Online Profit Masters Review Of Red Flags (AVOID!)

Online Profit Masters Warning

Online Profit Masters Warning


Note: All details of the Patty Joyner Online Profit Masters sales page, terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc. as outlined in this post have preserved in multiple ways, including video recording.

This Online Profit Masters review of red flags covers numerous parts of the sales process that you should know about.

Online Profit Masters Offers A “Free” Consultation

Although a free consultation might sound great, it’s potentially the most financially dangerous aspect of the Online Profit Masters product.

Here’s why:

During the past several years I’ve heard a tremendous number of horror stories from people being high-pressured to spend thousands of dollars after getting a “free 1 on 1 training consultation” – usually trying to get them to buy very bad coaching or worthless traffic, so it’s a MAJOR concern whenever I see wording that suggests they might be contacted by phone by a “coach” to “help” them.

Maybe Online Profit Masters is different, but I seriously doubt it.

Summary Of Other Online Profit Masters Red Flags

Online Profit Masters Red Flag #1) “As Advertised On” claim

Online Profit Masters uses the claim “As Advertised On” on the first page and then lists these logos:

  • Fox News
  • CNN
  • USAToday

The phrase “Work At Home Opportunities Have Been Featured On” Online Profit Masters is meaningless. While OTHER Work At Home Opportunities have been featured on those news channels, that has NOTHING to do with Online Profit Masters.

Red Flag #2) Order Page Claims To Be From Plimus

The order page that Online Profit Masters is using is made to look like a Plimus page. Plimus is a 3rd party payment process. The problem is that Plimus BANNED Online Marketing/Internet Marketing products from their market place.

That also means that the security seals are meaningless, since they are for Plimus and not for Online Profit Masters

Red Flag #3) Headline #1 Used By Questionable Sites

The headline of the first page of Online Profit Masters makes the claim:

“In The Next 90 Seconds – Gain Access To A Work-At-Home Job That Can Earn You Up To $87 An Hour”

That EXACT headline has been used on hundreds of suspect sites that all look extremely similar to Online Profit Masters.

Red Flag #4) Headline #2 Used By Questionable Sites

The headline of the second page of Online Profit Masters makes the claim:

“If You Can Spare 60 Minutes A Day, We Can Offer You A Certified, Proven And Guaranteed Home Job To Make $379/Day From Home!”

In this, case that EXACT claim has been used by hundreds of questionable sites that all look extremely similar to Online Profit Masters.

Red Flag #5) Bogus Income Projection Table

OnlineProfitMasters displays a table so that you can dream about all the money you can make “just by posting links”. The problem is tables like these aren’t based in any sort of reality. You see, the only way you get paid in a program like this is if someone finds your link, clicks on your link, then takes an action such as buying product, filling out a form (such as filling out a detailed insurance quote form that will allow an insurance company to follow up with them).

In other words, just because you PLACE an ad containing a link, does NOT mean you’ll get paid from doing so. In fact, most of the time you WON’T.

Red Flag #6) Bogus Karl Goodard Story

The very same Karl Goodard Story has been used across numerous questionable websites. The only difference is the fake name of the person the story is about. I’ve made a small sampling of that in this video for another site just like Online Profit Masters:

Red Flag #7) Testimonials That Potentially Violate The FTC’s No Safe Harbor Guidelines

On the second page of Online Profit Masters there are testimonials about income earned:

  • “Ernest T. Baird” claims, “I am now making $400 a day part-time”
  • “Sarah & Luke Delfino” claim they made $2,000 in their first 3 weeks

These Online Profit Masters testimonials potentially violate the FTC’s recent No Safe Harbor Guidelines concerning the use of testimonials. Those guidelines state:

“…the use of a disclaimer such as “results not typical” is no longer a safe harbor for the claims made in testimonials. Third, while you may use atypical or best-case testimonials, if you do, you should clearly and conspicuously disclose the generally expected results consumers can expect in the depicted circumstances. Of course, the best practice, and the less risky practice, is to use testimonials that actually reflect what your product or services is likely to deliver. In other words, rather than run ads that give with one hand but take away with the other, it would be better for your ads to give a clear picture of the results a consumer will actually get.”

Red Flag #8) Patty Joyner Is A Stock Photo

In case you hadn’t noticed, you should realize that Patty Joyner is a made up person using a stock photo. Click here to see the Stock Photo Online Profit Masters used.

Update 4/21/2012 – Online Profit Masters is now being run as Income Masters Institute

Red Flag #9) Complete Billing Terms Aren’t Disclosed On The Order Page

The order page of Online Profit Masters

Other Sites That Are Potentially Related (I’ll be posting the details showing the connections along with additional websites and companies later this week – as usual, all details are documented and saved).

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  • Access Home Profits |
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  1. says

    This website that I found in my email read on the 1st. page just as this site says . It is full of impressive
    false claims! As you read on into the matter of the site, You can see how they repeatedly woo you on
    just how wonderous this program is . That point right there is a BIG RED FLAG of scaming! Over and
    over again in change of wording they are telling you that you can’t go on in life without this program
    that can make you very wealthy and solve all of your problems says: Patty Joyner. .I say HAH!
    Don’t let these people smooge you out of your money! They are FAKES!

    • says

      if i signed papers andgave down payment gor coaching would I be able to get my money back or get the financing they gave me nullified. pleas let me know

  2. Gene says

    This report is only 1 man’s opinion. It all seems to make sense but how about hearing from someone that actually bought it. How did you do?

    • Charles says

      So far, it is step by step.. It is spelled out clearly what you have to do. It show’s that there is more than meets the eye with using the internet to make money. Drop shipping, Affiliate marketing, and more.. Sure posting links is another way, but there is more to it than just posting links.. I haven’t got my site set up yet, I would rather be thorough before I start putting money out there.. I paid 47 dollars for the initial site access.. Sure the add stuff is bull, I see that, but so far i see what it can become.. I have been taking the last couple days checking and seeing exactly what they are talking about. I bit, so far i have no regrets.

      • says

        If you’re not both shills, which seems likely now, you’re in for a big surprise when I post additional information about this company. A BIG surprise.

