Capital Online Revenue Review Of Red Flags

Note: All details of the Capital Online Revenue sales page, terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc. as outlined in this post have preserved in multiple ways, including video recording. I have also preserved other promotions of Capital Online Revenue (including press releases), as well as 3rd party promotions of Capital online Revenue.

In case you are thinking about getting Capital Online Revenue you might need to review the succeeding warning flags I’ve listed down the page:

Capital Online Revenue Review Of Red Flags

Red Flag #1) Capital Online Revenue boasts the following:

“In The Next 90 Seconds – Gain Access To A Program That Can Earn You Up To $77/Hour”

That is a absolutely randomly, fabricated sum for the reason that revenues develop from commissions and they have little if any idea precisely what products you may be selling or just those products’ commission levels.

Red Flag #2) Includes the statement “You Can Find Us On:” that typically is entirely useless mainly because that doesn’t mean that announcement has anything at all to do with Capital Online Revenue. It is making use of the subsequent trademarks:

  • Fox News
  • abc
  • USA Today
  • CNN

Red Flag #3) Capital Online Revenue is applying a video segment from NBC News 10 that’s solely associated with “work at home” in general as opposed to directly concerning

Red Flag #4) The top portion of says the owner’s name is Aaron Reed – the disclaimer reports: “For purposes of privacy, the creator of Capital Online Revenue is using the pen name Aaron Reed. ”

Red Flag #5) Assertion that “In The Next 90 Seconds – Gain Access To A Program That Can Earn You Up To $77/Hour” Precisely what is that based on?

Red Flag #6) Utilization of replacement testimonial photographs. CapitalOnlineRevenue reports inside their disclaimers towards the end:

“For the sake of customer privacy, Capital Online Revenue reserves the right to protect and/or substitute the images of attestants. The images displayed hereon are not the actual images of the attestants. The images displayed hereon have been supplied by Capital Online Revenue and are the copyrighted property of Capital Online Revenue. The testimonials on this site have been remunerated and stock images have been used to protect the privacy of these individuals.”

Even though stories attached to Capital Online Revenue could be reliable, you ought to remember that numerous web pages started utilizing this language basically because they were getting outed by means of Federal Law Enforcement and consumer protection internet sites for using stock photos in their testimonials from others.

Red Flag #7) The following seals on Capital Online Revenue are not clickable:

  • Guaranteed Security – Security Examined
  • Guaranteed Security – Security Confirmed
  • Guaranteed Security – Business Confirmed
  • Guaranteed Security – Privacy Confirmed

Update 12/7/2011: The seals are clickable now – but I haven’t checked out whether the site they click to is a valid 3rd party verification site.

Red Flag #8) Capital Online Revenue states that you get a

“Quick-Start Coaching Assessment Call with a trained Start Up Specialist to help you accelerate your progress and gain momentum! (Total Value: $100)”

In many instances this kind of no cost “Guidance” is used as a ploy to actually get you to speak to a sales person that attempts to push you straight to spending money on higher priced items you do not really need or sometimes which are of questionable caliber.

Red Flag #9) Capital Online Revenue Uses Testimonials That Potentially Violate The FTC’s No Safe Harbor Guidelines

The following testimonials potentially violate the FTC’s No Safe Harbor Guidelines:

  • “Steven Martin” claims he’s made $2,282.90/Month Using Capital Online Revenue
  • Roger claims, “I made over $1,000 in one week alone and have done $30,000 since beginning this program.”
  • Gale claims, “Since starting the program I have made approximatley $10,600!”

However, the FTC’s No Safe Harbor Guidelines State:

“Under the revised Guides, advertisements that feature a consumer and convey his or her experience with a product or service as typical when that is not the case will be required to clearly disclose the results that consumers can generally expect. In contrast to the 1980 version of the Guides – which allowed advertisers to describe unusual results in a testimonial as long as they included a disclaimer such as “results not typical” – the revised Guides no longer contain this safe harbor.”

It’s important to understand that the FTC implemented this rule because they determined that the “results not typical” disclaimer DOES NOT WORK EVEN WHEN THEY ARE CLEARLY AND PROMINENTLY DISCLOSED“.

“The Commission tested the communication of advertisements containing testimonials that clearly and prominently disclosed either “Results not typical” or the stronger “These testimonials are based on the experiences of a few people and you are not likely to have similar results.” Neither disclosure adequately reduced the communication that the experiences depicted are generally representative. Based upon this research, the Commission believes that similardisclaimers regarding the limited applicability of an endorser’s experience to what consumers may generally expect to achieve are unlikely to be effective.”

