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I just came across the Work At Home Institute being promoted on the site which has promoted other programs that I’ve warned about previously. I’ll go over a few of the red flags I see with the Bobbie Robinson Work At Home Instite site here. Promoted Work At Home Institute

WorkAtHome-Authority has been promoting the Work At Home University site on Yahoo. It appears to be using it’s own .net version of the site – The actual site seems to be

Note: has promoted MANY questionable sites in the past and this one doesn’t appear to be any different.

Work At Home Institute’s Do Not Call Waiver

According to the terms at the Bobbie Robinson Work At Home Institute site you are authorizing “Simply Click To Profit” and their partners to contact you by e-mail and telephone ¬†even if you registered on the national ‘Do Not Call List’

Work At Home Institute

In fact, I put out a warning about Simply Click To Profit back in 2011. Here’s what one of the commenters said about the company back then:

Simply Click To Profit Comment

You can read the full warning here.

Work At Home Insitute Promoted by the Daily Consumer Tips Fake News Advertorial Site

Here’s a tip – if you see a site that looks like an online news site promoting some sort of work at home program – run, run away as fast as you can. I have NEVER seen anything worthwhile promoted by one of those types of sites.

In this, case Daily Consumer Tips uses a story about a fake person named Kim Swartz to promote Work At Home Institute.

Do You Want More Information About WAH Institute?

Let me know if you want more informaiton about WAH Insitute. If there is enough interest I will update this page. If you already have experience with WAH Insitute and are NOT a shill for the company, please post in the comments below. If you are a shill,¬† you WILL be outed and you’ll definitely regret commenting.

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