        For example, you mentioned about Dropshipping. Well, speaking of dropshipping according to WhoIs records, the registrant for Online Profit Masters System is a person named “Phillip Gannuscia”. Could it be the same “Phillip Gannuscia” that’s discussed in the Government Actions section here?

        “Government Actions
        The following describes a government action that has been resolved by either a settlement or a decision by a court or administrative agency. If the matter is being appealed, it will be noted below.

        On March 4, 2010 the Utah Division of Consumer Protection issued an Administrative Citation against Drop Ship Development LLC (“Respondent”). On May 10, 2010 the Division and the Respondent entered into a Settlement Agreement wherein the Respondent agreed to: a) comply with all requirements of the Utah Consumer Sales Practices Act, Telephone and Facsimile Solicitations Act, and Telephone Fraud Prevention Act, and all other laws and rules administered by the Division that are applicable; b) refund in full a specific consumer within 10 business days; c) initiate internal controls and policies to monitor sales transactions to ensure compliance with the above acts and statutes; d) make sales offers in a clear and conspicuous manner so as to make the consumer aware of the products and/or services being offered, the price to be charged, and that consumers are agreeing in a specific/express manner to the offer of products/services/offers and any associated costs; and e) disclose in all offers any qualifications, restrictions, or costs, or to receive any “free” offer or product. Nothing in this Settlement Agreement shall be construed as an admission of guilt or liability by Respondent under any law. Respondent entered into this agreement freely and voluntarily without any undue influence of the Division. On May 10, 2010 the Division issued an Order of Dismissal for the Administrative Citation issued March 4, 2010.”

        But you’re right, if you ARE going to do this, spend as little money as possible. That’s smart.

        The only thing I don’t get about comments like yours is why would I want to learn marketing from a company using highly deceptive advertising that potentially violates important Federal Trade Commission guidelines?

  3. Jen says


    We are not affiliated in any way with CNN, WebTV, News Channel 7, ABC, NBC, CBS, U.S. News or FOX. CNN, WebTV, News Channel 7, ABC, NBC, CBS, U.S, CBC, CTV, GLOBAL. News, FOX, and Consumer Reports are all registered trademarks of their respective owners. ® All trademarks on this web site whether registered or not, are the property of their respective owners. The authors of this web site are not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the third-party trade mark or third-party registered trade mark owners, and make no representations about them, their owners, their products or services.

    S&H charges do apply. Results will vary by person, and the special offers may only be available for a limited time. Some of the products described on this site have terms regarding continued billing after the trial period ends. This is referred to as negative option, or continuity billing. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are fully aware of the terms associated with each product before you order. To make this easier for you, we have included links to the billing terms for each of the products below. Please keep in mind that these are separate companies and we are not the best source for information about orders or specific policies. Because these companies control their own policies, shipping and other fees may change periodically.

    It is important to note that this site and the comments/answers depicted above is to be used as an illustrative example of what some individuals have achieved with this/these products. This website, and any page on the website, is based loosely off a true story, but has been modified in multiple ways including, but not limited to: the story, the photos, and the comments. Thus, this page, and any page on this website, are not to be taken literally or as a non-fiction story. This page, and the results mentioned on this page, although achievable for some, are not to be construed as the results that you may achieve on the same routine. I UNDERSTAND THIS WEBSITE IS ONLY ILLUSTRATIVE OF WHAT MIGHT BE ACHIEVABLE FROM USING THIS/THESE PRODUCTS, AND THAT THE STORY/COMMENTS DEPICTED ABOVE IS NOT TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY. This page receives compensation for clicks on or purchase of products featured on this site.

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    • says

      This is starting to sound awfully like a complete shill setup. I’ve already seen the shilling at other sites, so you probably should quit while you’re ahead and start embarrassing yourself even more.

      Let’s go over a few more:
      Online Profit Masters claims:

      “In The Next 90 Seconds – Gain Access To A Work-At-Home Job That Can Earn You Up To $87 An Hour”

      Really, a “job”? Online Profit Masters isn’t offering anybody a job.

      The disclaimer you reference is way at the bottom of the page after numerous distractions and order buttons. Since I helped the FTC in the In Deep Services Case which was primarily about disclaimer placement, I’m pretty confident that the placement of that disclaimer would not cut it with the FTC. Obviously, only the FTC can make that determination, but recent cases would seem to bear that out.

      In fact, the FTC had another case involving similar placement of disclaimers recently which you can Read About Here and report back to the company you’re shilling for to see what they think. Here’s what the FTC said in that case:

      “Defendants have stated in fine print at the bottom of some of their websites, in part, that: “[t]his
      website, and any page on the website, is based loosely off a true story, but has been modified in multiple
      ways including, but not limited to: the story, the photos, and the comments. Thus, this page, and any
      page on this website, are not to be taken literally or as a non-fiction story. . . . This page receives
      compensation for clicks on or purchase of products featured on this site.” (Defendants seem to omit the
      statement from their UK sites and job sites . (See PX 1 McKenney Atts. B -D (p. 4); J, p. 8; L, p. 6; N, p.
      3; O, p. 4 and H, K (UK sites), M (job site)). This inconspicuous statement appears well below where
      consumers would form their purchasing decisions and beneath two other paragraphs of miscellaneous
      attempted disclaimers (such as a disavowal of network affiliation and explanation of shipping and
      handling charges). Under these circumstances, the statement cannot undo the express misrepresentations
      made in the body of the websites.”

      It’s a good thing you commented, though, because I’ve started looking more into this site and related sites and am discovering some very interesting information which I’ll post soon.

