Work At Home Jobs

Work At Home Jobs (Telecommuting Work) – Where To Find Them

This is list of reliable places to search for work at home jobs:

Free Resources

Due Diligence When Researching Work At Home Jobs & Freelance Work

  1. Follow The Rules: No matter what resources you’re using, make sure you always follow the Rules for searching for home jobs here.
  2. Use Forum Search Engines: I’d also recommend using a couple of forum search engines to search what forum members are saying about a company you’re researching. Here are 3 good ones:
  3. Avoid Common Scams On Craigslist & Similar Sites – I suggest you read  this article.

Also, if your in forums looking for telecommuting leads, I’d advise avoiding discussing the usual touchy subjects – politics, religion, and the great pumpkin. Sometimes stirring up controversy leads to getting banned – and your there to find telecommuting leads, so try to remember that. If you are a beginning freelancer, you might also want to read this article.

4/25/2015 Update: In addition to this page I now have a page of websites that provide regularly updated work at home job openings here.

Places To Look For Work At Home Job Leads

WAHM – The Online Magazine For Work At home Moms

WAHM has a section called Telecommuting Moms, but don’t be fooled by the name. The forum is for anybody.It’s also a useful place to ask about any companies you might be considering.

How to register for WAHM. Registering for the WAHM forum can be a bit confusing, so I’ve made the following video:

Click here to visit.

Work Place Like Home

How To Register For The Forum:

Work Place Like Home is a free forum which is primarily geared towards telecommuters or those trying to find telecommuting work. I’ve made a video to show you the inside of the forum and how extensive it is:

Visit Work Place Like Home

Skip The Drive

I’m Peter Metz, founder and CEO of Skip The Drive LLC, got his first taste of telecommuting while working for a software company. The site is dedicated exclusively towards jobs containing remote work and helping people find work-from-home jobs.

Visit SkipTheDrive.

Leslie Truex’s Work-At-Home-Success

Leslie Truex posts work at home job leads weekly.

Click here to see her work at home jobs section.


Elance is on of the largest Freelance Marketplaces on the Web.  You can use the service to search for potential jobs, find information about potential clients, and manage your work for your clients through the Elance WorkRoom.

Workers are can receive payment via ACH, PayPal, or Wire Transfer. Note: Paid members receive one wire transfer free per month. If you’re new to the idea of freelancing, you might want to read Elance & The 8 Careers It Can Launch.

Writers may want to read these articles:

Visit Elance

ODesk – Important Resource For Workers Around The Globe

ODesk is an important resource for many workers because they offers so many different payment options, including ACH, local funds transfers, PayPal, Moneybookers, pre-paid debit cards, and wire transfers.  It’s free to sign up, apply, and interview for jobs at ODesk. If you get a job and get paid, oDesk charges a fee equivalent to 10% of the total amount charged to your client.

Click Here to visit ODesk

Rat Race Rebellion

It’s baffling to me why Web Of Trust is rating this site poorly – unless it’s because of intrusive ad placement. That’s why I recommend you read ALL of their FAQs before using the site. Click here to visit the main page.

Telecommuting Mommy

Primarily geared towards Stay At Home moms, although the information is useful for anybody, Telecommuting Moms provides information on a wide variety of legitimate work at home jobs as well as sharing freebies and ways to save money at home in order to help you make ends meet as a Stay-at-Home Mom.

Click here to visit Telecommuting Mommies – Or Visit Telecommuting Mommies at FaceBook

iHubbub – Home Business Social Networking Community
Site: iHubbub Home Business Networking

iHubbub is the online business community giving its start up entrepreneurs, home businesses and freelance members a place to meet, learn, collaborate and support each other.

Build Your Own Telecommuting Jobs Leads Search Engine

This is only a small sample of places to look for legitimate work at home jobs leads. As you look elsewhere and find more legitimate sources for work at home jobs leads, you might want to build your own search engine of your favorite sites so you can search through multiple sites as once.

