Home Profit Masters Scam Analysis

Note: All details of the Jane Simmons Home Profit Masters sales page, terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc. as outlined in this post have preserved in multiple ways, including video recording.

Update 5/17/2012 The testimonials on the sales page for this “product” have been changed. Of course all it’s already documented with html files, video, and .png image files. So why they even bothered to change the testimonials is a mystery, since they’ve already been busted…again.


I’ve probably warned people hundreds of times about the kind of coaching scams that are sold on the back end of work at home programs like Home Profit Masters. I’m talking about people who have lost, $5,000, $10,000, $15,000…even as much as $40,000. And it’s only then that they realize that they’ve been scammed. It’s only then that they realize that a simple search on Google for the so-called “business opportunity” could have saved them from massive financial loss and heartache.

And while getting a refund on the initial “lead product” can often be done by disputing the charge with the credit card company or bank, it’s MUCH harder for people to recover the significantly large amounts of money that they lose once they’ve been swindled out of their money by a “coaching floor” (a.k.a. boiler room operation).

Announcing! The Latest Phillip Gannuscia Scam!

And also has a company called  Ship Development LLC which entered into a  Settlement Agreement with the Utah Division Of Consumer Protection as follows:

Pay careful attention to this requirement of the Government Action:

“a) comply with all requirements of the Utah Consumer Sales Practices Act, Telephone and Facsimile Solicitations Act, and Telephone Fraud Prevention Act, and all other laws and rules administered by the Division that are applicable”. I’ve posted the full text below.”

…and keep that in mind when you read the following on the Home Profit Masters sales page:

“Your free one-on-one consultation with a success advisor”.

Almost always, that’s a ploy to get you to spend thousands of dollars on coaching or products of dubious value.

Scam Proof!

Wow. Proving that a site like Home Profit Masters is completely bogus is just getting way too easy. Let’s start with the testimonials. These testimonials can be found all over the net being used by all kinds of questionable websites. Not only that they are suspiciously similar to the ones used by a company called “Penbrook Productions” which the FTC shut down in 2009!

I remember Penbrook Productions well, because I helped abc’s 20/20 with quite a bit of research for it:

Anne-Varney-20-20So it was immediately obvious to me that Home Profit Masters was simply ripping off the old Penbrook Productions Sales Page. In facts there are tons of scammy sales pages using all of the same sales elements within the Penbrook Productions sales page – a page which the FTC HATED.

Penbrook Productions Vs. Home Profit Masters Testimonials

Take a look at the following testimonials – the one on the left is from the Penbrook Productions Scam. The one on the left is from Home Profit Masters. Notice anything strange about them…like that they are the SAME?

Testimonial 6 Side by SideOr how about these 2 Testimonials…
Testimonial - Got Me Fired Side By SideOr How About SEVEN Testimonials – All Nearly Identical In The EXACT SAME ORDER?

You Know One Thing The FTC REALLY Hated About The Penbrook Productions Scam?

This claim:

Penbrook Productions MathHmm…haven’t we seen that somewhere recently? Like on the Home Profit Masters site…

“More so, by posting 15 links in 60 minutes a day…5 days a week…you can put $58,500 year-after-year into your account, so the financial value you’re receiving is enormous! Think about it, you invest $97 once, and you receive back $58,500 over and over again!”

Promoted By Spam & Fake News Sites

As somebody in the comments section has already noted, this so-called “business opportunity” is being promoted by spam & fake news sites. In fact, I originally found this scam from a blog spam comment promoting the fake news site Financial-Reports.org which in turn promotes Home Profit Masters – as you can see in the following video:

It’s Also Being Promoted By The Nefarious Fake News Site NewsDaily7.com

If you’re not familiar with this fake news site, you can read my detailed analysis of it here.

Does Angela Bussio ReallyEndorse This Product??

The site uses a video of Angela Bussio which makes it looks like she endorses the program. Maybe she does – or maybe she doesn’t. Most likely she does as she has been used as a spokesperson for numerous products run by the same comments.