  4. says

    Thanks Paul for this insite of Profit Master. I too had “Red Flags” about this . First when I was contacted by email after searching for work at home opportunities on PCH (Publishers Clearing House). They (Profit Master) had me enter my name, email and phone number for availability in my area, then to say there was only 1 opening left. I assumed to make me feel that I should jump on this opportunity real quick. After reading all the info including terms and conditions and ect, I came to the same conclusions. If the hidden reaccuring fee’s, coaching, 30 day refund, the tipical results and so on are true, why are they hidden. They spent so much time repeating themselves, trying to whoo me with over the top dreams, I felt they were trying to insult my intelligents. I just wanted to make some money. Ok, putting that aside. I decided to wait a while to think and research them. So everyday for a couple of weeks I kept getting an email from them, of course disguised by another name. When I finally clicked the link in one of their many emails to return to their website, I had to re-enter my name, email and phone number for the number of available opportunities in my area. Once again, flashing on my screen was “1” opening left. Wow! If this is so good why is there still only “1” opening left. I could go on and on about why this is full of “Red Flags”, but I will stop there and just say this. I became unemployed at the beginning of this year, 2012. I was fortunate enough to have some savings to keep my family and home in some type of normalcy. Lots of people are struggleing and surviving on whatever moneys they may have. Scams like profit master is not helping people who are looking for a way up. I learned to question and reserch things before just jumipng in. Unfortunately, lots of people don’t do this and lose not just their last dollars, but hope in any work at home opportunity.

  5. Alena says

    I have an issue about any company that requires you to pay very much to get started. I can understand paying for printed materials that cost them to produce, in the event you don’t end up being motivated about the business or don’t like it. More than that, I feel a company should offer you training if it’s a legitimate operation. If you have to spend very much upfront, isn’t that how they’re making money? If they stay in business off the upfront money people spend to get in, I think it’s about their bottom line and not abut yours, or a scam.

  6. Casey says

    I tried posting a somewhat negative comment on their (online profit masters) site just questioning some of the red flags I saw and now my comment is waiting approval. I’m sure my comment will never show up because all they will most likely approve are positive comments.

    There are ways to ask the general public to go to a site and post something short and sweet even if that person has no idea what they are making comments about. Don’t believe me? Check out Amazon Mechanical Turk (I’ve actually made a few hundred bucks, pennies at a time, using Mturk over the course of a couple months by completing tasks. Anyone can be a Turker and there is absolutely no money out of pocket ever)

  7. Jen says

    Not to worry I only posted the disclaimer on this page as to get a better understanding of others take on it I have not and will not buy into to their scam I myself noticed red flags but when I seen the disclaimer I did kind of have second thoughts thank you for the input guys greatly appreciate it. I do have a couple of other sites I hope you might be able to help me out with? also and these to me also raise some red flags

    • says

      OK Jen, I’ll take those one by one.

      The Etenterprise site made my Malware detection program go nuts. But the site is includes incredibly bad research. For example, he’s recommending Russ Dalbey’s company as a viable company. However, the Dalbey’s company was the subject of a joint FTC, BBB, & State Of Colorodo investigation back in March of 2011 and filed for bankruptcy in September of 2011. You can see the complaint here: FTC & State Of Colorodo Versus Dalbey

      “Additional Information
      top On September 21, 2011, the company filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 of the federal Bankruptcy Act, case number 11-32445-SBB.

      Those with monetary claims against the company are advised to obtain a Proof of Claim form by writing to Colorado Bankruptcy Court CM/ECF, 721 19th St., Denver, CO, 80202 for resubmission to that court.

      The case number should be entered on the form”

      He also recommends Anthony Morrison who you can find disturbing information about at these two links:
      Anthony Morrisons Television Internets
      Scamming Two Debbies

      There’s much more bad research on that site, but you get the idea.

      Join4ADollar looks exactly like a pyramid scheme to me. Of course I’m not an MLM attorney, but I do have a friend who works with the Feds who knows a great deal about ponzis & pyramids and from what I can tell that really looks like a pyramid scheme. If for some reason you do want to do it, you need to find out the name of their attorney that reviewed and approved their compensation plan.

      The last one is the most ridiculous of the three. It contains all the traditional lies about Cash Gifting Being legal. If you want the truth about Cash Gifting, I suggest you visit the Cash Gifting Schemes links at Eagle Research & Associates and read all of the articles there.

  8. clark says

    I purchased it. It is a scam. I am not surprised to see a few of their shills here posting as they have a few fora/blog sites where they shill themselves and refuse to post any negative comments. Great disinformation on their part. The purchase is just as the author of this blog described. As soon as you get through seemingly endless add-ons, they give you a number to call and “get started”. This is where they financially qualify the caller and set-up an appointment for you to speak with the “expert” that will get you started. The “financially qualifying” is to determine how much credit is available for them to soak you for. They ask all the pertinent questions about your money needs, dreams and tell you how much investment it will take to make those needs/dreams come true. Funny, that investment is not related to dreams as much as it is your credit worthiness. If you have $5000 available on your credit card, they will sell you that much training and consulting.

    This is a sham and a scam. Stay far away. Remember, if it is too good to be true, it isn’t.

    To the authors of this blog, thanks for putting this out there. I did search it before I spent and didn’t find this place. Unfortunately for me I only found their sites I mentioned earlier. Online Profit Master is complete and utter BS. I’d like to know how to get my money back. Finding money back guarantee process is like nailing Jello to a tree.

    • says

      Clark, I would file a dispute with your credit card company. The dispute procedures are usually on the back of your credit card billing statement. If you paid with a debit card, you’ll need to talk to your bank about dispute procedures.

      I would think that the credit card would side with you since there are so many red flags on this one. But if they don’t and you paid with a credit card, then I would contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at and file a complaint against your Credit Card company.

    • Sharon says

      I also purchased thier program .I requested a refund 4 days after purchase,they said I would get all of my money back except $54.00. I told them they are a rip off,I wish i would have seen this web site before I gave my money away.

    • Jenchan says

      I too purchased this and was ripped off! The whole ‘post links up and earn income’ is total crap. I posted the links, but unless you spend $275 on a third party web host/domain site it won’t actually ‘post’ the links. Not to mention their refund policy is deceptive. It stated that you have a 30 day iron clad money back guarantee, but only after you try out the product for A FULL 30 DAYS. Then you have a 7 day window to call an cancel in order to receive your refund or you will forfeit your guarantee and lose the refund. I did just that and called exactly 3 days after the 30 day and they refused to give me a refund stated i had to call within the 30 days, then was hung up on…really…such professionalism. It’s a scam…plain and simple. I did all the work within the first three days and just kept adding the ‘links’ to my website, and nada…then they had a nerve to charge me a monthly fee after the main page said they were not going to charge me monthly, that ‘she’ was going to waive the monthly fees and drop the price to $97.00. Complete waste of time and I will be filing a complaint through BBB and CFPB if my cc company can’t do anything about that charge. Geeze…the things ppl get into just because they are in a financial crisis…I feel so ashamed for falling for this!