The two best places to do so are:

You can see an example of a Google Custom Search Engine I made for researching scams at

Part Time Work Resources


TaskRabbit is an ideal spot for retired people, underemployed people, or people who are simply looking for a non-traditional way of working. According to the TaskRabbit page “How It Works“:

“We are currently adding TaskRabbits based on several factors, including community needs, skill set, demand, and location, among others.”

You can find more about how TaskRabbit works in the video below. If this is something you’re interested in, then you can complete an application here.


Fiverr is a microjob site where you can Spend a few minutes working  and get $5 payment. Some of the services people are selling on Fiverr include:

  • Making small food objects out of modeling clay.
  • Making photo collages.
  • Singing jingles.
  • Creating greeting cards.
  • Record Voice Overs

You can read more about Fiverr here. Or you can Click Here to go directly to Fiverr.

Amazon Turk


“HITs – Human Intelligence Tasks – are individual tasks that you work on.

As a Mechanical Turk Worker you:

  • Can work from home
  • Choose your own work hours
  • Get paid for doing good work”

Learn more about becoming a Mechanical Turk Worker.


ClickNWork works with companies to take on services, then identify, train and test professionals that want to complete the work from home.

Visit ClickNWork


Paid Resources For Work At Home Jobs

While it’s true that you should never pay for a job, there are some legitimate job lead databases that do the work of screening out scams for you. If you understand how to screen out scams, then I would recommend you stick to free resources. But, if you want to pay for people to screen out the scams for you, here are a couple paid resources I recommend:

1. Home Job Stop

HomeJobStop is a longstanding paid telecommuting jobs database that has been recommended by numerous reliable sources for years.

Click here to read my Home Job Stop review.

2. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is another good paid site to research work at home job leads. Click here to visit FlexJobs.

Other Resources Related To Work At Home Jobs:

The Telework Coalition:

Although the site doesn’t directly provide job leads, I STRONGLY recommend you read it on a regular basis to keep up with what’s happening with telecommuting. Click here to visit The Telework Coalition.

InnoVisions Canada

InnoVisions is geared primarily for employers to help them evaluate potential telecommuting or flexwork programs. While they do have a page with a list of telecommuting resources for potentially finding work at home positions, some of the sites on the list are outdated. That’s something you’ll come across frequently on the internet and why it’s important to follow the rules of home job search due diligence.

If You're Struggling to Make Money Online Click HERE And FINALLY Get Answers To All of Your Questions About Making Money Online.


  1. says

    I’m really investigating Paid to Place and other home income opportunities. I’m unemployed and want to have something I can do myself without the restriction of work hours now. I’m doing so much volunteer work that I now need a job that revolves around my schedule. Thanks for this site. I’ll come back to it again!

  2. heather says

    Im looking for a at home job where I can use my computer. I work a job where Im barely making ends meet I want to do something online because I actually have the time to sit and do it. I was wondering can you reccomend some jobs that don’t envolve telecommunications and are more somputer based work?

  3. John C. says

    I think Heather might mean not involving as much telephone communication as some of the other jobs posted. I think she may be leaning more to just the computer aspect of the jobs she is seeking and not so much the telephone.
    I was also interested and wondering if you had any recommendations as to which jobs you know are legit. I am a 22 year old who has a minor disability but i’m in dire need of extra income to make sure I can make a acceptable living. Any info or help you have to offer would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been online all day and this is the most helpful site I have stumbled upon.

    • says

      John, that’s what the sites listed on this page are for. If you click over to them, you’ll find that they have a huge amount of home job leads – and some of them also have a forum so that people can exchange experience and warnings.

      Maybe Heather misunderstood what telecommuting is? Telecommuting is simply home jobs or home freelance work. It doesn’t have anything to do with the phone. The sites listed will have plenty of job leads that have nothing to do with using the telephone.

      If you are looking for help starting a business, you might want to check out this page:

      Which lists numerous free programs offered to help people with disabilities start their own business.

  4. Azmath Shariff says

    Hi Sir,,,

    I am a working professional from Bangalore,India. I want to earn extra income by working at home . Request you to kindly suggest a good company which is safe & secure by all means.

