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This page about niche affiliate affiliate marketing was updated 6/26/2010.

About two years ago a simple niche affiliate marketing system hit the #1 position on our list of  Top Ten Recommended Home Businesses. In fact, it may be one of the lowest-risk, most foolproof niche affiliate marketing systems I’ve seen yet and it continues to get rave reviews.

One of the BIG things I like about this system is that it is very step-by-step and each step has a forum where you can ask questions which are typically answered within one business day.

This particular system also is at the top of our  Top 3 Recommended Programs For Newbies at the WorkAtHomeTruth Store here and our list of Self-Funding Home Businesses It’s the perfect system for newbies because it’s scalable and repeatable. Plus if your new to niche affiliate marketing you’ll learn extremely valuable skills that will help you to build additional income streams.

The system is called Niche Blitzkrieg and maybe be the easiest and quickest way to generate multiple streams of income online. Michael Brown created the system with new internet marketers in mind and designed it for people with little or no internet marketing knowledge at all.

It’s a great niche affiliate marketing system for anyone looking to generate a few extra thousand dollars into their bank account in just a few months or even build a large profitable affiliate marketing empire with it.

Click here for details about Niche Blitzkrieg and the special pricing I’ve been able to get for you.

I should mention that many of the niche affiliate marketing systems put out these days focus heavily on PPC marketing. And while pay per click marketing can be an excellent and profitable way to go about niche affiliate marketing, it can also lead to a lot of lost money and heartache if you’re not careful.

Now, I’ve been careful with PPC niche affiliate marketing myself and have bought close to $300,000 in PPC advertising over the years and done well. But I would never recommend a beginner start that way. I just think it’s smarter to start with a low-cost, lower-risk system that allows you to build up some cash to fund your pay per click learning with.

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  1. Hello Paul
    i am interested to NB, i have read that the course suggests purchasing other software to get better results… it would be great if you or Michael could state if the initial one-time cost (plus hosting/domain cost) is comprenhsive to start achieving results, or if there are any additional costs once started… is there any monthly cost to stay in the NB forum?
    Thanks – Nicola

    • Hi, most of what you’re asking for is here:

      Niche Blitzkrieg.

      I would say the only thing I might add there is the optional keyword research software which although not necessary would speed things up.

      As far as anything other software, I don’t think most people should invest in additional software until they generate the initial profits to cover the additional expenses of the software. Plus it can be helpful for them to first do the processes without software so they can really understand what the software is doing for them.

      No, there is no monthly fee for the forum, btw. That’s one of the big advantages in my opinion. The other niche blogging training I’ve seen charges a monthly fee. Niche Blitzkrieg doesn’t.

  2. Thank You Paul, very clear now.

  3. I am gonna have to check this out, and do a review on it. Sounds interesting.

  4. William Hall says:

    I currently have membership in both Niche Blitzkrieg and Wealthy Affiliates. I’m finding it difficult to get answers from WA, and I don’t think I can afford to spend a lot of time on both, especially with no answers. I’m a rank newbie, so would appreciate your thoughts on this matter.

    • @William Hall: William, the main problem I’ve had with Wealthy Affiliate is that it can be overwhelming for a newbie because it is not focused on ONE method.

      That is the main reason I recommend Niche Blitzkrieg is because EVERYONE is going through the same process and learning the same system so it makes it easier to get answers that will help you get past stumbling blocks.

      I typically recommend sites like Wealthy Affiliate as “phase II” type learning sites to consider after you’ve mastered a more basic and focused system like Niche Blitzkrieg.

      Are you having any issues getting answers from the Niche Blitzkrieg forum?

      Let me know.

  5. William Hall says:

    Haven’t had a problem; I think some of my pst questions to NB were petty and I’ll try to do better.



  6. I’m looking into NB and have two questions. 1) Why aren’t there any posts here since January 31,2010? 2) What is the cost of the optional Keyword research software suggested (offered) through Michael Brown’s NB?
    Thank you

  7. I’m really new on online marketing and your article have given me some ideas on how to deal with it.

  8. I have to agree with Micro Niche Finder, it’s a pretty amazing product (regarding your comment to Kim quite some time ago).
    I was also curious how you got that bar on the bottom about stupid get rich quick schemes (I am interested and even subscribed to receive follow up notifications ;-)]?

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