Ellen Shepard Work at Home Scams

Are Reviews of Ellen Shepard’s Work from Home Link Posting Programs Legit?

Ellen Shepard is a new fake bizop name that’s being used to promote new link posting scams. The most recent one I’ve found is a scam called Home Income Explosion. You can read my warning about it here.

However, I anticipate many more Ellen Shepard scam popping up over the next few weeks. I’d be stunned if they didn’t. The last fake name to grace the Internet so pervasively was Emma Stewart who had tons of scams running under her name. You can see several of them at the following places:

If you’ve been reading this site for any amount of time, you know all of these scams are set ups to get you to talk to high pressure sales people who will try to sell you expensive products and services you don’t need. You can read more about that here.

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Home Income Explosion Review of Red Flags

Is the Ellen Shepard HomeIncomeExplosion.com Program a Scam or Does it Really Work?

This is the first time I’ve seen the name Ellen Shepard associated with one of these link-posting scams. If you’re wondering what I mean, you should know that Ellen Shepard is a fake name being used by the scammers running the Home Income Explosion scam. As you can see below, the same picture being used for this person has been used for many other names and many other link posting work at home business opportunity scams:

Ellen ShepardHere’s the same stock photo and same story using a completely different name:

Michelle Stewart small

That’s supposed to be a picture of Michelle Stewart, the fake name that was used to promote the Home Income Gateway scam. But stay with me for a second here, because you’ll want to see the following.

Fake Testimonials Busted At Home Income Explosion

These fake testimonials must do an amazing job for the scammers behind this work from home business opportunity scam, because they keep using them over and over again…even though they are the same testimonials you can find in a government lawsuit against another company. That’s pretty crazy right. But here’s the proof.

First, check out the testimonials here:

Home Income Explosion Testimonials smallNow, take a look at this and prepared to be stunned:

Home Income Explosion Comes from a Long Line of Link Posting Scams

Here are several other work from home scams, that are related to this program. As you can see, all of them claim to be the #1 Choice for an Internet Career. Let’s start with this one:

Home Income Explosion Number 1 small

And now take a look at the recent Home Income Gateway scam making the same claim:

Home Income Gateway LogoBy the way, here’s one of the comments somebody made about my warning about the Home Income Gateway program:

“Great information. Trying to talk my wife out of this. I told her even before reading your article that this has scam written all over it. Someone from this “company” is going to be calling her tomorrow and trust me I’m handling the call. I’ve dealt with these scam artists before and it’s just ridiculous.

Thank you!”

Here’s exactly what he’s talking about…

Your Free Consultation with an Internet Wealth Expert Could Cost You a Ton of Money

If you think the Free Consultation Home Income Explosion promises is something to get excited about, think again. This is where the real money is for the people pushing these types of online scams. These free consultations are nothing more than gimmicks to get you to talk to high pressure, slick, sales people who will try to get as much money out of you as possible.

They’ll often ask you questions about the following:

  • How much money you have available on your credit card.
  • How much money you have in your bank account.
  • Whether or not you can get another credit card.

The reason why they are asking you all of these questions is to see if they can figure out how much money they can extract from you…obviously, for them, the more money the better.

Are Their Search Engine Advisors Really Highly Trained?

Any time you see a picture like this you should run for the hills:

Search Engine AdvisorAs you might have figured out these so-called Search Engine Advisors are simply the same types of high-pressure sales people trying to separate you from as much money as possible.

The Truth About Those News Logos

All of these link posting scams will use a image such as the following to make you think that they are legitimate:

work at home featured onOf course just because some OTHER Work From Home Opportunities have been featured on Fox news, MSNBC, USA Today, abc, and CNN, doesn’t have anything to do at all with the Ellen Shepard Home Income Explosion program. Zip, Nada, Zilch! It’s all a farce.

Frequent Name Changes and Money Back Guarantees

The reason why the scammers change the names of these programs so often is so that people won’t be able to find complaints about them in the search engine. That’s kind of funny in this case, because they actually left the name of the old program on the Money Back Guarantee certificate for HomeIncomeExplosion:

Home Income Gateway guaranteeWill You Get a Full Refund?

I don’t know whether you will or won’t, but considering everything I’ve shown you so far is fake, I wouldn’t count on it. At least I wouldn’t count on it being easy.

Promoted by Fake News Sites

This program is heavily promoted by fake news sites and fake review sites. I found it being promoted by one called US Jobs Today which has promoted numerous other link-posting scams. Other popular fake review sites you’ll need to watch out for are:

  • Best Home Jobs at Best-Home-Jobs.net
  • Top 3 Work at Home at Top3WorkAtHome.net
  • Work At Home Warning at WorkAtHomeWarning.net

Bottom Line: Avoid the Ellen Shepard Home Income Explosion Link Posting Scam

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Your Profit Gateway – Scam or Legit

Can You Trust Reviews of Your Profit Gateway at YourProfitGateway.com?

Your Profit Gateway claims to be a Millionaire Training System. I have found several complaints about it online from people who claim it’s a scam. However, since I don’t have access to the training or to how it is promoted, I can’t definitely say whether it’s a scam or legitimate.

I have an old warning about this site here and the site appears to still be being by Pacific Webworks:

YPG Pacific WebworksHere’s what one person from SiteJabber said:

GUYS forget unsubscribing with these morons, call your bank and cancel your card right now! Inform your bank of this scam and they’ll send you a replacement card in a few days. Luckily i only ended up losing $5 but it would have been a lot more would i have delayed it. Thats the only way your going to be able to stop them from wiping your account clean!

You’ll find similar complaints at other complaint boards.

Bottom Line: Avoid Your Profit Gateway




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