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Google Cash review

I've been tracking Google Cash for over 1,975 days now

By Paul Schlegel, Founder Of WorkAtHomeTruth

Important Google Cash Update (updated August 9, 2010). Please read!

Note: (I started using the system in early 2005)...and I no onger recommend Google Cash. It was great from December, 2003 until about December, 2007, but now Google Cash is DEAD.

New (and much safer) ways of making money online have taken over. And I've seen many more people succeed with the new ways than I ever saw with Google Cash. So, if you want to learn a new, safe and proven way to make money online click here to watch this popular video that explains it all.

The following is the updated review of the original Google Cash system and the more recent Google Cash Detective system by Chris Carpenter

Google Cash used to be one of the simplest, most powerful methods for making money online.

And there used to be a lot of amazing success stories about the Google Cash method.

But unfortunately those days are over. In fact MOST people lose their shirt at this type of business these days. I've updated most of the original Google Cash review below, but again, you would be MUCH better (and safer) to start by using the method explained in the video here.

The end of the Google Cash success stories :-(

You used to hear stories all the time about people buying Google Cash and doing well fairly quickly. Not any more. In fact several people I know who made a lot of money with the Google Cash method (including myself) no longer do it.

Even people new to online marketing did well (at least prior to 2007 they did - and after 2007 it started to become really hard to make money with the Google Cash method.

And back then people used to make money without even having a website. Of course, nowadays that doesn't matter because free website builders are so newbie-friendly that almost anyone can put up a website fast. That's a good thing too, because people making money with the original Google Cash methods were never really building any real assets.

Of course even then the really big success stories were always exceptional examples beyond what the average user of the Google Cash method would do.

The bad news...

Unfortunately, it's more difficult to get Google Cash to work without having your own website nowadays. Possible? Yes. But more difficult. And actually a bad idea if you want predictable income.

About the only thing Google Cash is good for these days is as a historical curiosity piece. Chris Carpenter keeps trying to revive it, but the truth is that it's dead and it's probably dead forever. Sure you'll see a lot of old outdated reviews about it, but take those with a grain of salt.

And now not only are the Google Cash materials and system worse, but they are more expensive too. Go figure.

Besides if you're a beginner, you should not spend that kind of money on learning internet marketing, no matter what some high-pressure, "do it now" salesperson tries to tell you.

Again - I NO LONGER RECOMMEND GOOGLE CASH AT ALL (keep reading for a better, less risky alternative).

Here's a bit of a warning: Google Cash at one time used MY testimonial on their site WITHOUT my permission and took it completely out of context.

Google Cash is NOT the best program for newbies and also is NOT right for most other people anymore. If you are a beginner, you'll need to find an online income solution or Home Income Cash Machine that works for you..

I originally suspended my recommendation of GoogleCash because at the end of 2006 Google introduced some new rules that could make it much harder to succeed with this system.

However, I mentioned then that If the authors update the book (you get free updates when you buy the book), then all could be fine.

For awhile it seemed like the Google Cash authors were back on the righ track with their materials.

But unless you have a significant amount of money to put at risk (at least $1,000) I CANNOT and do not recommend Google Cash or Google Cash Detective for beginners.

I recommend people new to online marketing start with the simple methods explained here.

The rest of this is an update of the original review that I've left in place for historical purposes

Google Cash (a.k.a. GoogleCash) was a comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow downloadable home study guide revealing how to make money as a online matchmaker.

Google Cash showed people how to pay Google to create and post tiny classified ads on the right-hand side of any Google search result's page -- linked to companies offering a solution (and paying you to act as their online marketing coordinator).

Google Cash changed my life -- really...

...Google Cash originally was the basis of my home business that allowed me to work from home and support my wife and two kids. I no longer use the method.

It was a great business for a while and as mentioned before there were a lot of success stories. But the best part was (and still is with my current home business) the freedom and being able to do things with my family that would be impossible to do while working for somebody else.

Of course, you've probably figured out by now that there are better methods than Google Cash to make money from home.

The best part of the Google Cash system was - and the best part of the new system I recommend here still is that is you don't have to have your own products, you have no employees and you don't have any customer service headaches and you you can set up multiple profit centers.

Important note: please understand that any real online money system takes some amount of effort to make it work. However, with many of these systems, once you get it up and running successfully you really can take lots of days off and still have money coming in. That does NOT mean you don't have to monitor what you're doing. You DO. You will have to watch your competitors and any changes related to how you're getting traffic to your site. Do NOT buy into the idea that generating income online can be totally passive. It can be passive for a while, but unless you hire somebody to handle your business for you that you trust and has the right skills to handle it, then YOU will have to keep an eye on things.

