Paid To Place Review Of Red Flags

Kathy Garcia?

Kathy Garcia?

Note: All details of the Paid To Place sales page, terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc. as outlined in this post have preserved in multiple ways, including video recording.

7/6/2013 Update: Latest site being run by the same people is the Karen James Home Income Site.

6/10/2012 Update: I STRONGLY Recommend you avoid this program.

3/19/2012 Update: New Sales Pages/Sites Are Going Up For Paid To Place, Including The Following:

  • Verified Home Income |
  • Apply For This |
  • Cash 123 Stream |

9/13/2011 Update: Paid To Place is cranking out different versions of sales pages like crazy.

I noticed today, 9/13/2011 that there is a new sales page for Paid To Place that focuses heavily on Michelle Boudreau’s background with CBS News, The Home Shopping Network, as well as her appearances on Fox News, abc, NBC, & CNN.

You might remember her from John Beck’s informercials. You can read some of her dialogue in the FTC Complaint Against Amazing Profits here where Michelle introduces John Beck with the following words:

FTC V John Beck

FTC V John Beck

The testimonials now clearly disclose that the photos are stock photos – and they do NOT claim specific amounts of money made as in the previous sales letter I reviewed did.

New Red Flag #1) There is no longer ANY disclaimer that the photo of Kathy Garcia is a stock photo.

New Red Flag #2) The sales letter claims “Easy work, great pay, NO selling.” But later the sales letter states: “Get your unique tracking code for online and offline placements” and also “as a “Paid to Place” affiliate you’ll get paid three-ways.”

Paid To Place even has a calculator it wants you to use to dream about how much money you’ll be raking in “just placing ads”. And the first field in that calculator is “New Sales From Ads Each Week”.

So they’re TELLING you that you will be doing affiliate marketing, there TELLING you that your earnings are based on selling, and they are TELLING you that you”ll be paid commissions on whatever you sell. Now there’s nothing wrong with affiliate marketing – selling products such as Green Smoke, Ashton Cigars, or Lasagna recipes.

So according to Paid To Place there’s no selling involved, but you get paid when you sell something? HUH???

New Red Flag #3) Paid To Place appears to leave out MUCH of what you have to do to actually generate income.

Paid To Place claims there are only 3 simple steps involved:

“Simple Step #1: Get your unique tracking code for online and offline placements.
Simple Step #2: Place the ads (we show you where and how)
Simple Step #3: Logon and see how much money you have made.”

How much do you want to bet that there are quite a few OTHER steps involved?

New Red Flag #4) The Security Seals on the Paid To Place order page are NOT clickable.

What follows is the original review of the Paid to Place sales page:

Kathy Garcia, who also leads a double life as a stock photo here, wants you to believe you can make $225 per hour for posting links online. Of course she leaves out a few details…OK…she leaves out way more than a few details.

Let’s take a look at some of the red flags of the Paid To Place “program”

Red Flag 1: Kathy Garcia is a stock photo. I guess the upside to that is that since she’s just a photograph she’s probably a good listener.

Red Flag 2: Paid To Place displays a table so that you can imagine all the money you can make by posting links. The problem is that the table isn’t based on reality…not even close. Why? Because the only way you get paid in a program like Paid To Place is if someone finds your link, clicks on your link, then takes an action such as buying product, filling out a form (such as filling out a detailed insurance quote form that will allow an insurance company to follow up with them).

In other words, just because you PLACE an ad containing a link, does NOT mean you’ll get paid from doing so. In fact, most of the time you probably WON’T.

Red Flag 3: Use of customer testimonials claiming they made specific amounts of money. Why is this a red flag? Because here’s what the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has to say about these types of testimonials:

“The use of a disclaimer such as “results not typical” is no longer a safe harbor for the claims made in testimonials. Third, while you may use atypical or best-case testimonials, if you do, you should clearly and conspicuously disclose the generally expected results consumers can expect in the depicted circumstances.”

Red Flag #4) Claims of fast money

Paid To Place claims:

“You’ll Be Able To Sit Down At Your Computer And Start
Making Money Right Away.”

They also show a bunch of alleged customers who made money fast with the Paid To Pace program.

….both of which are quite strange, especially since Paid To Place also says,

“This isn’t for you if you’re trying to “get rich quick.” Fact is, these things don’t really exist and they are all scams. (Ask me how I know, I fell for a few of them myself.)”

OK. Maybe in their mind “get rich quick” and “make money fast” aren’t the same thing, and I suppose technically they aren’t, but both ideas are constantly used by questionable business opportunities to suck cash out of vulnerable people.

Red Flag #5) Two different Paid To Place students claim show the SAME pictures of separate vacations.

