Pro Advantage 90 Review Details From Users

pro advantage 90 Review Details From UsersPro Advantage 90 Reviews & Analysis

Product Name: Pro advantage 90

Founder or perhaps Pseudonym Of Owner: Nextown Technologies
Purpose Of This Specific website page: A place for people to leave feedback about pro advantage 90. Help others make a decision about the product.
WorkAtHomeTruth Recommendation Status: Not Recommended



pro advantage 90 review webpages listed throughout Google as of 3/23/2012: 5. Domain Registered To: Domains By Proxy

What The pro advantage 90 Home Page States About It’s Programs:

  • “7 Free Money-Making Websites – Worth $7,500.00 Each
  • 7 Free “Hot Selling” Products (With Full Resale Rights!)
  • You Keep 100% Of The Profits From Every Sale!
  • Ongoing Customer Services Support”.

WorkAtHomeTruth Notes

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  • Career Access Journal | (Fake News Site)
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  • Durkus |
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  • The Home Cash Flow System

Do You Have Experience As A Consumer Of This Company?

If you have experience as a consumer of this company, please post information about your experience here. If you are willing to say how much money you paid for training as well as what type of training you received, the format of the training, what type of supprot you receive, all of this can help others make an informed opinion about whether or not they want to pursue this training company.

If you have other questions or concerns about pro advantage 90, you may post them here as well.

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  1. Debbie says

    DO NOT purchase anything from this company. They falsely advertise free samples then charge $159 for the order!!! Difficult to cancel!!!!

  2. Pam says

    Were you able to cancel your order?? I actually did that last night, didn’t realize this was a scam. I am now having a cow.

  3. Kim Cree says

    I ordered the $159.00 cash flow kit on 12/3, cancelled it on 12/5 and I still do not have my refund. I call every day and am told that my refund will take 7-10 days, then 10-13 days, then 13-15 days, then 15-18 days, then finally over 18 days. I’ve emailed customer service several times, with their only response being “call customer service at 1-866-622-2769”. Sometimes they ask me to hold while they look into the matter, and then they hang up on me. After reading other consumer fraud websites, I had my bank cancel my debit card and ordered a new one because a couple people said that even after they had cancelled, the company was trying to take another $159.00 payment the next month. Debby (shown above) says “difficult to cancel” – does that mean she was actually able to cancel and get her refund. If so, how did she do it?

  4. Sharon Brantingham says

    I have been receiving textxs from [email protected]. There is never a message, just an address line. I went to to find a phone number. The phone number listed connects me to someplace that is clearly not in the US, and they claim that the don’t know why their phone number is on that website. After the call, a message comes on saying Pro Advantage 90 customer survey. Who are these scammers and how do I get this to stop? I tried blocking this through Verizon, but because it is from a website, and not a phone number, I couldn’t complete the action.

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