Popular Free Online Survey Tools Pros and Cons

Online surveys nowadays are becoming popular as they can be a big help in understanding your company’s needs, how successful your projects are and the kind of subordinates you are engaging, without breaking your allocated budget.

The advent of online survey tools has lessened the cost of data collection and made it easier for every departments to deliver and analyze the results. There are a number of free online survey tools available but some of them are not appropriate for the survey you want. In this article, I’m going to enumerate the popular free online survey tools available for you that will directly allow you to define your business. Using a variety of tools you can easily outline your survey questions and the possible responses using the online interface.

What types of features might be useful to your survey? Here are the Pros and Cons of the 5 different online surveys available.


Survey Monkey

SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular online survey tools around. Like others, it offers a free version that is very useful for a very small and basic surveys in a limited environment but you also choose the upgrade options if you want to experience and exceed those limits.


Survey Monkey has a different look and feel from the others almost quirky without compromising it functionality. It has various methods for collecting responses like generating codes to produce a pop up window for your website during the survey. The tool has also an accessibility features being the preferred choice for a number of related social platforms. In the free version of SurveyMonkey, you are allowed to create as many surveys as you like.


Although you can create as many surveys as like, you are limited to the number of responses. You are allowed to collect 100 responses per survey in a free version as well as you can only ask 10 questions in a given survey. If you need to ask more than 10 questions or if you want more than 100 responses,customizability, skip logic and the ability to export Excel and PDF files,  advanced logic features like question and answer piping, randomization, text analysis for open responses, and integration with IBM’s SPSS statistical software, you can upgrade your account to unlimited questions and responses to Basic, Gold and Platinum types for only $19, $29 and $69 per month, respectively.


Question Pro

QuestionPro is considered to be a more professional and comprehensive tool for creating online surveys. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the US. QuestionPro is widely used by various organizations and professionals on their DIY Market Research. Like the other tool, it has pros and cons to consider as well.


The free version has a lot of features that offers 3 tools for the users such as Online Surveys, MicroPolls and IdeaScale of feedback, data collection and voting platform. You can re-use questions from one survey to the another, or pull questions from a standard survey template library. It has also accessorized with cool applications such as Google Analytics and Twitter Blog integration. The tool has a simple wizard driven approach  to creating and editing your survey which makes it a very easy tool to use and it offers different type of questions.


The free version allows only 1 survey then you’ll need to pay if you want to add more surveys and you are limited to 10 questions on that survey as well as you have only 100 responses per survey.

If you wish to create more that 1 survey or ask more than 10 questions or want to receive more than 100 responses, in other words if you want to make it unlimited, QuestionPro offers upgrade options to Web Professionals and Corporation Edition for only $15 and $99 per month respectively.


Survey Gizmo

SurveyGizmo is another comprehensive package with the cool looking interface for creating online surveys, quizzes, forms and even polls. Like other survey tools, it has also Pros and Cons as well specifically when discussing the free version.


SurveyGizmo has a comprehensive package. You can create more than just online surveys but you can also get tools for online quizzes, forms and quick polls. It has a contemporary interface especially the dashboard that you see once you get logged in. The tool also offers a large number of different question types on your surveys. The free version offers unlimited surveys, polls, forms and questions.


It has a free version but limited only to 14 days and beyond that you need to pay $50 a month for upgrade to continue. And to get a full access. Adding an extra of $20 a month, you can add additional users inorder to access it. Overall, the free access includes unlimited responses per month, you can get advanced logic and custom scripting, phone support, and the ability to create tally and quizzes.

Once your 14-day trial has expired, if you wish to continue the free version, you must downgrade your account to keep it free. During the free trial if you signed up, there is a limit to 25 responses and 250 responses after downgrading. If you wish to upgrade to get the full access.




Zoomerang and SurveyMonkey have recently merged and the features are almost similar to the latter. If you try to sign up the page in Zoomerang you are actually taking to SurveyMonkey form.


Zoomerang increases its legitimacy. It has over 2 million survey users who uses this survey tool including the companies belong to Fortune 500.  Zoomerang has also a cool technology in weeding out false responses something that now makes SurveyMonkey even more powerful.


Whenever we see one company acquire one of its competitors, it automatically means a reduction in competition which automatically translates as the last option of the consumers. After the acquisition, same restrictions and upgrade options we see from the free version of SurveyMonkey.

Google Docs

Google Docs

Google created a survey tool to their Google docs spreadsheet applications. Google Docs is also one of the most interesting tools we have ever known. The tool makes it easy to build some very elegant and customizable online surveys. The plus thing, Google Docs online survey is totally free. You can create an survey from this toll is through the form. The form is spreadsheet based and you can play around to fill in the form for your survey. Once the form is done and ready, you are good to go. You can share it either using Google+ or simply email out the form and people will receive a link to fill out your form.



Google Docs as an online survey tool is absolutely free and there’s no need upgrade. There is no restrictions on number of surveys, questions and responses. The forms are completely on mobile. Responses were come from mobile phones. You can also receive automatic email notifications. There are plenty of different questions to choose from.


Google Docs used as a free online survey tool  has also lack of some features like wizard  driven survey creation and templates.

Online surveys are very useful to most online marketers because they provide opportunities for users to share their insights. Those who examine surveys can get views from the opinions manifested on the survey. So take advantage of these suggested free online survey tools!

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