Legit Online Jobs Review of Red Flags

Is LegitOnlineJobs.com a Scam or a Legitimate Way to Make Money From Home?

Legit Online Jobs is at least somewhat original and daring in how they present their link posting and ad posting scam. The program is allegedly by somebody named Ross Williams who claims that he was layed off from a lucrative IT job in 2008 when the financial recession hit. Since, so many parts of the LegitOnlineJobs website are fake, I’m going to assume that the Ross Williams “unemployed dad” story is fake as well.

Fake Testimonials of Dead People at Legit Online Jobs

Remembering when I said that LegitOnlineJobs.com was daring. I guess, I should have said bold…bold in their scamming that is. In fact, one of the testimonials they use for the site is of a dead hero who risked his life to save a drowning girl. How they could possibly stomach faking a testimonial from a dead hero is beyond me, but here’s the proof:

Here are some of the testimonials you’ll see at the site:

Legit Online Job Testimonial Images Full Small

The middle person is the dead hero. Here’s the story I found about him:

T-Deceased-Man small

Nonsensical Projected Earnings Calculator

The site using the typical misleading projected earnings calculator to make you believe that you have the potential to make a huge amount of money doing simple work like posting links or placing ads. You don’t. It’s just on the page to make you start to dream of all the money you could possibly earn…which you can’t…at least not doing the type of work the site claims you’ll be doing.

Legit Online Jobs Calculator Small

Personal 1 on 1 Coaching…To Help You Lose Thousands of Dollars

If you’re excited about the prospect of getting personal one on one coaching to “guide you every step of the way”…don’t be. The only thing your personal tutor will guide you on is how to take money out of your wallet and give it to them. If you haven’t read about these types of coaching scams, I suggest you take a look at my explanation of how a typical link posting scam coaching company works here.

Bottom Line: AVOID the Ross Williams Legit Online Jobs program

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Google Sniper 3.0 Review of Red Flags

Is George Brown’s Google Sniper a Scam or a Legitimate Way to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Program: Google Sniper
Website: Gsniper.com
Cost: Varies – Since the cost of this program changes from time to time, I’m not going to put a specific price here. At one time it was a one-time fee with an optional monthly fee. I’ve also seen times where it was strictly a monthly fee.

As of this post, here’s what’s stated as the cost on the affiliate program page for the program:

Gsniper Funnel small

Wow, that says that that when people take the monthly option they are paying future payments of $126.90/month on average. ┬áThat’s outrageous!

Google Sniper Reviews

When Google Sniper first came out it was met with numerous positive reviews. That’s because what it taught worked at the time and the income claims it presented weren’t overly inflated.

After a while, the techniques taught in Google Sniper weren’t as effective as they were when the course originally came out. Today the course does keep more on track with changes in Google’s algorithm. However, there are still parts of the course that are outdated.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that the course is wildly expensive when compared to better products. If you want to see what I mean take a look at what I’ve written here.


There are several complaints I’ve found online about the Google Sniper program. Some of them have to do with how difficult it is to get a refund. Others have to do with the webinars – people have reported going to the webinars only to find that nobody showed up for them…not even the presenters.

Negative Reviews of Google Sniper

There are tons of negative reviews of Google Sniper 2.0 and Google Sniper 3.0 hasn’t done much to address many of the concerns in those reviews. The biggest problem is that many of the old techniques from versions 1.0 and 2.0 are still included in the course and those techniques are incredibly problematic if you are trying to rank sites on Google today.

The Sniper Cash Machine

One of the first videos you’ll find in the Google Sniper membership area is called the Sniper Cash Machine. It’s basically a video trying to persuade you to sell the Google Sniper Course. That’s not very helpful…in fact some of the techniques that are recommended for promoting the system could get you in trouble. Plus, he suggests recommending Google Sniper to your friends, family, and co-workers because they “trust” you. Well, guess what’s going to happen to that trust once you start trying to push the George Brown GSniper program at them? Poof!

Google Sniper Alternative

If you’re looking for a Google Sniper alternative that actually works, I suggest you take a look at this.

Bottom Line: Avoid Google Sniper


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Emily Young Work At Home Scams

Are Emily Young Work At Home Programs Legit?

Emily Young is the latest fake name being used to promote fraudulent home business opportunities. She’s been associated with the following scams:


I’m not sure what WAHC stands for as the sites that use that acronym don’t say. However, it might stand for Work At Home Club because Emily Young is also associated with the Earn at Home Club scam. I have a warning about that scam here.

Home Business Lifestyle Fake News Site

The Home Business Lifestyle fake news site and other similar sites are currently using the fake name Emily Young as part of their story about Emily Young and how she found out she could make money posting links at home. I have tons of warnings about link-posting scams at this site. This is simply another one in a long line of those scams where scammers claim they partner with big companies like bing, Google, and FaceBook. They Don’t.

You can read my warning about WAHC and the Home Business Lifestyle fake news site here.

The Long List of Fake Bizop Names

Emily Young is simply the latest in a long list of fake bizop names. I’ve been compiling a list of those names for years. You can see a long list of them at my post called Fake Bizop Names A-Z here.

Bottom Line: Avoid Emily Young Work from Home Scams

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