Home Based Business Reality Check

Home Based Business Hype Debunked

If you are thinking of starting a home based business you’ve probably been bombarded with promises of easy work and easy money. But that’s just not how a real home based business works. In fact a home based business takes just as much work as any traditional business, regardless of whether the business is online, offline, or a combination of the two.


Hopefully you haven’t been hit by any work at home scams. But if you’re like most people considering starting a home based business, there’s no doubt that you will be flooded with all kinds of home business scams while you are trying to settle on what type of business to start.

Although I put out warnings about work at home scams on a regular basis, my hope is that you will learn to identify the warning signs for yourself so that you’ll be able to weed out most scams quickly. Not only will scams steal your money, but they’ll usually steal your time and motivation as well.


While having the proper training is important, home business training is only a portion of what can help you succeed in your own business. Other than luck, hard work, and the ability to learn, there are specific skills that it will be helpful for you to have.

It’s true that you can and eventually should pay other people to do much of your work for you. However, you still need to know enough to make informed judgements about whether the people you hire are actually qualified to do the work they claim they can do.

If you’re looking for training on niche affiliate marketing, you’ll want to check out our Niche Blitzkrieg review and Consumer Wealth System review.


When you are starting a home business there will be certain skills that will be helpful, if not essential, to have. You’ll need to have a basic understanding of accounting. You’ll ideally have a basic understanding of project management – or at least time and task management.

If you would like to start

Home Based Business Research!

The ability to research is probably one of the most valuable skills a home base business owner can have. When you get stuck, you will want to be able to either find the solution for getting unstuck on your own through research OR you will want to be able to find the right person or company to help you get unstuck.

Home Based Business Resources

Here are a few resources that you can check out to help you understand more about running your own business. I’ve broken them down by subject area and placed them in alphabetical order:

Accounting Resources

Project Management Resources

  • Book: Project Management For Dummies – Personally, I found this book exceedingly clear. However, if you already have experience with project management it may be too basic for you.
  • Software:
    • TeamLab – This isn’t a full blown project management system like Microsoft Project or ComindWork, but for most small businesses it will be much easier to use than those and still do everything you need it to do. There is one minor problem with TeamLab, which is that even though you can make each project visible to only project participants, all members of TeamLab can still see the community area. That  could be a problem if there are things you want to share with higher level business partners that you don’t want to share with other members of TeamLab. On the other hand, many other project management systems don’t have a non-project based community area, so unless you are used to a system that has one, it probably won’t be an issue for you.
    • My second choice would be Intervals. The main problem with Intervals is that once you assign a task there is no way to easily move it around, whereas in TeamLab you can easily move tasks through simple drag and dropping.

Current Home Based Business Products To AVOID

Both use:

  • …a “conditional guarantee” which usually leads to companies making excuses about why they can’t give you a refund.
  • …a “free phone consultation” which is almost always a tactic to get you onto a hard-sell sales pitch for products and services that are usually worthless or termendously overpriced.
  • …these “opportunities” use the same websites as hundreds of other “products” that have generated thousands of  complaints.

Home Profit Web - a.k.a. Home Profit Online

These both operate out of countries used to hide assets and will likely be hard to find if you want a refund.

Home Working Connection – Related To Online Profit Masters

Still getting a great deal of complaints about this one. Definitely avoid it.I’m surprised this one is still around.

Home Profit Center & Home Cash System

Online Income Solution

My big issue again is the “free phone consultation” which is typically used to bring people to a high pressure, high dollar amount sales call.


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