Work At Home Warnings

Update: 4/21/2012 Here is the current list of recent warnings with links to full warning details:

Home Business Scams (Red Flag Priority List)

Other research (data only – no opinions) is at WorkAtHomeTruth Research

Notes On Making Money From Home

I’ve noticed that when people search for ideas on how to make money from home, they often have unrealistic expectations about what it really takes to do so. It’s easy to understand why, since they’re bombarded with ads every day promising to teach them how to make money from home in “3 Easy Steps” or “At The Push Of A Button” or other such nonsense.

How To Make Money From Home – What It Really Takes

There’s one video on this site that has received great feedback from people who watch it, because it actually lays out step by step what it takes for someone to learn how to make money from home. It takes time, it takes work, and it takes great support and the ability to learn. That’s much different from what most sites propogating the internet with nonsense will tell you. But those are facts.

How To Make Money From Home – The Facts

If you are looking to understand how to make money from home online, one of the programs I’ve received the best feedback about is Niche Blitzkrieg, a training program by Michael Brown which teaches you the fundamentals of building a good affiliate site selling real products.

How To Make Money From Home – What NOT To Do

One of the reasons this NOT Recommended section was created was to help people learn what NOT to do if they want to learn how to make money from home. It was set up to help people understand what types of red flags to look for in sales pages. Sometimes the red flags are obvious. Other times it takes a bit of digging to find out whether or not there are questionable aspects to the opportunity being presented.

As much as I would love for people to do their own research, I also know it can be helpful to put out warnings about certain questionable opportunities claiming to teach people how to make money from home.

In the section below, I will post current warnings about current questionable opportunities and will link to detailed analysis if it’s available at the time

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