  5. veronica martinez says

    Dear Paul,

    I am a mother of 4 children 4,3,2,1 and I desprately need a work at home job. I am a teacher but with the jobs in education being few far and in between I need something legite, work from home. I have sold insurance in the past and telemarketing as well. What can you recommend that will help our family out?


    • says


      I would definitely join the free forums at Work Place Like Home & WAHM listed at the top of the post. I think you’ll find what you’re looking for there.
      They list a great deal of legitimate companies – and people also ask about experience with companies so you can get a great deal of feedback as well.

      • veronica martinez says

        Thank You Paul I will most definitely do that. Any thoughts on the Melaleuca products and work from home business ?

        • says

          Paul if you do not mind I can speak on Behalf of Melaleuca. I have been in the company since January this year. One thing that set it apart for me was I can use all the products, I have many allergies and none affected me. Also it was more a shopping cooperative, harnessing the combined buying power of groups so the little guy got a great deal also. Also it was important to me since it is Gluten Free and Nut free the vitamins (big deal for me personally). As for the payment arrangements, it is based on bonuses. Normally 8 people in your team as preferred customers means you are making a profit. I hope that helps there are many resources to help with this company.

        • Joe says

          Many, if not most MLM opportunities have an exit strategy that they do not speak of, The reason being, there is a FINITE number of prospects for each MLM opportunity, and of those finite number of prospects, a large percentage have been exposed to at least several OTHER competing MLM opportunities. In other words, you are competing for the “eyes” and “ears” of your potential prospect(s) with several dozens of other MLM companies doing the same.

          Also, the payout strategy determines whether you’ll actually earn more than the 99% of other MLM affiliates out there, so investigate the payout structure before you jump into any MLM.

          Also, many of the leaders in MLM have been RECRUITED from other MLM companies (this is something MLM companies do not like to reveal) with pre-existing affiliate network downline… and the process continues often with the big earners jumping from one MLM opportunity to another because of the huge bonuses and paychecks, and privvys they earn by bringing their downline with them to the new company.

          The worst is the attrition rate. Approximately 80% of all your network affiliates that you’ve invested so much time, money and effort to recruit will quit within 6 months. And of the remaining 20%, approximately 80% of your recruits will do just about nothing.

          To succeed in MLM, you need to recruit 7 days a week (forget the part-time business concept that MLM companies preach to you), train, reward and communicate to your recruits constantly, and FOCUS on the 1 to 3 in your downline that are go-getters.

          MLM is a 365 days-a-week business, not a part-time business as so many preach… if you want to succeed in MLM, that is.

  6. says

    I am an international student here, I am not allow to work. I really hope I get earn own income and support myself, but I don’t know it is okay for me work at home or not? Can you give me some advise and what I can do? Thank you

  7. Margaret Hammond says

    Hi Paul!

    AWESOME! Thank you for your hard work! Always a pleasure looking through your site once a week in getting some Golden Nuggets!!

    Have a wonderful 4th celebration!!

    Kind regards,
    Margaret Hammond :)

  8. Holly B. says

    Hi Paul, thank you so much for putting up all this info! I have a renewed sense of hope now.

    I’m wondering if you have come across any organizations that save some telecommuting jobs for disabled people specifically? I’m thinking of calling the Dept of Social Services to see if this is something they’ve considerd.

    Thanks in advance for any info or insights you have!
    Warm Regards,
    Holly B.

  9. Emily says

    Hi Paul,

    What about this sight says i will have to pay nothing out of pocket and just take online surveys for money and rewards? sorry i am a recent stay at home mom after having our third child and I am just looking for a bit more money.

  10. Adele says

    Hi Paul,

    The information you take time to research and post is incredibly valuable. Thank you!
    My question is this: I am overwhelmed by the tons of information I have read thus far. What is the best site for a work-at-home newbie to log onto? I am also technically challenged, but motivated to learn.

