Online Riches University Research

If you’ve seen my warnings about other programs similar to the Mary Johnson Online Riches University work at home program, you probably already know that you should avoid it. If not, here’s what you need to know:

The Testimonials Are Fake

Not only are the testimonials fake, but the same testimonials have been used by sites that have been shut down by the Federal Trade Commission! Take a look at my post called “Fakest Of The Fake” here to see how often the fake testimonials used by Online Riches University have been used by home business scams and work at home scams.

Online Riches University Is Promoted By Fake News Sites

The Online Riches University program is being promoted by Fake News Sites. Even if a fake news site discloses that it’s an advertisement, you should be extremely skeptical about any program these fake sites promote.  I’ve been tracking fake news sites since 2008/2009 and I’ve NEVER seen a legitimate work from home or home business program promoted by a fake news site.

You can see the most recent fake news sites I’ve been tracking at my post Sites To Avoid In 2014.

Mary Johnson Is One Of The Most Commonly Used Fake Bizop Names

Mary Johnson is a fake name commonly used to promote home business (Bizop) scams.  If you want to see additional fake names commonly associated with home business scams, check out this list of fake bizop names.

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Fakest Of The Fake

Of course, grammatically speaking,  the term “fakest of the fake” doesn’t make sense.  However, I’ve decided to call this page “Fakest Of The Fake” because many of the testimonials and fake pictures here have been associated with sites that have been shut down by the Federal Trade Commission in the past.

Some of these are included in my list of Fake Bizop Names A-Z. However, these may be the most notorious fake names and testimonials you will find – even among some of the biggest scams online.

Most Pervasive Fake Testimonial Headlines

Not only are the following the most pervasive fake testimonial headlines, but you’ll often find many of them on the same page.

Video Of  Most Of The Fake Testimonials Discussed On This Page

The following video covers the following fake testimonials and associated images.

  • “I Received A Check For $628.53″.
  • “Altogether We Have Made Over $2,000″ or “Altogether We Have Made Over $2,197.06″.
  • “You Got Me Fired!”
  • “Amazing Way To Make Money Online” – this is usually preceded by “I’ve never heard of this before…or “I’d never seen this before”.
  • “I am now making $400 a day part time”.
  • “Quitting My Day Job”

Fake Headline #1: “I received a check for $628.53″

Here’s what you need to know about the fake testimonial below:

  • The image (stock photo) often uses the name Wesley R.
  • The image has used to promote some of the most notorious work at home scams of the past few years.
  • The testimonial headline can be found in the FTC complaint FTC Vs. Penbrook Productions here.


Fake Headline #2: “Since I signed up, I have made a profit of $1,147.02 “

Here’s what you need to know about this fake testimonial headline and the image below.

  • As mentioned previously, this image typically using the name “Wesley R.”
  • The image was used on websites by a company that was shut down by the Ohio Attorneys General Office.
  • If you want to go into the nitty gritty of how many of these sites and companies are connected, you may want to read through the following analysis: Utah Connections.00002.

Profit Of 1147-02-Wesley-R

Fake Headline #3: “Altogether we have made over $2000.00″

This headline has been used by numerous work at home scams, including recent scam Online Cash Commissions. You can read about the Online Cash Commissions scam here. This fake income claim is typically used with the image shown below.

Altogether-Over-2000 Dollars

Fake Headline #4: “I am now making $400 a day part-time”

Again, this testimonial headline that has been used by some of the worst work at home scams in recent years, including the following:

  • Fortune Agency Online – See my warning here.
  • Freedom Agency Online – See my warning here.

Typically, this fake testimonial is used with the following image:


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Jennifer Becker Earn At Home Club

Boy, the fake Jennifer Becker is really getting around these days. This time she’s promoting something called the “Earn At Home Club” found at Let’s see what else this fake person has beeb associated with:

  • A to Z Cash System – you can see my warning about that nightmare here.
  • My Home Cash System – hopefully you have MalwareBytes – you can see why here.
  • News Reports Today – found on my list of sites to avoid in 2014 here.

Earn At Home Club & The “Safe Order System”

SafeOrderSystem - Earn At Home Club - small

If you think the Earn At Home Club program is legit because it’s sold through a website called “Safe Order System” at, you might want to see what OTHER products have been sold through that site. Take a look at my write-up of here.

Normally that would be a medium-level red flag. After all, there are may legitimate payment processors and marketplaces that facilitate both good and bad products. However, in the case of SafeOrderSystem, I haven’t yet found a single good product sold through them. If anybody disagrees with that, please feel free to provide information on the product in the comments section.



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