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Is the Armchair Millionaire a scam or a legitimate way to make money from home?

Note: This is NOT about the book called the Armchair Millinoaire by Lewis Schiff, Douglas Gerlach.

The Armchair Millionair is supposed to be a magic system by some guy named “Louis” (not a real person) who tells his promoters out ridiculous emails with such claims as:

  • “I am super excited right now. I made $395 this morning just from watching this video.”
  • “This generates $3450/day automatically.”
  • “Our records show that the amount of: $18,755 is still outstanding and waiting to be claimed.”

You Can Make Fake Money Just Like This Fake Person Did:

Here’s one of the testimonials used by the Armchair Millionaire System as proof the system works – along with a picture of the actor selling testimonials for $5 on Fiverr:

Tommy Debunked

Same Old Binary Options Trading Software Scamming

This is the same type of binary options trading scam designed to pull as much cash out of people as possible. They try to fool people into thinking that they’ve come up with some sort of magic algorithm to predict the market trend in a way that’s guaranteed to help them make profits.

You will never make cash online with something like the Armchair Millionaire scam. In fact, these systems have people chasing scam after scam in hopes of some day finding the magic formula.

Bottom Line: Avoid the Armchair Millionaire!


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Free Millionaire System – I’ve Got a Secret

The Max Fortune Free Millionaire System scam does have a secret…but it’s not that you’re a millionaire

Do You Want to Learn from a Liar?

I put together a video to show you how bogus the Max Fortune Free Millionaire System is. In fact, you may recognize one of the people they claim as one of their success stories. I guarantee you he has no idea that they are using his photo and had nothing to do with the Free Millionaire System.

At one point this program was a lead in for a high-ticket Internet marketing program. Now, it’s yet another funnel to get you to throw your money away on binary options. If you want to achieve any kind of success with online, you want to stay as far away as possible from programs like this. After all, if they have to make up their success stories and other things to get you to buy, then how good can they be at any real type of marketing?

With the Free Millionaire System life really is like a game of poker…played with a hustler…with the deck stacked against you…and you lose every time.

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My Advertising Pays Research

Is My Advertising Pays a Scam or a Legal Way to Make Money Online?

My Advertising Pays – also known as MAPS is a program that claims you can make money in three simple steps:

  1. Sign Up
  2. View Ads (and click on them)
  3. Get Paid

My Advertising Pays claims to be the “definitive advertising system”. lol. Apparently they think they’re advertising platofrm is better than huge company’s like FaceBook and Google. If you’ve been part of training such as the free training I recommend here, you know that stuff like MAPs is nonsense.

Let’s take a look, shall we.

Google Ads:

Google Ads small

 FaceBook Ads

FaceBook AdsAnd finally MAPS ads:

MAPS Ads Small

Trust is a huge aspect of marketing online. That’s why Google continually tries to improve their user experience. FaceBook is always experiementing and although huge, much newere than Google. However, they try to improve their user experience as well by cracking down on misleading and deceptive ads…something you won’t find at My Advertising Pays.

In fact, it’s kind of bizarre that so many ads are running for MAPS on the MAPs site itself. Occasionally, Google and FaceBook will run an ad for their Advertising services, but you’ll never see the kind of swarm of ads for its own service that you’ll find at MyAdvertisingPays.

Promoted by Simon Stepsys

You can tell a lot about a company by the company it keeps. Simon Stepsys is one of the top earners in My Advertising Pays and is widely regarded as nothing more than a serial scammer. In fact, he’s promoted the following scams:

  • Banners Broker
  • Monopolizer
  • More Than Traffic
  • Juice Boosted
  • Win-Star Direct
  • and many more..

How long has Simon Stepsys been scamming? At least as far back as 2001. Here’s a UK Office of Fair Trading about Stepsys from the UK Office of Fair Trading:

“2 Feb 2001 : Column 603

As I had encountered no bad cases myself, I wondered what the Bill was about. However, once I had talked to trading standards officers in my area, Derbyshire, I realised why no cases had been referred to me. The fact is that the scams often require relatively small sums from a large number of individuals. The operators feel that they can rely on complaints not being made, and on the loss being written off to a bad experience. As my hon. Friend the Member for Northfield said, many people just see themselves as mugs and feel that they were stupid to be taken in. John Logan, who was caught by one of the many scams of Simon Stepsys of Win-Star Direct in Cheshire–who, having been caught out by the Office of Fair Trading, had to make a “voluntary” statement that he would not continue his scams–produced a cogent account of his experience. He said:

“After a protracted delay, I received the material and eagerly opened the envelope. My hopes were high. After all, I wasn’t looking to get rich, just earn a few extra quid. It took about all of thirty seconds to realise that I was just another mug!”

John Logan did not make a complaint. He just felt stupid, tore up the material and chucked it in the bin. It is because many people react in the same way that cases are not referred to us, and stronger legislation is needed.

Derbyshire’s trading standards department tells me that, although the complaints it has received represent only the tip of the iceberg because most people feel too stupid to say anything and the sums involved are often small–though they add up to a huge amount–it received 38 complaints in the last financial year alone. I want to mention three of those scams, because I think that the more variety we see, the easier it will be for us to identify the problem with which we must deal.”

Hopefully, this will also you understand why so many online scams continue for years on end even when they are obvious scams.

Is My Advertising Pays a Pyramid or a Ponzi?

Probably, but I’m not going to say for sure as their are plenty of other sites that have addressed that already. What I’m really trying to drive home is that anybody who understands advertising will know instantly that MAPS is an extremely poor advertising model.

But I Got Paid!

People get paid by ponzis and pyramids all of the time. That’s how they keep getting more and more people to join. Do you think any sort of pyramid scheme or ponzi scheme would be able to scam as many people as they do if all of the original people complained about not getting paid? Obviously not.

  • Zeek Rewards paid people. It was shut down.
  • Ad Surf Daily paid people. It was shut down.
  • Skybiz paid people. It was shut down.
  • 12 Daily Pro paid people. It was shut down.
  • Profitable Sunrise paid people. It was shut down.
  • People in Profits System paid people. It was shut down.

I could literally list hundreds, if not thousands of other pyramid schemes and ponzi schemes where the scam was either shut down or the owners took the money and ran. So, if you’re feeling confident that a program is legal because you’re getting paid, think again…and think about all the other people you are recruiting into it as well.

My Recommendation: Stay away from My Advertising Pays

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