Oddly, after Capital Online Revenue uses testimonials that potentially violate the FTC’s No Safe Harbor rule, they decide to put a “results not typical” way at the bottom of the the first sales page:

“*INCOME CLAIM WARNING: Testimonials are not typical of most results. Photographs or images are a depiction of individuals and payment methods. These income examples are representative of some of the most successful participants in the program. Some individuals purchasing the program may make little or NO MONEY AT ALL. “

Not only that, they put NO DISCLAIMER AT ALL on the order page where the two testimonials from Roger & Gail are prominently displayed.

By the way, the disclaimers on the first page of Capital Online Revenue have asterisks next to them, but as far as I can tell they’re not referenced anywhere on the sales page.

Who Is Capital Online Revenue’s Target Demographic?

Of course only Capital Online Revenue can say for sure who they’re target demographic is, however they make some interesting statements in one of their Press Releases they paid for on PR News Wire which is titled:

“Capital Online Revenue Unveils Retiree Aid Program in Response to Government Takeaways”

In that press release they state the following:

“One of the program’s biggest selling points has always been its beginner-friendly sense of ease, which makes it an ideal program for senior citizens who might not consider themselves to be computer-savvy.”

Hey, maybe they can partner up with AARP! ;-)

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  1. To everyone whom has posted a comment in regards to Capital online Rev. Web-site you have all saved me from falling into the scam of working a home, as we all know they are all BS……I was going to put my information in and pay the $47 but had a gut filling to dig into the web-site and also to see if this making money at home really works. Thanks to everyone! I am so gald my gut stopped me from wasting $47, even if it was $1.00 we all know the only true way to work is to submit a resume and go on interviews, also networking. It may not be what you know but whom you know. I tryed to post a comment on Capital Rev web-site and of course it says it’s sending my message….must be sending it to outerspace. LOL…..

  2. My first flag was the article itself….started out about a blog by Kelly somebody, then the article itself tells how “Melissa” was a mom struggling to get by until she found this program, blah,blah,blah, then the final sentence said, Kelly is….. hmmmmm…..who was this about Kelly or Melissa? Idiots!!!! try a little proof reading next time you wanna rip folks off! Yeah like others, it was a special price of 47.00 but when I tried to exit I was offered an additional 20.00 off. No thanks!!!!!

  3. I think ebay would work better than advanced online marketing 2.0

    for ‘hot selling products’

  4. I feel lucky, I can get 10 websites work $7,500 each……included for on $197….wow….but I must act

  5. reminds me of the program that Dom Lepre sold where you got rich from placing tiny classified ads….google that for a flashback from late night tv….I cinfirm I am not a spammer…

  6. My boyfriend looked into online businesses and told me that he paid $47 for something, didn’t really know what, but that someone would be calling him to discuss the opportunity further. I told him to talk to me first before he agrees to anything or pays them anymore money.

    Him being a male, decided to jump into a decision before speaking with me and ended up paying them another $300 up front, and then signed a financing contract for an additional $3,000 w. a 17% interest rate and a $950 “contract fee”.


    So, now here we are with some bullshit “service” that does nothing but tell you how to use e-bay and create a website. (Both of which I already know how to do).

    Through this process, I sure hope he learned his lesson, and I wanted to share the affiliated companies involved with this scam.

    Horizon Learning, LLC (formally known as Vanuity, LLC on the BBB website)
    Duvara Financial
    Impact Knowledge Institute

    I am trying to aide him in recovering from this DUMB DUMB DUMB mistake. Any advice you have is greatly appreciated.

  7. Thanks to my older brother. I emailed all the info about capital asking him to check it out as I TOO thought it seemed too good to be true and believed it was a scam. This info was so helpful and just saved me from making a huge costly mistake!!

  8. I know in tough times people will try anything that leads to financial security. Well here is another amazing fact. Some people believe just because it’s in print it has to be true. No this is not true. I am just very grateful there are sources out there that help weed out the crooks. Thanks to all

  9. Thanks to all of you for your comments. I too found the ad featuring Kelley who is now happily working just a few hours a day, making about $37 an hour just by going online and checking her email! The ad was posted alongside a list of job openings in my area on I’ve learned to google every online job opportunity. This one had an especially long list of “This is a scam” entries, probably the first half-dozen were warnings to stay away. Thank you so much!

  10. have any of you guys actually tried doing this? i have been doing this for a year now and have made a ton of money gottin myself out of debt purchased a brand new car and set a side a college fund for all four of my kids just saying. People need to really try with this stuff devote your time into it who honestley said you where gonna become a millionare over night no one just like any other job its something you have to work at for the people out there that want to try it please dont get discourged by peoples negative posts and i would glady share my experience with you all and wish you the best of luck in this business !

  11. Google the names on the twitter caption and they come up on numerous sites all in the same order and they are not even twitter accounts

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