Fake Plimus Order Page

The order page for this scam uses what I believe to be a fake Plimus order page. Here’s a snapshot of part of the order page below:

Here’s the problem with that order page. Plimus stopped accepting business opportunity and Internet marketing products around June of 2011. Obviously, that means the page was faked. More importantly, it means that the McAfee SECURE security seals, VERIFIED by VISA, and MasterCard SecureCode have nothing to do with Home Profit msters either.

Watch Out For Phillip Gannuscia

Phillip Gannuscia is a full-time scammer behind some of todays biggest business opportunity scams, including the following:

  • Clicks To Cash – ClicksToCashSystem.com
  • Education Training Online – EducationTrainingOnline.com
  • Online Profit Masters System
  • Income Masters Institute
  • Income Cash Machine
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  1. Anonymous says

    First, Home Profit Masters is slightly misleading their potential customers by giving them the impression that they will be paid for “posting links,” when the reality is that affiliate marketers are only paid when their link results in a sale, at which time they will be paid a commission.

    But the most prominent concern is that they are being promoted though fake news articles, at Finance-Reporting.org. These fake news sites are really advertisements intended to look like real online journalism sources, and are currently under investigating by the FTC.

    • says

      Yep. I first saw Home Profit Masters promoted by a spam comment on the Search Engine Watch website. The comment led to a page that then led to Finance-Reporting.org…which then landed me on Home Profit Masters.

      And regarding your other point…not only are affiliate marketers only paid when their links result in a sale or action…but they have to get the TRAFFIC to wherever the links are “posted”.

      It’s crazy. These should be easy cases for the FTC to slam shut – even if they are incredibly understaffed. They ALREADY have the model-complaint which lays out all of the problems.

        • Peter says

          Hi, I paid homeprofitmasters for their “services” and while I am fuzzy on what exactly they told me at first, I seemed to receive conflicting statements, at first that I HAD to wait at least 30 days to receive a refund- explained as the period in which I would try to see if I could make the same amount of profit as I had paid, and only after that point if I had not made profit equal to or greater than what I paid them. I gave up on the website within the first few days and after waiting about 3 weeks past the initial thirty days I sent the site an email requesting a refund, to which I received no reply. I called them about a week later, which is today, to ask them what the deal was. The conflicting message I received was that the woman on the phone told me that I had to have requested the refund within 30 days, rather than after. She further explained that she would not refund my money. After hearing this I doubted whether they had provided fallacious information or if I had simply misinterpreted it to begin with. In addition to that the site initially claimed there would be no recurring fees, but I was in fact charged an additional fee a month after signing up, which I only realized when I called to cancel my account and the lady I spoke with mentioned it. Once again, conflicting statements. This led me and my father to research complaints or scams related to homeprofitmasters, which led us to this site. I am posting on this site in the case that a) this information may be helpful to what you do and b) if there is something I can do to get my money back. Would talking to my bank do anything for me at this point? Or the FTC? Thanks in advance for your help.

          • says


            What you have have to do to try to get your money back depends on what they sold you. And how easy it will be, will also depend on that as well.
            For the monthly fees, I would suggest you file a dispute with you credit card company. You probably will need to cancel your card and have a new one reissued as well.

            Did you take the coaching? In that case it becomes trickier, but not necessarily impossible. Usually coaching scams are set up in a way that makes it hard to track accountability. Here’s a typical scenario:

            1. You talk to a person on the phone from Company A who makes all kinds of promises to you about how much money you can make, how long you have to cancel, etc. Often, what they say is NOT true and even illegal. However, they typically aren’t the ones who you talk to when you sign the contract.
            2. Once you’ve been qualified you’re sent to another company – Company B separate from the first one that gets you to “sign the contract” (often digitallly). Sometimes there are other people/companies involved which makes things even more confusing (intentionally).

            Here’s the problem, the contract will not include all of the lies that were told to you by the initial person or people you talked to from Company A.

            If you got hooked into a coaching scam, typically you will require significantly more documentation to try to get your money back (it’s often quite difficult because the Credit Card companies don’t really understand what’s happend – they only see “a contract”).