  11. Joseph says

    Hey there. I have recently been reading your post and I find them very helpful. I have a job now but on my down time I would not mind making more money outside of work. Do you have any legit websites that you would recommend that are legit?

    Thank You

  12. Dory says

    I really just want to find a work at home that is legitimate… where can I go I don’t really care what it is just as long as it is real… Can anyone help me with this.. I have the entire day to work… I am on disability and would really love to get off of that… I find I can spend time on the computer… I am desperate and would love to pay my own bills buy my children what they need pay for my own medical FULLY!!! get out of debt without the help of others.

  13. Charles says


    Is low-cost Niche Blitzkrieg program reliable and trusty opportunity to consider? and is it a big market still on the Marketing Affiliations business?

  14. Katherine says

    I fell for their scam as well and they SAY they have a 60 day money back guarantee, so I called 3 weeks after I bought it to get my money back, They cancelled it but never refunded my money, I called them several times and they told me that by law they have 30 business days and now it’s way past that time and they keep telling me that it’s getting taken care of….Yeah whatever…If this is what they are doing to you, Contact the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. This scam has got to be stopped! and NOW!!

  15. Elaine says

    Hi Paul,
    Very informative info here. I also would like to work from home but I am looking for a data entry position. Any ideas on where to begin looking?

    • says

      Finding data entry positions is extremely tough, because there are people in certain countries that are willing to do that type of work for extremely little money and you’ll be competing with a huge number of people. Your best bet is to join one of the forums listed at the top of this page and start networking with people in the forum and sharing job lead tips.

  16. Clovis says

    Hello Paul, I too get allot of emails about working from home and I know there all bogus but I was reading one called Wealthy Affiliates and this one seems different from the rest. Ive even ready reviews and they all seem positive, but I would like to get your opinion about it. thank you

  17. says


    So glad that I found you, Just started reading, I’m soon to be 74 and in debt over my head
    Is there a site; a person can go to that would be for catalog sales at home (Customer Service). I don’t have a vehicle and over the years I done a lot of Customer Service work.
    Lost $49.95 on that Global Data, they said my request for a refund was over their 60 days
    So I need HELP


    • says

      Your best bet is to join one of the free sites listed at the top of the page as they are regularly providing leads for various types of work, including customer service phone work from home.

      You can take a look at this list in the Virtual Call Centers sectionto see the types of companies that use those types of worker:

      However, if you join the free sites listed at the top of this page you’ll often find out who’s hiring faster than if you just use a list. Also, you’ll find more companies than are on the list and will be able to get feedback from other people about their experience with the companies.

      There is another list of companies here:

      Watch out for the ads on that site as they don’t screen their ads like I do on this site.

  18. Bianca says

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your honesty and integrity. I’m very thankful for the information you’re providing and grateful I found your site.

    Might you have a review, an opinion or done any research on making money from cell phones; by way of free app downloads for example? There are others that I’ve seen and I’m wondering if they’re legit.

    Thank you for any information you can provide.


  19. Nicole says

    Paul you are wonderful. Thank-you for taking the time to share so much helpful information. I am truly grateful that I stumbled across your website.

  20. SUS says

    Hi Paul,
    Thanx for the infors above, I am always spectical about work online as I know most of the sites are scam. I am also looking at megan jackson profit from home and everything in it sounds convincing but as they mention to pay something to them, i definitely know straight away that it is a scam so thanx. Yet to check the sites you gave in the beginning of this but hope they are really real deals…Just want to ask if you have come across the SFI it a scam or a genuine one!!!



  21. katherine says

    I clicked on a link to use the work at home and it took me to the web fortune vault, well i’m so glad that i didnt click on the link even after all that was said, i noticed that they had individual pictures but that wasn’t the person, they use pics from a vault?! I’m so glad that I googled about the company and found you!!! To begin with I dont believe a company that wants to charge you 100.00 to start a program, i understand they have to make money as well but that was a little to much out of my pocket!! Thank you Paul for all your hard work on this issue!

  22. Marsha Hutchison says

    I am very pleased to have found this information on your site. I am in search of finding a way to make extra money from home. I am clueless as to how this works and I know there are many scammers who prey on desperate people. Thank you for sharing this information.