There are several versions of the Paid To Place sales page – one version shows pictures of Kathy Garcia’s vacation. Another sales page is supposed to show pictures of another student using the name “David Cox”‘s vacation. Both “Kathy Garcia” and “David Cox” are presenting the EXACT same pictures of their separate vacations.

Red Flag #6) Paid To Place runs a site called warning people about sites WARNING people about Paid To Place.

Paid To Place has set up a website called warning people about the sites WARNING people about Paid To Place. I don’t know about you, but that seems more than just a little odd. No product I’ve ever recommended has ever had to resort to doing that.

Update: A person named Mike who claims to be the affiliate manager for Paid To Place has offered to answer questions. I’ve asked him some questions in the comments section, which I’ll repeat here and add to as I think of more. You can check for his answers to these questions in the comments section here.

  1. As of 8/28/2011 are there still only 92 places left in the program? ;-)
  2. How did you document this part of your sales page, “What if I told you that the average you’ll make per link posted is $15″?
  3. How were the values of the Paid To Place, Quick-Start-Guide, 50K Self Funding, And 7 Ways To Make $100 A Day Online determined?
  4. I did notice that whoever did the salespage at the ptop.securewebsystem website left off some of the information from the regular PaidToPlace website, such as the disclaimer the regular PaidToPlace mentions stating that the image of Kathy is a stock photo. Are you surprised they left that off?
  5. I’m a little unclear about what results the consumer can generally expect by using the Paid To Place program. Can you tell me where to find that information?
  6. I’ve seen about 3 different versions of the sales page for Paid To Place now, so I’ll have to clarify which one I’m talking about here. There is one that shows 3 checks with Paid To Place as the payor where Kathy Garcia says, “…These are just a few of the affiliate checks I get in the mail every single month.” What types of products/services/leads are those checks for?
  7. Is Michelle Boudreau compensated in any way to endorse the Paid To Place Program.

Just out of curiosity, is the regular PaidToPlace site really a WordPress blog? I checked with and looked at the code and it didn’t look like one to me – especially the html for the comments section.

Is PaidToPlace site really a WordPress blog? I checked with and looked at the code and it didn’t look like one to me – especially the html for the comments section. will identify WordPress blogs as follows:

WordPress Usage Statistics – Websites using WordPress

WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.”

But it didn’t identify in that way.

American Money Report Promotion Of Paid To Place

Paid To Place is currently being promoted by an advertorial site (fake news site) called American Money Report. The site tells the story of Kathy Garcia and claims that, “Thanks to the Paid To Place program Kathy now enjoys more time with her daughter Stella”

If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, you’ll find this disclaimer:

“*For purposes of privacy, the creator of The Paid to Place is using a pen name. This story is based upon the real life adaptation of the parties involved. The Company reserves the rights to the name and any uses of it as affiliated with the product. Any improper uses by unauthorized parties is strictly prohibited. Testimonials are from members who have purchased the optional support system”

The question is whether or not the FTC would consider that clear and conspicuous – that’s only something the FTC can decide, but I encourage you to take your best guess on that one. You can read through the FTC’s Advertising FAQ’s if you need help forming an opinion.

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Mike and I am the affiliate manager for the very program you are questioning and showing all the red flags for. If you will allow me to make a couple rebuttal comments it would be awesome. If not, well, then it wouldn’t.
    Paid to Place is and does exactly what it says it will.
    Will you become rich over night? nope.
    Can you make money within a few minutes of sign up? yep, happens all the time.
    will you get paid just to place an ad? no. but what program does?
    Is our program perfect? no even close, but it is a lot closer than most of the programs out there.
    A few things separate us from the “competition”.
    If you call into our office you will actually reach people
    We have a 60(!) day no-hassle refund policy. We will asks questions but only to gather information to assist us in improving the program.
    It is a One-time fee. ONE. We have no rebill, no hidden charges and frankly, what we offer for less than it takes to fill a car with gas is pretty good it seems to me.
    life-time access to both members areas
    live support both phone in and email
    weekly live welcome calls
    weekly live training webinars so people can learn AND ask questions
    access to all the newest materials and training. We’re not gonna come back in a couple of months and try to charge people for the newest updates.
    I think all of this points to a legitimate program that works for the success of its clients. Definitely not a program out to bilk them of all their money.
    I appreciate that you have this website and that you work to try and keep people from being scammed. It’s my hope that you will allow us to respond in this manner.
    Thanks for reading. If you have ANY questions feel free to email me.

    • Thanks, Mike.

