Auto Traffic Monopoly Review Of Red Flags

If you’ve seen any of the recent Auto Traffic Monopoly review sites you’d think the product was the greatest thing in the world. But what those sites don’t tell you about the site is how many red flags are present on it’s sales page.

Red Flag #1) “157 Copies Left” Claim

Of course the obvious red flag is the incredibly questionable “157 Copies Left” claim as shown in the following video:

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s shown in the above Auto Traffic Monopoly review video of “157 Copies Left” claim:

1. Auto Traffic Monopoly on 2/4/2011

On 2/4/2011 Auto Traffic Monopoly claims that only 157 out 300 copies are left.

2. Auto Traffic Monopoly JV Partner page on 2/5/2011

On 2/5/2011 the Auto Traffic Monopoly JV Partner page (the page for people who want to sell the product) shows an email that the product owner recommends his sales partners send which states:

“I have to be quick.

It’s your last chance…There are only 18 spots left…
If you just want the link, here it is, hurry there NOW:

=>>> [link removed]

Andrew Wallace is going back underground with his
profit-sucking software, along with a pile of cash that
gets bigger every day.

He has almost hit his limit of available copies and will
be putting up the sold out sign anytime soon…”

3. Auto Traffic Monopoly On 2/24/2011

On 2/24/2011 Auto Traffic Monopoly claims again that only 157 out 300 copies are left. So what happened to the “only 18″ copies left claim? Did 139 people refund the product?

Red Flag #2) Promise of “Push-Button” wealth

While there certainly is software that can help speed up processes you do in your business, sales pages like Auto Traffic Monopoly are designed to fool newbies into thinking that they can simply push a button and money will fall out of the sky. I’ve personally had several sophisticated software programs developed and was a programmer myself for nearly 10 years…I guarantee you that you are NOT going to push a button and generate masssive wealth.

Red Flag #3) Claims To Have Nothing To Do With Writing Articles But…

A little research about the program actually reveal it DOES involve writing articles. Maybe “Andrew Wallace”, the creator of Auto Traffic Monopoly got so caught up in his own hype that he actually forgot what his program was all about!

Red Flag #4) Potential Violation Of The Federal Trade Commission No Safe Harbor Guidelines

One of the emails JV partners for Auto Traffic Monopoly are encouraged to send out says the following:

“Affiliates like you really are making $2,645 a day RIGHT  NOW from Auto Traffic Monopoly, and they can barely
believe their eyes.”

First of all, hopefully you know enough by now to realize that the $2,645 number is probably completely made up.

Second of all, this email MIGHT actually violate the Federal Trade Commission’s recent No Safe Harbor Guidelines.

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  1. Thanks for the posting about Auto Traffic Monopoly. I wish that I knew about your site before I purchased the ATM program. I read through the program info several times before I bought it but I have yet to make a dime using the program. Also I get lots of email from other people and places that I didn’t sign on for.

    Thanks again
    John Hill

  2. Auto Traffic Monopoly by Andrew Wallace does not work its intended function, that is to post articles to 7 blogs and create linkwheel. It can only post to 1 blog and the the other 6 have problems, so obviously the linkwheel does not work without the other blogs. It is a scam

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