  23. Jenny says

    Thank you for the information! I’m a recent college grad trying to work while waiting to go back to grad school. I’ve managed to get a part time job at Target, but that alone is not enough. I haven’t been able to find a 2nd part time job so I’ve been trying to find some work I can do during my time off. I’ve been searching and searching for possibilities but only found scams or being paid for taking surveys and that takes way to long to earn money. I will definitely be trying as many of these as is reasonable.
    Thanks again! I truly believe you saved me headaches and being taken advantage of!

  24. Randy says

    I have been looking for legitimate work-from-home jobs for a while now, but pretty much gave up believing that most were scams. But even so I will check out a link now and then, and that is how I found this site. I work a full-time job, and five years ago my ends met, but now it seems like I struggle every month to pay rent and have to hop-scotch my utility bills just to get by. Like many people I’m not looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, only something that I can spend 15-20 hours a week and supplement my income.

    I will certainly delve into this information you have generously provided, my only concern is if it is current. The posts at the top of the comment section are nearly two years old – does that mean the listings you provide above that are also two years old, or have you periodically updated the top portion of this blog? Sorry if I’m being pushy, you are providing this information for free so one should not be critical when offered a helping hand. But I’m sure this is a question that a lot of people might be thinking when they’ve reached this page. Thank you.

  25. Timothy says

    Could you please provide me with you email address? I tried sending an email to, however didn’t work.

  26. Timothy says

    Hello Paul,

    I wanted to know if the following is a scam for Internet Research Specialist. All the information is below and I was hoping you may have time to read it. Hopefully you can advise me before I spend any money. Could you also please confirm that you are Paul Schlegel (Founder, WorkAtHomeTruth)? There are 2 names that are associated with Internet Research Specialist one is Freelance copywriter Roy Furr and Sandy Ferguson. Also could you please provide me with an email address for you? I tried forwarding the entire email from Early to Rise to but it wouldn’t sent to this email address. Once I get your correct email address I will forward the entire article to you. The following appears to be the company – AWAI’s Secrets of Becoming an Internet Research Specialist: How to Surf the Web for Freedom and Profit. AWAI Member Services Department at 1-866-879-2924. Secrets of Becoming an Internet Research Specialist is yours today for just $99.

    American Writers & Artists Inc.
    245 NE 4th Ave., Ste 102
    Delray Beach, FL 33483
    (561) 278-5557 or (866) 879-2924

    • says

      Tim, I sent you my response by email, too:

      Tim. People do make money doing it. I’m more familiar with people doing it for recruiting agencies or investment firms.

      What they’re saying makes sense. I know that good copywriters do a great deal of research when writing their direct marketing copy. That being said, I have no idea how good their course is or how they teach you to get clients.

      I have mixed feelings about AWAI from what I’ve read, but I
      don’t have any direct experience with them.

      I’m guessing that they’ll try to upsell you into a bunch of other stuff.
      I’m also guessing that they would honor their refund guarantee.

      Sorry I can’t be more definitive.

  27. Timothy says


    I’ve been reading your website again looking for a home base business. The first one that came up was nicheblitzkrieg. I’ve seen this on your site a couple of years ago and actually paid for the course and was unsuccessful at many, many attempts to get support with no success. I notice this is still being advertise on your site today. I still receive email messages from Michael Brown about the course. I tried to send him a reply on the latest email I received from him and received the following message: This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

    Delivery to the following recipients failed.

    [email protected]

    I also went to and tried opening a ticket and was unsuccessful just like before. I can’t help but wonder if this is some type of scam. I was hoping I could get started again. I though it might have been a problem with there support back then, but it still seems to be the same today. Can you help?

  28. Timothy says


    What do you know about AMR (affiliate money revolution)? Does Michael Brown own this?

    Thanks in advance!