      You’re right that I am focusing on the sale letter. It’s my nature having helped the FTC extensively in the In Deep Services case and provided extensive information about corporate entity/major player/website connection to the Secret Service on a large cross-border scam in the bizop industry, and also because my daily conversations with the owner of Eagle Research And Associates.

      It’s hard for me NOT to look at the red flags the way I have, because your sales page is based on the exact same template that many other products’ sales pages have used that have ended up with serious complaints from customers of those products.

      That being said, there definitely were aspects of your sales letter that were quite different, such as the sales price being prominently disclosed, no indication that they were going to be followed up with a pitch for expensive “coaching”, and the like. Although it would seem that there must be some sort of backend selling going if you’re paying a $62 commission to affiliates on a product with a downsell to a one-time charge of $29.95. Especially since the affiliate network has to get their cut, too.

      But there still did seem to be inconsistencies and red flags within the sales page itself, so it would be great if you could help clarify them for the readers here if you’re willing:

      1. As of 8/28/2011 are there still only 92 places left in the program? ;-)
      2. How did you document this part of your sales page, “What if I told you that the average you’ll make per link posted is $15″?
      3. How were the values of the Paid To Place, Quick-Start-Guide, 50K Self Funding, And 7 Ways To Make $100 A Day Online determined?
      4. I did notice that whoever did the salespage at the ptop.securewebsystem website left off some of the information from the regular PaidToPlace website, such as the disclaimer the regular PaidToPlace mentions stating that the image of Kathy is a stock photo. Are you surprised they left that off?
      5. I’m a little unclear about what results the consumer can generally expect by using the Paid To Place program. Can you tell me where to find that information?
      6. I’ve seen about 3 different versions of the sales page for Paid To Place now, so I’ll have to clarify which one I’m talking about here. There is one that shows 3 checks with Paid To Place as the payor where Kathy Garcia says, “…These are just a few of the affiliate checks I get in the mail every single month.” What types of products/services/leads are those checks for?

      Just out of curiosity, is the regular PaidToPlace site really a WordPress blog? I checked with and looked at the code and it didn’t look like one to me – especially the html for the comments section.

      Builtwith will identify WordPress blogs as follows:

      WordPress Usage Statistics – Websites using WordPress

      WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.”

      But that information doesn’t show up for the site.

      • I apologize for my obviously tardy reply. I expected to receive an email not simply a reply on the site. I gave my reply and moved on hoping that would at least give people a little more to think about then just letting it sit as it was.
        I can honestly say that this “Maryanne” is unknown to me. I did not request that anyone else here reply in such a fashion. I do have several Maryannes in our program but I don’t know who it specifically was. But as that you have set the table so efficiently for people to believe that we are a scam I highly doubt anything I rebut here will do a thing for their opinion.
        You understand that there are common marketing “ploys” that people use in this industry. One of those being the illusion of a limited-time or limited-space-available offer. One would have to be exceedingly naive to not realize that especially if they return to a site more than once and notice the number hasn’t changed. I don’t mean to insult anyone and obviously I am on the inside of the business and am well aware of it. But I’ve been aware of that tactic years before I became involved in the internet industry. But anyhoo.
        As for some of your specific questions (please understand that I am fulfillment not marketing, I cannot answer to what was done or why it was done as I had no hand in it).
        I think I answered #1 above.
        #2. Note that it is an average looking at the links posted themselves, this does not take into account the number of clicks necessary. Just the postings. Though a posting for an offer may convert on average 10-15% the posting itself does not change.
        #3, I cannot answer as to the valuation as that was done without my input. But let’s look at what they get for their buy in of (at most) $50 rounded up. Lifetime access to the members site and clicks 2 offers admin, unlimited access to support via email or phone during standard business hours. And believe me, we have a ton of clients who take advantage of that lol. With this access to the sites they will get all the updates and improvements gratis. We are not going to come back and try to get more money off of them.
        #4, I am surprised and I spoke with them about it and it was an oversight and I believe they are going to correct that. Let’s not kid ourselves, this is a common thing in the internet industry. Many people that do business like this online try to maintain their privacy and will do so by creating a pseudonym. I have met the “real” Kathy Garcia and she is everything that the copy says she is. But she guards her privacy.
        #5, the problem with clear definable results is the inability to gauge people’s efforts. We have people that jump into this program with both feet and are extremely successful. Then we have people who say that they tried and tried and it doesn’t work. When we check their login records we learn that 1. they logged into the members site once. Maybe twice. And 2. they NEVER even made a Clicks 2 Offers account (the account necessary to get the offers). You tell me why someone might not be successful using that procedure.
        #6. again I am fulfillment not marketing. I cannot speak to the techniques they use to promote the program.
        I also don’t know about the wordpress blog thing. Not even sure why that truly matters, though I have noticed the same thing on other sites now that you mention it.
        #7, though I have met Michelle, I am not privy to any compensation program. But just as Michael Jordan was paid to endorse Nike, so to I’m sure, has Michelle. But, like Michael Jordan, I am confident she would not stake her reputation on something she did not believe in.

