Sites To Avoid In 2014

There are thousands of sites you should avoid. I can’t track them all. However, I can help you avoid current ones that are being heavily promoted. Many of the sites that you should avoid are being  promoted by fake news sites and fake review sites.

Here is the current list of some of the worst offenders…

Fake News Sites I Track

There have been thousands of fake news sites promoting scams over the years. There aren’t as many as there used to be, but I still track the worst ones as you can see in the image below:

Fake News Sites Tracked CroppedBelow is a list of the fake news sites along with programs they’ve promoted

Best Home Jobs |
Canadian Jobs Local | www CanadianJobsLocal com |  Online Home Careers (warning)
Channel 7 Jobs Report | www Channel7JobsReport com | Online Home Careers (warning)
Career Journal Online | www CareerJournalOnline org | Internet Money Path
Career Journal Online | www CareerJournalOnline com | Internet Money Path
Consumer Finance Guide | www ConsumerFinanceGuide com | Work At Home Paycheck (warning)
Consumer Income News | www ConsumerIncomeNews com |  N/A
Consumer Products Exposed | www ConsumerProductsExposed com
Daily Consumer Tips | www DailyConsumerTips com | Work At Home Institute (warning)
eBiz Lifestyle | www eBizLifestyle com | Home Cash Academy
Economic Alerts | www Economic Alerts com | Web Fortune Master (warning)
Finance Reporting | www Finance-Reporting info | eStore Builder
Good Lifestyle Magazine | www Good Lifestyle Magazine | Web Fortune Master (warning)
Mothers Working Daily |www MothersWorkingDaily com | Web Fortune Master (warning)
News Marks | www NewsMarks com | Direct Online Income | Online Income Program
New Consumer Trends Today | www new-consumer-trends-today com | Internet Cash Academy (warning)
News Reports Today | www news-reports-today com | My Home Cash System – (warning)
Smarter Lifestyles | www SmarterLifeStyles biz | Home Income Kit (warning)
The Global Examiner | www TheGlobalExaminer com | Online Home Careers (warning)
Trusted Work At Home | www TrustedWorkAtHome com | Promotes 37Clicks sites such as Online Profit System
Weekly Marks | www WeeklyMarks com | Web Fortune Vault (warning)
Working Home Jobs | www WorkingHomeJobs com | N/A

Here’s A List Of The Sites Being Promoted That You Should Avoid

  • Advancing Income – www AdvancingIncome com
  • CAH University | www CahUniversity com | Careers At Home University | Careers@Home University
  • Direct Online Income www DirectOnlineIncome com
  • eStore Builder | www eStoreBuilder com
  • Home Cash Academy | www Home-Cash-Academy com
  • Home Cash University | www HomeCashUniversity com
  • Home Income Kit | www Home-Income-Kit com
  • Home Internet Careers | www home-internet-careers com
  • Home Job Institute | www homejobinstitute com
  • Internet Cash Academy | www InternetCashAcademy com
  • Internet Money Path | www InternetMoneyPath com
  • Online Cash Commissions | www OnlineCashCommissions com
  • Online Home Careers | www OnlineHomeCareers com
  • Online Income Program | www Online-Income-Program com
  • Profit Masters Academy | www ProfitMastersAcademy com
  • Web Fortune Master | www WebFortuneMaster com
  • Web Fortune Vault | www WebFortuneVault com
  • Work At Home EDU | www WahEdu net
  • Work At Home Institute | www WAHInstitute com
  • Work At Home Paycheck | www WAHPaycheck com
  • Work At Home University | www WAHUniversity com

Fake Review Sites To Avoid

There are several fake review sites that you should avoid. Two of the worst are:

  • Top 3 Work At Home | www Top3WorkAtHome Net
  • Work At Home Authority | www WorkAtHome-Authority com
  • Nancy Reviews | www NancyReviews com

Problems With Work At Home Authority

Work At Home Authority uses a fake person named Michelle Withrow as its spokesperson. The name Michelle Withrow has been used to promote numerous questionable opportunities and outright scams.

Right now “Michelle Withrow” is promoting a site called Work At Home Institute. The problem is that Work At Home Institute is simply a different name for a site called Work At Home University – which uses “Michelle Withrow” as its spokesperson!

The other problem with the Work At Home Authority site is that it’s promoted numerous  programs that have generated a huge number of complaints. Including:

  • Auto Pilot Income System – Click here for my September 6, 2011 warning
  • Paid Surveys & More
  • Survey Revenue System
  • Work At Home Institute – Click here for August 3, 2013 warning
  • Work At Home University – Click here for my September 14, 2012 warning

Problems With

The main problem with is that it has promoted all kinds of programs that have generated huge amounts of complaints. Currently, the site is promoting:

  • Web Fortune Vault –  Click here for my June 13, 2013 warning
  • Business Success Pack – This promotes Vemma – Click here for Vemma Research
  • Web Fortune Master – Click here for for my June 11, 2013 warning

However, there are some other problems as well, including:

The Facebook Survey Attack it sometimes launches (seen in the image below):

Top3WorkAtHome-net-Norton-600 Wide

Obviously fake claims such as the following:

Top3WorkAtHome-Dubious-Claim-600 Wide

Other Sites To Avoid

I can’t possibly list all of the sites you should avoid. However, the following is a list of some of the most current ones that I recommend you stay away from:

  • Automated Paydays – uses ClickSure as its payment processor. Click here for my warning about ClickSure.
  • A to Z Cash System – www AToZCashSystem com – Click here for my June 2, 2012 warning.
  • Empower Network – www EmpowerNetwork com
  • Eric’s Success Plan – Click here for for my October 7, 2013 warning.
  • Pro Advantage 90 – www ProAdvantage90 com – Click here for my March 17, 2012 warning
  • Web Profits From Home – a.k.a. Home Income Stream – www hispurchase com

As NOT Seen On

Many of the sites above will claim that they have been seen on one or more of the following media outlets:

  • CNN
  • Fox News
  • abc
  • CBS News
  • USA Today

The only way any of the dubious work at home sites mentioned on this page could possibly have been seen on the previously mentioned media outlets is if they were advertised via those media outlets.

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Stay At Home Revenue Review Of Red Flags

Note: All details of the Michelle Withrow Stay At Home Revenue sales page, terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc. as outlined in this post have preserved in multiple ways, including video recording. is potentially also related to (& several other websites).

Aside from multiple red flags, there are two main red flags concerning Stay At Home Revenue that you need to know.

Red Flag # 1. The “Free Consultation” Trap

Stay At Home Revenue claims that “as a bonus” you’ll get “A Free One-On-One Consultation With An Internet Expert” and that “You’ll get a free one-on-one phone consultation with a Success Advisor to discuss your individual goals and map out and ensure your quick path to financial success.”

Here’s what that REALLY means…

You will talk to one or more hard core sales people who will try to figure out how much cash and credit you have available.  They will then try to squeeze as much money out of you as possible. You may even potentially be promised that you’ll make specific amounts of money – but the contract you sign will leave all of those promises out, making it extremely difficult, if not impossible to recover your money.

Red Flag #2. You Are Potentially Waiving Your Do Not Call Rights

I don’t know who will call you, but I’ve seen many horror stories on other set ups such as Stay At Home Revenue where people get called relentlessly after entering their phone number.

Here’s the order form with the checkbox saying “I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Stay At Home Revenue Terms Checkbox

Here’s the part of the Terms at the end of the Stay At Home Revenue site – which apparently is actually is for a program called Simply Click To Profit.

Stay At Home Revenue DNC

Red Flag #3. Stay At Home Revenue is using stock photos for its testimonials

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