    • Shari Baker says

      The same thing happened to me. I spent the money and then they connected me with some rep that interviewed me about my finances and how much money I would be able to put into my business. I wish there was some way to STOP this crap. However, I guess this is as good as a start as any, just posting our horrible experiences….Thank you for sharing

  9. clark says

    Thanks Paul

    I have done that and waiting on confirmation my credit card company now. I only got stuck for $217 bucks. However that works out I’m not going to sweat it but, the idea that these people are doing this and seemingly getting away with it is unconscionable. The word on these flimflam artists needs to be out there. I applaud your efforts here. If they can’t be stopped at least there can be some truthful information for those that come looking for it.

    After I bought into the first “add-on”, I knew I had been had. You know, that feeling in the pit of your stomach that won’t go away right after you’ve done something stupid? I figured at that point it was bought so let’s move forward and see if it is legit. The first instructional video explains how lucky you are to have the opportunity and the experts to hold your hand “every step of the way”. The second one explains the starting process culminating with buying a domain, building your own webpage and finally, calling in to get started.

    The $97 bucks and the various add-ons tossed at you in the beginning are just fodder and small potatoes. It is not what they intend for you to buy which is their “training by the experts” and also, they are looking for their next big success story. They think it is you and they will send you to conferences, promotions yadda, yadda.

    When you make the “get started” call, you’ll get a front line phone person who will have someone (an expert) call you back. That person for me was Lorenzo Mecham. Mecham pre-qualified me as to how much time I was willing to invest which was his segue into how much money I could invest. At that point he started getting personal about my financial status. I reluctantly answered his questions (good and ample credit) and then I get the sales pitch about using my credit to “grow my business”. At that point Mecham proclaimed I was “the” candidate for some very special one on one training from the real experts. He offered to set up an appointment with another “expert” who would call me in a few hours. My questions about the original ad and getting started “right away” went unanswered.

    The next expert (Austin Bawden) called hours later and immediately told me the training package I needed to purchase. Enter my total skepticism. I told him I wasn’t prepared to buy $5000 worth of training at this point and I would have to give that some thought. Here is where I did some frantic searches for Online Profit Masters and found little information and what I did find was obviously theirs.

    Over the next two weeks they called me relentlessly. Changing their method and putting “BLOCKED” id on their phone did I answer, lo and behold it was David Merill from Online Profit Masters. He seemed like a nice enough chap using his version of sales psychology needs/hopes/dreams. I actually, enjoyed the conversation. He reaffirmed I was their “ideal candidate” and they would even waive some costs to get me started. I almost bit. Later, Austin Bawden called again. I told Austin I was uncomfortable without further due diligence on the process and their company. Surprisingly, Bawden sent me an email with references. The best I could tell was all sham websites that belonged to this same groups of flimflams. I referenced and crossed referenced and some information started seeping out. More specifically, Bawden has been sued and affiliated with a number of internet scams. Merill fancies himself some sort of internet psychology guru.

    My caution was probably based on my sales and marketing background. I didn’t fall off the cabbage wagon yesterday. These people are good at what they do. Too good in fact, slicker than a baby’s butt. I can see how they dupe endless numbers of people. This kind of practice sickens me. Mostly, they are taking advantage of the unemployed. They are bottom feeders of the first order.

    • says

      Thanks for posting all of that. It should help many more people understand how this type of operation works. As you’ve mentioned, it’s all designed to determine how much credit and cash you have available and then sell you as much so-called “training” and “services” as possible. More often the training is done by people who have never done the work themselves and the “services” are typically worthless.

      Do you know the name of the “Coaching/Training” company these sales people were selling? Often they go under a different name than the original lead-in site.

      When the shills come back I’m going to reveal additional interesting information about entities connected to this website.

      • clark says

        The training they sell is available on the net for free. There was nothing in the initial $97 package that most people don’t already know. Buy a domain, build a website and drive traffic to it. There are endless tutorials on the net (at no charge) on how to do this. This was a typical bait and switch.

        One of the companies they use as the instructors is

        Here is a website they use as a reference(removed because the post contained too many urls)

        I was a bit surprised that they also offered this link as a reference. It is Forbes magazine columnist website but no mention of OPM. Maybe she wrote of it once, maybe she didn’t, I don’t know. I took it as an attempt to look legitimate by legitimate companies. (removed because the post contained too many urls)

        A very well devised scheme to separate the unsuspecting from their money. They do not offer anything you can not do for free. Someone spends 8-10 hours on the phone with you and they collect 8-10,000 bucks.

  10. clark says


    Unfortunately it isn’t always that cut and dried. These particular guys are good. Real good. Once you take the “only $97” job opportunity bait, they quickly move you into the investment in your future mode. Appealing to all of your senses for financial security. Who doesn’t want to be financially secure? Once they discover your credit ability comes the lecture of good debt versus bad debt.

    They push all the sensitive area buttons targeted to the unemployed. They’ve refined the sales method into almost an assembly line. Once you take the bait they’re targeting your credit cards. They are some disgusting people but, they are good at what they do. Many people are not going to recognize it as a scam until it’s too late. Then they’re still unemployed, $1000’s in debt and working a system that likely will reap little if any reward

  11. James says

    Thanks for all the informations. I almost fall into their trap, those scum bags are very good at digging into people’s wallet. If its so good to be truth, why cost $97 and other hidding fee, after reading their disclosure I decide not to get into it. Why don’t they offer a free trial and if worth it, people will join.

  12. Sherrie says

    Paul, Thank you for creating this site for people to voice their experiences. I too got the, “this is too good to be true” feeling. So immediately started researching and found your web site. Thank you again!

    Does anyone know of areal honest work from home company/program? I lost my business 1.5 yrs ago and the job market has been a nightmare.

  13. says

    Paul, thank you for creating this web site. It’s great to have a place for folks to voice there experiences. I to had the “something is wrong with this program” feeling and immediately started researching. Glad to have found this web site.

    Is there any reputable ways to earn money working from home? I closed my business 1.5 years ago and the job market has been horrific.