  29. Nick says

    Paul — I was a journalism major in college 40 years ago; but have spent most of my life working in advertising sales. I am appalled to read the low quality writing I see in the media today — major media at that. Much of what I read looks like it was written by a 5th grader who failed 4th grade English. I’d like to write and/or edit on a freelance basis from home (including advertising copywriting). Where do I start?

  30. Nicole S. says

    I just got sucked into the Work at Home Institute!! I paid the initial $97 and even got the upgrade for $49.95 (I feel like such a sucker now!) I spoke with “Valerie” at least 3 times and she asked many questions that I felt uncomfortable at first answering…about my financial situation and such. She had me watch some lame video online and then called me back. She said that if I was what they were looking for that I could work with a “mentor.” Then she scheduled a call (basically a “phone interview” with the director of the company and had me make a Strength/Weakness list and a financial goal plan for 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. When she called she went over the list with me and then all of sudden mentions that I would need to be educated and do I have $585-$1000 to set aside for said “education?!?!” I was like…um no?! And within (no lie) 2 minutes the “hour to and hour and a half long phone call” that I was supposed to have…was over! She told me that I could use the materials I ordered to figure it out on my own and see how it goes and when I had the $ for the education, I could always call back! Before I could ask another question – she hung up! I knew I was being scammed and immediately cried and felt ashamed of falling for it!! I will be calling Monday to request a refund and believe me…I will be giving her a piece of my mind!! How (after 3 phone calls and me telling her that I was in debt and living off my husband’s paycheck and paying bills on credit cards) did she think I had $ to throw into a meaningless education?? She had mentioned a mentor numerous times…and I spoke with her 3 times!! NEVER did she mention that I would need to pay for education!! And she even said that the company would be paying the majority of the expense (a couple thousand)!! Complete BS! I knew I had been had at that point! I feel like such an idiot! :-( What do I do now???? Please help??

    • says

      The good news is you didn’t pay for the “mentoring”. That could have sucked thousands of dollars from you.

      I would suggest you ask for a refund. However, if you do not see the refund within 48 – 72 hours I would immediately file a dispute. If you paid with a credit card, the dispute procedures should be on the back of your billing statement. If you paid with a debit card, you’ll need to talk to your bank about their dispute procedures.

  31. Robert Smith says

    Not looking to get rich, just for something to keep at home, 500 a month. and honest. you sound like you try to help.

  32. Linda says

    Thanks Paul. Looked into your site a bit more and as it was listed in the “avoid” section I decided not to touch it. Really appreciate all you are doing for us. Take care. Linda.

  33. Loretta says

    Hi Paul thanks for creating this site and helping so many others. I live in far northern Australia, near Cairns, in a small touristy town with not great work prospects. I’m currently studying by distance Diploma of Events Management with hopes of starting a local Farmers Market, etc. I’m passionate about helping my local community and also want to start regular trivia nights to raise money for various charities, however to do this I need to gather prizes to offer trivia winners. Do you happen to know of any way I can gather prizes from legit online businesses who may be willing to donate vouchers etc? I don’t really want to bug the local businesses in this small community too much because they struggle enough. Thanks in advance.

  34. Shaun LaFace says

    I am glad I located you. I am truly interested in starting an online mall, or shopping site. For example, Dubli and Market America ( are some of the programs I am evaluating. Other than working for someone else at home, can you recommend a site/program that actually provides goods and services? Most of the so called opportunities I see are nothing more than selling a “work from home” opportunity…basically you are an affiliate marketer, but you are not truly selling an actual good or service. I am not really interested in that. Again, thank you Paul.

    • says

      You’re right, there is a whole segment of “work at home” products that are essentially pyramid schemes (in my opinion) where you are joining just to promote the same product. Legitimate affiliate marketing isn’t like that.
      Michael Brown and I have sold tons of other products as affiliates, including Coffee (Gevalia), Musical Instruction Books (, 3D TVs, marshmallow guns, among dozens of other physical items. I’ve also done
      lead-generation for insurance companies, and contractors as an affiliate. If you look around your home, you can probably find an affiliate program for just about anything you find in the home.

