Auto Pilot Income System Review Of Red Flags

If perhaps you want to purchase Auto Pilot Income System you will want to evaluate the subsequent warning signs I’ve reported on this page:

Red Flag #1) Auto Pilot Income System advises it’s possible to pull in “In The Next 60 Seconds – Gain Access To A Work-At-Home Program Paying As Much as”. That’s a wholly randomly, fabricated sum considering the profits are derived from commissions and they’ve got little if any idea exactly what products and services you will end up selling or even those items’ commission levels.

Red Flag #2)Auto Pilot Income System Utilizes the actual announcement AutoPilot Income System Can Be Found On that typically is totally meaningless seeing that that doesn’t necessarily mean that sentence has anything related to Auto Pilot Income System. It’s utilising the subsequent images:

  • abc
  • Fox News
  • USAToday
  • CNN

Red Flag #3) Auto Pilot Income System is making use of a video segment produced by NBC which is just simply about “work at home” generally but not actually about

Red Flag #4) Assertion that “I Have Finally Found A Real Formula That Enables Just About Anyone Without Any Experience To Earn Real Cash. It’s Simple To Make $500, $1,000, $5,000 In Extra Money Every Month And Even More  All From The Privacy Of Your Own Home.” Specifically what is that based on?

Red Flag #5) The following seals on Auto Pilot Income System are not clickable:

  • AutoPilot Income system Security Verified
  • Auto Pilot Income System Certified Checked Daily
  • AutoPilot Income System Privacy Verified
  • AutoPilot Income Business Verified

UnClickable security seals are pointless.
Red Flag #6) Auto Pilot Income System claims you will get a “Quick-Start Coaching Assessment Call with a trained “Start Up Specialist” to help you accelerate your progress and gain momentum!”

Many times this style of free “Assistance” will be used as a scheme to allow them to get you to speak to a sales person who will try to pressure you straight into spending cash on higher priced products you don’t need or sometimes are of questionable value.

Red Flag #7) AutoPilot Income System is using Stock Photos for Testimonials. You can check them below:

Red Flag #8) The AutoPilotIncomeSystem site is telling a story about “Robert Armstrong”

Mr. Armstrong also goes by the name of stock photo 7474416. Click here to verify.

These are things I truly recommend you take into account if you are trying to make a determination relating to this product.

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  1. Christy says

    I tried to get a refund & they refused to give it back to me also. I got a call from this guy wanting me to get a payday loan or a credit card of over $500, & I’ve never heard from anyone since. I don’t want to get another payday loan or a credit card, I just want to earn some money from home & spend time with my kids. Is that too much to ask? Apparently with them it is.

  2. says

    I feel for you both. I’m a single mom with a 6year old and a 9month old, and getting no support what so ever. This so called make money at home video listed at the bottom is a sham too. Listen to the voice of Mr. Michael Brown, and this income piolet program Coffee Cup Millionaire gentleman named Anthony Tristar. Sound almost exactly alike! I’m truly disgusted that companies are even too lazy do get differant spokespeople for their videos. Seriously people, if you are going to sham us, don’t think we aren’t going to do a little homework these days because we are sick of the lies and empty promises! We are desperate, times are tough, almost cutthroat,if you truly want to be a good prosperous company, present the facts, give people truths, otherwise welcome to a lawsuit for people demanding their refunds and for false advertising.

    • says

      Linda. Michael Brown is SO different than anybody else. And that IS his real voice. He doesn’t HIRE anybody to do his “voice”. That’s him. And to put him in the same class as the clowns I write up as frauds is just ridiculous if you knew the number of people he’s helped avoid all of these scams and nonsense. Here are some recent free training videos he did:
      What Is A Niche Market
      How To Find A Niche Market
      How Much Does It Cost To BuildA Website
      How To Get Traffic To Your Website

      In fact, he’s asked me to keep collecting questions from people and he’s going to KEEP making these free videos – whether it’s 10, 20, or 200 – as many as it takes to field all the different questions.

      By the way, I’ve HELPED thousands of people get refunds from fraudulent organizations – and have never charged them a penny. Plus I helped the FTC take down one of the top 100 spammers in the world and have provide significant documentation to other law enforcement agencies.

      You can read the Power User Spotlight the SBA put out about me here:
      From Computer Programmer To Home Business Scam Expert

    • says


      I fully understand your concern. I see all the crazy scammy junk around that you do. I agree with Paul however, that I am 100% different than anyone else online that I know of. My course doesn’t preach you’ll make millions, I don’t show off flashy cars, homes new Rolex watches and all of that other junk you’ll see on other sites.

      Can you make good money? Yes. Can you make Great money, yes. Could you make no money, yes. If you don’t work at it and you don’t try…. you’ll fail no doubt.

      There is no such thing as a push button system. A few clicks and money rains down from the sky… it doesn’t exist. If you listen to the words I am saying I am not saying any of that. I am saying I have the step-by-step formula I use to make money online and if you work at it you can do the same thing that I am doing.

      As for my programs, they offer people who are willing to “work at it” a system that works and if they get stuck we have the customer community areas to help them. I do not know of any other systems online that do things the way we do it. Most sites throw out hype and a bunch of false promises.

      If you’re willing to work at making money online, put in time and effort, do the things that I am teaching you and asking questions when you get stuck you shouldn’t have ay problems making money online.

      However, like anything else in life if you come into even my courses and you don’t do a single thing… you won’t make a nickel.

      But look, if you don’t like my voice do not join my course because you’ll have to listen to me on every single page :)

  3. says

    Hello All. I am not sure of who all is able to see my response, but I am apart of a work at home network that is producing real results. I too thought it was a scam until I received my first couple of payments. Don’t expect to get rich in a day… finding your niche is the real key to internet success. Please visit my website and see if it is a match for you. If you have any questions you can reach me at 916-538-0374. If this was fake, I would not be putting my face and number on here.. lol anywhoo.. I look forward to speaking with some new people!

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