    Thanks again!

  14. Dexter says

    Glad I read this.. Almost thought about doing it myself. I have a pretty good job but still wanted to make some extra money. Thank you Lord for this Blog, because I definitely do not have the money to give away like that. When I seen where you had to create your own website, that was a red flag for me. Me being a programmer, I know that costs money. Good job yall, this is the only site I found as far as it being a scam.

  15. christina wright says

    Are there any actual REAL work at home job? I mean something has to be legit that isnt a pyramid scheme…or some kind of scam that wants you to pay a bunch of money up front to sell their products to climb latters ect..I want to find something that real and wont cost me a bunch and isnt a pyramid scheme. Is there any thing like that at all?

    • says

      It’s incredibly hard to make much money with surveys. Some of the claims on their sales page about making $20 – 40/cash per survey almost never happen. However, if you want to test them out, just make sure you don’t pay any money and remember that REAL surveys never require you to enter your credit card information.

      • Tom says

        So Paul you are recommending the Affilitated marketing program by Michael S Brown ? I watched the video and it sounds interesting. You believe that this is a legit program?

  16. norman wheeler says

    First of all, great job Paul . Clark , thanks for the details. I have an item to add. The internet along with credit cards , has paved the way for all kinds of false and misleading advertising scams. As one who has gotten laid off in this lousy economy , one thing that Clark said got my attention. “I only got stuck for 217
    dollars” Credit and credit cards sometimes(much of the time) allow us to spend impulsively and minimize
    the amount. When the money is running out and credit is in the toilet, 217 bucks is a lot of money. And I used to make 75k and have plenty of plastic. Point 2. A lot of online and infomercial offers always emphasize, “NO RISK- MONEY BACK GUARANTEE” and FREE, SIMPLY PAY FOR SHIPPING AND HANDLING. They lie and once they get your crediit card, you can be hit with a variety of charges and fine print BS. My advice on that (if you have already bit on the offer) is don’t hesitate to go back thru your credit card company to not just dispute, DENY they had your authorization. That makes the transaction illegal.
    I know I’ve strayed from the topic a bit, but being suckered a couple of times has taught me the hard way.

  17. Gordon says

    Here is another one that sounds exactly like OPM methods
    They only charge $30 for the initial useless training and then the expert consultants start calling for their coaching sessions. I never got a price for those but I think it was going to be $695 because that number kept showing up on other training programs they are selling.

  18. Mitzi Hammer says


    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just got off the phone with Derrick (or David) Merill from Online Profit Masters. You, Clark, saved me and I am so appreciative. I have confidence that this company and program will work for someone someday but I am so happy to have read this blog literally moments before I answered the call from the “director”. It felt amazing to be able to “call” him on all of the points you laid out so brilliantly. He had answers for everything, of course, but the confidence I had going into that phone call was priceless. I did appreciate the probing questions that the initial “specialist” asked. It gave me the “jump-start” into researching more about online affiliated marketing and the promise of SEO. It was a good experience to mark in my journal of stories that encourage me to keep my eyes WIDE open. Clark, I wish you luck with your future and I thank you Paul for putting this information online. More people need to be aware and this is one way to enlighten them. On a side note, Mr. Merill mentioned Other People’s Money and it is the same acronym for Online Profit Masters! HA! Peace.

  19. rob says

    Also when you try to close out of the site they try to offer it at $77 ,then if you try to close out of that they try offering it at $47 off but you only have 5 minutes to join. Seems to good to be true, I am glad i found this before i got suckered into it. Thanks Paul and Clark for details

    • says

      Request a refund from the company. If they don’t satisfy your refund request, then file a dispute with your credit card company. If you paid with a debit card, then you’ll need to talk to your bank about dispute procedures.

      I would wait a maximum of 2 to 3 business days for them to satisfy the refund request before filing the dispute. And I don’t mean them “telling you” they’ll return your money. I mean the money actually BACK to you within those 2 to 3 days.

  20. clark says


    Just the fact that it saved you from getting taken makes it worth even the minimal effort of posting my experience here. Paul deserves the thanks for putting this site together. I wish I had found it sooner. I suspect OPM will drive more traffic this way. Funny, there seemed to be a few posting OPM successes earlier have failed to return when some facts were posted. Congrats Mitzi and don’t hesitate to post your experience for someone else to read. It’s not redundant, it’s needed testimonial for the unsuspecting. These guys feed on others misery and need to be exposed.

  21. clark says


    That $97 or $37 busks is just a feeder bait. It certainly isn’t their focus and just a qualifier that you have a useable credit card. It would probably go to free as long as they can approve a credit card. It’s just a first step of weeding out those bad credit and identifying those who are desperate. These guys are some sure enough snake oil salesmen. Glad you avoided them!

  22. says

    I too got suckered in for 97$ and then another 27$ for VIP lol. Im so embarrassed to even admit it but as soon as I clicked it I felt sick to my stomach and thought OMGosh what did I do!!! Also I called the number and the guy grilled me about how much money I have, how much does my husband make, how much limit do I have on my cc cards, why do I want to do this , all questions he claims in order to qualify me for the top of the line coaches and to give me a line of credit!!! and to say Ill make 4000 in 3months. Of course after the guy found out that I didnt have what he wanted I never got the call back from the Mr. Robertson!! Thank God!! I also went to sign up for the brainhost domain site which said it was 7.95 monthly but charged me for 2 years at 213.60 so needless to say I have disputed everything, called my cc companies and got confirmation from both companies that I will get a credit, so I guess we’ll see. Im so ashamed I fell for this!! I wish I’d found your site before I did it!! Thank you Paul for this awesome website!! Ive been glued to it for days now!! I am VERY interested in the Niche Blitzkrieg system!! Once my credit cards get credited I think I am going to persue it, scared tho. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. monica parker says

    As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. Also, we do not promise, guarantee or imply that you (or that your use of our products and services will improve your operation, raise your internet profile, or increase your revenues. Again, as with any business, successful or unsuccessful use of our products will widely vary among our customers depending on many factors, including but not limited to, the customer’s skill set, creativity, motivation, level of effort, individual expertise, capacity and talents, business experience, your cost structure and the market in which you compete. We also know that many of our customers will not implement our program, much as many gym members won’t go to the gym. We obviously cannot compel you to use our products. You obviously need to implement our products to find out for yourself the usefulness of what we teach you, and we sincerely hope that you do. Similarly, we provide no assurance that either improved operations or earnings in one month can be duplicated or approached in any other month.