The following are the pros and cons I had written about Google Cash from 2005-2007.


Better than a college education (and graduate in 40 days or less)
Unlike College (4 years), Associate Degrees (2 years), or short-term Vocational Schools (6 to 9 months), most people I knew took about 30 to 40 days to master the Google Cash system.

One-click access
Featured websites in the ebook were linked directly to other URLs in just a click... no need to copy and paste. While this seems like a small benefit, I've always been surprised at how few ebooks invest the time and effort to make linking to webpages easy and convenient.

Easy to print
If you've ever ordered home study course, you know most are "locked." The good news is the current version of GoogleCash is unlocked... allowing you to print each, any, or all of the pages for easier reading.

Real examples with step by step details
It's rare to find someone who's willing to show actual examples of profitable ideas that are made available to the public. It's easy to understand why... once the idea is out there, it's no longer a secret -- quickly creating a rush of new competitors.

But Mr. Carpenter revealed exactly how he placed tiny classified ads at and redirected their visitors to high paying affiliate programs -- getting paid with PayPal within two weeks (sometimes even within 24 hours).

Included the WOW factor
I'd like to think I know a lot about the GoogleCash system. I put the system into action and as a result quit my full-time job while make money working from home.

And as an internet marketing junkie, I thought I'd seen it all...

... But every time I would open GoogleCash, I was always amazed with how easy it was to pickup -- yet stuffed with free onlines sources I'd never heard of before.


Title is a bit misleading
Yes it's true... this home study course is named GoogleCash, but don't let the name fool you -- the strategies and methods revealed also work with similar sites like Yahoo and AOL.

Information gets stale quickly
The moment any home study course is published, its content grows old and outdated... and this is especially true of GoogleCash. As I review this, I'm guessing more than 15% of the ideas, strategies, and sources are either irrelevant or no longer exist...

... But I don't blame the author -- because in the Internet world, things change rapidly.

It would be helpful to be able to download an updated GoogleCash from time to time.

The good news is GoogleCash includes access to a frequently updated "Resources" section hosted on the author's Website. And when I checked, I found it was updated within the last 52 days -- that's reasonable.

Update: There was a section here at one point complaining that the email support was weak. However, there's evidence to suggest this may not be true any longer. I've heard that Chris Carpenter has become much more active in his business again and keeping everything up to date. However, if you find out otherwise, please let me know.

Update to update: This is somewhat interesting. While, the support for the Google Cash private mentoring forum "AdwordMentor" -- an low-cost monthly membership site -- is second to none (I actually helped moderate that forum for over a year), there seems to have been quite a few complaints about the Google Cash Detective software support here (note, the link is old so I've redirected it to something that will actually HELP you make money online): better (and much safer) than Google Cash OR Google Cash Detective. So the takeaway here is that since each of Chris Carpenter's products have different support mechanisms, you can't judge the support of one based on the support from another. The good thing is if you hate GoogleCash it's easy to refund it through ClickBank.

2/5/2008 Update on customer service for Google Cash: I've started receiving complaints once again about poor customer service from Google Cash. This is especially important if your decision on investing in Google Cash is driven by the promise of personal help on the sales page.

Snapshots are sometimes tiny
One particular screenshot of how Mr. Carpenter banked $638.05 (in just 2 days) was accompanied by the proof with a small screenshot on the bottom of page 27. It would have been great if we could have clicked on the picture and see a larger screenshot (hint to author).

Google Cash -- is it right for you?

If you're a newbie or if you work for a company, and it's your job to build brand awareness by placing ads online, Google Cash definitely isn't for you.

And for me, Google Cash was a great time in my life and was the first product to show me a legitimate way to make money as an online matchmaker. But those days are long gone and there are much better and safer ways to make money online - that also are better for long-term income.

Click here to find a NEW (and much safer) way to make money online than with Google Cash

Update re: Google Cash Detective has met with lukewarm reception and in my opinion is an extremely dangerous product for a newbie that is most likely to cause you to lose a lot of money fast. In other words, don't believe the hype!

There are many scam products calling themselves Google Cash that are hitting people's credit cards with hidden charges. NONE of those have anything to do with the Google Cash product covered in this review. In fact in 2009 I helped expose many of those Google Cash products as scams.

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