Utah Boiler Room Sales Person Admits Coaching Doesn’t Work

I recently had an interesting post from what seems to be a Utah Boiler Room Sales person. He went by the name of “Carlos”, although I’m doubtful that’s his real name.

Here’s what he said:

“Ive been selling internet marketing coaching for 7 years and we help our clients but its obvious that no everyone is going to make money even with coaching so makes you think that they can make hundreds and thousands of dollars by investing $97. its a blue print to get started! its common sense.”

To which I replied:

“What’s the name of your coaching company? Hopefully you aren’t one of the scumbags that tries to rip people off every day. It doesn’t even look like your using your real name here, which makes me question everything else about you. Not only that, but your IP address is from Salt Lake City, Utah, which is THE coaching scam capital of the world.

Note: Anybody who buys into boiler-room salesman “Carlos’” nonsense, should go listen to the FULL audio here:
Scamming Two Debbies
That’s how a typical “helpful coaching” call goes from the types of companies it sounds like “Carlos” is talking about.

Just because people get fooled into thinking that they have to squander a bunch of money on useless coaching by companies like yours, doesn’t mean it’s true. In fact, I’ve seen people ripped off by thousands of overpriced coaching programs with coaches that are just out to grab people’s money. That’s actually one of the reasons this site exists – to make sure people AVOID that nonsense. I’ve seen too many people believe coaching sales people who tell them they have to “invest” thousands of dollars into their business – which you and I both know isn’t true.

Sounds like sites like this are working to cut down your commissions of selling crap to people if you’re coming all the way over here to post.”

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How Success Advisors Can Lead To Financial Disaster

Success Advisor WarningFor years, I’ve been warning people about sales pages offering “Free One On One Consultations” as a “Bonus”.  More often than not, these “free” consultations are used to try to hard-sell you expensive products and services that either you don’t need or at worst are completely worthless.

Commonly used terms for these “free” consultations are:

  • Free Consultation” with a “wealth expert”
  • Free one-on-one consultation with a wealth development advisor
  • Free one-on-one consultation with a personal advisor”
  • Free one-on-one consultation with a success advisor”
  • Free one-on-one phone consultation with a Search Engine Agent Advisor”
  • Free Consultation With A Search Engine Agent Success Advisor”
  • FREE one-on-one consultation with a Startup Specialist”
  • “Free 1 on 1 Training Consultation”
  • “Free One-on-One Strategy Consultation”

The Problem With Warnings

The problem with warnings is…they typically have no emotional impact. That makes them hard to remember…And of course most people think, “it could never happen to me.” But even if these scammers don’t get to you, think about the people you know…your grandma, your sister, your brother, your parents, your friends.

To really see the potential financial consequences for yourself or the people you love, I STRONGLY urge you go listen to a recently posted disturbing recording of a telemarketer trying to squeeze thousands of dollars out of a 56 year old woman working as a secretary at a salary of $24,000/year.

Warning: Disturbing Scam-Ridden Content ahead

The audio content is disturbing, sad, and alarming. Many people have said they couldn’t listen past the first few minutes. However, I hope you will try your best to listen to as much of it as possible.

Why? Because this type of thing is going on at a massive scale, and many of the people behind the operations have been quoted as “experts” on mainstream media channels. In fact, the audio you’re about to hear comes from the telemarketing room of a person who has been deemed an expert on both CNN and Fox News.

Warning: The site you’re about to go to is rated R

Here is the link to the audio: Scamming 2 Debbies

This is an ENORMOUS problem, so you may want to send a link to that page to your friends and loved ones as well.

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Everyone’s an expert on something. And on Fiverr, you get paid for it, $5 at a time.

In March 2010, online entrepreneurs Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger launched Fiverr.com, the world’s first “microjob” site.  The microjob concept is simple and yet immensely appealing:  Spend a few minutes working  and get a small payment.  Work many such jobs and suddenly Fiverr starts to look like a genuine income stream.

The key to success on Fiverr is planning.  Make sure the task you want to perform will take less than an hour and that your schedule can accommodate many small  tasks if need be.  That last is important as some Fiverr users have found success beyond their expectations.

Once such freelancer is writer fluffybunny (Fiverr encourages anonymity).  She has a full-time job and a family of eight, with six children between 5 and 15 years old, so for her, getting a second job just isn’t an option.  Her offer, writing 300 word articles for websites, is so popular she processes 10-20 orders a day, writing after the kids go to bed or whenever she can spare a moment.  While it’s true that Fiverr keeps $1 out of every $5 and PayPal transfer fees are typically 8 cents, that’s $39.20-$78.40 per day she wouldn’t otherwise earn.  For the first time last Christmas fluffybunny was able to pay cash for gifts and avoid the dreaded January credit card bills.

If writing’s not your forte, how about crafts?  Do you create handmade and distinctive jewelry?  Several Fiverr sellers specialize in making small food objects out of modeling clay.  Make photo collages, origami roses or greeting cards.  $5 isn’t the limit here; you can also set a reasonable amount for shipping your finished creation.

Listing your task or craft (Fiverr calls it a gig) is free.  So what are you waiting for?

Charleen Larson is Senior Editor of the Best of Fiverr blog, which features gig reviews and actual work samples from Fiverr users.  Contact her to learn more about publicizing your gig.

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