    on the terms and conditions of online profit masters.

    so, that just means that you are old enough to do the right thing. :) it’s your choice because you we’re the one who believed and input your own personal information.

    so who’s to blame?
    you’re aware of your actions no need to blame it on the site.
    blame yourself for being a fool. :)

    just saying!
    no hurt feelings! :)

  24. says

    Of course I’m to blame for being such an idiot to fall for this “program”. Im just putting my experience out there in hopes no one else falls for it.

    just saying:)

    no hurt feelings :)

  25. clark says

    monica parker

    You are a thief. Your lame attempt at putting the blame of your transgressions on those you have bilked do not excuse you morally or ethically. Perhaps not even legally. That is to be determined. You are party to theft by deception and eventually, your gig will come to an end. Your actions are no different than than a strong arm robbery on the street or breaking into homes and stealing cash. Good luck in prison.

    No hard feelings. :)

  26. Krystle says

    Thank you all so much for posting your opinions. I am a single mother just trying to work full time and was hoping this site would be a way to spend time with my two kids and still b able to get off of welfare. Thanks for putting out the effort.

  27. says


    Let me just say, “I am thrilled” and I am literally jumping on my couch in excitement because of your site! No offense to anyone who was obviously swindled by OPM.

    I am a college graduate preparing to apply to professional school soon. I am interested in such avenues that can help me possibly pay off some of the expenses of this program. Well, while taking a break from studying for the entrance exam, I stumbled on OPM’s website or affiliate site: They posted pictures of people with their checks in hand and they were all smiles. They even included a lame youtube video about a former reporter who took on this adventure.

    After reviewing the site and clicking on the link that would later take me to the sales pitch ad, here, I spent a great deal of time reading through the garbage. It was “all too good to be true” and I was prompted by my intuition to call their 800 #. I called and inquired about the memership fee, in which, I was simply told to pay the money and then see the benefits. I wanted to pull their strings a bit so I mentioned that I was unemployed and did not have the money to pay today. I asked if they had the option of paying the $97 fee with the money I make from all the profitable sales I would make. The response, “Oh, no we don’t do that. You should ask your friends to give you some money or use their cc…” (LOL….yes this is an “LOL” moment)

    I almost thought about giving in to their scheme prior to calling. I even received their “lowest price ever” and this is beyond the “family and friends discount” they advertised. I could receive their “TOTAL PACKAGE” for only $47.

    I really want to thank you in advance for saving my bank account, my thoughts from being manipulated, and my time from being wasted more than it has been today. I hope that you continue busting theirs and others chops. Every so often you can find a person like yourself that really want to put the truth out there, and save people for unwanted headaches or financial loses. Keep up the great work! I hope you have a wonderful day.

    Be blessed.

  28. mackman says

    Hey, I got in on this “Other People;s Money” thing yesterday afternoon & wanted share what happened. It was obviously weird, but I thought maybe there was some residue of value in it & curiosity got the better of me. The bait & pressure ploys were pretty transparent: “two spots left!” “deadline is tomorrow!” I was naive enough to think that the “article” on Online Profit Masters could be real LOL (yeah, I’m pretty naive). Every time I exited the ‘pay me’ page the intro amount would drop down, so I thought I would get them down to the $47 mentioned in the ‘article.’ When it dropped to that, which I figured was their bargain-basement amount, I went ahead and paid them.

    When I called the “coach” he was asking if they could make me into a ‘success story’ – – lingo for getting the aspiring small business-person to think that his dream was about to come true. His phrasing was so confusing to me, I thought he was asking presumptively to get me to contribute my “success testimonial” to their marketing department. LOL! I was saying “So…ah…I’m gonna write you one of those things?” and he’s replying “Uh…yeah..when we get to that point – – we’re getting a little ahead of the process, here.” He started asking for info about my credit debt and remaining credit & I gave a couple of order-of-magnitude replies. When he asked for specific $ amounts I told him I wasn’t sharing personal info. When he was still trying to psych me, he made this comment to the effect that he was looking for someone serious & not just a curiosity-seeker. (How about that – – $47 is the price for “curiosity.”) I’m saying Yeah – – well of course I want to make some money. But when I wouldn’t give him credit info, he directed me back to the web page & said that I should “start off” there.

    To finish the story, I called the customer service number (Patty Joyner wants to talk to you PERSONALLY! LOL) and told them I was cancelling. They told me to call back this morning, which I did. Here’s the part which I find interesting. The guy I spoke with for cancelling soulnded pretty uptight. He actually did a couple of those inappropriate nervous laughs – – like you might expect to see in a movie or something. I was surprised to find him obviously so tense – – like the proceedings were actually of concern to him (? ? ?). I had not expected much better than being kept on hold or getting routed to a no-pick-up line. (By the way, he said half back in 7 to 10 bus days with the other half refundable ist week of April. Do I start holding my breath now? lol) So I’m wondering – – did the cancellation guy have a stake of some sort in this operation? Are they actually trying to salvage it, before morphing to the next website? Maybe he’s a contractor of some sort who got suckered in by the puppet-masters & is now suffering for it (“Make money on commission doing customer service work FROM YOUR OWN HOME ! !” – – hoo boy.)

    Hope this wasn’t too long. Did I get $47 worth of ‘entertainment value’ out of this odd encounter? A little pricey for my budget. If I were more aggressive, I would maybe get on to ways to bug them . . . string them along for a bit, to enhance the ‘entertainment.’

    • says

      “When I called the “coach” he was asking if they could make me into a ‘success story’ – – lingo for getting the aspiring small business-person to think that his dream was about to come true.”

      Spot on, there.

      And I hope everybody learns the lesson to NEVER give their financial details to these knuckleheads.

  29. mackman says

    Update on O P M contact: Need to correct my last post: I was told that the ‘1st half’ refund of my $47 .00 would come in five to seven business days (not seven to ten, as previously stated).

