Everyone’s an expert on something. And on Fiverr, you get paid for it, $5 at a time.

In March 2010, online entrepreneurs Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger launched Fiverr.com, the world’s first “microjob” site.  The microjob concept is simple and yet immensely appealing:  Spend a few minutes working  and get a small payment.  Work many such jobs and suddenly Fiverr starts to look like a genuine income stream.

The key to success on Fiverr is planning.  Make sure the task you want to perform will take less than an hour and that your schedule can accommodate many small  tasks if need be.  That last is important as some Fiverr users have found success beyond their expectations.

Once such freelancer is writer fluffybunny (Fiverr encourages anonymity).  She has a full-time job and a family of eight, with six children between 5 and 15 years old, so for her, getting a second job just isn’t an option.  Her offer, writing 300 word articles for websites, is so popular she processes 10-20 orders a day, writing after the kids go to bed or whenever she can spare a moment.  While it’s true that Fiverr keeps $1 out of every $5 and PayPal transfer fees are typically 8 cents, that’s $39.20-$78.40 per day she wouldn’t otherwise earn.  For the first time last Christmas fluffybunny was able to pay cash for gifts and avoid the dreaded January credit card bills.

If writing’s not your forte, how about crafts?  Do you create handmade and distinctive jewelry?  Several Fiverr sellers specialize in making small food objects out of modeling clay.  Make photo collages, origami roses or greeting cards.  $5 isn’t the limit here; you can also set a reasonable amount for shipping your finished creation.

Listing your task or craft (Fiverr calls it a gig) is free.  So what are you waiting for?

Charleen Larson is Senior Editor of the Best of Fiverr blog, which features gig reviews and actual work samples from Fiverr users.  Contact her to learn more about publicizing your gig.

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  1. There are many sites on the internet that claim they have the key for you to make quick and easy money. Many of these sites will even charge you to gain access to what they usually call the secret key to success. Although some of these sites may actually provide useful information, the majority are nothing more than junk or scams.
    If you are searching for genuine information about how you can make money on the internet, then continue reading. This article won’t try to sell you a dream or promise to make you a millionaire overnight. What you are about to read here is honest and legitimate.
    Place this scenario in your mind: you offer a logo service at the rate of $15 each. When someone purchases a logo, you then pay someone else to do the logo, but for a 1/3 of the cost, you then deliver the logo to the buyer. You are left with a nice profit, and you haven’t had to do much to earn it! Your profit is basically made for arranging the service. This process is called outsourcing.
    Think of a service that you would like to resell. Some ideas could be article writing, logo design and video making.
    So, where can you begin offering your service? You should check out http://www.getafreelancer.com, which is one of the largest online marketplaces. You simply browse the various projects, and then you place your bids, and once you get accepted, that’s when the process begins.
    Next you need somewhere to buy the service at a lower cost. Two sites that you should definitely checkout are http://www.fiverr.com and http://www.deucerr.com. These sites are where you can obtain good quality services at a very low cost. Fiverr.com offers every service at $5, and is well established with a large user-base. Deucerr.com is a new site with many similarities to Fivver, however, the rate isn’t set to $5, and you will find many services available for just $2.
    The outsourcing style of work obviously won’t appeal to everyone. This strategy or process requires effort, and as mentioned earlier, you won’t become mega-rich overnight. But if you could imagine taking 10 or more orders per day, with a profit of $10 each, you would be making over $100 per day, more than $2500 per month.
    Don’t think that this is the limit of what you can make either, there is far more potential! Many professional outsources become a leader of a small team, which takes this process to a far higher level.
    What makes this whole strategy possible is been able to buy lower and resell higher. So, don’t forget your tools: http://www.getafreelancer.com, http://www.fiverr.com and http://www.deucerr.com.

  2. I’m a newbie trying to learn about ways to make money on the Internet. How do you get paid for blogging? I hope it’s not a dumb question. I just don’t understand how bloggers make money.

    Thank you,

    • Regina,

      Bloggers make money several ways. They can make money through advertising on the site – there are numerous ad networks that get the advertisers and have systems in place where you just place the code on your site to make the ads appear. You then split the revenue from the ad networks.

      However, you still have to get people to come to your site to view the ads. Learning how to do that is what separates the people who succeed in making money blogging from the ones who don’t.

  3. Hi Regina,

    I actually know of a site that’s coming out with a beta version soon. They’re a Q&A site that allows anyone who has a specific knowledge base to register and earn money asnwering questions live. I’m sure you don’t get rich doing this but it may represent an extra income from home, I believe this site splits their earnings from advertising ads with their experts. Wouldn’t hurt to check it out, they’re sending out a few invitations to those who register in their site http://www.gnoglio.com.

    Good luck!

  4. Fiverr is a great idea – but it is also widely used by scammers. Lots of people on Fiverr.com offering to provide fake testimonials and the like for $5.

  5. I will give you my personal experience with them after having been a “Top Seller” for many months, making thousands of dollars, while providing excellent service to my customers. I used to love the site and it was a great source of extra income for me and 3 boys.

    I think fiverr is a terrible business. I have been personally ripped off by their support staff and the management staff does not even give the common courtesy of a return email. They ban your account for no reason and then you are ignored with no chance to ask why. Your money is then transferred to one of their employees accounts and not given back. You would think after being a Top Seller there for 14 months and completing 800 successful gigs with 99% positive feedback you would get treated with respect. Instead you are treated like dirt and your money stolen with no chance of recovery. No common decency by anyone at fiverr to give you any type of respect. Search ‘I was banned by fiverr’ and see how much money they have taken from users. This is how they are treating their users. They ban you, ignore you, keep your money. They have stolen $370 from me.

    I would not recommend them to my worst enemy. I would definitely look for gig site that has integrity and ownership that doesn’t hide their head in the sand while their employees are ripping off their users.

    I have yet to hear from the Co-Founders Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger as they have both blocked me on every social site after attempting to contact them personally. This type of behavior from the founders of Fiverr while employees under their watch are scamming sellers and buyers alike is despicable as best.

    This goes to show you that they either have no control over their own employees or they are in on the scam themselves. Any business owner with any self worth and pride in their business would give their long time sellers the time of day. Customer service is not a priority at this company and it starts at the top and funnels down to the lowest paid employee.

  6. Hi Paul! I read Travis,s comment about Fiverr.com and I found alternative websites that he might like to try. They are FiveBiz.com, Fourerr.com, Justafive.com, and Deucerr.com. I looked into these websites and found out people are having better luck with them than they are with Fiverr.

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