      Just taking a look around my home now, here are products I personally use that have affiliate programs:
      Sleepphones affiliate program>
      Bedfan Affiliate program
      Malwarebytes affiliate program
      MusicNotes affiliate program

      I’m not sure if you’re a Niche Blitzkrieg member, but most of the people in the membership there build sites to promote normal, everyday products.

      Regarding Dubli:
      “Dubli has to be one of the most pernicious MLMs that has existed in the last decade. They have been chucked out of more countries than most of us have had hot dinners and they still continue.”


      I don’t know Market America. I’ll take a look. The problem with any MLM vs affiliate marketing is that the time and money you spend recruiting in MLM for potential override commissions could be spent building traffic to an affiliate site for better and faster commissions.

      Also, with 99.9% of MLMs the #1 product is the income opportunity not the actual product they sell. Even Avon, which traditionally had been considered the paragon of squeaky-clean direct selling has admitted their #1 product is no longer cosmetics, but instead is the Avon income opportunity. Great article here about that:

  35. Melinda says

    Paul, I just have to say you are simply amazing and thank you for all your research. I have just started looking in to working from home in the past few weeks and didn’t realize how emotionally exhausting it would be. I believe I have felt every sense of anger and sadness one could feel. Most of these scams prey on single mothers by posting articles of the most remarkable success stories of how one went from flat broke to buying the house of her dreams and everything her children desired,all by being a stay home mom. That would be any single mothers dream to be able to accomplish all that from home.Then to find out after they already have your last dollar to do so, that it was all just a lie.In one day I was done with making money online.I thought to myself ,so that’s how you make a thousand dollars a day on the net. Run an ad to convince people that you care about them struggling to make ends meet and take their last dime. They must all live in a house with absolutely no mirrors or morals. Although I have to say after seeing your site it gave me a gimps of hope and what would be your thought on Freebie Money Printer?? And I do thank you

    • says

      Thanks, Melinda

      There have been lots of programs like Freebie Money Printer. It’s not as easy to make money from those types of programs promoting them would have you believe. Basically, you get paid to take trial offers…and you have to remember to CANCEL the trial offers. And if you aren’t dealing with a well-known company, you can often find it a nightmare to cancel the offers.

      As far as I can tell, the people making the most money from Freebie Money Printer are people who are getting other people to sign up for Freebie Money Printer – that’s definitely NOT a good sign.

  36. Norbert Henn says

    Got tired of the scams and did some research if there really are any legit work at home opportunities. Came across your site. Great blog. Will check out sites you have posted in the beginning. And a very sincere “thanks for what you do!”.

  37. Matthew says

    Big red flag. Two of the photos on the site, the one of Kelly holding the check & the photo of her at the computer with a baby on her lap, are both the same image of her head Photoshopped on to different bodies. If this is not a scam, then why all the blatant & somewhat easily recognizable deception?????

  38. Joe Citizen says

    If you want to use a website to help you find “work from home” please review the website carefully for grammar, spelling and general professionalism. For example, I was not on this site for two minutes before I noticed enough misspelled words that it made me question the professionalism of the site. Is this site a “scam”? I’m not saying that. What I am saying is that professional websites are not full of grammatical errors and misspelled words.

    • says

      Joe, I’m glad you posted here. This will be a great lesson for people about the difference between skilled research and skilled writing – and when to pay attention to which skillset.

      You’re incorrectly conflating the ability to research with the ability to write well grammatically. If you were a skilled researcher, you wouldn’t have made that error.

      Why would you want to figure out if something is a scam based on a person’s writing ability instead of their investigative skills? When the FTC and Secret Service used my research to investigate work at home scams, that wasn’t something they were concerned about. Eagle Research Associates which works with several assigned Federal Agents, US PostMasters and AGS – and which has the former deputy director of the Secret Service on it’s advisory boards is happy to take my research. You can see some of the research the Secret Service requested from me here:

      Eagle’s site is here:
      Advisory Board, Board of Directors is here:

      When the Daily Kos referenced one of my site articles about one of the biggest scams of 2009, they certainly understood the difference between research skills and writing skills.