    These guys have been trying to contact me ever since I cancelled the service (March 16th.) I finally took a call from them this morning, and got another of those nervous-sounding guys, this one wanting to know why I quit. I told him that the ‘specialist’ with whom I had spoken last week wasn’t up to snuff and had soured me on their company. The guy on the phone seemed interested and took the name I gave him of the other ‘specialist.’ Then he tried to engage me in conversation, but I have to say, he wasn’t very savvy. Some of these characters may be adept at psychological manipulation, but this guy must have been from a different department. It played like a last-ditch attempt to keep me as a prospect, but the guy was awkward: stammering and going motor-mouth on some pitch, instead of playing it cool.

    I lost my patience trying to break into his compulsive monolog and yelled at him, which gave him his excuse to end the call. Maybe for the best, although I still feel some lingering curiosity over what I might have learned if I had decided to string him along for awhile. Summary impression: the anxiety over at Online Profit Masters is palpable.

  30. Sta says

    I am sooooo glad I read this before signing up. I was just about to enter my last name and e-mail in the “Check for Availability” section when something said….do a quick search to see if there are any complaints on the company….and low and behold….I found your site. Thank you…thank you….very informative!

  31. Jacy says

    Guess what? Travis S, who says: “i am your home business coach” ( i did put my e-mail address on they web sit wen i almost got into this scam), just send me a e-mail, i have sent a e-mail back telling him that i just found out what a fraud they are and told him to go f… him self. I wish everyone could get to Paul’s, page before it’s too late.

  32. says

    I wish I had found this sight before I gave them $3,000. After a few days I saw that they were doing thy said, I new I had been scamed. Lucklily they had`nt taken the money out of my account yet so I stoped the transaction. I know some folks aren`t that lucky. They are smoothe lalking scam arttist that that get people to buy into their success story crap.

  33. says

    Hey guys, I’ve been an information provider online for a few years now and I can of course spot trouble like the topic being discussed here. Unfortunately, for a new or less informed person, it’s not as easy to do. Then, when you take into account other factors like financial emergencies, being unemployed and job hunting or being in any kind of desperate situation, this will exacerbate the situation and makes for the perfect situation to take advantage of someone or be taken advantage of ( I just had a flashback of high school… I don’t think you can end a sentence with a preposition (of). I know, most won’t get this but I couldn’t resit, appologies!)

    Anyways, I’ve looked at the site in question and this blog’s author make some note worthy observations and I’ll leave it at that!

    This might sound like a plug but it’s not ( well it is but my intentions are honorable, I assure you, but you be the judge!)

    I own a number of websites and almost all of them give something away for free in exchange for your email and in the majority of cases, it is some valuable information related to the site you’re on so that you can get a taste of things to come, if you were so inclined. This is probably the most popular and accepted exchange that is conducted online.

    It is quite unfortunate for many of the readers here, in that, on one of my sites, I’m currently giving away over 50 ebooks that all come with websites, resell rights and branding so that people can learn how to do internet marketing properly and can make money at the same time and yes, it doesn’t cost a dime! No credit cards or anything like that (except your name and email, and you can even lie about that, if you choose!)

    This same sight, currently provides free video training too, on almost any internet marketing topic and again, you can not get taken advantage of because you never have to reach for your wallet to access this stuff ( oh and you get it as soon as you verify your email, so you don’t have to wait around, for the ebooks but the videos are in a membership area but it still free and no waiting.)

    I have hundreds of products and one of the reasons I do this is to help out the uninitiated. The other reason is, if I provide you valuable information first, then my hope is you’ll appreciate it and perhaps stick around long enough to see that things can work for you and after all this, maybe you’ll be appreciative enough to spend some of your money with me ( after all, I got to make a living too, right ;-)

    The key to making it online (as it relates here…) is to find a credible source that you can trust for guidance and resources because going it alone is all but impossible!

    The funny thing is ( or well maybe not so funny) it’s probably easier for the con man to get’em to spend a buck than it is for me to give it away (and my stuff is 10x better, go figure!)

    I won’t plug my website here by name but if the moderator post this, your readers can pop in my name into Google or probably any search engine and you’ll find me on the most talked about social media sites. You’ll know the site I’m referencing in this post, when you find it, because you won’t believe the quality products being shared. BTW, the same kind of info we give away, we sell too, somewhere else so this isn’t garbage, it’s just another method for doing business online and you see it everywhere, no big secret!

    Internet Marketing can be a fun and profitable adventure but it’s a serious business and requires a commitment, dedication and patience to see things through.

    Unfortunately, inherent in the internet, is the element of predator and prey. However, once you become educated and more experienced, it will be much easier to spot the crooks… However, don’t expect the crooks to ever go away because this is a story that’s been played out in humanity for time immemorial.

    Hey, but the good news is, there really are more good guys than bad guys!

    I truly hope this helps and good luck to the moderator and your readers! Oh and thanks for caring enough to post this stuff, good job!

    “If you seek, you shall find”

  34. Renee says

    Please do not purchase this product. I paid online only to call 10 minutes later to cancel. The person I spoke with stated that it would be no problem and I should have the funds in my account within 3 days. I called back 3 days later to check on the status to be told that no refund had been issued, and because my account was cancelled they had no way to issue a refund. I called back to speak to a supervisor only to be put on hold for 20 minutes and told that they were having computer issues and would have to call me back. I have filed a dispute through my bank but this is terrible. PLEASE DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!

  35. Tamberlyn Maggiolino says

    Thanks Paul for posting all your findings on this Online Profit Masters scam. My only question is how did the scammers get my email address? I received an email from a friend that just said work from home and make…blah, blah, blah and it had a website. I then emailed her back and asked if she had meant to send me that email? Her response was sorry, I don’t know how this was sent to you. A couple of weeks later I saw my friend at my daughter’s softball game and asked her about teh email and she had no idea what I was talking about! This is kind of scary if you ask me.

    • says

      Your friends email address was hacked and your address was either in her contact list or within a CC list of an email that she had sent out (the CC list is is an electronic “carbon copy” list where it shows a whole list of email addresses that a message was sent to). There has been a huge number of email addresses getting hacked recently – often by a criminal ring operating out of Russia, China, Lithuania, and a few other countries.

