t any valid work at home websites that one can trust?

  12. Thanks for this Paul. Once again you’ve saved me from wasting my money on something entirely useless and in fact very much fraudlent!

    I always check your site before buying anything anymore and I truly appreciate what you’re doing here at Work At Home Truth. You’re helping people like me not go broke with all these scams!

    – Kevin

  13. Wow… I’ve never seen a “review” of a product that never even mentions the product.

    I don’t understand this:

    ““Pen names” can be OK, any time you see a stock photo used for an product creator or book author it should be considered a huge red flag”

    Why would a pen name be OK, so long as there isn’t a picture? What’s the difference?

    Companies use pen names. Heck, Stephen King, Eric Clapton and Samuel Clemens all used pen names – there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Paul, I totally agree with you about several parts of this page (especially the video testimonial). But to be fair, most of what you mention as “red flags” are completely legal and ethical.

    And to call this a “review” is hardly fair at all.

    As for the sales page analysis, these guys probably should hire another copywriter.

    But good products have bad sales pages.

    Even the ones you recommend.

    Niche Blitzkrieg uses a high pressure sales pitch with the warning ‘order now before I increase the price’.

    And the headline…

    “You’re About to Build a Solid Empire of Cash Harvesting
    Online Profit Streams, Fast, Virtually on Autopilot!”

    Umm… isn’t that making a promise? Definitely not something the FTC would want to see.

    My point is, you can’t just bag on a product (especially without trying it) based just on the sales page.

    One of my favorite IM products is Unique Article Wizard. The product is great (you should review that, btw) but the sales page is absolutely terrible. It makes all sorts of promises that I KNEW it wouldn’t live up to.

    But it sounded good, and with the risk-free guarantee I tried it out. And boy am I glad I did (been a customer for over a year now).

    MyPushButtonProfits has a risk-free guarantee. Why not try it out for yourself? You may be surprised (or maybe not).

    So to everyone who’s reading this, keep an open mind. “Scam” is such a common word nowadays, especially on sites with affiliate links to other IM products.

    No disrespect Paul, I think you’re doing a great service here. But do your homework before you recommend something.


    • Andrew,

      It CLEARLY says it’s a review of the sales page. And if a sales page doesn’t pass the test, I ignore the product. I don’t want to send people to anyone who is willing to lie as much as possible just to make a sale and it APPEARS that much of what’s on My Push Button Profits sales page is extremely questionable. REAL products don’t have to do that.

      They are “red flags”. Red flags don’t mean the flags are “illegal”. They are things to look at in doing due diligence. You’ll also notice that within the write up I never mention the word scam in the write up of the My Push Button Profits review of its sales letter, although my friends Lynndel Edgington (see below) and Michael Webster (a commercial litigation attorney specializing in misleading advertising) have said that I’m way too cautious about that. So once again, you are twisting my words to make them fit what YOU want to believe. I do use “scam” as a tag simply because I know OTHER people will be searching for this product using that keyword. But “tags” are NOT “content” – they are merely to be used to help people who might be searching for something potentially related to the main content.

      Also, I’ve worked DIRECTLY and extensively with the FTC on a case that involved one of the top 100 scammers in the world, so you’re point about the Niche Blitzkrieg headline is fair enough, but definitely not even remotely close to the whole story and what the FTC would look at in judging the sales letter. You have to look at the ENTIRE sales process. One thing you’ll notice on the Niche Blitzkrieg sales page is that none of the testimonials talk about specific results, whereas MOST sales letters in this marketplace do and thus violate one of the most important recent FTC regulations to come down in decades – the “No Safe Harbor” rule. I KNOW in great detail what the FTC looks for because I’ve talked to them extensively on the phone and the senior litigator I worked with actually asked ME to explain how affiliate marketing works to THEM. And I also provide documentation to Eagle Research Associate which is an organization that works with an assigned federal agent from the Secret Service, 3 United States Postal inspectors, and 3 other agencies they aren’t allowed to mentioned currently. The founder was also the only non-agency person recently invited to attend one of the white collar crime task force initiatives in Washington, D.C.

      Plus, the person behind this has put out extremely poor products within the past and has seemingly MADE UP complete sales letters, including ones from The Rich Janitor, The Rich Dishwasher, etc., so he has a track record of poor products.

      Let’s take a look at the enormous LIES he pushed onto people to sell those products:

      Niche Blitzkrieg is easily one of the BEST reviewed products on the internet and includes full forum, PHONE, and email support for a ONE-TIME fee of $47. Most other products would charge a minimum of $37/month for what people get for a ONE-TIME fee there. Not only that, but in the more advanced membership which DOES have a monthly fee, the owner actually tells people IN THE SALES PAGE to NOT JOIN unless they have finished at least one site within the basic Niche Blitkzrieg membership.

      My Push Button Profits on the other hand wants to extract way more money out of a newbie than they should be spending. Just take a look at what MyPushButtonProfits is “proud” to pay their affiliates:

      “We pay you 60% on multiple sales = $42.20 + $109.00 + re-billing = up to $351.20 per conversion” which means the consumer would have to be paying at least $585.33 for the affiliate to make that kind of commission.

      So just by that alone a person in the Niche Blitzkrieg system would have over an additional $500.00 to INVEST in their actual BUSINESS in a way that made sense for THEM by AVOIDING You can get a ton of tools and work done for $500.

      I would say beware of people coming to post defending products created by someone with what appear to be some of the shadiest business practices online. You’re very close to sounding like a shill, although I suspect that you may not be.