            Here’s what you can TRY to do to get money back from a coaching scam (the sooner you get this all done, the better).
            1. Save ALL emails, phone messages. Take screenshots of any “tickets” in ticket support systems. In other words, save anything and everything you can related
            to what happened.
            2. You should document (to the best of your knowledge) all of the events/paperwork/electronic paperwork. Although designed for different types of scams, I would suggest reading through How to Write An Effective Fraud Report as the Credit Card company typically will initially side with the scammers (because the only “proof” they see is the “contract”).
            3. I would file a dispute with your Credit card company. The dispute procedures are typically on the back of your Credit Card billing statement. If you paid with a debit card, you’ll need to talk to your bank.
            4. File a complaint with the BBB. Like many, I’m not fan of the BBB’s “rating system” which is incredibly suspect. However, they do a great job at collecting complaints and at times can be useful in getting the complaints resolved.
            5. File a complaint with the Utah Division Of Consumer Protection. Typically, your only hope in Utah is the Division Of Consumer Protection as the AG’s office itself (a separate office in Utah) is historically VERY corrupt and often takes money from companies they are supposed to be prosecuting.

            The following will help to possibly shut this company down, but won’t necessarily help you to possibly get your money back. Follow the complaint filing instructions on a page I set up called How To File Consumer Complaints.

            Let me know if you have any more questions about this.

  2. Bree says

    Penbrook Productions was just a copy of Angel Stevens Process at Home.
    The truth is the Penbrook site was shut down by its operator in 2008 after being live for two months.

    • says

      Right. I had forgotten that. I was using Penbrook Productions as the FTC used it – as the dba for Make You Famous Consulting. I’ll have to go check my notes as to what sites they ran other than RebateProcessorTools.com & ProcessFromHome.com

      I made a video at one time that listed a lot of the different pseudonyms, but I’m sure they were not all run by Make You Famous Consulting:
      (The parody site RebateProcessorFun.com mentioned in the video doesn’t exist anymore):

  3. Bree says

    They didn’t run the other sites. The other sites were run by other companies. I used to work for MYF

      • Bree says

        They did not run rebate processor tools. They did run process from home for two months which was an copy of angel Stevens process at home.

        After the CEO shut it down several others copied the same creative to run their own versions.

        It all started with angel Stevens and evolved from there.

        Interesting enough, the guys that were the client of angel Stevens and angela pen brook offers were ultimately shut down by the FTC last year. Ivy Capitol.

        Also, I hear the FTC is looking into Clickbooth, which is the marketing company that exclusively managed all the traffic foe both offers.

        • says

          Thanks for all the updates and insights, Bree. I had talked to one of the Senior Litigators about going after affiliate/CPA networks back in 2009 – I saw their recent actions against Copeac. If they follow up with Clickbooth, too, it will send a strong message.

  4. Fran says

    Wow! I was honestly going to purchase this package. I’m glad I did some research before I became a victum of there scam.. Thank you for sharing this.

      • Dee says

        I almost signed up too. Thank you for the information, and the links to back up your proof. Are there any work at home legitimate companies?

    • Judy says

      I usually research these things before buying anything online – usually a product rather than an income scam. However, I was weak on 5/9/2012 and clicked the buttons. They made it sound so simple and the ad I saw was allegedly someone from a small town nearby. Of course, I can cancel ‘anytime’ but in order to receive a refund I have to have ‘tried’ to make money. After talking to the ‘get started specialist’ I realized I had made a big mistake – wasn’t so simple anymore. Is there anyway I can get out of this? I am not putting anymore money or time into this scam. Is there ANYTHING I can do?

        • hg says

          how do you dispute the charges? isn’t it considered ligit because i got a webpage out of it?
          Thanks in advance!

      • says

        Hi Judy,

        You are not the only one who got taken in by the fake television
        studio presentation.

        Usually, I would rush to the warrior’s forum research
        information on a project that sounded too good to be true.
        But this time, I saw only the fake TV presentation, and I was
        completely sucked in by that. They even managed to create a
        TV like sound name that people are easily taken in.

        Which newbie would argue with such a presentation? After
        all, who could think that scrupulous persons would dare to
        fabricate a TV station, that look and act so much like real life

        But there I was… completely sucked in, and by the time I decided
        to act (going to the Google search engine to search up on this Home
        Profit masters- it was too late. I had already spend approximately
        $100 form my credit card.

