Jennifer Becker Earn At Home Club

Boy, the fake Jennifer Becker is really getting around these days. This time she’s promoting something called the “Earn At Home Club” found at Let’s see what else this fake person has beeb associated with:

  • A to Z Cash System – you can see my warning about that nightmare here.
  • My Home Cash System – hopefully you have MalwareBytes – you can see why here.
  • News Reports Today – found on my list of sites to avoid in 2014 here.

Earn At Home Club & The “Safe Order System”

SafeOrderSystem - Earn At Home Club - small

If you think the Earn At Home Club program is legit because it’s sold through a website called “Safe Order System” at, you might want to see what OTHER products have been sold through that site. Take a look at my write-up of here.

Normally that would be a medium-level red flag. After all, there are may legitimate payment processors and marketplaces that facilitate both good and bad products. However, in the case of SafeOrderSystem, I haven’t yet found a single good product sold through them. If anybody disagrees with that, please feel free to provide information on the product in the comments section.



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Note: All details of the pages as detailed within this post have been documented and preserved in multiple ways, including video recording.

Hopefully this research on the website will help you when evaluating potential product purchases. Here’s what I have so far:

I’ve found the following not-so-safe products sold through the website:

Easy Cash On Demand Scam

As you can see below, the SafeOrderSystem was used to process payments for

SafeOrderSystem - EasyCashOnDemand

Easy Cash On Demand was one of the most notorious work at home scams of 2011/2012. Here’s what one person had to say about it:

Claims to be US site, but lists CYPRESS as legal reference for mandatory “arbitration.”
Customer support site is “welcome to profit kits” and the phone number is invalid.

Anything else needed to convince you it is a scam?”

You can see that comment and others, along with my detailed warning about Easy Cash On Demand here.

A To Z Cash System Scam

SafeOrderSystem - A to Z Cash System small

The A to Z Cash System has been one of the most notorious work from home scams of 2014. I have a warning about it here. And there are some great comments at the end of the warning you may want to read.

Push Button Cash Site Scam

SafeOrderSystem - Push Button Cash Site - small

I put out my first warning about the Push Button Cash Site scam back in 2011. In fact that warning may have been one of the strangest warnings I’ve ever done about a work at home scam. Here’s a video I made about the Push Button Cash Site scam:

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Weird FaceBook Income Fortune Promo

I think the affiliate site has gone way beyond laziness this time. Sure, the site tells you, “This website is a paid affiliate and is not associated with any newspaper publication or online news source…”. But that doesn’t make it any less confusing to read…

It Starts With This Brilliantly Lazy Headline…

Average Man - Woman Makes Money-small

Is Followed Up By This Brilliantly Lazy Story & Picture…

She Is Matt Andrews-small

Who’s Success Story IS This?

Here are a few interesting facts about the Matt Andrews FaceBook Income Fortune story:

  • Matt Andrews is a regular Average Man who lost her job last year…
  • Matt Andrews, of  Pretoria, 28, never thought she would work online…
  • She (Matt) says that Facebook Income Fortune has helped change her financial life…

Apparently FaceBook Income Fortune not only helped change her financial life, but also helped change her sex as well!

It’s All So Confusing!

Matt Theresa AndrewsFinally, this average man named Matt Andrews and/or Theresa Andrews has gone public with his/her fake story. It’s about time!


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