Consumer Wealth System Review

Consumer Wealth System ReviewConsumer Wealth System Review

– By Jake Jacobs, Product Reviewer For Work At Home Truth

Product Name: Consumer Wealth System
Creators: Daniel Turner & Marc Lindsay
Price: $47 One Time
Additional Expenses To Start: $10/year for a domain. $10/month for hosting.
Upsells: Yes. They are optional. You do not need them to make the system work.
Money Back Guarantee: Full 60 day Money Back Guarantee
Reliability Of The Money Back Guarantee: Excellent
Support Offered: Ticket based support system.
Experience Level Needed: Beginner


I just found out from Daniel Turner that the Consumer Wealth System is shutting down. I recommend you consider taking a look at Niche Blitzkrieg as an alternative.

Quick Summary

Consumer Wealth System 2.0 is a paint by the numbers system to begin an affiliate based internet business. Daniel Turner and Marc Lindsay the creators of the Consumer Wealth System 2.0, have created a training program ideally suited for those that are looking for a good starting point to  learn how to generate income through affiliate marketing. It could read: Have fun, make money online. No experience necessary. Start immediately. Money back Guarantee.

Consumer Wealth System Provides Great Training In Multiple formats

There are probably hundreds of affiliate marketing sites, courses, and systems out there but most are difficult to follow or worse the material is outdated and therefore useless. Consumer Wealth System 2.0 is up to the minute and focuses on setting up mini sites and selling ‘stuff’ like: fishing equipment,garden tools, baby strollers, and kitchen appliances. In other words, niches where there is some competition in the market but enough is being spent on enough different brands by enough people that you get your ‘fair share’ if you play by the rules. It takes you out that of that shark infested world of internet marketing, eBooks, software and other difficult areas.

The course all about the basic rules. The Consumer Wealth System teaches you the what it really takes to succeed in affiliate marketing in easy to understand terms with comprehensive videos and PDFs  being available for all 40 plus lessons. The Consumer Wealth System has broken the modules into small 10 minute chunks which are also available on MP3 and iPhone. This makes it handy to listen to over and over when you are mobile. In general, I think one of the most attractive points about affiliate marketing is that you have the opportunity to open your shop in the biggest market on earth from the smallest village or town on the planet. When you couple this fact with the fact that the Consumer Wealth System training focuses on how to sell goods and services as an affiliate you have an excellent combination.

A Peak Inside Consumer Wealth System

Consumer Wealth System is shutting down or has already shut down by now.  I recommend you consider taking a look at Niche Blitzkrieg as an alternative.

Why The Consumer Wealth System Is Great For Beginners

One complaint I noticed in my research is that all the information is available for free on the internet. Guess what? That’s true but who has several hundred hours to search and hunt and organize for ‘just the basics.’ That’s what makes the Consumer Wealth System 2.0 so perfect for a beginner. The A-Z path to affiliate marketing success is only found by less than 5% of the people that launch a venture.

One of the reasons people fail in any sort of business – including affiliate marketing – is a syndrome called “The Shiny Thing”. It basically refers to the urge many internet marketers have to jump on the latest and greatest trend that is “GUARANTEED” to make you a millionaire in six months. Unfortunately, most of the folks that are infected with this syndrome are never successful. The Consumer Wealth System will keep you on a path to making money online by training you to complete the right tasks in the right order one step at a time.

Starting from choosing the right market to developing a profitable site to selling that site, if you like, and even finding others to do the work for you are  covered with this one course. For $47 and 2 hours a day you could change your life permanently. Just keep in mind that the Consumer Wealth System is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It is a tried and true method of generating income through affiliate marketing.

Just stay out of scuba equipment! That’s my territory. Just kidding. Why not make 2012 the best year yet and dive in. As with all legitimate online offers there is a money back guarantee (Consumer Wealth System offers a 60 day money back guarantee). However, my hope for you is that in 60 days you will have mastered a new skill set that will give you a new lease on life. The bottom line is that the Consumer Wealth System 2.0 is a straight road toward establishing a solid affiliate marketing business.

Consumer Wealth System is shutting down or has already shut down by now. I recommend you consider taking a look at Niche Blitzkrieg as an alternative.