        I deserve that, though. Teach me not to be so gullible for any reason
        at all.

        Still, I think I was luck. Because when I tried to complete the Merchant
        account information, received an error message after clicking the
        submit button. So my information on my bank and other pertinent
        information seemed not to have gone through the system entirely.

        I eventually sent them an email asking for their help to be able to
        make another attempt to signing up.

        But in the meantime, (while I await the merchant’s account folks to
        get back to me ), I then decided to do the research on the company
        that I should have done in the first place,

        My research led me to this page; and, to similar other “watchdog”

        Imagine my horror when I discovered that I might have been taken
        in by a huge scam.

        Funny thing is, also, I even called the “coaching” phone number they
        had on their website.

        Actually, that was what sent me the red flag to go and do some more
        research. Because, if this company was as successful as they presented
        themselves on their website, why was there not a coaching person
        taking calls from new customers at any how of the day (24/7)?

        Yes. The red flag flew at full mask, immediately.

        The other thing, also, I should have noticed that the sales page did
        not really tell me what it was that I was going to do, except it said I
        would have been placing ads.

        That alone should have sent me packing to save my own skin. But
        I goofed. I completely missed all those signals. The TV piece threw
        me completely.

        Serves me right to be so irresponsible.

        But, lesson learn, and lear4ned well.

        Thanks a million, Paul. Although I heeded your warning after the
        fact. But thank you nonetheless. We live and learn. I sure did

        I have bookmarked your website because I will be visiting it quite
        often after this encounter.


    • hg says

      so…i purchased a webpage from home profit masters for 29.95. Do they try to charge this more than just the 1 one time fee to set up?? It then linked me to sign up with purelyhost for one month and clickbank.com. how concerned should I be? do they continue to try to scam money from you monthly from your bank account???!!

      • says

        What do you mean when you say you’re signed up for purelyhost for one month? The lowest price I see for purleyhost hosting is $19.95/month. If you’re only signed up for one month (which I doubt) then once the month is up nobody would be able to access your website.

        • hg says

          I actually signed up with profit for masters for 29.95. paid purelyhost 49.95. and clickbank.com 24.95. they were many more offers i opted out of and i did not sign up for a merchant account, because i didn’t want my actual bank account number and routing number tied to anything yet. purelyhost was offered as options for buying a package for 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years. I opted for one month which was 19.95 but of course they attached set up fees, taking it up to 49.95.
          Are these companies (profit for masters, purelyhost, clickbank) know for scamming more money from people than they are supposed to?

          • says

            That has happened with other companies similar to this in the past, but I haven’t heard of it happening with this company. The biggest problem with Home Profit Masters is the “coaching program” which ends up costing people thousands of dollars.

            The part of your situation that confuses me is the PurelyHost part – are you sure you didn’t take a monthly option instead of a “one month” option? Because once your month is finished your website would no longer be available online.

          • hg says

            yes it was a one month option. i have been wording that wrong. ok…i see what you’re saying about those fees not being a prob after my month is up but i guess I was thinking you guys were saying people were having other fees ripping them off by the home profit masters. How are people getting ripped off by thousands….my program was only 29.95 and I opted out of all the other perks that were supposed to help perk up my site being searched. what do i need to be on the look out for? are these other “perks” they try to get you to sign up with the culprit for the crazy thousands you talk about?
            thanks so much in advance!

          • says

            Sounds like you got lucky – most people get hounded by their sales people trying to sell them additional “coaching” or “training”. That’s when the thousands come in – but that would be a whole separate contract. They run under another name called “Online Profit Masters”. Same company, just a different name for the website.

            If you want to see the full brunt of the horror that awaits some people that get hounded to buy “coaching” read the comments by a man named Clark here:

    • Brij says

      Thanks guys, you all saved me. i was about to click submit for payement, but i thought to research some more. u guys really saved….

  5. Jon says

    Thanks Paul. Looking around for legit work at home sites, just need some part time income, and this one reeks of scam.