      Your friend needs to do the following:
      – Full antivirus scan.
      – Full malware scan – she can use the free version of Malwarebytes at MalwareBytes for that
      – Then create a new password. I would strongly recommend a complex password of at least 15 characters – one that includes uppercase, lowercase, and some special characters such as !,@,#,etc.

  36. says

    Thankyou so much Paul.

    I am a single mum who works fulltime trying to stay a float and thought this may help. I am so very greatful for your website. I am abit worried that I did put my email adress and phone number into their system however.
    Thanks again.

  37. Geof Benson says

    I have subscribed to your newsletter recently. I am new at all this online money making and there is so much stuff out there. I am now looking at a company (or opportunity) called Autopilot Income System and would like to know if this is a legitimate opportunity. I am also looking at one promoted in your newsletter run by a Michael Brown that sounds very good…but what do I know yet.

    Please help a newbie to not waste a whole lot of money and time on worthless scams and dubious schemes.



    • says


      I put out a warning about the first opportunity you mention at Autopilot Income System Review Of Red Flags. The problem with many of these like Online Profit Masters & autopilot Income System is they are just ways for the company to collect leads for boiler rooms that are just out to get as much money as possible from you – typically thousands of dollars.

      That’s one of the reasons Michael’s program is so popular – it’s very low-cost and includes a great deal of support included.

  38. Geof Benson says

    Hi Paul

    thanks for the advise. Looks like I’ve found some people I can trust. This is good news because I truly believe there are good legitimate opportunities out there. I am retired and now in this for the long haul. A good second income so to speak.

    All that and you responded without trying to sell me a thing except good will.

    Thanks again


  39. says

    Has anyone hear of or tried Home Profit Masters?? I tried to do the research on Angela Bussio and Jane Simmons? I Only come up with Stress related books and work following Angela Bussio and nothing reguarding Jane Simmons-then again the sites could also be “faked” …any feed back?? http:// homeprofitmasters .com/IFHnc/congratulations.aspx

  40. Claudia says

    I just purchased a profit masters system. have not gotten it yet in the mail. I think I am going to send it back. I am sick of spending money on things that are dead ends. I really want to make some extra money and would like to do it out of my home. I would appreciate any help in a direction that will produce what it offers.


  41. Sarah says

    They are pushy and they are not upfront. They wanted $3,800 dollars to coach me after I had already paid 50 dollars and the supervisor was VERY rude. He accused me of being hesitant because I was asking questions and using wisdom since this is a lot of money. He asked me if I had a thousand dollars to put down. I said yes and he asked me if it was on a debit card and I said it was cash. He asked me if it was under my mattress so I told him it was in my lock box. Then he asked if I could put it in the bank today. They just want money. They also mocked me for trying to use discernment. I had my dad on the line to help me make a wise choise and he is a witness that this man was laughing at me.

  42. Sally says

    This is a rip-off. I spent the LAST $$$ of my credit card. Once they get you in, then you CANNOT proceed until you obtain a “free” website, which you have to pay for. What you are getting for free is having them set up the website, but there are multiple fees involved afterwards. Can you say…rip off? DON’T DO THIS!!!

  43. says

    I also purchased it, 97$ thrown away, after that they called. first called was a really nice guy talking to me telling me i really would have a future if i do it, and how much money i would be making, and all this crap, soon after i had another caller from them, the guy said “hello bla bla bla, do you have any credit car or debit cards? or money available to use, i said well, i already wasted 97$ on this and im not looking forward to investing more money on it, there first of the page only says 97$ to get started, but than after every step there is less and less options to pay them for more training and BS.

    PS: if anyone knows how to get the money refunded please email me at “[email protected]

  44. fulltime online warrior says


    I love how you use the word “potential” so often throughout your articles, haha.

    “Truth” be known… ANY of these ‘work-at-home’ ‘opportunities’ can be turned profitable.
    Education + Action = Success

    Just find something you enjoy; peoples and pursue it. My only advice is that you try “1” new thing at a time and PLEASE make that one thing work first, before buying your next shiny new ‘push-button’ program :)

  45. Linda says

    Hey Paul, Unfortunately I was taken in by there advertising…I went as far as purchasing to start which costed me $97.00 . but when I tried to call the specialist to get started a recording came out saying not open on sundays…I was amazed that they are so quick to take our money especially money we don’t have why would they not be open on sundays also? So it gave me time to think that it may be a scam..Sure wished I”ve would have taken the time to view your comments before i ordered in a way it was a blessing that I did not contact anyone… I know that I am suppose to give it at least two months before I ask for a refund,just what to know can I do it now…

  46. says

    DO NOT DO ONLINE PROFIT MASTERS! these people are scam artist.I spent over $3,000 with them and they just keep on wanting more money.All I got out of it was a coach giving me advice on how to buy and sell on eBay.They promised to build us a website and never did.they wanted $2,000 more dollars.DO NOT MESS WITH THESE SCAMERS.

  47. says

    Thanks to this website, I did not purchase the membership from the “Profit Web System”. The sad part is the link I used to get to this site is on the AARP website. I am partially disabled and really need a work from home situation. I suspected this was a scam when the article was so long and it kept repeating the same things over and over. Then there were numerous misspellings and mathematical errors. Then when you finally get to the bottom of the website and they ask you for money, I was sure it is a scam. I then checked the BBB, but did not find anything. However, I found this website which confirmed it is a scam. Thanks Paul!!! Can you refer me to any legitimate “Work From Home” opportunities?


  48. says

    It’s a scam. I purchased the plan and I haven’t made anything yet I keep posting and posting and no results . I am glad I will have to wait 30 days and I will get my money back. It’s a money back guarentee if you don’t think the program is for you. But during the time of trying the software out they keep asking me to upgrade. I said no because you said the program cost 97.00 and with that i can make money. O what a lie if I may say so. Well you can upgrade costing only 27.00. Upgrade for what so you can get more of my money. I don’t think so. It need to be a crime for people like that. What is the government going to do about it? Especially when you know the company name that is doing the scamming? It is no sucess in posting links because when you post links to facebook and some of the others to promote you page you still have to pay a price. So everyone is making money but you.

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