How Success Advisors Can Lead To Financial Disaster

Success Advisor WarningFor years, I’ve been warning people about sales pages offering “Free One On One Consultations” as a “Bonus”.  More often than not, these “free” consultations are used to try to hard-sell you expensive products and services that either you don’t need or at worst are completely worthless.

Commonly used terms for these “free” consultations are:

  • Free Consultation” with a “wealth expert”
  • Free one-on-one consultation with a wealth development advisor
  • Free one-on-one consultation with a personal advisor”
  • Free one-on-one consultation with a success advisor”
  • Free one-on-one phone consultation with a Search Engine Agent Advisor”
  • Free Consultation With A Search Engine Agent Success Advisor”
  • FREE one-on-one consultation with a Startup Specialist”
  • “Free 1 on 1 Training Consultation”
  • “Free One-on-One Strategy Consultation”

The Problem With Warnings

The problem with warnings is…they typically have no emotional impact. That makes them hard to remember…And of course most people think, “it could never happen to me.” But even if these scammers don’t get to you, think about the people you know…your grandma, your sister, your brother, your parents, your friends.

To really see the potential financial consequences for yourself or the people you love, I STRONGLY urge you go listen to a recently posted disturbing recording of a telemarketer trying to squeeze thousands of dollars out of a 56 year old woman working as a secretary at a salary of $24,000/year.

Warning: Disturbing Scam-Ridden Content ahead

The audio content is disturbing, sad, and alarming. Many people have said they couldn’t listen past the first few minutes. However, I hope you will try your best to listen to as much of it as possible.

Why? Because this type of thing is going on at a massive scale, and many of the people behind the operations have been quoted as “experts” on mainstream media channels. In fact, the audio you’re about to hear comes from the telemarketing room of a person who has been deemed an expert on both CNN and Fox News.

Warning: The site you’re about to go to is rated R

Here is the link to the audio: Scamming 2 Debbies

This is an ENORMOUS problem, so you may want to send a link to that page to your friends and loved ones as well.

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  1. That guy in the audio I just listened to, is the most disgusting piece of crap on this side of this planet. So he likes laughing at people because they,re suffering? He should be shot!!!! How low can you go?

  2. Sorry, if my last comment sounded a little severe. When I listened to that audio between Debbie and Chris, my emotions just get away from me. I just don,t like hearing about anyone getting scammed that way.

    • Linda,

      I understand that it was just your gut reaction and it’s an incredibly disturbing audio that is bringing out very strong emotions in people – especially when you realize how massive the problem is and how it’s facilitated by the mainstream media.

  3. Paul
    I am sure you are pursuing these guys. Is there another way to get them proscuted?

  4. The problem with online transactions of any nature is that it’s hard to validate your sources or, do background checks on people you’re doing business with. Prominent online business persons should have a lot of information on the Internet, but obscure ones can be really shady.

  5. Frank,
    Are there ANY legitimate data entry or other work from home sites that would not be scams?

  6. There are many scammer sharks pretending to be experts searching for their next victim. And they all base their scams on trusty and naïve people. And human GREED.
    Honestly I am sorry for the woman that got scammed and I am sorry for other victims as well but the truth is you can not believe all these people that are coming to you saying how easy you can make thousands of dollars per month in under a year.
    And what do you know? These people conveniently are willing to share their moneymaking techniques with you for a small insignificant (compared to the potential winnings) upfront payment. They have powerful information, they have already made millions but somehow you are the missing piece of the puzzle. You are the one that they chose to help earn lots of money. Because they’re that generous and willful. Oh, really?
    Wake up, people! Money don’t grow on trees and it’s not easy to make money. If it was then everybody would be a billionaire. Work hard and stop your greedy thinking of getting rich easy.

  7. I have learned to be wary of any “opportunity” that pops up in my email, with exclamation points all over it. Also, I shun websites that send the message, “Wait! Don’t go!” when I try to close the page.

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