    Can you suggest any legit sites for part time work at home income?

  6. Tim Feeney says

    I lost my job 3 weeks ago and was gullible enough to fall for the home profit masters scam. It’s a $100 lesson, which feels more like a $500 lesson, considering how important every penny has suddenly become. I don’t know if anyone is leveling any sort of lawsuit/class action suit against these guys, but if so, I want in. This time, it’s the money AND “the principle of the thing”, as they say.

    • says

      Tim, I’m not aware of any lawsuits at this point. I’ll let you know if I do.

      In the meantime, file a fraud dispute to get your money back. If you paid with a credit card, the dispute procedures are typically on the back of your billing statement. If you paid with a debit card, you’ll need to talk to your bank about their dispute procedures.

      Let me know if you’re able to get your money back. I’d be surprised if you don’t.

  7. Orlin says

    I have been looking for a work at home program for a long time, a lot of and almost all have the seal on them Security Verified, Business Verified , Privacy Verified. What if any thing can you tell me about those companys . Also I am looking at a web-site on ligtonline work at home by Ross Williams, what can you tell me about him , is he ligt.
    I am 74 years old and would like to travel .

    Hope for a reply

  8. Orlin says

    Paul For the most part I have always been a salesman, selling chips, cattle feed, coffee, and was a bread man for 21 years, now am a 3 state truck driver for 15 years. I have bought into some programs, have lost some money but have never made a dine. I will not use anything but paypal because I can always get my money back.
    Would like to be able to make about $500.00 to $600.00 per week.


    • says

      That’s pretty tough if you’re on the road a great deal. I’m having somebody test out Amazon’s “Fulfillment By Amazon” program right now and so far it seems to be going well, but it’s too early to tell. I’ll ask him what he thinks of your situation.

  9. says

    Paul , often, in the Linkedin group I advert to see your website before they pay for something.
    Do you know the Home business groups in Linkedin ?
    Thanks always for your big work

  10. Orlin says

    Paul As of now I just drive 3 days a week (Wed, Thurs. & Fri.) What I want to do is find a work at home program that will work and then I will stop driving so we can travel and work at the same time.
    I know there is some out there I just need help finding the right ones.


    • says

      This is Jake in Tucson and I’m testing a program with Amazon that is going well for me so far. Fortunately it’s something you can do ‘as you go’ and build up without spending or risking a lot of money. Basically it’s finding things that are marked down and then selling them on Amazon using their FBA program. If you have some family or friends that you trust you could make the kind of money you are wanting to make if: You are living close to a population area that has approx. 250,000 or more or have someone you can ‘bunk’ with for a couple days. Have some seed money you can do without for a few weeks. Have a smart phone preferably an iPhone and can devote 10 hours a week to what is called ‘scouting’ for ‘deals’. And I’d probably add spending 2-5 hours studying. I’m not sure what you’re schedule is like but maybe if you take off early or stay out late you can as I mentioned do this business model ‘as you go’. If you have weekends off you can probably hit enough yard sales with 20 dollars in one’s and get started. Not sure what your situation is exactly but I’m over here on this site often. All the best, Jake Jacob

  11. Anthony says

    I have seen these websites before. All of these sites say the same things about easy money just as it was shown by you on this page Mr. Schlegel. Thank you for your research and efforts to confirm for us all that when something online has no legitimate references and says to be “so easy” that it tends to be a false claim. I was curious though, if we keep coming across these websites and it is clear these sites are not being updated for example since 2009, is there any recommendation for reporting these sites with any attempt in having them removed? I do not like when honest people are misled by the (boiler room) types of schemes and people will continue to come across these sites without any awareness.

    • says

      Thanks, Anthony

      I have instructions on how to file with various law enforcement agencies here:

      However, the reality is that there are too many scammers and not enough law enforcement to handle them. There’s also a big problem in Utah (where many of the boiler rooms are), because the AG is very corrupt there and takes money from the businesses he should be prosecuting.

      • Anthony says

        Thank you again Mr. Schlegel. I have read the information on how to file with the BBB, AG, FTC and other resources. This information I consider as invaluable and will play the role of advocate to everybody I know about awareness of such websites! I should have figured a guess ratio about the number of scammers outweighing the number of law enforcement.

