Jason Goodman – Consumer Trend Investigator

Jason Goodman is yet another fictitious name used to promote all kinds of questionable home business and work at home programs. is a newer fake name used to promote questionable business opportunities. You may already recognize this type of fake name from some of the other posts I’ve done about other fake consumer trends investigators. If not you may want to read the following:

Other relevant information is at the following pages:

Here are some of the fake news sites you may have seen Jason Goodman on:

  • Consumer Trends Today – www Consumer-Trends com
  • Daily Local News – www DailyLocalNews info



Instant Income from Home Review Of Red Flags

“Instant Income from Home” is using the typical fictitious “working mother” figurehead as their spokesperson. A woman named Anne Williams promises that you can make $400 a day working from home without the need for any job experience or skills. The site also claims that it will take very little time to do the work.

Red Flag #1: “Job Positions Left”

Unfortunately, there are still people who believe they must act quickly when they see messages such as “(X number of) ‘job positions available”. Almost always, this message is simply a fake scarcity ploy trying to get you to take action before really thinking things through.

Red Flag #2: Use Of News Logos To Imply Association

In case you’re wondering Instant Income From Home has no association whatsoever with the Fox News, NBC News, USA Today, abc, or CNN.

So why does the site make a point of headlining their page with the following statement: “Work At Home Jobs Have Been Featured On Fox News, NBC News, USA Today, abc, CNN?

Instant Income From Home Header

Instant Income From Home Header they want you to believe that Instant Income From Home

Most likely, they want you to believe that Instant Income From Home is associated with those news outlets.

Red Flag #3 – None of the Security Seals On The Order Page Are Clickable

Instant Income From Home uses the following security seals on their order page:

  • Verisign
  • HackerSafe
  • McAfee Secure
  • GeoTrust

The problem is that none of those seals are clickable to 3rd party sources that verify that the seals are valid. Without that verification, the seals are worthless.

Red Flag #4: Karl Goodard Story

Karl Goodard is a fake person used on many very questionable work at home sites. In the video below, you can see that very similar stories to the “Anne Williams” story “written” by Karl Goodard have been used across numerous questionable websites.

Red Flag #4 The “Free Consultation” Trap

The Instant Income From Home site claims that you will get:

“A Free One-On-One consultation With A Internet Wealth Expert!”

This is almost always a ploy to get you to talk to a high-pressure sales person who will try to extract as much money as possible out of you by selling you worthless coaching and other services.

In other words, the most likely scenario is that once Instant Income from Home has all your personal data including your financial information, they will get a team to do whatever it takes to talk you not giving them money for their coaching programs. Anyone would love to make instant money and do it without even trying but the universe may not be as generous as we want it to be. It’s a nearly certain bet that their testimonials are fake, their promises will be broken and the only people who will end up making money are them and not you.

Question to Readers: What Kind Of Emails Did You Get From Instant Income From Home?

Instant Income From Home Claims that they don’t sell your information to 3rd parties. So, I’d like to hear from the readers whether or not they received any emails from other companies after they put their email into the form on the Anne Williams Instant Income From Home site.

The Bottom Line About Instant Income From Home

I suggest that you skip Instant Income From Home. The sales page looks extremely similar to hundreds of other sales pages that have sold programs that have generated massive amounts of complaints. In other words, just don’t do it!

The Online Profit Stream Review Of Red Flags

As more and more people are beginning to realize the benefits of working at home, the number of unscrupulous individuals who target them is on the rise. One website that has been receiving complaints is called Online Profit Stream. According to a lot people who have signed up for the site the program wasn’t what it seemed to be at all. In fact the whole site appears to simply be a lead generation site to get you to talk to a sales person who will try to pressure you to spend money on coaching (typically not very good) that you don’t need.

What’s worse, is that once you give up your phone number, many people have reported that it’s very hard to get sales people to stop calling you. In fact, some people have had to resort to changing their phone numbers to get the calls to stop!

What The Online Profit Stream Website Is All About

If you go to their official website, the first thing that you will notice is the headline in big font size saying this:

“In the Next 60-Seconds – Get Access to the Biggest Money-Making Secret of 2014.”

This alone is enough to catch the interest of people, especially those who are looking for extra source of income.

If you read the rest of the home page content, you will led to believe that the website is accepting applicants who do not have any prior experience or a college degree. The site also claims that since the “work” is web-based you can virtually do it wherever you may be, as long as you are connected to the Internet. The site also wants you to believe that you can make money by simply “posting links”. The truth is link posting scams are one of the most pervasive scams on the Internet today.

Beware Of The “Free Consultation With A Success Advisor”

Any time you see a site promising a “Free Consultation With A Success Advisor” you should run for the hills. The consultation is merely a marketing gimmick to get you to speak with a sales person who will try to sell you the expensive coaching I mentioned previously

The Bottom Line About Online Profit Stream

I strongly recommend you avoid the Online Profit Stream website. It’s simply a new face for a long list of sites using fake persona’s to try to get you to talk to a slick, high-pressure sales person who will try to siphon as much money as possible out of you.