How to get refunds on products purchased through ClickBank

Buying through ClickBank is one of the safest ways to buy products online. When you buy a product from a website that offers a guarantee, see if they use ClickBank as their payment processor.

If so, then you should have no problem with the guarantee. Here's why:

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Payment protection
Your order is protected with ClickBank... an independent payment processor and buyer-protection service rolled into one.

The following are products recommended by WorkAtHomeTruth that use ClickBank as their payment processor:

Home Jobs Products

Self-Funding Home Businesses
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Instant access
After submitting your order, you're sent to ClickBank to complete your secured payment (they accept just about every payment option in your wallet).

Once your payment is processed, ClickBank delivers you back to the product's webpage for instant access to their site...

2-level fraud protection for 60 days
ClickBank protects your payment in "escrow" up to 15 days, AND agrees to instantly deliver online access at the same time.

Once receives your payment from ClickBank, agrees to further extend a, "no stings, no hassles, no questions" 100% full refund guarantee for a full 60 days from the day of your order.

If at any time during those 60 days you're not completely 100% thrilled with your order, ClickBank immediately refunds your order without hesitation and processes your refund within a single business day.

Yes it's true... if on day 59 you're not 100% thrilled with , you simply contact ClickBank via:


Phone: 208-345-4245
Toll Free from U.S. & Canada: 1-800-390-6035

Email: [email protected]

The fastest way to get refunds on ClickBank products is to contact ClickBank directly if you're not 100% thrilled... just contact and they'll typically refund your money within 2 business days.