  12. says

    Omg! I found this after the fact. I feel like an idiot. I bought into all the mumbo jumbo and paid my money to Home Profit and continued to more idiocy and paid Purely Hosting for a sight and supposedly 3 domains. Now….I’m being hounded by a guy that is wanting me to invest all kind of money but I have to give him an answer before he passes me on to his senior consultant. What a crock. I am going to dispute my charges, lick my wounds and find something else to do. Thank you so much for this sight. I really appreciate all your info.

  13. CeCe B says

    Thank God I researched this and came by your site. I was very skeptical and now I know why. Would you happen to have any leads for legitimate home jobs? I currently work full time, but searching for extra funds to work at home. Thank you.

  14. Robin R says

    Thank you, I was about to make a BIG Mistake w/ Home Profit Masters. Could not afford that! Thank you.

  15. HeHe H says

    Thank you so much for this! I was almost sold on it when I decided to research the company via Google search and stumbled upon your site.

  16. says

    You saved my butt… I have been out of work for 7 months and I am grasping at straws. This seemed pretty legitimate, and the investment ($49.95) seemed reasonable. I filled out the form completely and was about to submit when I had this feeling that I should Google it as a scam. I wound up here. After reading your analysis, I have cleared the form of my credit card information. Thanks for helping me dodge a bullet…

  17. Jules says

    Several things I don’t get about how they get away with this:’

    1) Angela Bussio seems like a real person, why doesn’t she file charges for using her endorsement fraudulently or if she is endorsing them legitimately, why would she ruin her reputation to do so?

    2) the FBI internet unit should be able to shut these folks down since it’s interstate fraud

    3) both my husband and I heard on our local radio station ads for the workathome77.com site that leads to the Home Profit Master’s site…why would legitimate radio stations allow advertising for fraudulent sites?

    • says

      Those are all good questions. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

      1) As far as I know Angela Bussio IS associated with the program. I have been meaning to send a letter to her rep about it, tough.
      2) The FTC is who would investigate this. The problem is that they have an incredibly small stuff compared to the number of scams like this being perpetrated.
      The other problem is that this fraud stems out of Utah which has had a very corrupt AG for the past several years and the new one isn’t looking much better. The old AG actually took money from companies that he should have been prosecuting.
      3) That’s a big question. All of the major Media – MSNBC, Fox News, CNN have done their share to endorse scammers – and I’m not just talking about the infomercials…I’m talking about them actually touting many of these scammers as “experts”.

  18. Jules says

    seems like the “paid to place” is the same scam under a different name, have you looked at that one?


    ??same scam, same guy behind it? disgusting that they can keep reinventing themselves with new scams instead of being put away somewhere without internet access

  19. Peter says

    Thanks Paul. I don’t see a reply option for your post so I’m responding down here.

    I didn’t buy into a coaching scam. I only paid $74 (in two different charges of $47 and $27 I agreed to the $47, and I know which part of the process the $27 was associated with, but I’m pretty sure I said no to it) for access to their website and was charged once more for $8.68, the first of their surprise monthly fees. Are those something that my bank can return to me? I did pay with debit, so there’s no credit card company to talk to. If i tell my bank that I cancelled their service will that protect me in case they try to charge me again in the future?

    Most of your post details what to do in the case that I had bought into a coaching scam, so now that you know that I did not what would you recommend? Does that stuff still apply?

    • says

      In your case, I would suggest starting with an easier route then. Each bank is different, so I can’t tell you how they’ll handle it.

      1. Cancel your debit card and have a new one reissued. I know it’s a pain if you have other services set up on it, but it’s really
      the best thing you can do when dealing when scammers.
      2. Talk to your bank about their dispute procedures.

      I’d also suggest you read through the debit card information resources on this page:
      How Can I Get My Money Back From An UnCooperative Company.

      I’d still file a BBB complaint and if you have time, a complaint with the Utah Division Of Consumer Protection (but in that case, I would just briefly explain what happend and who the company is as they are the ones that initially cited them for violations).