        In closing, again I appreciate your allowing me to reply and rebuttal some of the comments made. I prefer not to comment on some of the things your readers have said as that just goes too close to the typical flame war. Your concerns are valid and deserve answering.
        I do hope that people will take the time to try the program, but if they do not, I understand. The program works when people apply themselves. You can’t win the lottery if you never buy a ticket. This is not a get rich quick scheme but people can replace their income if they are motivated.
        We don’t look down on people if they elect to opt out if they decide they just don’t really want to do it. I prefer they simply acknowledge that, instead of blaming the program for being too hard. I have known people that have had websites that make money and yet when faced with the task of moving said website because their host went out of business, they elected to just let it go. The effort to them outweighed the benefit of having it. It happens. I respect the people who have refunded when they just said, “it’s not for me.”
        Thanks again for allowing my to reply.

        • Thanks, Mike.

          I appreciate you taking the time to answer the questions. If I have time I’ll have some comments about your answers that you and the readers both might find surprising. As an example, I’m sure that you’re aware that ClickBank – one of the largest digital marketplaces for digital products recently implemented the following rules regarded scarcity:

          “We Will NOT Allow:

          False scarcity messaging when there is no actual scarcity of the product (for example, “Only 300 copies” when there are unlimited copies, tickers running down the amount of time there is to purchase, and listing that this is a one-time opportunity TODAY only). Bolded words for the “one-time opportunity TODAY only” are the key differences to what is accepted below.

          We Will Allow:

          Messaging that states that the offer is available for the next “xx” amount of time (such as, “If you order in the next ten minutes, you will get …” or “Order today for this amazing opportunity”), as long as there is no messaging that states that the offer is ONLY available for that short time, or that it is a one-time opportunity or chance to purchase when there will be other opportunities available.

          Scarcity messaging used when there are actual limitations to the quantity or time that is communicated to ClickBank during the Product Approval Process. ClickBank will then monitor sales to ensure the sales are halted when the maximum number of limited products has been met or when the amount of time has expired. The offer can then be “reopened” again after 7 days.”

          What’s particularly significant about this – and what surprises me about your notion that “everybody should know this” is that ClickBank themselves stated this within their approval guidelines:

          “The FTC also strongly discourages false urgency/scarcity messaging (for example, “Only 3 copies left!”) when there is no actual scarcity. Closing the doors to new customers after a specified amount of time and reopening later is fine.”

          In other words, unless you believe that ClickBank – one of the largest marketplaces on the net – has a legal team that has no idea what they’re talking about, then these facts would seem to indicate that the FTC does NOT agree with your notion that “everybody knows this” when it comes to scarcity tactics.

          • Hello again,
            I want to open this up by expressing my appreciation that you allow me to respond and take those responses in kind as opposed to doing whatever you can to disregard or to mitigate them in an attempt to render them useless. This has become a true dialog as opposed to a self-serving soap-box for yourself which so many other “review” sites exist for. (I use review in quotes due to their obvious true existence in promoting a competing program. Your review site, through your willing dialog, seems to exist more to truly serve the consumer.) Thank you for that, so much.
            In response to your last comment re: FTC and Clickbank, I agree, I am not a fan of scarcity claims but until the FTC makes an actual rule regarding them as opposed to simply “strongly discouraging” them, I don’t have much of a foot to stand on when I try to get marketing to cease their use. The tactic works, and as a result they insist on using it. But I stand firm in backing this program with confidence mostly due to the existence of our 60-day guarantee. I unfortunately worked for a company a few years ago that provided fulfillment for sales floors that literally charged people $1000s yet only allowed them (by law) 3 days to cancel. 3! It was so frustrating working with good people in an attempt to make good on the promises made to them by salesmen who would sell their mothers if they could make a good commission. sigh.
            So, I feel really good working here and I have seen a ton of people become successful, though sadly I have seen a ton more not. The difference, 9 times out of 10 the people that failed and took advantage of the refund never even made an account and logged in maybe once or twice. Anyhoo, without repeating myself and what I said previously I’ll just close, but I will repeat again, thank you for the opportunity to speak in defense of our program.

          • Thanks, Mike.

          • So can I take it from your remarks that Paid To Place isn’t contracting with several-thousand dollar third party “Coaching/Training” companies, “Tax Consultants”, etc., “Business Start Up/Corp” companies, etc.?