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  1. says

    I’m real curious on your opinion. How would you honestly compare Michael browns system niche blitzkreig to the consumer wealth system??? It appears that CWS is more up to date, would you agree? I’m curious as to what you think, thank you so so much!!!! Your information, opinions are greatly appreciated!!!and valued!!

    • says


      Both courses are relevant – but you only need one of them. They come at the same idea from different angles. The Consumer Wealth System goes more into how to eventually outsource work and takes a bit of a different approach to keyword research (there are all kinds of way to do keyword research). The course also shows how to buy aged domains which can be helpful for rankings (although a bit more expensive than just buying a new domain). I also like the fact that it offers an mp3 version of the course.

      The Niche Blitzkrieg system has more robust support – as it includes an active community forum and a ticket support system. I’ve never found a product with better support for the price. Consumer Wealth System offers ticket based support only, but I’ve had support from them on other products and they do a good job.

      Both Niche Blitzkrieg and Consumer Wealth System stress that you should not spend money on extras at the beginning if it’s not something you can afford and are conscious of people’s budget constraints – something I like about both of them.

  2. Marc says

    Hi Paul, thanks for the review.

    Some great points there. CWS will be adding in forum support as well shortly.

    I’m unsure on the update aspect of Niche Blitzkrieg, but I do know that Paul is VERY extensive in his research and review and that he would not list it unless he believed in it.

    We have recently updated CWS and will continue to keep it updated.

    We firmly believe as Paul said, that you can make it online, with minimal cost.

    Sure you can fast track results, but we started by trading time for money and this is how we did it, this is the evolution of what we have been doing for 7 years or so.

    Though now we move into bigger area’s, this is the easiest most effective starting point for someone new.

    Thanks again Paul :D

    Marc Lindsay

  3. melody says

    I would like to know what the additional costs of this course are? Like email and domain and web hosting. I could not find a link.

  4. anne says

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for this review. Since CWS also focuses on affiliate marketing, have you reviewed Mass Income Multiplier? This one claims that their software will do 3-in one – web hosting, content page and traffic. Is MIM worth considering? Please advise.

    • says

      I haven’t reviewed Mass Income Multiplier. I read through some of the comments in the warrior forum and a couple reviews that seemed evenhanded and while it might be useful for driving to a website that you already have, I would definitely NOT recommend it as a your primary source of income. Build your own site or sites first, then test traffic methods.

  5. Kurt says

    Thank you, Paul, for the review. I’ve never heard of CWS before, but now I think I will check it out. Thanks again.

  6. Terry says

    Hello, This doesn’t have anything to do with this review. I was just wondering if you have ever reviewed lump sum profits from Ryan Moran. It is all about flipping websites, I am starting to think that it might be one of those programs that once you get in the program you have to keep investing in other programs to get anything out of it. Just thought maybe you would know something about this. As alway’s I have a lot of respect for all your reviews. Thank You

  7. says

    Hey Paul, Have you by chance heard of this site? Was wondering if you have what you thought of it?? Thanks alot!! Couldnt find a place to post questions on your site, is there one and im just missing it??

  8. Dorwyn Turnbull says

    Paul – I have the following names as some recommended by you. Please verify recommendation and rate them for me please.


    • Dorwyn Turnbull says

      oops! left out the names-
      Niche BlitzKrieg
      Extra Income for All
      Micro Niche Finde
      Consumer Wealth System

  9. Chuck says

    Hello Paul,
    I have been seeking work at home, internet based ventures recently. Much to my dismay it appears that
    the internet is deluged with scams, frauds, and blatant lies about launching such a venture. Are ther any
    honest human’s out there; besides the cold, cunning, crafting, and calculating parasites whom only goal
    in life is to fleece others out of their hard earned income! Much to my dismay, I am less than overjoyed
    at attempting to take a leap of faith with one of these pishing lures. Does any one know the Good, the
    Bad, and the Truth about launching a work at home employment venture?

  10. Chuck says

    What kind of a “Wing and a Prayer” is this ~Vensure Wealth Management~ slim shady outfit ?
    I am suspicious about their big money promotions.

  11. says

    Paul: I purchased Legit Online Jobs while browsing your reviews and I cannot seem to get access
    to the members area my login info never arrived I have tried to contact you to no avail if I don’t
    get help soon i will contact Clickbank for a refund


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