      It’s sad to see people come and defend the sales practices of products like My Push Button products that go into overdrive to incude a huge quantity of questionable sales tactics (and possibly outright lies?) to sell their products, because it’s EXACTLY why the entire IM community is getting so scammy. People just don’t care and they make completely WRONG analogies as you have to try to “prove” that “hey, everyone’s doing it” without realizing they are NOT comparing apples to apples at all.

      It’s not just the people behind products like My Push Button Profits, The Rich Janitor, and thousands of others using as many questionable sales tactics as possible who are destroying the IM community, it’s the people who don’t care that they are, and even go out of their way to defend them.

    • Has any one out there tried underachiever ?? or is that crap also–

  14. Hi Paul

    Thank you very much. I just looked at My Pushbotton Profits. I always look for reviews to check the website program. It seems like some if not many reviewa are just trying to sell the product. It is good to find a review that gives you the facts. I will check out your recomendation on programs that are legit.

    Thanks again

  15. HAS anyone auctually brought from My Push Button profits?? i’m thinking of buying but i do belive they have the software to make websites in 5 min’s fast these days and to get traffic i think might be from apps which is common software. but having said that i’d like to hear from others who have brought this product.

    • I actually did not find the sales pitch intriguing enough to get aroused in buying it but I recommend clicking on the affiliate link to get some very valuable pointers as to what to do and where to go to promote the site. Scam aside, I found in the affiliate link that, this guy actually teaches step by step, all in one place, how to promote the site by showing you how to optimize a web site, promote with ppc, Blogging, Forums and so much more. I actually used his methods to get traffic to my own sites and I can truly tell you it did wonders for me. I made enough money that I almost felt guilty, so I am going to buy his program that I will never use for $37 (on his cloaking exit) just to show my appreciation for those affiliate information I received. As far as the program itself, “My Push Button Profits”, I completely agree with Paul.

  16. are there any legit businesses out there??????????????

  17. It seems like all the gurus are scamming each other they all have the same game going– its like they are all in the same office trying to out do each other with new videos and different websites –its a game gurus play to get all the newbees to join up —————

  18. Keep up the good work! You are a good advocate and I hope you know you are appreciated very much!

  19. Hi Paul

    Thank you for your website. It is a much needed service with all the scams out there. I paid for My Push Button Profits but cancelled it and requested a refund from Clickbank after I’ve read your review.

    Thankyou very much

    South Africa

  20. Hi there sir Paul,

    I ‘m very much thankful for your sincere effort in making people aware of all the crap products online these days. Thank you very very much!!! I was so close enough to buying a product like the My Push Button Profits, but fortunately landed on your precious page before making a purchase since I do a research. I’m a newbie and still desperately seeking simple yet affordable ways to make money online. You recommended Niche Blitzkrieg (NBK) by Michael Brown which is in fact my top choice even before I landed on your site. I’m already preparing myself to join him after seeing a lot of his videos and sites. But I just wanted to know if you have bought some of his products or have you been into his training program? Also, are there other competing sites as sincere as NBK in which you can recommend also? Thank you very much!

    • Hi Clave,

      Yes, I’ve gone through his training program. It’s also been the one that has received the best feedback from people here at WorkAtHomeTruth. There are other good training programs, but I haven’t found one that gives you BOTH training and a full private community forum for a low one-time fee like NBK has.

      This might be a good page for you to explore:
      Real Money Making Ideas

      Instead of listing specific training – I have a section there of other sites who I’ve found provide great reviews and honest feedback about products.

  21. THANKS!!!Once again, you have saved me from making a bad mistake.was all set to order this one-even had my credit card out, but decided to Google when I accidentally hit my Crtl key and lost the web page that way. What a guardian angel-No, 2 guardian angels-you are the other. Thanks loads-know all your subscribers appreciate you also. You are doing humanity a real service and adding some stars to your crown!!Best wishes, Dee

  22. I am so glad I stumbled upon this site today while researching My Push Buttons Site. I am a stay at home caregiver to my 91 year old mother-in-law and having been unemployed for 3 years after the Computer Repair and Sales Shop I managed closed it has come time to supplement the lost income. A friend of mine sent me a link to a site called, he told me they had some valuable information in their tutorials that might interest me in my pursuit to learn the online marketing. I signed up and paid for their V.I.P membership which was not to expensive and that is how I got introduced to this guy promoting the My Push Buttons. Having designed websites at my last job and previous shop that closed due to the big box business’s taking over the area, I had the opportunity to design some great websites and market a small ebay business selling hard to find parts for those who liked to repair ancient computer systems. I recently signed up for a too good to be true venture and was so lucky that Clickbank and the incredibly expensive hosting company they had you sign up with was understanding and refunded my almost 500.00 dollars worth of extra’s. This time I did not want to make the same mistake so I researched the WhoIsDomain and that immediately threw up some red flags for me. Most legit business’s will be registered to the actual person who is selling whatever program they are selling. When this did not match it made me think twice about ordering the Push Button Site. When I logged into the I saw the button for getting a free website worth over a thousand dollars and when I ran mouse over the link it was the same hosting company from the last scam I thought was legit, yet to good to be true. After looking over the system I do believe the same person who is selling the Push Buttons is also involved with selling that system as well. I am very glad I found these posts before I got more involved. Another red flag for me was the video and the layout of the clickbank statements he posted, yet he shows massive profits it does not exactly say how!! I do believe their is a legit system of this type out their it’s just researching deeper to find out if they are legit or not. I already have my own website that I purchased a month or so ago that I have intentions of building up on my own, however I do believe their is no magical system that just pays you those kinds of income without putting some effort and a bit of hard work into promoting the site. Again thank you very much for this review of Push Buttons Site!

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