  20. Ghen says

    Hi there, i found this site when i started to think about the Home Profit Master. I paid $97 just to sign up on there site last week. And i am still waiting for the tool kit that they promise to send. I was reading all the reviews here and it shocks me. Is there anything i can do to refund my money before they squeeze a lot of money in my pocket. Thank you in advance.

  21. Carambar says

    have you looked into quibids.com
    they are smart peoples but at the end of the day they rip off all their customers.

  22. Ghen says

    Hi Paul,
    Thank you for the advice. :) Sorry for late reply. They are really a scam, coz up to now the tool kit they promise is not here, it’s been a month now. But i am not expecting them to send it. But anyway thank you for all the post, it really helped me out.

  23. Darrick Jacobs says


  24. DV says

    I cannot believe that I fell victim to this! My husband received an email supposedly from a friend with a link to a work from home company. Not sure now what it was called, but it eventually led us to Traffic Masters Program. I was completely fooled by the news story cover and the success story from someone in my town. I paid the $79 for the program and another $49 for the VIP component which would supposedly give me tons of insider tips. Immediately upon getting on their website I am told to call a rep for a 30-minute consultation. Funny how none of the numbers you call (and I have four numbers now) ever say what company you are calling. The lady I spoke with said that they are looking for a limited number oof “lucky” individuals to get one-on-one coaching. (Just a side note here- could this be the same “limited” number as the 2 spots left in the program in my area or the only 4 ‘free’ websites left? Lucky? I think not; unless you call getting all your wisdom teeth pulled with no pain meds lucky!) She told me to write some goals and we can do a phone interview to see if I could take a spot. I should have known something was wrong when she wanted to do the interview the next day. Lucky for me, she wanted my husband here and he wasn’t off until today. In the meantime, she said I should NOT do any research on the website because she didn’t want me to get started in the wrong direction. Ha! I’m pretty sure she didn’t want me to know how shady they are! I started looking things up and saw that now they want me to pay $159 for a website and who knows what after that. That’s when I came across so many warnings about this company!
    I’m seriously ashamed of myself. I should have known better. I am a SAHM and we don’t have the money to throw away on a scam. I even told the lady when I called that I was not looking to get rich quick, but just wanted to work from home (since I have two little ones who don’t attend school yet) and maybe make $1000/month to cover medical bills and put a little into savings. I really wasn’t trying to be greedy, but I guess I should have known better. Shame on them for scamming innocent people, and shame on me for falling for it!
    Today we were supposed to have the “interview” (which I’m sure now I could have passed regardless of what I said my goals for the future were because it sounds like everyone is offered this limited reserve coaching position). I called first thing this morning to cancel, but was put on hold for 20 minutes before being forced to leave a message. I ALMOST feel bad for the person listening to that message! I then called another number and was, again, put on hold. Finally my husband called and said we had technical difficulties and – what do you know – were put on with a live peron within minutes! I cancelled and was told it should be credited to my account. I will be watching and waiting.
    The best part, though? The “coach” called me an hour late (said she was backed up with phone calls) and asked if I was ready for the interview. When I told her I looked into it and think the company is a scam she said some other company name! They are a third-party company! I said I’m not interested and she replied (in a much different tone than earlier I may add) that it “doesn’t matter to me either way. But you should know that any work from home job means you need to pay out to get money back!”
    Completely disgusted with a system that allows this to go on. Hopefully whoever is behind this will be put away and the rest of us can get, if nothing else, a small piece of mind that our family and friends won’t fall victim the same way we have. Shame on Traffic Masters!

  25. says

    Hi I would like to know what information you have on a company called “purelyHosting”, are they a legitamet company or I they scaming people .
    Supposedly The CEO of company is Jason Taylor I feel this is not true that they help you with website
    set-up, technical support and sales training for one price, either suggesting 1 or 2 year contracts.
    I couldn’t find any information regarding this company. Please let me know what you might know
    about them.
    Thanking you in advance,

  26. Barb says

    Are there ANY legitimate online jobs one can get? I am retired and would like to earn extra money from home while I babysit my grandkids and just can’t find anything that seems legitimate? Can you help?

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