          • I actually cannot speak on that part. I know we do have in-house tax consulting, but we don’t push it to the clients to the best of my knowledge. I do mention that it is important to have as tax plan in place once they start making money and inform them that once they’ve made $600 they are required by law (at least in Utah- I’m not a tax lawyer by any means) that they have to pay taxes on their income. But all we have is a link available for them on the website that they can go to to sign up. All I do is point out the link. As for training, we do not offer one on one training yet here. We do have the live support that I mentioned and we push that people call in if they need assistance, but we don’t promote any other training beyond that. I don’t know what happens down the pipeline before they come to us though. I’ll have to check into that. I’d prefer to offer the training myself personally since I have the experience as does one of our support members. But again, I am just a cog.
            Thanks again!

          • Paul,
            Clickbank legit or scammers for the most part? I’m just curious. I’m looking opportunities to work at home. You reply would be so much appreciated.

          • Tina,

            You’ll find both legitimate opportunities and questionable ones on ClickBank. They’ve been trying to clean up their marketplace. However, one great thing about buying through ClickBank is it’s really easy to get a refund. I have ClickBank refund instructions here:
            ClickBank refund instructions.

        • Looks like they may be contracting to a “coaching floor” based on the recent sites ApplyForThis & which states:

          “I know the huge difference it makes to talk to a real live advisor. So I’ve put together a Highly-trained staff of success advisors to give you some guidance . You’ll get a free one-on-one phone consultation with a Link Placement Specialist Advisor to discuss your individual goals and map out and ensure your quick path to financial success.”

          That paragraph is boiler-plate text used for lead-generation to “coaching rooms”.

        • I also posted this comment today on this site Mike…..
          I just bought into paid to place for $19.95, but my receipt does not show how much my credit card was charged. This is really disburbing to me. Anytiime you charge someone’s card, you should always issue them a receipt showing how much the card was charged. This to me is ver suspicious. How do I know what amount is actually going to be charged on my card now. I got the low price because of how many times I tried to leave the page. Each time, I tried to leave the page they kept lowering the price and I fell for it. I truly hope that my card is only going to be charged $19.95.

    • Mike,

      How come I have not received my refund? It has been over 30 days? Every time I call they give me the run around. Please advise!

  2. Wow. I wish I had found your site earlier, it would have saved me a ton of money. Although, I am currently a member of Paid to Place, and compared to all the other programs I’ve done, with this one it seems the most legit. I have had to call in a couple times and got a LIVE person on the phone, I even asked about possibly getting a refund, but after talking to them and having them offer any additional assistance that I may need, I decided to give the program all I have. I have been very successful so far, I’ve totally made back my initial cost of $49.95 back, and then some. I’ve only been doing the program for a few weeks and I’m not the brightest crayon in the box. I’m not getting rich, quick, but I figure if I made back the first cost I’m doing pretty well, and I have access for life. I don’t feel I have lost anything, in fact I’ve made money, so I don’t agree at all that this is a scam. Though I can understand looking at it just from the “red flags” point of view. Just thought as a member I would share my story. I’ve bookmarked your page and thanks for the info.

  3. Well, that’s a whole lot of red flags there! I mean who pays you $225 per hour for posting links online? And $15 on average for posting a link?! Honestly, if there is a legitimate program that does that, I’d love to know about it and become a member too. Anyway, Paid to Place seems to have left a lot of places for people to complain about (if they are wise or experienced enough to spot them).

    At least I know which program NOT to join now. Thanks Paul.

  4. Mike and Maryanne, what a scam you are!
    I think Paul was too soft on you and your scam.

    Maryanne, I’m glad you bookmarked this page . Hope it will constantly remind you of what a scam you are.

  5. It is interesting to read the comments from those that maintain Paid to Place is a scam. Apart from Kathy Garcia posing as a real person I don’t really see the damage being inflicted by P2P. The weekly webinars have been informative and in my case certainly worth the time spent listening and as a result I have learned some intersting concepts behind Internet Marketing. In addition there is a library full of past presentations addressing specific topics that can be accessed at any time for review or additional insight. I do not have a problem spending a $50 one time membership fee in order to have access to a repository of information that continues to grow and is regularly updated. In addition P2P offers products the P2P members can market and if done so succesfully those members can earn a commission. Whats the Big Deal! If your not intersted in marketing the products available through P2P find different products listed through other companies or create your own product. I can apply the techniques and information from P2P to sell products available through various online programs and I do. So I just don’t get the terrible fuss that is presented in the naysayers comments regarding the scam they beleive P2P represents. Small minds have a tough time getting beyond the small stuff even to point were they cannot see the vision of moving forward with the good stuff and believe me there is a lot of good behind P2P. For what its worth I do make money on the Internet and I appreciate a legitimate effort to provide worthwhile information which is what P2P offers without dinging my credit card every month for an additional 50 bucks that would would be crazy! In my estimation P2P provides reasonably information to it’s members for as long as those members want the learning experience and do so with a one time fee of 50 bucks THAT IS A BARGAIN! So next week if they change out the Kathy Garcia stock photo for a bueatiful voluptious blond and still call her Kathy Garcia I could care less. As long as I’m learning something that inhances my understanding of the Internet and improves my ability to make money online I don’t care they can replace KG with a picture of my grandmother it’s not going to stop me from getting my 50 bucks worth of information and its not going to discourage me from making cash online. Small minds are limited in how they think. Enjoy your life learn as much as you can give back and make some money along the way. Thanks