      Also, I’m just one guy who has written THOUSANDS of pages about scams. Would you rather have somebody who spent that same amount of time studying grammar and spelling advising you on scams?

      Here’s a little homework assignment for you…here’s an article that was written for one of my other sites:

      Your assignment:
      – How knowledgeable is the author?
      – How reputable is the publisher of the book she co-authored about Ponzi law?
      – What was the most impressive testimonial given for the book she wrote (hint, it involves somebody connected to a 50 Billion Dollar Ponzi Scheme).

      • Rosemary says

        I want to apologize for “Joe Citizen” because I’m sure he never will. It takes a pretty insecure and egocentric person to call out someone who clearly works very hard to help others. I have read this entire page and found it full of very appreciative people who used your information to avoid a potential scam, myself being one of those.
        Thank you.
        – Rosemary

  39. balu says

    Hi Paul,
    this is Balu from India.I should have noticed this post earlier but unfortunately i noticed after paying for Facebook Work From Home Program(Home Income Flow) .I thought there would be only $ 4.95 as per the post but they have charged $157.61.And they mailed it is half price and there will be payment to be made after 3 days it seems.They charged through PRO Trainer Business.Kindly let me know how to come out of this scam.When i mailed them regarding cancel an auto notification mail stated that i can cancel through phone call itseems.Is there any better way to get my funds refunded.

  40. Balu says

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for the above information I paid through credit card ,I will ask the bank people to help me out in fiiling dispute.


  41. jyo says

    Hi Paul,
    I want to plan for earning money in online but I don’t know the correct one. All websites are asking registration charges I don’t know that and all is good or not. Please help to choose the correct one to earn money. I am looking for online survey jobs or form filling jobs. can you mention website details it will help me a lot.

  42. jeffrey says

    Hi Paul!! I’m so thankful in finding your site!! I’m from Singapore and I’m wondering if I can be able to have income to support myself working from home. I have no experience on this and would appreciate if you can suggest to me what a beginner should start with? Something that is less complicated? Thanks Paul!

  43. iram says

    Hi paul
    i m a new immigrant here in canada n settled in mississauga. ..i m a mother of three.n want to earn some money from home…i m master in Botany n diploma in computer science. .but i did it 15 yrs back so not in touched with it…but i m an artist n love to paint in oil n acrylic. ..n i think i m quite good at it. can u plz suggest me what would b best for me to do from home…
    thank u

  44. Patricia says

    Just want to thank you for providing such a necessary service. Many of the
    Websites are very convincing and know just what to say to get your
    hard earned money. I am so glad that before I made a purchase of
    Work at Home Paycheck, I looked up reviews about it and thank God, found your blog. Thank you so much for all you are doing for us who are trying to
    make an honest living.

  45. jane martnishn says

    hi..found you because I typed in the name Theresa whatever it was,to find out about Online Income…noticed the deadline to fill out the application was jan 23 2015 and thought id check it out.
    well gladly I was led to you! so, my question is, how can I make an income to support myself and my son when I move back to new York in about a year? I work now cleaning in a daycare here in St Gallen Switzerland where I ve been living for 13 yrs..LONG STORY!!
    thanks for your help, I await your reply! have a great day!

  46. bill says

    Hey paul, i think i just lost 189€ on a scam website please help. The website had something to do with meeting local moms, i dont exactly remember the name of the website. Thanks.

  47. Hugh says

    HI Paul
    Do you know if profitacademy anik single is legit I just signed up and it’s a lot of money cheers.

  48. Berhane Zeray says

    Hello Paul,

    I read all your info and they are all full of important information and very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

    Do you have any info on online jobs from home working for UK?

    I am working part time and have enough time to do the online jobs from home.

    Thanks again and again

  49. Jim says

    looked at one of the advertised sites, NOT yours. The “contact us” link did not even work. Did NOT give them a dime.

  50. Danny says

    mr paul plz help me out.m unemployed and in need of something to do with al this wasted time.where do i start

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