    • Really, I just found out from at least one person (an elderly gentleman) that they were taken for over $2,199 by this outfit and who also said, “What I have is nothing of value from them only a ‘plan’ – which I did not receive.”

    • The big deal about P2P is that they SCREW PEOPLE OVER!!! I have been waiting 6 months for my refund that they “legally have 30 days to process”! If this was legit and I were making money I wouldn’t be trying to shut this scam down! Look at how many people are being pushed around compared to those that are making money and tell me if this “company” looks good. They are the worst! At least most “companies” stay true to their word about refunding you if you cancel in an allotted amount of time (at least the couple I’ve tried). P2P can’t even do that. It’s bull and anyone that thinks otherwise is still being fooled.

  6. Hi there,

    my name is mary and I am a student I just happened to be researching a few of the online income sites and stumbles onto yours, thank god I did…I also just stumbled into this site

    are these legit online sites or are they all apart of the online scam that seems to be plaguing us these days ?

  7. How does the company make its money?

  8. I had a good experience with paid to place customer service, They answered my questions and helped me with whatever I needed. If you put time and effort into this, you can make it work.

  9. I’m new to Paid to Place and I’m not sure what to believe at this point really Cause it seems real but at the same time there is no term of agreement at the bottom of paid to place page. im hopping i didnt just lose $50.

    • I hope you didn’t either. Did the receipt they sent you show how much your credit card was charged. The one they sent me didn’t.

  10. I just bought into paid to place for $19.95, but my receipt does not show how much my credit card was charged. This is really disburbing to me. Anytiime you charge someone’s card, you should always issue them a receipt showing how much the card was charged. This to me is ver suspicious. How do I know what amount is actually going to be charged on my card now. I got the low price because of how many times I tried to leave the page. Each time, I tried to leave the page they kept lowering the price and I fell for it. I truly hope that my card is only going to be charged $19.95.

    • That does seem strange, they should definitely show how much the charge is going to be on the receipt.

      • Right. It’s very suspicious. That sent up a red flag right away. Anyway, I should know better because I am aware of the scams out there, but wanted to take a chance this time. I know this sounds dumb, but I even avoided googling their name to avoid the negativity or scam alerts since competition can sometimes say other companies are scammers. But, when my receipt didn’t show a charge, I got scared. This just shows you are desperate I am to be able to work at home. Ugh…

        • Tina, I have a list of free sites for telecommuting position leads at work at home jobs.

          • Paul, thank you so much. I just asked you this very question. :-) I apprecaite it. You are not trying to scam me are you? LOL It’s so hard to trust anyone. Anyway, if Paid to place charges my card on $19.95 I will not dispute it. However, I will if they charge me anymore than that amount. I will also report them. If they charge me more, what should I do about my credit card and how do I put in a complaint?

          • Nope. Not trying to scam you. Yes, it’s really hard to shout through the noise of all the scams.

            You can typically find dispute procedures on the back of your credit card billing statement.

  11. Thank you Paul. I just have one more question and I will leave you alone. LOL! I noticed that a lot of your inquires or comments on your site are from 2010 and 2011. Do you have anything showing more recent comments on subjects or is it just sparely when people come in and discuss things? Anyway, I just signed and gave you my e-mail address. Thank you.

  12. Nevermind Paul. You don’t have to answer me. There are many places on your site that has comments and I just found some subjects that had more recent comments. Have a great day.

    • Actually, I’m not sure if my list is the best one for you as it tends to focus more on home businesses and a little less on telecommuting work these days – but I do put out some information on that and I’ll continue to update that list and some other areas of the site.

      What are your skillsets and what type of work have you done in the past? I might be able to point you to more specific resources if you let me know that.

  13. Paul, The problem I see here is individuals use Click Bank and their Credit Card to ‘purchase’. That purchase by click bank and the card company consider it a “CONTRACT” Most of the time if a purchase is unsatisfactory you return the item and the vendor will have your card credited with the return. Not so with as CONTRACT purchase.

    If you read the back of your credit card it so states “. . . you agree to the terms and conditions of the Customer Agreement, as amended,” AS AMENDED by the card company which may be mailed as part of a multi-page small print form that one receives one day as part of a billing statement.
    A CONTRACT goes by a different set of rules as an agreement. A lawyer can set you straight as to the difference. (Or is that a liar)

  14. I am a mother of two and really need to find an at home job n fast. I have been looking everywhere and need help finding one thats not a scam please help!

  15. I was charged $77 to join Paid to Place. I got a bunch of phone calls from their reps trying to get me all hyped up about their service. What they wanted me to do was to be a power seller on eBay for the low introductory price of $10,680. I want to get a job where I MAKE money, not deplete my life savings. I got the $77 charged dropped and moved on. They can keep their scam!

  16. hi this is great info..i have been looking for a year now for work at home, mainly because of my health. I am a boomer worked like a dog now the brain has to be use. ha ha I still have some brain cells left. the body is not twenty even though the brain wants to think so. I have found one great, honest guy which i subscribe to his free newsletter…yes its can become a member, but I like learning for free. his name is Chris Farrell membership. A English chap. And another guy who“s not bad is guy by the name of Anik. I was scammed once only of 100.00 a year ago when I was first learning the ropes. If it wasn`t for people like you who inform us of the good bad and ugly of these so called gurus I think of how many of us little guys would have been taken for our little bit of money we do have.
    Not everyone can fork out a lot of coin. And most boomers have worked hard for the man and latter give it out helping family. So now its our turn. We have to take care of ourselves. We took care of everyone else. So best to everyone in their 50s and much older. Try Chris hes wonderful he gives newbies a new outlook in life.

  17. Been fooled by several Pay per click sites and other means of what I am hoping earn some cash but turned out fraud and now I much careful picking my ways to earn some income and reviews and other sort of information like this one is a good one to consider.

  18. Paid2Place has a new director replacing Jeremy Johnson, who is now receiving free board and room. There is also a new address with the same text promotions. After one year, and 200 letters, my credit card company has removed the credit charges. Full details are on my community web site and the details of the entrapment that WAS used by P2P .
    That is not to say that other scams may copy the ‘trap’. Only, individuals must be watchful that they do not mistakenly fall into the trap portion of the sales pitch. The FBI said it was my fault because I gave P2P my credit card numbers to purchase a $27.95 program, however, I was billed $2,000. Thank you for all your help and support.

  19. I read an email from Violet mentioning Chris Farrell’s name but there was no response from you. What do you think of Chris? Is he legit or scam?


  20. paid to place review-
    buried in their site-
    They sell the program for only $18.95 but they’ve managed to sneak in an additional monthly re-bill. In their terms and conditions you’ll see the real hidden costs, something that many people fail to read.

    By Clicking Submit, I have ordered Paid to Place™ for $18.95 which includes a 14-Day membership to the Paid to Place Learning Center that is chocked full of ways to make money online. After the initial 14-days I will be charged $39.95 a month thereafter if I do not cancel. I have read and agree to the terms and the privacy policy . For questions or to cancel, call 1-888-656-1601 ext. 101 , customer service hours are M-F, 9am to 5pm, MST

    Coincidentally on the sales page Kathy says that when you place your ads you’ll be getting paid per sale and on a second tier residual sale.

    If you’ve purchased Paid to Place use the above number to try and cancel and get your money back. This may be difficult because in their terms and conditions they’ve also buried a statement saying that monthly fees are not refundable so they might only give you back the initial $18.95.

    Here’s additional contact info:
    Paid to Place™
    144 W. Brigham Rd. Suite 8B
    St. George, UT 84790
    [email protected]
    Customer service: 1-888-656-1601 ext. 101

  21. I was not fortunate to see this webpage prior to paying $164 to Paid to Place. Once I figured out on my own how much of a scam this place was and what they were promising was simply not true I called and requested a refund from Paid to Place as they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Well to my surprise when you call their number, 1-866-439-6817 (which is also not the phone number listed for them on my credit card statement) they answer, “corporate office” — I repeatedly had to ask them, “Corporate Office of Whom?” finally I would get an answer that they are Paid to Place. To me that should be a red flag right there.

    For starters when I called and spoke to a woman to request the refund she was rude and very short with me. Giving me the third degree as to why I wanted my money back etc. I told her that I felt it wasn’t right what their company was doing and their websites were very misleading.

    Anyway to make a long story short it was been over 13 business days and I still have not received a refund. I called in today and was told it takes them 30 business days to even process it on their end to send the money back to my bank? WTF? It takes you a matter of seconds to take the money from me but takes you 30 business days to even process it? That’s a crock if I ever heard of one. Do you think that by extending the time out that I will forget that you owe me the refund? THINK AGAIN!

    All I want to get across here is that consumers beware! Don’t be like me and be duped. Check with the BBB too…Paid to Place is NOT accredited by the BBB and have a rating of “F” with complaints that have never been responded to by P2P.

  22. I paid 47.00 this morning for this “Program” posted atleast 30 links to a whole bunch of websites kept checking to see how many “Clicks” i got and i actually had a good amount of clicks but no money or people buying the poduct. I even researched the website for two hours straight didnt find much of any bad news. Then after i paid for the “Program” i started finding scam reports of this “Program” and after I called the member service number someone picked up right away when mind you not i tried atleast ten times right after i paid and no one picked up. So I tod the lady that picked up i wanted a refund of my money gave her my name. She informed me that I just started and the money was not taken out of my account so she would cancel my account and that i pretty much had a free program and she couldnt give me a refund. Which to me brought up red flags these people have my bank account information so whos to say they wont take money out of it.

    I am a stay at home mom and would like to work from home and actually earn money but dont want to get scammed out of my money. If you have any tips on actual good and legit sites that dont cost money could you please respond.

  23. Katherine says:

    I fell for their scam as well and they SAY they have a 60 day money back guarantee, so I called 3 weeks after I bought it to get my money back, They cancelled it but never refunded my money, I called them several times and they told me that by law they have 30 business days and now it’s way past that time and they keep telling me that it’s getting taken care of….Yeah whatever…If this is what they are doing to you, Contact the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. This scam has got to be stopped! and NOW!!

  24. I am running into the same problem. It has been over 30 days. I just called again asking for my refund and they said it was “in process.” I asked to speak to a manager and she is “out sick.” I asked to speak to the refund department and I can’t because it is a “secured department.”

    I asked Kimberly (rep for paid to place) if she was scamming me and she said,”me personally no. i can’t say for sure about the company.” REALLY?!!

    Is there anything we can do to stop them from doing this to other people? Collectively if we all get together is there something we can do?

  25. Larry L says:

    they are crooks Ive been waiting 6 months for a refund that they said would take 30 days – tried contact they wont answer back they are just down right crooks —- they need to be invited to a blanket party and make them the guest of honor just like the old days

  26. I purchased the Home Income Kit in May 2013. Started posting ads, and got some conversions. I have yet to receive any payout. Contacted them by e-mail several times, they claim I will be getting a check by mail. Nothing has arrived currently. Have I been scammed also.

  27. I’m desperate to make some money at home. I have cancer and two girls to raise as a single parent. I fell into two expensive scams; one was the Shawn Higgins guy on TV and ended up spending almost $20,000.00. all on my credit card that I cant make payments on anymore. My perfect credit rating is GONE!

    Notice you don’t see Shawn Higgins on late night infomercials anymore.

    If there is something real out there I would love to know about it.



  28. Thank you for the information on Higgins.

    I would like some kind of work at home job that has payment for actual performance, even data entry. Perhaps you know of a variety of opportunities that I can consider?

    Thaks again,


  29. I dont believe it!!,, all these answers are clearly posted by the same people

  30. I’ve been trying to get my refund since April 30, 2013. I’ve called several times and have been told I’m in the “urgent queue” for my refund and they will pass the info on to management. Now I try calling (866-439-6817) and I get a voicemail that is full. I tried the other number posted on here (866-656-1601) and it won’t let me speak to anyone unless I pay a fee of $1.95 because I was “chosen to get a $100 gift card”. This is such B.S.!!! I am unemployed and I really need my money back. I have no clue where to turn now. Any advice, Paul?

  31. Leslie Estrada says:

    Hi, my name’s Leslie. Early this year, I grew desperate for money since I suddenly found myself unemployed and I purchased some commissions online program by a guy named Anthony Morrison. I only payed $49, but at that time money was too preciously tight for me. Soon after I purchased the program, I was redirected to some list of “tips” on how to make money and was angered to find out that every “tip” on that list had a price to it. The first one, I believe, was around $32 and so on. I soon got an email and voicemail message from a man who claimed that he was part of the program and would assist me in going about a way to help me generate more money or so. On the voicemaile message he had left me some number to dial to get back to him, but everytime I did I would get some answering machine and I never got a call back. I called the program toll free number to demand a refund and never reached anyone. Nowadays, I’m working and still see bogus scams online. How pathetic.

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